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  1. neptunia added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    i was just about to make a summary on this and yours is so much greater omg
    someone literally censored kalvin’s name i’m WHEEEEZZING

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  2. neptunia added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    just looking at how they used to look vs. how they look now is insane. not every enby has to present in the stereotypical manner of short hair and gender neutral clothing. however, for someone to use masculine pronouns yet present themselves in a very very femme way there’s no question he’s gonna get misgendered. which is unfortunate but not surprising.  i’m not saying rin is faking or saying his identity is one thing when it’s not but i know in a video he posted about his gender he went through a lot of different identities before finding what he felt best comfortable with. just like you said, he seems easy to dress extremely feminine and calls himself such. 
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  3. neptunia added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    i’m kinda frustrated with rin. i was a huge huge fan of his but ever since he quit his job to be a full time influencer i haven’t liked his attitude or the vibes he gives off. he’s getting pr packages almost everyday from huge brands (like most influencers) however it feels a little undeserved? he’s not the most talented mua out there. he’s creative certainly but his techniques are unprofessional. he has a lot to learn. he also hasn’t been uploading as much which is kinda odd. he quit his full time job to do makeup everyday and rarely posts as much as he did. 
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  4. neptunia added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    people are saying that peaches are cora are dead? which.. i don’t believe at all. people were posting the supposed obituary on their instagram stories. (tw for child death, suicide, and rape)

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  5. neptunia added a post in a topic powerpuffsky/soraangelic   

    her account is completely deactivated now damn
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  6. neptunia added a post in a topic Aminyan   

    I've seen some mentions of her around PULL but I've known about her for a while. I really liked her drive and her motivation to be an idol, and she's really cute. Although, I heard a few things about her being sus. 
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  7. neptunia added a post in a topic Brat-grrrl/brat-grrrl2   

    soon i hope
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  8. neptunia added a post in a topic Dollightful   

    i'm personally really into this hobby and she inspires me a lot to keep going and see how far i can go
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  9. neptunia added a post in a topic Marina Bychkova   

    breath taking work
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  10. neptunia added a post in a topic Dasha & Cyr   

    his nsfw blog makes me feel uncomfortable.. maybe dash is okay with it but i wouldn't feel okay with my boyfriend talking about our sex life and choking me if we were both public figures. 
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  11. neptunia added a post in a topic Noodlerella   

    i was so nervous when i saw this thread, connie is one of my favorite youtubers ever. her videos are so soothing and i love her aura and energy. glad to see she hasn't done anything wrong (maybe cringey but nothing extremely problematic)
    you might even say she's a... good noodle
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  12. neptunia added a post in a topic Shin Matsushita LIES   

    this is so juicy !!

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  13. neptunia added a post in a topic papii_jj   

    someone said that there's a history of incest in the family so that's why they're not doing anything about it? 
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  14. neptunia added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    god her legs are so pale in that pic
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  15. neptunia added a post in a topic @Yuckymilk/ Abbey   

    cute pictures and i hope your account grows
    but self posting? really? you can do better for more views. try tagging yourself in a kawaii/cute account page for a shoutout or something
    just.. yikes
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