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  1. I took a break due to family reasons and now Noodles is retweeting fursuits. pkyVDRU.png

    Noodles the furries don't want you. 

    She also needs to not try to give sex advice and not post her fucking baby pictures on her porn account. 

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    noodles, stop. Please.



  2. If I have to read through another one of her deep woke speeches I swear I feel an aneurysm coming on. This and the Im Not Like Most Girls Im Just Very Sexual And Have Every Fetish thing is so r/Iam14andthisisdeep 

    I think I'm jumping ship soon because this might be too much cringe even for me




    we all after reading this thread


  3. Have some more Twitter sadness. 

    (Placed under a spoiler because she literally posted pictures and videos of herself completely naked and it’s very NSFW.)


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    I mean.. I'm not surprised that she posts stupid nsfw shit like that on her twitter but still I always ask myself " why.. why noods?"after that I use some bleach for my eyes.


  4. “Oh fuck, baby, you’re so fucking hot when you awkwardly climb onto the stove and try to cook your vagina alive.”

    Don’t link pictures, by the way. Always screenshot. Links can disappear, screenshots can’t.

    Pictures under the spoiler.


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    K, bye. I’m gonna go bleach my eyes now. 


    I'm laughing at her poses.. like what the fuck? :hurrplz: one of the worst sets from her.


  5. I just... Wow... There is so much I can say is off but the wig bothers me the most...











    oh yeah a foot pic for the foot fetish fans...  ..a must have.



  6. IMG_20180626_150639.thumb.jpg.cecc54ca8f

    Bit ot but I was playing tomodachi life and this happened. :hurrplz:


  7. Screenshot_2018-04-26-22-22-19.thumb.png

    Who the fuck has time to go through all of those insta stories



  8. Those photos are just soooo random 

    also lol'd at how hard she's trying to push those tatas as close to her face as possible:hurrplz:

    EDIT: just found this gem 



    I legit wonder if guys find that sexy, especially with that facial expression 


    Well that picture gave me the best laughs for today.  Noodz pls. :harharplz: It looks like someone run her over with a car... and then took a pic.



  9. I think it's more of a social thing but with musicians, they may use coke while collabing with other musicians and doing all sorts of partying and wha not. Singers have both a financial and social jobs, so I think that's why celebs especially use coke.

    her bf is a major coke head and regardless of my opinion of her, I don't want to see her struggling with addiction. When you start using drugs like coke to get a certain task done, it can easily lead them into a dark addiction.


    David Bowie used so much coke, he did not remember making an album. Lol. Funny thing is that album is mastepiece.



  10. TBH I think Onision needs to be on the next banner.


    yeah fuck no. I don't need to see his ugly mug everytime I come here. Lol. 


  11. i think the whole "i have mental problems" rant  SO unnecessary in her bio. like honestly, people are only interested in her bobs and vagana. i highly doubt guys who fap to her care about her personality, but hey then again, I'm not a dude



    And they go to her nsfw page to see her boobs and vagana for free... and skip patreon. Lol. What dumb move from her. Sigh. :alpacafedup: