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  1. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    Awwwwww poor Lunestelle.

    It was sad seeing her crying on her insta stories this morning. It's ridic to cry over instagram but if you ever looked past the more recent pictures you'd see that it went waaaaaay back, and insta is a creative outlet for her and also a way to archive her memories. She's got other shit going on too and this wasn't the only thing she was crying about but it's fair if it was the thing that tipped her over into crying. She's had a rough year. I hope she can get her pics back. 
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  2. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic simply_kenna   


    It's still better than the pink, though...
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  3. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Abipop! ♥   

    Eh. I don't think the pressure is on someone like Abi, living in the UK, to learn Japanese language and customs as much as it is on the J-vloggers, someone like Taylor R who actually lives there and does not bother to learn the language. Abi? She's just a diehard anime fan. I don't think she ever billed herself as anything more than a weeby geek (correct me if I'm wrong! )

    I do think that out of the four core UK kawaii Youtubers, she is def the most annoying of the bunch. Beckii? Boring but real. Noodle? Seems like a perfectly alright, smart woman. Kelsey? Tryhard, but talented (and who can fault you for trying anyway???) Abi? Fake. Obnoxious. I agree, "What's the Point"? Like, what's even her thing???? Loli incest anime?
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  4. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    So, you're not worth your own time? Don't worry Kenna, with the lack of effort put into your channel and into your "creations"... that is to say, zero... we've noticed.
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  5. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    Yeah, see, that's the thing. They're even both in southern California. If Kenna wasn't such a nasty and rotten person, those two could have been the best of friends. 

    It's really such a shame.
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  6. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    Lunestelle uploaded a video. 

    This sweet pixie goober.  She's so nerdy and down to earth. There are a few clips in here that show that it's not just about aesthetics and I really appreciate that as a viewer.

    She also talks a little about the bullying, and about other mental/emotional issues, like body image issues. 

    Also, this girl's voice in this video is super relaxing. She needs a better mic, but in this video it's working. 

    Is it worth mentioning that she's against picked flowers?
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  7. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I can't tell if any of these products are #ad or not but those coffee eye masks look like something out of a horror flick when they drip down.  I wonder if any of these are any good. This video is less cringey than her last few, probably because there's less of her weird humor.
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  8. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I'm sorry but what the fuck is this? Girl are you high?
    This isn't even close to funny...
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  9. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic simply_kenna   


    Plagiarism and profiting off others' work is damaging to artists,
    And an actual crime.
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  10. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    This was mentioned in that other thread, so in response to it here:

    I dunno, I feel pretty bad for her. The Kenna crap was going on while her dog got sick (or hurt?) so it makes complete sense for her to lay low on the internet for a bit. I think her dog's OK now but after all that, if your online bully comes at you with an apology and you have the chance to smooth things over and move the fuck on, idk about you guys but I'd take that. It's not perfect and it allows Kenna to get away with her shit as usual, but Lunestelle's had it rough the last few months. It's not her job to champion the Expose Kenna movement going on, Kenna's brought her a lot of negativity as it is and girl deserves some peace.
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  11. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    You know, normally I like Kelly a lot, but...

    In her recent video she says something about how she's cutting ties with Hello Kitty because they didn't want to sponsor her, but only her Patrons know why lol no so she's selling all of her Hello Kitty crap. All of it. And she has a lot of it.

    There's a conversation in the comments about how Sanrio didn't think her alternative looks fit their brand, so they chose not to sponsor her as a Hello Kitty image girl or something. Idk man, I think that's their right??? Like, yeah she enjoys the character and she's a "kawaii leader" but if they don't think she's a good rep for their kid-aimed brand, that's their choice. It's a Japanese company, and afaik Japan is super weird about tattoos so it makes sense that they'd not want an alternative model to be their spokeswoman. 

    It looks super immature of Kelly to turn around and get rid of all her HK shit just because she didn't get chosen for something even though just two minutes before she looooved Hello Kitty. You win and you lose. That's life.
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  12. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    Oh yeah, sure! I commented in the parentheses because the Twitter's name is literally "my name is Kelly". Belle is a pretty name, too. And that's what she goes by! 

    Oh, ans szandra: I'm actually not sure about Lunestelle's freckles. You made me curious, so I dug a little bit into her earlier pictures and can't tell if they've always been there (like, before the freckle fad) and in some of the earlier pictures, it looks like she doesn't... but she could have been covering them with makeup? They actually look pretty natural on her now. If they're fake, she's doing a better job at drawing them than some people.
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  13. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    Think of it this way: If Lunestelle is the indie shop of her aesthetic, Kenna is the Urban Outfitters stealing that same design and selling it as a pin on a larger scale with no credit. By the time the shopper gets it, they think of it as a UO thing. 

    Should I go more into the bullying drama in the OP? I didn't really want to make this thread about Kenna. 
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  14. TwinkleSkulls added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Since a lot of people seem to like her, I figured I'd start a Lunestelle thread!
    I thought it'd be good for her to have a thread for herself outside the shadow of her tormentor.

    I found a Twitter but it looks old. : @hernameiskelly (her name apparently is Kelly??? ok 🤷)

    Lunestelle / Belle Maureen / Kelly? is a Socal insta girl/ youtuber.
    Mostly posts soft pastel vintage books nature fairy images to Instagram and lookbooks, DIYs, makeup tutorials, etc. to Youtube. Her bullet journal video is pretty cute.

    Tbh I wish her camera and mic quality were better because girl is cute! but her actual videos are kinda fuzzy. Just nitpicking.

    Had some bullying drama where a certain other bigger Youtuber accused her of copying her style, even though there was evidence to the other way around. However, that youtuber's fans still haunt Belle's every online move.

    Seems like a nice girl, posts cute things, I'm not sure why she doesn't have more followers.
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  15. TwinkleSkulls added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Since Kenna and her army only seem to understand and want to communicate in shitmemes nowadays... 

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