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  1. Xiao added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Back at it again with the “soft light”. You do realize your tagged photos and candid photos around the web expose your actual skin tone, right Orange?  
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  2. Xiao added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    The entire pillar/wall on the left side of her is wobbly and bent on the lines LMAO 
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  3. Xiao added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Her account deletion just shows how she can’t handle criticism at all, and instead of swallowing her pride to apologize and acknowledge the valid criticisms from her own FANS left on her last post in the comments; she just deletes her entire account and disappears. This just shows how insecure and immature she is, it’s like she expected no backlash from this and wanted people to go and cancel Celia and Kace but when it backfired on her she does a runner. The tables turned, but it’s also quite telling how she wanted to inflict this sort of hate and criticism on Celia and Kace yet she can’t handle it herself. Very disgusting to try to put people other people through something you yourself are unable to deal with, (even mocking Kace when she said the situation affected her mental health) I’ve honestly lost all respect for Alma.
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  4. Xiao added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    It’s honestly sad seeing how Chungha ended up like this. She looks barely recognizable compared to when she was on Produce 101 and +10 years older.
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  5. Xiao added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I love how it’s mostly men attacking fans who just want Venus’ usual content before OF 
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  6. Xiao added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    (Very sorry for no spoiler, I’m on mobile once again) 
    Does this girl have a thread here? I found her on Instagram when searching some cosplay hashtags and she’s so.. problematic. She’s a streamer/cosplayer/YouTuber.  Her entire page is just filled with pedobaiting & mediocre “cosplays” and her tags are even worse. 
    From what I’ve found about her so far there seems to be some discourse over her photoshopping her breasts smaller (in some photos she’s flatchested and others has a larger chest and visible cleavage) and also using the #lolicosplay and #loli tags while posing in suggestive manners and clothing. 

    sudden bigger boobs

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  7. Xiao added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I feel like this outfit was not meant to be seen from the waist down, I can’t stop laughing 
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  8. Xiao added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    (Sorry for no spoiler I’m on mobile) but I 100% agree. I can understand the lust/desire for older women because there’s just so much that would draw you to them. Men have a natural attraction to women who appear to be “fertile” aka wider hips (after completing puberty and growing into adulthood ofc) breasts, waistline, a body that’s just more filled out and completed growing with more weight on it and curves. None of these features do literal children have, so I don’t see what draws these pedos to them. It’s sick. Children are these bony little awkward looking creatures that are annoying, whiny, haven’t finished growing & still trying to figure themselves out with an undeveloped prefrontal cortex which accounts for the immature behavior and mood swings. Idk how anyone who isn’t a parent/sibling/carer/teacher etc could deal with that nonetheless have the desire to date them.
    These E-Lolis actively encourage this behavior from their fans and normalize it by pandering to them and growing a community full of likeminded pedos who start to think it’s normal because everyone else in the community is like them; when it really isn’t and it’s absolutely disgusting. Sorry for my rant but I’m really tired of this. You can feel cute without having to pretend to be a child and pander to pedos. There’s guys out there who like normal cute girls too that act their age. There are lot of guys who like anime girls that aren’t lolis, like some of the most popular female anime characters aren’t even lolis lmao. You can live your ~animu idoru pwincessu~ fantasy without victimizing literal children.
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  9. Xiao added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Idk if you guys have talked about the InvaderVie situation but this is honestly peak entitlement for female titty streamers lmao. I thought Neekolul was bad, but this girl makes Neeko look like a saint. InvaderVie literally berated her viewers for not subbing $5, claiming that if they have time to watch her stream then they can donate $5 because anyone who couldn’t afford $5 would be working so there’s no excuse to not donate to her then proceeded to call all of them irresponsible. Of course she got a lot of backlash, and she put out a robotic manipulative apology that she clearly didn’t write herself and wore innocent clothes for the sympathy points lmao.
    She’s a whole trainwreck and she doesn’t even do much on stream so it’s bizarre to me that she thinks she deserves $5 for just sitting there. Bitch you don’t even deserve a cent, if $5 isn’t that much money then why are you indirectly begging for it by dragging your own supporters? The irony.
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  10. Xiao added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    I don’t believe that peer pressure had THAT much of a part to play in it. The original artist just seems bitter, and is throwing their friends under the bus in a desperate attempt to make themselves look better because of the massive hate they’re getting. I think they behaved irrationally considering they original bricks they made were in pink and had a very sharp/clean pattern, whereas the person who referenced it completely changed the color to cream and made the bricks look worn down and rustic and changed the shape. The original artist got mad that the rustic/old variation was more popular than her pink embossed bricks and grew angry and bitter and tried to take down the persons edit to drive traffic towards herself; then made her own cream bricks which ironically copied the rustic edit. Sure your friends can push you but at the end of the day you’re the one at the keyboard, they’re not holding a gun to your head lol. She went as far as to recreate the edit in her own style and the color of the edit, There’s 0 excuse. If it was all your friends fault you wouldn’t sit down and take the time to do that lol 
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  11. Xiao added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    She looks like an imvu avatar LMAO
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  12. Xiao added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I wonder how many times she’s prayed before bed that she’ll wake up the next morning with one blue eye 
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  13. Xiao added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Like I said, Sayo can still see Mikan's instagram stories in this thread here. Mikan knows we screenshot her stuff so my point still stands. 
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  14. Xiao added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    As someone here mentioned previously, I think the reason Mikan is going overboard with her PDA and oversharing of her & Yasu's relationship is because knowing the kind of spiteful person Mikan is; coupled with the fact that she's aware of Yasu's ex and their history, she's doing it more to rub it in the ex's face. Kind of like a "Haha, look at how happy he is with ME! Look at how much he's doting and obsessing over ME! He doesn't want you, he wants ME!" 
    How excessive her posting is can't just be for a trivial reason, it feels like it's an indirect message toward's Yasu's ex intended to either hurt or make her jealous. Mikan knows screenshots of her stories will be posted here, and she knows Yasu's ex is active in this thread. 
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  15. Xiao added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    At least she's being honest that she's copying Belle lmao.
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