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  1. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic I don't know if I should end it...   

    It basically means you need some time off from the relationship (doesn't mean break up, just a short rest) 

    Have you tried talking to him kindly about you wanting to have some space? Take about 2 weeks or a month off.
    Make sure that he knows you don't hate him or anything first, you'll have to give him assurance so that he doesn't get his heart broken.

    Say you need some time off to catch up with your life, and think about what would you like to do in life, etc. 
    You should give yourself a test, be away from him, just to see whether will you miss him. Sometimes couples can get too used to each other after spending long time together, it "felt dull", so to liven it up again, is to go back to square one in relationship (or right before). 

    I hope this helps. 
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  2. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic New Year 2016   

    Happy New Year everyone. Hope you'll have a great new and full of motivation year. Refresh now, no procrastination! 

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  3. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    @CuteTaco Mira dropped out because of science? No wonder she can't even do problem solving/understanding simple matters, more over denial as hell.
    Is it because of lack of "science" (lazy much?) that Mira doesn't know how Japan works? Or how your "brain" should work?
    What is "White Japanese?" I'm a native, and I've never heard of such a thing. I do know Half. But a "Canadian just came to Japan about 4~5 years ago and is now staying in Tokyo" has nothing to do with being a Japanese. You can stay in Japan for as long as you want and even get a Visa, but you do not turn into Japanese magically. 
    What is up with that cocky/arrogant "I'm a White Japanese so I can speak for ALL Japanese" attitude? If you're going to be keep being like that, don't be shocked if natives say, "Go back to your homeland". Not only you're delusional, but you're giving genuine foreigners who loves Japan a second-hand embarrassment. 
    On 2chan, Mira is labelled as a "weaboo" by Japanese. What? Mira's Japanese is "not bad"? Her Japanese is out of the window.
    I don't think I even need to say how horrible. It's just so horrible that Japanese just brush it under the carpet and not mind. You know why? Because always a Gaijin to Japanese eyes. That's why no one bothered to say anything. Mira, had been staying there and still haven't learn anything about 本音と建前。 マジカヨ…勘弁してくれ…
    Wake up! Japan is just another country and there's nothing special in being a Japanese! (Unless if you're a weaboo?! )
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  4. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

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  5. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    It's not as much as how she put it in her English, yes. Altogether a different nuance. Heavily on her video titles, even.  So we can see why most native speakers don't ask her much on these things, except for those who noticed that she's a "weaboo" lmao.

    I'd want say that she can't/didn't actually translate properly. But it seems like that she just want to separate Japanese viewers and Foreign viewers for a purpose.  (I hope my English is understandable, I'm not sure how to interpret, I'm sorry)
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  6. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Exactly. Most of her videos are even more horrible since the subs doesn't go with what was being said in the video. It's dumb. 

    It's like "Oh I'm a Canadian who is currently living in Tokyo, for couple of years", but when it comes out of her mouth it's all "Oh I'm a White Japanese from Tokyo, JAPAN." 

    The funny part is that her Japanese language skill is so low I don't know even what she had been doing all those years in Japan. I want to say beginner, but her laziness and unwillingness to change for the better is written all over her actions.

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  7. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    Ah, not sure about others. But I guess mentioning about him being/looking "gay" is somewhat stereotypical. 
    Here's what I feel: 
    I'm not sure about western, but in Asia, guys that looked like Justin is pretty common.
    I don't see what part of him should be labeled as a "gay".
    Many guys wear pink, go to beauty saloon, use beauty products. (But pink is merely a color, am I right? How does it emphasize femininity? "Gentle, soft, innocent?" then you yourself is now being fooled/brainwashed and controlled by the society's standard. Just like how stick models are being label as the "true beauty".) 

     TLDR; He looked like that one average guy in my class. Yes, not all guys are what society calls "masculine". It's his "showing off" attitude, how he tells the world that when he spank his monkey to Ahri is what I find very distasteful.
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  8. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Ally & Sally ~Canada's Twin Otaku Idols~   

    With how the appear themselves in public (eros), I don't think they'll ever make it as an idol in Japan.
    Which is unless, they come up with something unique or that they looked unique.

    Japanese idols are mostly leaning to "cuteness", even if there are some which are "sexy", they still do lean towards being cute while sexy.
    Maybe in their home country they can be quite a success, but the image of girls are somewhat stereotypical in Japan. 
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  9. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Actress Taylor   

    I've just watched the PV. 

    It's not her voice, most likely a voice over, the words doesn't sync with her lips. Her lips are a bit slower and it's obvious why they make her face "to the back". (Native speaker here.) 
    I'm guessing that there was not enough time for her to practice, they had to release the PV quickly, hence, a voice over.
    Chances are:
    a) Voice over by voice actress.
    b) They made a voice over with her own voice by making many attempts for the pronunciation. 
    All we can do now is to wait for the release. Few more days! 
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  10. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Ally & Sally ~Canada's Twin Otaku Idols~   

     These type of weaboo what made me felt embarrassed,
    Japan isn't only about AV idols, Eroge, Anime, Hentai, Ecchi, or...

    You get what I mean. Can I just hide in a hole already?  
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  11. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    She gives in too quick, in a cheaply way. He'll get bored of her soon. 
    Guys like these likes chasing games, if there's nothing to chase, there's nothing more for them.
    I won't even be surprised *if they are in a relationship*, he might end up cheating.  Ah, and karma bites hard.
    Simply because he has no respect over her (just like what he wrote there in public, what is she? A sex doll? Maybe!) 
    I'm not shock if he aimed for "white p***y" while she aimed for the "asian d".
    Another about the cosplay community is that, some guys that I know (usually photographers), once they get to know popular cosplayers, they'll try to get in their skirts. Because why? The "fame" that they're holding. I do know some girls who actually just slept with a photographer (my friend) just because he's very known in the cosplay community..... It is THAT easy, yes.

    You're one hell of an embarrassment to men. Because of guys like you, I have trouble approaching sincere/honest, loyal girls. What a disgust.
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  12. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    Thank you for your insight about Korea!  Even though the country was my neighbour, there's too much difference between Korea and Japan for me, especially when people kept going bitter about it lol. Can't have much chance to explore more in-depth except from ex-roommates/friends, university courses or stupid media.
    Yeah, from her jaw/cheeks/water retention I could tell how much salt and oil she ate. It made me wonder how often does she eat 'real' meal in Korea. 
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  13. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic kawaiigod   

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  14. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    I'm actually thinking that she wanted to have a v-shape face. I knew some girls actually tried to lose weight on their face but of course, the whole  ended up losing body weight thing going on.  I don't think she knew she looked "thin" or anything, because some girls focused only on their face.
    For the Asian food, I'm guessing, your homeland is either southeast part or not Japan/Korea?  Because it's not impossible on that debate that she did lose weight because of food. Japanese people generally don't consume meat as much as it is in western countries or such as, southeast asia. Some Japanese don't even eat any type of meat except for fishes, my mom for example, and Korea do have a lot of vegetable dishes. There are meat/chicken/pork/beef in these countries, but depends on the dishes, and the price as well as living condition. I myself don't eat really meat (except chickens) because I prefer fishes (Japanese here, but not in Japan right now).
    But there are those foreigners who actually find living in Japan (Not sure about Korea, I can't speak for that) quite difficult when it comes to meat because of the price, living condition, and etc. Since Venus did stayed in Japan for quite some time and started drastically to lose weight there, I'm not even sure if she really liked fish or vegetables. 
    Since what all I see is pizza, candies, and other things. But does she even eat those on daily basis when she was in Japan? We don't really know. For all what we know is, she did eat unhealthily sometimes, but we don't know if she lost weight because of that, or because of her disliking Asian cuisines between these 2 countries.  That's what I feel. Not to mention, we don't really see a lot of her posting arrays of cuisines from these countries, she never really introduced these things. Only bits and pieces.
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  15. Detective.Oreki added a post in a topic Actress Taylor   

    LOL! *Highfive* ( *´艸`) Yeah, it's such a funny picture, I liked it. I guess it's contrasted/took out the blinding lights/not much edit since her flawlessness/nose/lips are in place/same shape as it should be. Also, thank you for the screencap! It made my day lmao. I wondered if it was really an edited/contrasted picture, since Taylor did removed her videos (not sure which one) and re-uploaded. 

    It'd be crazy funny if this picture is real. Since her youtube/pictures always has too much light/filter in it. 
    I've yet to read her full character's description, I'll do that! 
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