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  1. Kazukii added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    i came across this certain youtube video about lilac by lily launching in the Philippines https://youtu.be/v93rS6ilVu0 its a small event tho, not a lot of known filipino youtubers are in that event  also man shes so awkward as hell...... 
    + didnt knew she was in the Ph last month or something lmao

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  2. Kazukii added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Bp’s side tracks are WAY better than their album titles 
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  3. Kazukii added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Ksksk hi im just really curious about @kitsurie @yumecos im so confused like are they in a relationship or smthng sksksk but anyway their cosplay are quite nice
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  4. Kazukii added a post in a topic Long Distance Lovers   

    This thread is dead but i would just want to share my experience also 
     I’ve met her through stan twitter and i saw her post one of her pictures way back then and holy shit boy i was in love  i was the first one to send her a message asking if we could be friends, anyway we became really good friends for quite some time and when during those times she used to tell me her past relationship how she’s sad over it and dislikes LDR (we didn’t go into the detail of how and why I didn’t wanna ask im scared and my feelings will be just hurt ksks) one of my gc decided to do a role play and were recruiting members luckily she also does RP i chose a character that would be paired with her so it would be a ship (like we would have a fake relationship) and an opportunity for me to flirt with her and maybe tell my feelings lowkey, i think we rp-ed for like 3 months ? TLDR ; It came to the point that we started flirting with each other using our personal accounts and eventually she confessed and we started dating we’re currently in our 4th month we haven’t met but i was planning to go to her home town around 3-4 hours away from mine but she told me she was busy  hhh (or maybe sheujust avoiding me sksksk she also pulled the im scared and ugly card like sis ive known you for quite a long time and seen your face already??) hopefully i could meet ber before the year ends? Im scared if our relationship would even last that long she’s my first gf + first ldr relationship aand i really really love her + I don’t have that much of an experience,, im also that type of person who LOVES skinship and is emotionally needy we occasionally do videos calls/calls but I don’t wanna be clingy or be a burden to her i might be disturbing her since shes busy with school jsjsks anyway im happy things are like this and maybe we would last long enough despite our distance uwu
    honestly what i love about LDR is that it’s challenging, makes your bond stronger and its low maintenance i kindda hate going out of the house + we have that personal space that we don’t message each other almost daily sometimes just a hey its my exam week ill be busy and were good already but it also gets sad whenever one needs some affection or smthng i kindda feel alone 
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  5. Kazukii added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

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  6. Kazukii added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I guess their debut was okay for me ? Also i was expecting a “bad boy red velvet” type of concept because damn ❤️____❤️ Apparently it isn’t and gives you  a touch of twice of it being an upbeat song anyway i still love itzy kdjdkskd
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  7. Kazukii added a post in a topic LGBT+ problems and talk   

    hello this has been in my mind for ages can someone explain to me non-binary? im confused about it and i would love to learn about it  and the difference between pansexual and bisexual all i know is that bisexual likes the sane and opposite sex  (are the female/male who identifies themself as bi or other included here?) whilst pansexual pan meaning all liking all genders 
    Im not quite sure what my sexuality is but i do identify myself as bisexual but i may be wrong? im born female and i like the same and opposite gender tho figuring who i really like i think im leaning towards the liking girls ( i also have a gf who identifies herself as bi) spectrum more? ksicskcksk i cant explain it properly i mean i only had a couple of guy crushes and i dont see myself liking guys as of now? (ive been studying on an all girls school btw) in terms or appearance and liking certain things i can say im girly girly ksjcksk im so confused ;_;  i just like girls more i guess
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  8. Kazukii added a post in a topic what are your worst skincare sins?   

     • I ALWAYS touch my face hhh
     • I prick/pop some pimples or that little white bump
     • I love rubbing my eyes when its itchy 
     • I don’t often change my pillow case lmao
     • i still used expired make up products i mean its expensive and im still alive i guess?
     • over doing my skincare? like i wash my face that often because im a greasy ass bitch and i really hate my oily skin so it does strip off the natural oils causing it to be more oiler
     • exfoliating too much 
     • doing clay masks 2-3x a week which really would dry my skin out and just now i did a clay mask yesterday (the aztec one) and did some clay mask that you wash off today HAAHAHA
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  9. Kazukii added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    isn’t it fishy? i mean jennie and kai doesn’t even have that much of interaction and its just so sudden? i also dont ship the both of them I dont see any chemistry between them but dont get me wrong im both a jongin and jennie stan
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  10. Kazukii added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    i dont get the hype with birdbox i mean??? i was expecting something more i guess? and there are many questions going inside my head and thaaaaaat pregnant bitch just let that goddamn man enter their house im gonna throw hands
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  11. Kazukii added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    taeyong’s red hair will always be superior and im not really a fan of his mullet.... idk man i just think it doesnt fit him?
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  12. Kazukii added a post in a topic Hair Care?   

    i don’t know if i have a type 2A or 2B hair but i used to hate my hair way back then that i got it rebonded at a very young age, I had it rebonded every year for 7 years and I decided to let my natural hair grow instead of wasting money and damaging my hair but im close enough to shaving my whole head my hair is really annoying. The front area of my hair near the face is really frizzy, dry and annoys tf out of me while as the other portion of my hair which is between wavy and straight (like underneath the portion of my hair where its frizzy ? am i makinf sense? )is that even normal? 
    also i used to wash my hair everyday i know its bad for the hair its too drying but its a practice here in my country but  nowadays i used to wash it every other day and conditioner just dont work for me i only use it 1-2x a week as my hair gets greasy quickly 
    i dont have any specific hair routine except for just normally shampoo, condition let it air dry and spritz some anti freeze serum which idk doesnt work much? ah i dont know im completely clueless with hair care routine but my hair has been bothering me lately not only that im concerned with the frizziness of my front area hair + my hairfall is the worst everytime i comb my hair or even tie it kdjdjd 
    ps also i iron my hair almost everyday because of the frizz IT REALLY ANNOYS ME aaand idk help kdjdjd i think im damaging my hair that much i just want a healthy silky nice locks but i dont want it to be rebonded anymore 
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  13. Kazukii added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    hmf thank you!!  <33
    // i know right,, i mentioned it twice to her already but i didnt wanna bug her about it maybe i just want her to acknowledge it but nope dkdjd didnt even heard a single congrats from her
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  14. Kazukii added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    i passed one of my dream schools for college i was really excited that i texted my girlfriend that i passed and called my mom about it and they both only shrugged it off like its nothing im so disappointed with their response *flies away*
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  15. Kazukii added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    meh i didn’t really liked regular-irregular album i mean okay its fine but limitless is still superior for me yknow,,, also that regular-irregular album jesus christ its hella expensive here in my country and all i get is a few pages wherein majority  of the images are blurred and a few pages blank, isn’t even worth the money and i really didn’t get whats that for the whole repackage album just contained their teaser photos *sigh*
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