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  1. Aura added a post in a topic Emilie Autumn (Updated June 21st)   

    lol I wonder when she will stop??
    from the shefightslikeagirl tumblr:
    One Foot in Front of the Other Necklace (Limited Ed. of 50)From the Gutter to the Stars Locket (Limited Ed. of 20)Fight Like A Girl Locket (Limited Ed. of 20)Up She Rises Necklace (Limited Ed. of 20) Secret Message Rosemary Vial (Limited Ed. of 20) Mad Girl Necklace (Limited Ed. of 20) Signature Rat Necklace (Limited Ed. of 20)Striped Asylum Wallpaper Necklace (Limited Ed. of 20)There are really no words for this. She just keeps making more, and she's run out of ideas and they look terrible at this point. Haha she can't help herself. $19000 worth of shitty cheap necklaces.
    Oh and right on cue, she's shilling Veva's $99 tarot card class or whatever.
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  2. Aura added a post in a topic Emilie Autumn (Updated June 21st)   

    I believe that she is either mentally ill, or loaded with issues, and the latter don't come from nowhere. Healthy people do not behave like she does/has, and she's really gotten past the age where it's still considered amusing and flaky, she looks like a total fool at this point.
    I remember the YT comment, but I remember her mother saying something about "endless bullshit for years", but she didn't come out and say that EA doesn't have bipolar or that she was never hospitalised. It had to do with the fire thing. And as glad as I am that her mother did that, I thought she did it sort of immaturely or passive aggressively or something? Like there was something off about it. I don't know, people who cut off and bury their families like that are usually dealing with someting more than manic pixie syndrome. Probably the ONLY thing about EA that I believe is that she suffers from mental illness.
    I do not give her passes for how she's treated people. And okay yes some of the drama I do find funny . TBH the mother coming out was juicy as hell, I miss when this stuff was fresh. At least, I wish there was something around more than just the stupid SSS.
    Also I think I'm coming off as being more charitable towards EA than I actually am.
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  3. Aura added a post in a topic Emilie Autumn (Updated June 21st)   

    Or make a witch camp as well, hell have both Veva and Emilie there and raise the price from $800 to $1k or more. 13 people paid for that 3 days!
    A Kickstarter would definitely be successful, but maybe she's hesitant to do something like that after the audiobook pre-order debacle. Veva's grab for Revolver might also make the whole thing a bit less of a sure thing.
    I wonder how her regular merch sells? She sure hit gold with these necklaces. I wonder how far she'll take it while pretending this is it, this time, the last ones, super limited, for sure?
    Less cynical opinion incoming: I've wondered for a while why she stopped with the DIY, people were always willing to pay for it. DIY goes better when she's in manic phases, I assume? I know I craft and create like crazy when I'm hypomanic and I armchair kind of think she's in one of those phases because I can't imagine getting the album done, all these necklaces, and the mountain of Skype chats. THE SKYPE CHATS. I hope no one takes this wrong, but I can't imagine doing something like that (for free, and this is EA we are talking about) while not being at least hypomanic. Anyway, I support EA DIY merch, but of course she has to balls it up by being herself.
    I really do not live for EA drama, because it makes me sad and angry instead of just finding the lulz funny. Always there is something though. Imagine what being in her life IRL must be like. I wish I could just enjoy her music without feeling dirty because it's all tainted with her decade and a half of childishness and greed.
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  4. Aura added a post in a topic Emilie Autumn (Updated June 21st)   

    She does indeed. Her and Veva have made some impressive cash grabs over the years. Such unethical fking people. I want to say that I don't know how they live with themselves, but I guess it's just their egos literally blinding them to it. How can you do some of this stuff to your fans?
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  5. Aura added a post in a topic Emilie Autumn (Updated June 21st)   

    I think the fact that people are still willingly pouring money into her pockets really points to her originally having the potential to be much bigger than she ever got. What I mean is, that over the years, throughout all the bullshit, the scammy behaviour, the lying, the endless drama, the ruined relationships with almost everyone she ever works with, she still has the ability to retain and/or attract fans. Imagine if she had've behaved like an actual person? I truly believe she could have been quite successful. Much moreso than she was.
    I mean, I even thought her book was ridiculous, but it still drew me in (2 stars on GR, screw her passive aggression and whining about bullies because everyone didn't rate it 5). She has some charisma. It's impressive that anyone is still around for this rubbish.
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  6. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Probably not a native English speaker, it looks similar to that in several languages.
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  7. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    open nippile, lol
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  8. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Those are roughly everyone's measurements on every modelling agency site though. Sometimes the boob size changes, but that's it.
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  9. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    For real she doesn't have the money.
    But some rich old guy might eventually finance them for her. Maybe she's saving up? Idk, boob jobs are not very expensive, I actually don't understand how she hasn't gotten implants yet. I guess she doesn't have any credit and needs the whole thing upfront? Or...? Idk. This padding thing is really freaking weird, no one in their right mind would be doing this over implants to this degree unless there were some kind of obstacle in the way of the surgery.
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  10. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    for real though, you'd think she would
    if you are doing all that photoshop anyway
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  11. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    rofl I will never ever ever come to terms with the fact that this person actually goes out in public with that much fucking boob padding.
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  12. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    She should hope she doesn't really make it. She is still obscure enough that this stuff isn't really a huge deal. If she actually "made it", she'd be an absolute laughingstock. She must, on some level, realise this.
    ...buuuut then again she appeared on Colbert and on the cover of Playboy with that contact while lying that she'd been bullied for it when younger, sooo... part of me hopes she does make it. She'd be hilarious as a real celeb. People with a real vested interest would be prying into her life and exposing all this juicy drama. She'd be a bigger joke than Bella Thorne.
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  13. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I honestly think that there have been so many opportunities to slow down this lying machine, if not stop it completely. So many avenues to save face.
    But no. Utterly determined to lie constantly. It's clearly pretty ingrained. Social media and societal pressure does not account for the level of delusion going on here.
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  14. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Word, I fucking hate Terry Richardson and because of him, I hate the whole aesthetic. Legit squicks. 
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  15. Aura added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Yeah I've seen the licence, but I've never seen where it says her eye colour. That part was cropped in every pic I've seen.
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