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  1. OhGee added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    So she's really going with her eyebrows?
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  2. OhGee added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    She looks so 'asian' here and her chin is kinda oddish... but it's aagood thing. And she seems energetic here which is better than when she tries to be overly enthusiastic or "serious/mature"
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  3. OhGee added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Oh no.. poki, jessica etc... they are all the same. 😂😂😂
    but poki is still a potato and I don't mean her weight.
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  4. OhGee added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    What black? She's half white and half asian.
    But yeah, she's so young looking and beautiful and seem 'real' unlike our Potatomane.
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  5. OhGee added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    I feel like in this video she's trying to be someone she's not
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  6. OhGee added a post in a topic 88rising   

    Can someone explain this to someone who's not into kpop? I have no idea what's going on.
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  7. OhGee added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Yes, but if she wants to be such a good role model she needs to 1) recognize those things and admit them out loud 2) face those things.
    This is why Natalie Tran kind of failed with her white male asian female documentary. It felt like an advertisement for WMAF couples and many hapas or whatever you call them felt angry because Tran didn't truly understand them. She needs to face her relationship with Asian-ness first before and not beat around the bush (her answers were really bad when half asians asked her tough questions on reddit...) Tran is still making part two probably because she didn't get the outcome she thought she would get... but yeah, that's for another topic, I just think it was something worth mentioning.
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  8. OhGee added a post in a topic LeafyIsHere   

    I watched that Leafy was here video and it honestly made me kinda miss him. But not in a way that I want him to make videos again but like that video said the drama was the best when he was around. Fuck KSI and Logan Paul sissy ass cat fight, the Leafy era was lit. 
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  9. OhGee added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Of course I believe in second chances. But part of me is still skeptical, not because of her but because overall humans have this basic personality they can never change. They can try to hide it but everyones patience will run low. And I don't think Lily is that intelligent to be truly that self concious, she's an airhead and is not cabable of handling complicated stuff. I don't see her becoming positive person who puts thought on things she says and does. Which is why we see her stupid "Did you know there's hot in Dubai" captions because when she can't humble brag or flex she has nothing going on...
    Why am I so concerned? Because she might be the first Asian person to truly become a trendsetter. Yeah we have others too like Imjennim or whatever her name was but they are still too "Asian". For example white people in the country I live in have never thought Imjennim and michelle phan are pretty but some have gushed over Lily. I think it's problematic because Lily hates her Asian-ness and if she's loved because she doesn't look like "other Asians" it's nothing to be proud of. And also she doesn't look good at all, only in her selfies.
    She'd be so toxic for Asian community, we already have enough white d*ck chasing, half cast baby hunting b*tches (excuse my language).
    I'd like to see Lily to truly try and face her shortcomings. Like where she would explain why she puts whites in a pedestal and why she said those things. Nothing in world excuses her way of thinking but if she actually sat down and thought those things out loud without trying to defend herself, that would be great. Of course she doesn't have to but since she declared to be such a good role model then THAT is what good role models do. Face things they're the most afraid of, get in to the root of it.
    Lily can break her spine on insta as many times as she wants but to me it gets kinda personal when she appears on brands I respect. Especially if that brand is supposedly a cruelty-free and respecting poc.
    I could forgive Jeffree Star but I don't want him to get involved with some brands either.
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  10. OhGee added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    Sorry, not to offend people with "square" face. I didn't mean it looks bad because of shape but just overall something about her doesn't "click". but it's just my opinion, she is not ugly!
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  11. OhGee added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    I'm still salty about her Twitter drama. because I asked her questions like "If you are so sorry then why are you liking comments of people who r whiteknighting you?" And it got over hundred likes and shares yet she just ignored them even though there's no way she didn't see them. Many even replied to me to show support/agreeing with me. She just kept ignoring them and defended herself (through others comments) like she had zero percent guiltiness and did the bare minimum like putting on a "China" hat and showing how much she loves Asia now. 🤦
    She's been a hypocrite even after that drama, still shows off and is a try hard. What do I mean? Well, she said in her video how she's soo different and tries to give a mature vibe and tries to give off an image that she loves herself. Not too long til she posts pictures where she tries to be more thiCC than she actually is and that pic on the beach where she poses like in her old tumblr pics.🤦🤦
    Not to mention her desperate attempts to gain more popularity by putting half naked pics and making videos. She only noticed that her hype is dying and is getting anxious because clock is ticking, she's aging and brands will get younger and less racist bigots. Also the internet won't forget.
    I swear if I see her on Fenty...
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  12. OhGee added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    I'm starting to feel bad for her.
    She's getting "uglier" a selfie after selfie. Maybe she's getting past her glorious instagoddess days?

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  13. OhGee added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Seems like a perfect choice to me, because her hair is oily as fuck already.
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  14. OhGee added a post in a topic neginvand   

    My head hurts. I keep confusing negin and cindy all the time and now I don't know who is who. @[email protected]
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  15. OhGee added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    "Adopted by white family"
    ...and that explains everything. lmao
    Just kidding. But I was wondering how her parents let her do things she does.
    I don't like her facial structure  and kind of can't take her seriously she seems like a sketch character. But I like her style 👌
    Also props to her she can do her job, I could never... those men she dominates are disgusting.
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