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  1. boobooplz added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    I feel like you guys are reaching lmao. In her fan photos she still looks pretty?? If I saw it randomly I'd still know its Lily lmao.... It's also so contradictory to dislike that she makes her selfies look a bit more glamorous but when its her regular photos you guys STILL bash the way she looks??? the intent of this thread is just mean-spirited and jealousy imo, but you'll find a billion excuses as to why its not
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  2. boobooplz added a post in a topic Chelsea8Chelsea   

    She tried to lie about it and then said something that made her sound really offended so there was no point in saying "no" in the first place?? If you choose to go by society standards, that's on you, but you shouldn't force that idea on others. 
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  3. boobooplz added a post in a topic Eve Yilmaz   

    What makes you guys think shes had so many surgeries? Some girls naturally have a "gangnam unnie" look to them, maybe she enhanced some features with surgery? Also it's possible her eyelids are real lmao not all Asians have eyelid surgery and have double lids 
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  4. boobooplz added a post in a topic hiyaang   

    I remember she had a link in her bio for a KakaoTalk chatroom and then on her ig story she was like "please no foreigners" so I'm guessing shes Korean? But before she referred to her home country being China, but I'm not sure if it was sarcasm at most people assuming anyone Asian in the U.S. is Chinese? It confused me when she said China, just because she speaks a lot of Korean on ig. ol Maybe shes both or something. 
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  5. boobooplz added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    Its normal to be vulnerable and insecure as a teen lol
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  6. boobooplz added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    what makes you say they lack affection and attention lol
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  7. boobooplz added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    Agreed, I think that turning it into art or romanticizing it really helps to deal with it. (maybe it looks bad to others, but it helps  the person lol) Because if not, the world is just grey, and theres no element of fantasy or art that helps you kind of escape its ugliness lmao, does that make sense? ... 
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  8. boobooplz added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I don't find the screenshots of her video to be funny at all tbh, it looks like she hasn't been keeping a proper diet. (btw, if you watch the actual video you can tell certain parts the lighting is just rly bad) Before when she would appear on TV she was very pretty imo, shes not hideous here, but it looks like she needs to take care of herself and I mean inside and out take time to really care for herself and nourish her body, keep herself hydrated, get sleep, etc. 
    You guys forget that shes out in Japan alone, shes pretty strong and brave for making it work out in a foreign country, supporting herself as a young woman. I wonder if she has friends to lean on and depend on when shes feeling down. You guys seem to forget shes a human who has feelings too.
    If you're reading this Dakota I hope you keep yourself hydrated everyday and feed yourself!!  Don't be afraid to ever reach out for help, things can get better!
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  9. boobooplz added a post in a topic TheBLACKHannahMontana pics going viral for looking like a " doll   

    I knew you guys would think that lmao she doesnt even fuck with the internet much... i forgot my last accounts sign in info.... i doubt she even knows this website exists
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  10. boobooplz added a post in a topic TheBLACKHannahMontana pics going viral for looking like a " doll   

    Her type of look reminds me of amalomariwashington, who is full african (somalian), many black women do naturally have that "doll face".

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