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  1. DonnieDarkoGirl added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Does anybody know anything about yungfoxy? Apparently she had an instagram account that she deleted. I heard she used to have a tumblr account too. Does anyone know why she deleted all of her media? I became curious about her when I saw one of her pics on this website and she resembled Wolfiecindy so much.
    I put some before and after pics to compare (surprisingly, I couldn't find that many of her "after" pics, because by the looks of it, most of her pictures disappeared along with her instagram)
    Do you think she's had any work done, or is it just puberty and makeup?
    These are some of the befores:

    And these are the afters:

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  2. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    You might like Pink Sugar by Aquolina! It's pretty affordable and smells like caramel but also fruity. And Britney Spears' "Fantasy" might be up your alley - it's nice and pretty sweet - has that confectionery type of smell - but still pretty soft and wearable.
    For something more fresh, I think you will love Lacoste's Love of Pink - but don't confuse it with Touch of Pink! Love of Pink has like a fresh  citrusy, fruity start and then eventually dries down to soft vanilla.
    Hope this helps:)
    I LOVE violets and roses in perfumes! They give the fragrance that kind of soft, mysterious vibe...
    And I've always wanted to try Byredo's perfumes, they seem so sophisticated...
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  3. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Sasha Vladimirovna   

    i have to say, photshop or not, her makeup looks SO NICE in her latest selfies... like, really really pretty
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  4. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Itsbabydash / Dash / Cyr's girlfriend   

    From cyr's ahem...nsfw tumblr http://bitekisslickandclaw.tumblr.com/
    August 2016 text post:
    my girlfriend still enjoys having fun with girls and I’m completely okay with that
    Maybe they ARE in that kind of "relationship"???
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  5. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    Anybody seen this before? Thought it looked interesting.

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  6. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    They were so, SO beautiful before their PS. They had such unique beauty. I wouldn't have changed a thing about their faces. Now, they are still pretty but so...whitewashed. It's very sad. Like, the skin tone difference is the most disturbing part. And the most heartbreaking thing is, they won't be able to reverse their surgeries.
    It's awful how all these beauty "standards" mess with our perception of ourselves, and therefore we can't see how we REALLY look. And we don't even have just one set of these "rules" to looking "perfect" and to be deemed physically acceptable by society, every culture and every country has their own. What if they become interested in another culture, whose beauty standards are yet again, different? E.g. Arab beauty. Are they going to spend even more money trying to change themselves even more?
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  7. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    ooh! *noted*
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  8. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    oh i love spicebomb! and another two men's perfumes that are soooo nice are the Dior Sauvage and Valentino Uomo - if I ever get a boyfriend, that's what he's getting as a present:)
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  9. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    oh this one is lovely, but yeah, viktor and rolf perfumes are so expensive:(
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  10. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    I have a huge crush on Jake Gyllenhaal, especially his Donnie Darko phase, so...yeah.

    (Jake Gyllenhaal, if you're reading this, I love you, lemme tickle your pickle)
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  11. DonnieDarkoGirl added a topic in Beauty & Fashion   

    Your favourite/signature perfume?
    What is your favourite or even signature scent?
    I personally like those powdery, vintage, your-rich-grandmas-closet kind of fragrances.
    Or very fresh and clean scents
    Do you commit to one fragrance or do you have a scent for every occasion? 
    This is my little collection:
    Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege

    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

    Chloe EDP

    Loulou and Eden by Cacharel

    and Alien by Thierry Mugler

    What's yours?
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  12. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Beauty trends you love   

    I like the pastel/colorful eyeshadow looks, i think it would be nice to see them more often in real life.
    Oh, and this too! Totally want to try this out myself. I just like Chanel's runway makeup looks in general.

    Red lipstick with blue undertones
    Dewy, clean skin
    Bright pink blush
    I do love a good highlight too, but I also like those very matte, nude toned, 90s supermodel makeup looks
    I do like goth makeup too - black lipstick, black eyeshadow
    Nicely shaped brows - not too thin, but also not those hideous, painted on instagram brows...when will they die!
    Oh and Victoria Secret-style hair...kind of big and wavy and shiny:) Never goes out of style!
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  13. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Share your embarrassing stories   

    @Cherrypopper, thank you, 8 years later and I'm still not over it 
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  14. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic Share your embarrassing stories   

    This is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life, and it is the main reason why I never leave my house or talk to people anywhere ever or do nice things. It also reminds me that God just hates me for no reason sometimes.
    This one time, when I was 13, I decided to join a singing talent show at school, and there was this girl I really hated because she was a stuck up bitch. So I made it my goal to, if not win, then at least come at a place before her. Well, wouldn't you know, I got a severe throat infection just a week before the competition. Like, clearly God himself was trying to stop me from embarrassing myself. That didn't seem to stop me though. My song choice was "Fascination" by Alphabeat (um...yeah. Don't even ask. I don't...I don't even know.). Anyway, on the day of the competition, I'm shitting myself, my voice sounds like I'm a smoked out alcoholic 45 year old mother of two named Val, whose estranged husband hasn't paid child support in 10 years and the only thing keeping her alive is the sweet warmth of her cigarette.
    I looked like a greasy piece of garbage too - you know, the scene fashun at the time, but I was a baller on a budget so I had to improvise. I did have to convince myself that emos love khaki. LOTS of khaki.
    So it's my time to sing, I get up on the stage - KNOWING I'M FUCKED - and there's a whole hall full of people and I'm thinking, okay, clearly my singing isn't going to win them over...I guess I should dance to like, compensate??? And then...I'm paralysed. I literally can't move for like solid 5 seconds. And the backing track has started. So I'm like shit, shit, fuck, move, just move! And I just start jerking every part of my body, like one of those blow up tube guys at car dealerships??? but like, he's having a seizure??? yeah, and then I open my mouth and it's like a fucking chainsaw, just mutilating every ear lobe in its radar.
    And then I get off the stage,and I run to the bathroom, because I'm OBVIOUSLY HEAVING AND BASICALLY LEAKING FROM EVERY HOLE IN MY BODY AND I WANT TO DIE, and I pull my pants down to use the toilet and I see that, this whole time, THERE WAS A HUMONGOUS HOLE RIGHT IN THE CROTCH AREA OF MY JEANS. 
    So there I was, with my pussihole basically out in the open, roaring into the microphone how I live on fascination and I love this exaltation (woah oh waoh oh oh), literally praying that I fall into the depths of hell just to never be seen again. I'm pretty sure the 200 people that I permanently scarred were hoping for the same.
    I had to move to a different country a month later. I couldn't live with the shame.
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  15. DonnieDarkoGirl added a post in a topic What does your skincare routine consist of?   

    Hi! New girl here:)
    I'm obsessed with skincare, I have combination skin so for me personally it's still a hit and miss kind of thing with the skin care routine. I'm always on the hunt for something better. I HAVE noticed that the more expensive skin care items tend to work better on my skin, compared to the drugstore stuff. But! I can recommend the Soap and Glory "Scrub Your Face In It" scrub and their Vitamin C facial wash - very good for blackheads and spotty skin. Oh, and I use the Lush tea tree water as a toner. Not the cheapest stuff I've used, but not the most expensive either, and works pretty well. Another toner I've tried that's VERY nice is the Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris, but it's expensive:( I'm still on the hunt for a good moisturiser because every one I've tried is too greasy to wear during the day. The only one that I've tried that's very good is the Clarins Multi-Active cream - it is SO lovely and SO expensive:( The struggle is real!
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