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  1. Cordelia added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    If she's so self conscious about being big, why doesn't she just work out? She isn't getting any healthier, I personally find her revolting to look at with her shoops and enormous gut. Also her stereotyping all Asian cultures to be the same thing pisses me off, almost all East Asian cultures have similar values, but what about the ones who are further West? I know for a fact that Indian culture doesn't really value being stick thin, they value being fit and healthy. 
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  2. Cordelia added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    She has more faces than Dakota holy shit
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  3. Cordelia added a post in a topic Jhulia Pimentel   

    Definitely lip injections. Her butt and boobs just seem like bad photoshopping tbh. Her boobs are really inconsistent and so is her butt
    I can tell immediately with the first pic that it's shooped because of the signature kotakoti buttcrack cleavage.
    The second pic there's pixelation and distortion around the inner thighs. Her right buttcheek is higher and smaller than the other and her right thigh is larger than the left
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  4. Cordelia added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    This girl needs to start using onion juice in her hair, at this rate she'll go bald before 30
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  5. Cordelia added a post in a topic Is there a thread about Yungelita?   

    So it's definitely confirmed that she got a boob job and is lying about it. 

    After this I replied, "You don't hit puberty after 18" and she blocked me immediately
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  6. Cordelia added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I really hate how it seems like Yumi is dependent on him. There's a difference between taking care of someone and making them fully dependent. 
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  7. Cordelia added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    She shoops herself to make it look like she has a smaller waist, but imo she looks enormous either way. She seems like she's a confident gal (you have to be to be able to go out of the house with that makeup LOL), but she's insecure enough to shoop herself
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  8. Cordelia added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    The thing I don't understand is why she buys the cheapest lingerie. She makes $50k a month on patreon, she can afford some nice lingerie. There's nothing wrong with modelling beautiful lingerie, but this Wal-Mart shit has to go.
    Also, I don't think Nigri would do well in porn. Guys prefer cute girls in porn, not women who look over 40 with bad implants and a receding hairline. I think she has gotten at least 2 augmentations done because implants sag over time, with the way she handles her breasts she may need to get them redone every few years.
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  9. Cordelia added a post in a topic Lilou Vos   

    Ugh! These Ostrenga girls are balding so young!
    I'm surprised that she's going to try out acting, given her past. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out who she actually is. This will probably be another failure for her. She needs to get actual skills
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  10. Cordelia added a post in a topic Rachel Aust   

    I used to watch her videos, and then I saw that she does low carb. Not gonna rant about that. I noticed some weird editing in a picture of her awhile ago, idk she just always gave me a bad feeling. It seems like she knows almost nothing about nutrition and health, her boyfriend doesn't seem all that bright to me either. 
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  11. Cordelia added a post in a topic Is there a thread about Yungelita?   

    She definitely shops her boobs/wears heavily padded bras.
    Also "gaining weight in all the right places" as if. She was chubbier when she started her ig, now she's very thin with her boobs being bigger. I believe that she did get some sort of breast augmentation, implants sag over time. If she did get implants, she didn't go very big and had an excellent surgeon.
    I'm definitely not against plastic surgery, personally I would like a breast lift because my chest is large and my breasts sag
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  12. Cordelia added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Jesus Christ. Jessica, if you hate the way your body looks SO MUCH that you have to use extreme photoshop- go meet with a reputable plastic surgeon. Tell Darshelle to stop abusing the airbrush tool and please go get some botox. You have so much cash at your disposal, just bite the bullet and go under the knife again. You aren't getting any younger and your time is ticking, better get on it before you lose your relevance!
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  13. Cordelia added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Yo bro, Taytay hardly gets a modelling gig. She gets about 3 a year, she doesn't get shit for photoshoots lol. We've already speculated that Taylor gets money from her parents OR Elbow-san makes a lot of cash. Please just stop arguing, you're derailing and embarrassing yourselves. Resolve this via PM or gtfo
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  14. Cordelia added a post in a topic Mars Argo   

    I don't really find poppy to be that talented, that's just me though. I think Mars did a better job portraying the role because she was really subtle when it came to the crazy, poppy isn't subtle and tries a bit too hard. I don't really find poppy cute either? Idk man, I find it sad that Mars only blew up because of her bootleg
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  15. Cordelia added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Guys, you're derailing the thread. Please just resolve this in PM, reading fights is awkward and cringey.
    Has anyone noticed that her rocks have looked somewhat bouncy in the last video she posted? Made me raise my eyebrows as high as her hairline. Also, I'm 100% convinced that Darshelle hates her. Nobody that likes you edits your pictures like that
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