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  1. orangewipes added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

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  2. orangewipes added a post in a topic LaLa   

    Just read through the tumblr and damn that chick read lala for filth!
    Also damn putting it all in to perspective, Lala really just used Jhonny and then threw him out. 
    She exploited his ethnicity to draw in Koreaboos.Did a video hitting up men on tinder WHILE they were dating.By that tumblr chick's story above about how lala b-lined to her male Korea friend at her meet and greet she was clearly on the look out for Korean's guys even while her and Jhonny were a thing.She treats him like trash after he travels all the way to America just to see her.She kicks him to the curb most likely bc she realized she can get more views from 'Hoeing in Korea' than 'My Korea Boyfriend' type videos.I agree with that chick's sentiment that he seemed more serious about their relationship than her.
    Anyway I feel like this 2nd round at Korea for Lala will end in mess. If she's was really out here exploiting her friends for views she'll have a hard time making new foriegner friends and Korean's also ones due to her inability to speak the language. 
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  3. orangewipes added a post in a topic LaLa   

    I just dawned on me bc of the video megan bowen friends, Carson and ada(?) made talking about the struggles of getting a visa as a foreigner entertainer and they actually are frequently booked and still struggle so I just found it odd that she hasn't mention or thought that through as someone who's lived their before. But then again maybe she has and just isnt  putting her business out their. Who knows tbh
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  4. orangewipes added a post in a topic LaLa   

    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't she have to have an entertainment visa if she wants to work their as a model or on tv or whatever? I'm pretty sure the work has to already be lined up, and the company contracting her has to sponsor her visa and fill out all this paper work and stuff. And I'm also pretty sure those type of visas only last like 3 months at a time, cause once the job is over your expected to return home. I think megan bowens friend has a long term entertainment visa sponsored by the network abnormal summit is on but I doubt lala will be able to book majors shows like that since she doesn't speak Korean?
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  5. orangewipes added a post in a topic LaLa   

    I have to roll my eyes at that video. That whole segment where she went on a mini rant about hating Americans and thinking America's boring was just so transparent. She had just previous bragged about how in the Korea, she got offered TV show deals and was invited to Seoul fashion week etc. She fails to realize that the only reason she was afforded all these opportunities is because she's foreign. She probably had a reality check when her ego she got from being in Korea for so long made her think she could easily make it as a model in the states. But she doesn't stand out in the US like  she does in a homogeneous society like Korea because there are a million girls who look like her or even better so she'd actually have to put some extra effort to stand out. She's rather go back to Korea where she can easily get attention off the strength of being a foreigner alone.The whole video could be summed up as "I'm moving back to Korea because I miss the attention I got as a foreigner." 
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  6. orangewipes added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    can someone gif a summary of the new video, I don't feel like watching bc last ep was a bore but I wanna know if he shows the scene of him chatting with alyssa
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  7. orangewipes added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Lol, I was wondering if they'd really go this whole tour without claiming to have had some wild interaction with bts.
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  8. orangewipes added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    I meant to say different from *other* people who got interested through kpop
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  9. orangewipes added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    this so much. Not only does she use her Korean skills as a way to impress her kboo followers but she uses it in addition to her 'knowledge of the culture' to prevent people from calling out her own kboo tendencies, like how she fetishizes Korean men in her club story times. It's like , "I'm allowed to say these kboo-ish things because I can speak the language and know the culture which is proof I'm not just in it for kpop, Korean guys and K-drama like the rest of you kboos. I'll never forget how ironic it was in her kboo call out video when she talked about ppl using the word 'Korean' in their video titles when it's unnecessary, all the while having a series on her channel labelled "Korean storytimes" most of which could be told without the emphasis that they told place in Korean with Korean men. And I really love how she always tries to emphasize that she's into K-hiphop and not really to into kpop. We get it, your different from people who got interested in K-culture through Kpop and BTS.
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  10. orangewipes added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    I think they've adapted the 'move in silence' method and are trying to clean up their online image. Honesty speaking, even without the tragic photo shop, they are pretty girls and would be considered pretty by Korean standards. I remember back when they had their yt channel, they used to get random comments from Korean's all the time praising their looks. They probably figured it they aren't so thirsty online with kpop storytimes and reactions, they could might endup in a K-hip hop MV, make K-industry connections or at the very least, groupie a lot more successfully. But with the current way they present themselves on Twitter and even yt when they had one, they'd just come off as desperate
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  11. orangewipes added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    Honestly Celia and Sonia's living situation is so confusing to me. They are unemployed and aren't consistent enough on youtube to make a living wage from it, and are constantly complaining about being broke, yet when BTS comes to town they suddenly have enough money to book a round trip flight and hotel to LA to see BTS at that grammy press conference thing (which seeing as though tickets were like impossible to get if you weren't industry/press, I'm sure they dropped money on a second hand sale). then on top of that they went to both nights of BTS texas show and had GA for both, which with taxes would be roughly $300 per ticket (a total of  $1200 between the both of them). Like, I'm not saying you can't enjoy yourself but they should really get their priorities straight.
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  12. orangewipes added a post in a topic Bobby Burns (Youtuber)   

    This seems fair then.
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  13. orangewipes added a post in a topic Bobby Burns (Youtuber)   

    Okay, not here the shame but did Bobby's girl friend always look his gaunt and sickly? I'll admit I don't follow them that closely but I have see her in both bobby's and shane's video and I don't remember her looking like this. Here under eye bags looks sunken in. it's so scary.
    Also, shane shouldn't have jump the gun on hiring this kid with no stable game plan. The videos that he's posted on shane's channel don't suck but are like really boring and uninspired. The only upside is that Bobby's friends in the video with him are really cute lol. Also how the hell did Bobby afford the house they live in? Is shane paying for that too? I know shane is rich but he really needs to slow his role before he ends up like that basket ball player that was paying 37 people's phone bills. 
    Idk if shane has a thread but I feel like the vlog squad he built for himself are like just a bunch of free loaders ( minus garret) . I know Morgan is only 20 but for shane to put her up in his guest  house free of charge is insane imo. I'm sure Ryland doesn't pay to live there either. My biggest problem is that those too don't even add much to his videos. 
    Dead. How is Bobby going to act like some sort of Jake Paul/ team 10 with his crew when a majority of his relevance comes from Shane and his subscribers? Don't get me wrong, I know Bobby had some viral vids and a following before shane but not anything nearly big enough to support a whole squad like Jake, Shane David Dobrik etc. He doesn't have the power to make people blow up by association like those youtubers yet. Also, I feel like it was actually bad that Shane blew him up. Because I noticed that even though it blew up his sub count, his youtube views are even lower than ever ( for the videos that don't deal with Shane or his crew that it). He has a bunch of subs now that don't really like him but his association with shane which makes his view to sub ratio looks hella screwed. He should of just grew gradually on his on
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  14. orangewipes added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    Yeah I feel like people understimate her income, I think all the sugar baby talk is nonsense. She is one of the few youtubers who has a real job with a stable income  (english teaching show w TTMIK) in addition a successful YouTube channel so any youtube videos she makes is probably just extra income. I mean, I've seen people with 150k be stable enough to quit their day jobs, and your cpm ( the amount of money you get per view) goes up substantially the more subs you have. Also, the adpocalyse + youtube kicking certain creators out of the partner program made it so there is more ad money available for those who are deemed family friendly enough for ads. Let's not forget that she went through that whole business program so she'sable to start her own businesses. We know about the clothing label because that's directed towards foreigners but I wouldn't be surprised if she has more Korean oriented ones we don't know about. Also, someone mentioned $100 sponsorships but with Megan's following, her base rate could EASILY be $1000 to $2000.
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  15. orangewipes added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    Honestly the club sounds AWFUL but for a Koreaboo it's probably like a dream come true. Korean men being super thirsty for you and flirty with you? That seems like it would be right up their alley. I swear there are always girls in the comment sections of these videos like ' I'm going to Korea in June, can't wait to spend all my time at these lit clubs!!!!'. It's like you're going all the way to a foreign country and the only thing you're excited about it going to some ratchet club? It's so cringey
    And it's like so detrimental on both ends because it makes these foriegn women look crazy and so desperate to enjoy and be flattered by this boarder line and just straight up harassment and it portrays korean men as so thirsty creeper stalkers with no self awareness. It irks me the most as a black women that a majority of these type of youtubers seem to be black:(
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