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  1. frnkiero added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    idk what to say honestly. I really like death grips' new track. It was too long though (24 minutes???)
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  2. frnkiero added a post in a topic JK Culture   

    JK culture disgusts me. How can you exploit teenagers like that? I used to see it frequently when I lived in Japan as a kid and never thought anything of it because it was normal. The worst part is that tourists will visit Japan so they can indulge in pedophilia because it's legal and it's horrible. I can't believe it's legal. 
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  3. frnkiero added a post in a topic Xxxtentacion   

    that's what I'm feeling. He seems more prone to violence and is more like a stereotypical hoodrat whereas Tyler is more relaxed and has that whole skater/street fashion vibe going on. X seems rather unhinged and vicious. 
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  4. frnkiero added a post in a topic Xxxtentacion   

    He's like an edgier Tyler, the Creator. They both are jokers and cynical, but X is more...I dunno, I get actual weird vibes from him. Maybe because I don't know enough about him.  Ironically, most of the kids I know who liked OFWGKTA for edge points moved onto X. I feel neutral towards him because he likely isn't going to get critical acclaim or presence outside of social media. 
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  5. frnkiero added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    two theories:
    she drove off anyone who didn't match her aesthetics or she doesn't talk about them because they don't match her aesthetics. She is very over the top (and not in a good, quirky way as she thinks) and changing frequently can be off-putting and push people away. 
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  6. frnkiero added a post in a topic Reignbot Horror   

    Hey, you forgot to drop links to her account!
    anyway, there was an incident where she spoke on pedophile rings on YouTube and she took a neutral stance, which upset a lot of fans. I haven't seen her be racist or homophobic so I'm not really concerned.
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  7. frnkiero added a post in a topic Queenswatchcatt   

    Yeah this dude is a fucking creep. If you find pleasure or enjoyment in depicting any form of pedophilia, you're a pedophile. Also, who has drawn Sailor Moon porn? Wouldn't the fanbase tear the artist a new asshole since a lot of them are kids and women? People likely are more upset about this guy's art because 1) people think men can't be sexually abused and 2) it perpetuates the stereotype that non-straight men are pedophiles. 
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  8. frnkiero added a post in a topic Danielle Bregoli   

    There already is a thread for her, I believe? It's pretty dead at the moment, but she has been mentioned.
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  9. frnkiero added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    aight whatever froots ya loops, my man

    i probably just pissed a lot of people off so if you're mad, just yell at me in IM 
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  10. frnkiero added a post in a topic What are your musical tastes ?   

    I listen to mostly alternative, experimental, post hardcore, electronic and rap. Some of my favorites are My Chemical Romance, FKA Twigs, Death Grips and Steve Aoki. 
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  11. frnkiero added a post in a topic Shinukii   

    she has two different noses in both of those pictures...
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  12. frnkiero added a post in a topic Milo( Now Quinby?) Stewart   

    last I checked, two months. I only expected to see acne and oily skin, since that is a side effect but they look so...old and dry. Like their soul is being drained from them and their a skin puppet.
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  13. frnkiero added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I hate when people use harsh contouring or highlighting for every day use. A little bit of highlight or contour on your cheeks and nose are ok but there are people packing on layers of makeup for school and I'm so confused.
    i also lowkey wish this Nicole Dollanganger fashion trend would stop. It only looks nice on some people. Most of them look like they're wearing their grandmas clothes and have a weird obsession with mental illness and abuse. 
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  14. frnkiero added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

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  15. frnkiero added a post in a topic Milo( Now Quinby?) Stewart   

    Holy shit, they look haggard as fuck. Most people who start testosterone look really fucking good. It's probably because I don't like milo lol. Their voice annoys me and I can't take them seriously at all.
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