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    Very confused?
    My friend introduced me to this site a little over two days ago to educate me about the whole Venus Angelic situation and I'm left very confused as to why this site exists the way that it does? 
    In the process of reading a forum about Venus, most of the additions were pure malice towards her rather tragic situation. This trend seems to appear in most of the other forums; most of the additions to all the forums are claims backed without proof. The trend overall gives off the appearance of just a ton of insecure teenage girls who need an idol (even if they're not well known) to pick apart. It confuses me? Why are so many of the girls on here allowing their jealousy and hatred to take over them and let them make claims without viable proof?There honestly should be a rule on here that any forum that doesn't contain linked or photographic proof (something a little more outside of just the person's face) should be deleted or closed off because not gonna lie, when I'm reading shit on someone, I like to see the proof before believing. 
    (Sorry for the chaotic entry but it's just a couple of thoughts)
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