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  1. glowgang added a post in a topic Urbandoll   

    I haven't seen her on catfish but she was friends with nev. Not sure if they are still in contact. 
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  2. glowgang added a post in a topic Urbandoll   

    This is good information, but please keep  her mom out of this situation. I don't want you to get into serious trouble and I honestly think the thing with "cancelling orders" is ridiculous. Honestly, Isabelle or whatever she goes by now knew what she was getting herself into when she thought all of this. The thing is. If this is was a small account the account would've been deleted by now or even contacted by the police. People need to stop kissing her anus so much and listen to others. Because pretty much, everyone has the same story about her. 
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  3. glowgang added a post in a topic Urbandoll   

    I think she's ClothesPorn but why do you think she's glowkit? 
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  4. glowgang added a post in a topic Urbandoll   

    Recent Update on Urbandoll:
    A few weeks ago Urbandoll also known as Isabelle was exposed by someone who thought she was her friend. The friend claimed that Isabelle was saying bad stuff or whatever and Isabelle reacted to this overdramatically as usual. She told everyone she was leaving but quickly deleted her tweets.(Like. Always.) Sadly, I couldn't get any screenshots on any of this due to how fast they deleted tweet, 
    However, I found out something about her that is worse than anything on this thread.
    First, I'll start with the fact how she is basically using the "I give you free makeup bs so be grateful" to her followers who are just curious about their prize:

    (How ironic. Considering the fact that they are following a fake page.)
    Do any of you see how rude she sounds? 
    Like she is really holding someone's gift holstage all because they are worried about their item.
    In fact, no one should be waiting  6 months for a prize. If I was them, I'll just give it up. 
    I truly don't understand how none of her followers don't see a problem with this. She is pratically saying if you bother her about your prize that she "bought" for you, she will not buy regardless if you are rude or not. She only added the rude part to save her own behind. 
    Take a look at that 6 months part again.
    6. months. 
    If anything, her followers have the right to be furious with her. Who takes that long to buy something? And don't give me that shitty excuse that "she's poor." Or "She doesn't have enough time." Honey. Have you seen the giveaways she's been doing? She's loaded. She even went as far as posting her PayPal balance which had over $200 in it.(Probably more.) And she basically active on Twitter damn near everyday.
    Then, she has the audacity to be mad. I told all of you she's manipulative. She wants her followers to feel bad for her to ignore the fact that she's a scammer. 
    Also, nobody would be upset if she would've bought the prize when she first announced a winner for a giveaway. 
    Onto better things about Isabelle. 
    Last time, I told all of you that she has been exposed for catfishing again. Well, this time, it's something greater than that. 
    It's what you all have been waiting for.
    Isabelle finally revealed her face:
    (No. You're eyes aren't decieving you. That's her.)
    She told everyone not to screenshot her, but of course a few people didn't listen. Surprisedly, no one leaked the screenshot onto Twitter. (It must be nice to have minions like that.) But, I'm sure a lot of people showed the screenshot to their friends through dms.
    Then there is this other screenshot of her face:
    (Her skin is really nice...)
    I'm sure a bare minimal of people have seen these two screenshots. So, for everyone who has been wondering how she looks. There it is. 
    But. Wait. There's more.
    I've discovered something really interesting.. Rather dark and scary. 
    All of you know that Urbandoll goes by the name Isabelle Martinez right? 
    Well, all of you've been lied to. Again. 
    You heard me right. Her name isn't Isabelle Martinez at all. 
    It's Johnna Byrd. 
    Don't believe me? Check this out:
    Look at the picture above and compared it to the screenshots I showed you. Same girl right?
    You can't even search up the school and district. They are both location in Las Vegas, Nevada. Isabelle lives in Las Vegas. 
    No. this isn't a coincidence at all. 
    She even graduated from that school. See: 

    Let's recap shall we? 
    Not only is Isabelle or shall I say Johnna is a liar, manipulator, scammer and a catfisher, she is hiding her real identity on Twitter!! Wow. I mean, I kinda understand why she would do such a thing because of privacy but she could at least told everyone her real name without showing her face.
    I wonder how everyone would react to this if they ever find this out. Would they finally despise her? Or Accept her?
    Who knows. 
    But, it's kinda weird how she is friends with Nev from Catfish when all she does is catifsh.(I'm not sure if they are still friends.)
    That's all I have for now.
    I know this was a shorter thread than I usual do but...
    you know you love me. xoxo
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  5. glowgang added a post in a topic Urbandoll   

    Update on Urbandoll:
    So recently Urbandoll aka Isabelle has been exposing for catfishing once again but this time it isn't as a porn star. 
    It's her own friend. 
    Sweet little innocent Isabelle strikes again. 
    This has been Isabelle's profile picture on Twitter for the longest:

    Now Isabelle always went live on Periscope, a broadcast app, but never showed her face. When people would ask why she never showed her face she would get offended and go on various rants. She also told people on Periscope that the picture above was her and of course everyone believed her.
    But, the girl above isn't her, it's actually her friend, Erika Danielle.

    Here is where it gets kinda weird. 
    Erika confirms that Isabelle catfishes as her and is perfectly okay with it.

    But she also posted this:

    Then Erika says she didn't know about the Tinder situation:

    I don't know about you all, but it seems like Isabelle is a bad friend. I would be pretty angry if my friend catfishes as me on Tinder without my consent. 
    Once Isabelle been exposed, she did what she always do best. 
    Play the victim.
    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

    Then she comes back a several hours later(like always):

    Honestly, I don't see how most people don't see a pattern here. Whenever she gets exposed, she always deactivates and come back the same day. Like 2 + 2 = fish???
    Anyway, the real reason why Isabelle doesn't show her face is because she is insecure about her weight.
    This is her snapchat:

    A while back, someone called her out about her appearance:

    However, the drama doesn't end there.
    Isabelle has a fake facebook account:

    After Isabelle has been exposed as a catfish, of course most of her followers defending her by saying 'everyone makes mistakes.' But, my point is that if this one was anyone else in the makeup community, everyone would've hated them. Too many people kiss Isabelle's rectum so much that they only see what they want to see. 
    However, a few people has made exposing accounts about her on Twitter.

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  6. glowgang added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    Current Twitter: https://twitter.com/urbandoll
    Old Twitter: https://twitter.com/doIIgoals
    Isabelle is a college student who has a makeup Twitter account named, urbandoll. On urbandoll, she does giveaways of makeup for people who could not afford to have any. She seems like a total sweetheart right? Well, don't be fooled by her good girl persona. Isabelle is actually a scheming,manipulative,hypocritical, spoiled brat who could careless about anyone. 
    On summer of 2016, Her twitter username used to be dollgoals. I'll lead up to why she changed her username. Anywho, Isabelle was new to Twitter and everyone suddenly took a liking to her since she was a new giveaway account.(Giveaway accounts were very popular during the summer of 2016.) She claimed she used her own money for the giveaways which is obviously false. But, she used an app called Mercari, which is commonly known for having fake makeup products. So, Isabelle co-owned this business called, FinestForever. FinestForever sold counterfeit makeup products and didn't do refunds.
    Just check out what two famous makeup artists had to say about FinestForever:
    Here's a conversation between Isabelle and a costumer who got scammed by her:
    Once people found this out, people wanted refunds, but as stated before, she didn't do refunds. This is partially why Isabelle changed her whole account, but it gets better.
    Isabelle was accused of catfishing as a porn star. Turns out, the rumors were true.
    Exhibit A: 
    Because of all, she decided to give herself a new look. Thus urbandoll was born.
     Now, Isabelle never showed her face at all and whenever people asked, she gets annoyed. Why is this? The answer may never come. She does periscopes almost daily yet never shows her face. I highly doubt she is insecure if the profile picture she has currently is actually her. Overall, we may never how she actually looks.
    Many people think Isabelle is a total sweetheart who does nothing wrong in their naive eyes. Every angel has flaws rights? In this case, this little "angel" is a major hypocrite. 
    She claims she uses cruelty free products:
    (MAC is a NON CRUELTY FREE brand)
    Claims she doesn't trust Mercari:
    But once again:
    Why can't Isabelle just use her own money if she knows Mercari is not a trustworthy app?
    And before any of you ask, she does buy herself cosmetics with her OWN money from the actual site:
    Isabelle also despises scammers but she is best friends with one?:
    Short background info on ClothesPorn:
    Mei is the owner of ClothesPorn who also does giveaways. However, her giveaways are known to be non authentic and most of the time people do not receive their prizes from her at all. She also owns a business called, AcaciaLily which is a complete scam. Multiple people have not received their orders and she also just resells items from an app called, Aliexpress. 
    Now why would sweet little Isabelle be best friends with a well known scammer? Kinda makes you think of that one saying.. 
    "The more you hang with your friends, the more you start picking up their habits."
    Furthermore, Isabelle tells people to donate to her Pay pal so she can do more giveaways. Of course they do it and literally no one finds it suspicious. If people could pay her to do more giveaways they are just better off getting makeup by themselves. 
    Exhibit A:
    Exhibit B:
    Exhibit C:
    Exhibit D:
    Exhibit E: 
    Exhibit F: 
    As if telling people to use her Mercari code was bad enough, she literally tries her best persuasive skills to get these poor little souls into giving her actual cash. If this anyone else, they would've been taken down in a heart beat, but since its Isabelle, its perfectly okay.
    Overall, urbandoll AKA Isabelle is not who she says she is and I truly hope this help people finally see who she actually is. 
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