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  1. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    That voice sounds a lot deeper than her normal video intros, like the "why I quit teaching" video for instance. (I just clicked on the first video that comes up when I search her on youtube). Why would wolfychu make this intro and expose herself like that. She's probably trying so hard to sounds like her videos and just hoped for the
    Also, how are people still claiming her voice isn't fake when its totally different.  idk why people still believe that a Livestream can't be fake.... 
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  2. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    wow thank you! This is the best explanation I've gotten!!
    Yeah, I was more so wondering if she drew it vs. if she used some kind of sketch editing filter. Just because the facial features/shadows matched up way too well. I don't think I even mentioned anything about tracing in my original comment but everyone only answered about that...(which was a little frustrating only cuz that never gave me a clear answer. But I know it's my fault for not asking a clear question)
    it was really interesting to learn about art school grids tho! And your response really gave me a more in-depth look into wolfychus process and confirmed for me that this wasn't done through a filter.
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  3. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Ive been staring at these two pics trying to compare them...  can someone who is more into art/sketching maybe give some insight? 
    I agree with the person who pointed out that she makes many basic anatomy mistakes but she can draw hyper realisitc portraits.  
    So.....before I decided to post I downloaded some app for overlaying images
    It's pretty much exactly the same on the face. Only the hair gets a little less fluffy (like some of the flyaway hairs are gone) and the shirt collar is a little off. But I cannot stress enough that all facial features are exactly the same. Like it literally looked like a colored pencil version of her "sketch" while I was adjusting the opacity. 
    Edit: I made the original image b&w and overlayed again just to show even more how similar they are

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  4. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    This is too accurate!
    yeah she is not ugly but she aint cute. Like at all. She might actually look better (maybe even pretty) if she lost the heavy bangs. She just looks like she never grew out of her awkward years and it just translated into this.....
    Maybe in Jordan's emo world she is an uwu kawaii anime grill....because she kinda looks like the girl version of him. It's like that episode of family Guy where Peter Griffin meets his long lost daughter and he says "who is this supermodel?" But she looks like him with a wig and dress on. (I get a lot of Family Guy clips in my youtube  recommendations). 

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  5. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    I don't see how it's so unbelievable that someone could use her photos to catfish..... 
    You don't need to look like a supermodel to get matches on tinder. She is a semi-well known decently attractive public figure. She's the type of catfish youd expect to see on tinder. 
    Like for those of us here who understand Photoshop/snow/facetune yeah...we know she doesn't exactly look like that. But a lot of people out there don't immediately recognize the use of those apps. Plus they could be catfishing with slightly old pics of her or cherry picking the ones she looks more normal (not wearing granny clothes). I believe her in this instance. But I don't think one IG story is gonna make it stop. However that's probably super annoying and it's okay to vent. 
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  6. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I have an interview next week with a company I'd really like to work at. I'm still in that stage of preparing where I write down a bunch of questions and answers. Now I am refining my answers. But I feel behind. I need to start saying things out loud. I'm so so nervous. 
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  7. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    Omg she said that?!
    Kenna wtf... 
    she needs to learn there are some things you shouldn't say on a social platform. Sure she can make le edgy jokes behind closed doors with her friends. But on SM where you can reach thousands of people and you don't know what they've all been through or who you are reaching it's better left unsaid.
    Teen Mental Health is not a light subject but Kenna acts like it is by calling it an "Evan Hansen". 
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  8. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    Kenna's inspiration right here....
    Dear Evan Hansen- For Forever
    "And there he goes
    Racing toward the tallest tree
    From far across the yellow field I hear him calling, "follow me" there we go
    Wondering how the world might look from up so highOne foot after the other
    One branch then to another
    I climb higher and higher
    I climb 'til the entire
    Sun shines on my faceAnd I suddenly feel the branch give way..."(Tbh I never really thought about it much until now but throughout the musical they refrence the sun shining on him as like.. being noticed, reaching his potential, finally having his moment.  yeah, kenna's immagery came straight outta Dear Evan Hansen. She didn't say anything about the sun, but shes saying she's trying to reach some kind of goal and I'm just trying to explain this part of the song a little so you can see just how bad she is paraphrasing. Hope this makes sense)
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  9. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    Okay I'm about to give a shitty rundown on DEH and how it pertains to Kenna:
    Dear Evan Hansen is about a boy who suffers from social anxiety and wants to be noticed, loved, accepted...etc. (now the Kenna part) The story gets out of hand when he gains fame and social media presence built on a lie. The issue is resolved in the end when he learns to leave behind all the lies and fame 
    Waving Through A Window, specifically, is about feeling isolated and disconnected from society despite social media presence. (And suicide, social anxiety, mental health, etc). The song explains that he's "tap tap tapping on the glass", tapping away through social media, wondering if anyone is ever going to notice him, "is anybody waving back at me?". I think there is a lot of symbolism in that song.
    I feel like Kenna didn't actually watch Dear Evan Hansen, or that the meaning/symbolism throughout it went right over her head. Idk you think she'd do some self reflecting. 
    it's just feels weird to me that she likes it so much. Also she really jumped on the bandwagon late. Like this musical really blew up about a year ago. That would have been the time she should have heard about it/obsessed over it. Btw: It's been a while since I watched it, so if I got some details wrong I'm sorry. please feel free to correct me. And add your own thoughts. Maybe everything I'm saying is stupid but these are just some of my personal thoughts
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  10. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    Oh no.....
    Kenna PLEASE don't ruin Dear Evan Hansen for me!!!
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  11. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    she's just raising her voice likes she does in all her other videos, just this time she is doing it live. I don't even understand how people think it is proof. 
    I'm not gonna watch the video, does she talk about all the criticism she is getting lately? 
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  12. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic RiceGum   

    Ugh I don't wanna quote that person above cuz I really don't want to talk with one of ricegums 10 year old fans..... But ugh.... I barely have the patience to type this up. Here I go... 
    1. Don't complain about dislikes, it's annoying. 
    Further, I don't even understand how that is an argument. It's okay to mock, belittle, and say racist things towards Chinese people in Hong Kong because someone might have mocked ricegum at some point in his life....?  People who were bullied can become bullies themselves. 
    You are right, asian's from America have a completely different experience than Asians that live in Asia. That's it.  Therefore, he really doesn't fit into the group that can make comments on them. He can joke about the Asian American experience, he can even joke about HIMSELF. But mocking and belittling people that can't understand him on the streets of Hong Kong isn't the same thing. Real commedians don't treat people like garbage then say it's okay because it's "just a joke". I am not exactly sure if I can call him a racist, but I can say he definitely thinks he is better than those people working in the markets because he is "rich" and "famous". 
    You don't even need to be Chinese to be mad about that. He treats those random people and workers poorly because he views them as less than him. 
    The way he treats that old man is the most infuriating part of the entire video. Like imagine someone doing that to your own grandparent. Embarrassing them and mocking them on camera for views and $$$$. That's sick. 
    Also it just goes without saying that a real commedian would have more original jokes than "Chinese people eat dogs hurhurhurhur "  no one finds that funny.  And saying those things to people who barely understand you makes no sense. Like these people just want to live their lives. They don't want a camera shoved in their face while they are asked rude questions in English. Ricegum clearly feels like he holds something over these people because of his superior english skills. He literally thinks it's hilarious watching people struggle to communicate with him. 
    Also going back to the other stuff this user says in their first paragraph. Something about how "relatable" it is when ricegum makes fun of children on musically. I've never watched ricegum (except for the Hong Kong video/response) but that doesn't sound like something a nice person does. Even if the kids are bullies themselves (as this user claims), this is a Grown Man making fun of KIDS for his audience of millions.  Just lets them be kids and let them have fun. 
    I'm done for now. 
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  13. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I think both you and your friend have valid points. But I lean more on your side of the argument. 
    i guess, I see the whole mentality behind photoshoping your photos as toxic and a downward spiral. Girls Photoshop because they see other girls who are photoshopped and feel self conscious that they don't look that perfect too. 
    I know some younger girls are still stuck in the "it's okay if i just make some minor changes" mindset, and I used to think like that when I was 18. It took me a few years to realize that I was fooling myself and take a step back and ask myself, who am I trying to impress? its okay to be a real person in your photos. Its even okay to NOT take photos of yourself.
    I think it's better for your own mentality when you accept yourself, flaws and all. 
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  14. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    Tbh that art is WAY too good to be wolfychu. Considering she can barely draw people and backgrounds, or make a decent animation on her videos. Like if that is her, is she really that lazy?? 
    so i did some snooping too and watched woflychu's Draw My Life video (ugh). She claims she started talking to her current boyfriend in 2016. I mean it still could be her, cuz maybe they didn't start talking until later. But she never mentions University in her Draw My Life... I'm just curious what Happened. Like did she go then drop out to move to Australia (assuming this girl is her)? Idk going to college is such a big part of someone's life you think it would be mentioned. 
    Also, I just want to say I am amazed at how good you guys are at finding things. Haha this sub has been one of the more entertaining ones I've read in a while. 
    edit: I just checked her twitter and saw she has a really nice sketch of Adam Young on there and now I'm like wtf she can actually draw. She gives us such lazy shit in her videos. But this has made me more convinced that the girl is her because she shows three pics that she drew in her Draw my Life. I only recognized Adam and her bf. The Adam pic is on her twitter. And the pic posted here is her bf. They look like they are drawn by the same person too.
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  15. Notsurewhattonamemyself added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    Hm.... Just going off what you are saying, she could buy a pretty nice tiny house with the money and still have money to spare. Idk if that lifestyle is for her. I'd imagine it takes more maintenance than a normal sized house.....and we know how Kenna feels about working. I'm just brainstorming. And it would technically meet the criteria.
    If she wants to buy a decent house in a nice/safe neighborhood, she is gonna need more money, but 80K should be (way) more than enough for a down payment (this is estimating she buys a 200k house but idk california prices), and if she takes care of her finances (and works) she should be fine.  But this is Kenna... Who doesn't even do her taxes... So idk. 
    I was thinking the same thing about Japan! I want to know if she has completely given up on that.... 
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