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  1. SugarRushBae added a post in a topic AquaAngelFire   

    I agree to disagree this is not a self post. 
    This section is the online personality section, I was just wondering hard core if this cringey video was satire or not. Since Pull info source is pretty vast. If it is satire like a previous user has mentioned then mods please lock this. Thank you 
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  2. SugarRushBae added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Why the fuck do you want boobs that big...I'm personally a 34 HHH and I'm dying to get my breast reduction. Waking up is the most depressing thing when you have big boobs, the constant shoulder and back pain. The stares of disgust from woman and creepy stares from men. Just why does she think having big "anime" boobs is awesome. Also the Nerd community already objectify woman on a daily bases with comics and in cons. It's hard for a women to get the same respect as men in this community..it's this kind of thing that pushes us back. It's not the love of cosplay or the anime your showing its the love for attention of praising of your body. *puts phone down I'm out* 
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  3. SugarRushBae added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    I don't understand why she permanently did that to her face. Everybody wanted the Barbie trend a couple years ago and now it's Bratz...Trends change, permanently altering your face not so much. Especially they're still young so their facial features will still change and if they gain weight...oh boy it's just going to look all bad. Doctors always patients to pick more natural looks due to those reasons. I guess Korean doctors don't really discuss the future precautions to them.
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  4. SugarRushBae added a topic in Online Personalities   

    So I saw this video on instagram and am just flabbergasted by the plain stupidity that she utters from her mouth. I know everyone goes through a emo/scene/goth phase but this girls immaturity just rubs me the wrong way. Her mannerism when she moans in between sentences just makes you cringe. I'm unsure if the video satire, for God sake I hope it is. 
    http:// www.instagram.com/p/BPLo3z6DmvU/ 
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  5. SugarRushBae added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    I'm not shaming them for their PS but it is problematic when they're promoting it to younger girls that being yourself is not good enough. Being black isn't beautiful. They didn't just change their nose but their face shape. previous pic shows their jaw perfectly symmetrical and beautiful♡they changed themselves to appear more pleasing to the Asian culture. Also I've seen multiple girls with rhinoplasty but their nose actually harmonizes with their face. The whole point being for me personally is that cosmetic surgery is elective meaning it's not necessary. It was your choice, so don't make excuses "oh it was free" or just because I changed my facial structure and nose doesn't mean I'm trying to look like another race.Swerve with that BS. 
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  6. SugarRushBae added a post in a topic hiyaang   

  7. SugarRushBae added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    ....In my opinion she's not trying to appear woke up instead she's trying to be relevant. With all the division in the world especially in America after the Elections, even when race was never part of a conversation they'll bring it up. Erica says it's hard fitting in when white skinny bodies looks good in anything. I feel she's trying to appeal to the minority and be unique. Her shoops of a smaller unique face with odd features, or her constant bashing of white people even though she's part white. I'm part asian and white myself, so I'm trying my best to see from her perspective but unable to. Growing up I felt the pressure of being skinny came more from my asian side as 120lb is fat and in American culture that's actually skinny. but let's go back to one of her insta caps again. Summerizing the cap she's saying white thin bodies have the privilege to look good in anything while "fat girls" have to try so hard to look presentable once again bringing race into. Being "fat" has nothing to do with race. Either it's by choice,a unhealthy lifestyle or even health conditions but none of that has to do with anyone's skin color. Also excuse my language but it URKS THE FUCK OUT OF ME when she self proclaims embrace your uniqueness and body for what it is and fucking everything is shopped. Practice what you Preach. If her excuse for her shoops is well everyone has they're insecurities then why post online. Your just trying to fish for admiration and adoration from a fake persona and image. 😥😤 I've had my two cents pent up for quite a while. ps. if your reading Erica, you actually have the power to change some girls confidence. Be yourself show them that they can be beautiful with out having to fit in modern day perception of beautiful *unique/quirky* features. Empower them with your body and not shoop a hour glass looking figure. If you want to be unique then embrace every inch of yourself. From the words of a wise man If you can't love yourself how the hell can you love someone else. -rupaul. 
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  8. SugarRushBae added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    Her youtube supporters are mostly pubescent teens that are in the Idk where I belong stage. As one of them stated she changes her look base on what she watches. They're at an age where they are easily influenced. Not knowing that it's taboo to do what the twins did,they justified it in their minds.
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  9. SugarRushBae added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    New user long time lurker, been a lurker of pull since pull 1.0 
    I joined particularly because I find these twin too troubling for my taste and I can't hold my tongue any longer. They say that they choose surgery in Korea not because they want look korean but cause it's free in my opinion is bullshit. I'm going to call hard core BULLSHIT. Docfinder Korea might have gave them a discount but free I don't think so. Considering they don't have that huge of a following first of all. Secondly a round trip ticket to Korea for the both of them most likely would've cost 2k or around there. So they paid to look like that, a good board certified plastic surgeon would've cost them as much as globalcindy. They had such a pretty nose to begin with. Also her followers are so blind 😧 first comment "guaranteed good plastic surgery"....girl her nose is botched also korea is like any other country it's never a guarantee. Doctors in Korea are used to operating on asian faces and asian aesthetic so the only guarantee you'll get is what they perceive as a beauty standard. *cough looking like a asian doll/idol or botch your face trying cough* so if you say that your not throwing away your "blackness" your in huge denial. Also I've talked to DocFinder Korea the only recommend GlobalCindy if you wish to look like an idol. Another thing they're blind followers don't see, if they didn't want to throw away they're culture then why the face surgery. why her jaw??? her sister made a comment saying she's going to be the ugly twin since she couldn't get her jaw done. There was nothing wrong with their jaw, no abnormalities nor was it asymmetrical. To be beautiful in Asia you have to have a small face and double eyelids...in America or anywhere in the world its a strong beautiful jaw line. Not bashing them for getting PS, heck I have gotten a couple done but the lies and butchering of their faces to look like ethnicity while only using their own ethnicity when it's most convenient. Hi again and sorry I miss anything it's 4am and I'm about to knock out lol.

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