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    1. You're right, she did attack moistpuffins or whatever her username is now. But clearly you haven't been stalking her for that long because the whole reason why it all started was because moistpuffins was being racist to one of her friends Luna (@jeonluna /@jeonvibes ???) She was calling her chinky and overall appropriating asian features and telling people she has a monolid and acting like she knew more about asian culture than they did (Apparently the Luna girl is like half chinese). This was something Denise didn't start she was just dragged into because Luna was her close friend. Both are in the wrong for this, but it wasn't something she started for no reason 
    2. That wasn't her hate page. I said already that her friend Luna (? Don't know her that well) started it. Denise was included in all this just because she was one of Luna's close friends. In my opinion, her having a problem with this one girl and acting messy in this circumstance doesn't really overshadow the fact that so many people think that she's sweet and kind, myself included. I'm sure that everyone has snapped at someone for something and acted unlike themselves. But yes, her using her and her friend using their looks against moistpuffins was wrong. 
    3. She acts "cool and uncaring" I guess because that's the kind of person she is? I feel like she's the type to put up a front because she can't handle her true feelings and that's her problem and I could be completely wrong but yeah. I'm sure she's not the only person who goes around acting like she doesn't care when she actually does. She doesn't always act so cold.
    - I don't want to mindlessly defend her just because I like her and she's my friend. Picking the worst pictures of her in her tagged and using them as backup for her photoshopping is kind of bullshit, because everyone has ugly pictures of them. If she really photoshopped herself videos she would never go live or post videos of herself or have a public snapchat, in my opinion. 
    This is a screenshot from her private account and her friend Luna's account. 

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    Denise is actually a really nice girl and talks to me a lot on her other account. She went live on her other account (not unprettiest) and she was talking about how uncomfortable she is with all of this and you guys digging up her old pictures and she was very upset about this. I don't think she photoshops her pictures, maybe she just looks different, has bad angles? She wasn't wearing any makeup in her live and she looked a little different but I really don't think she photoshops. She goes live a lot and she looks exactly the same as her pictures. I would consider her one of my friends, and I don't know why you guys are attacking her when you only ever see the side of her she chooses to show on unprettiest, which is nothing like who she actually is in reality. You don't know anything about who she really is because she never talks about herself on her personal account. I don't want to go into detail about the things she's said about herself because I feel like it's not my business to tell, but you guys are really hurting her feelings and maybe that is something that comes with being on social media... but still.

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