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  1. cheesecake added a post in a topic hiyaang   

    Thank you so much!! But hmmm, it is also April 1st :l lol but the girl in that pic seems like her body would match up (even if she squattin) with how hiyaang looks without the ps (i remember a few pages back someone made some unshoop gifs!!)
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  2. cheesecake added a post in a topic hiyaang   

    I tried using the translation option in ig but couldn't translate those hashtags. But is this... her.. or? Wouldn't be surprised if its an ooold pic of her without all that crappy ps lol

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  3. cheesecake added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    I thinks its funny that he always tags the designers but none of the designers even follow him back lmao (example: Balmain/Olivier )
    (I mean what designer would want to see his tragic outfits lol)
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  4. cheesecake added a post in a topic Vintagedolls/ Rachel Chen   

    I didn't know her personality was so nasty lol I used to see her posts a lot on Tumblr when she was into the whole K-fashion bs and she seemed nice.
    Anyways, I'm going through her Tumblr archive and all I can say is "YIKES 😳". She fat-shames, slut-shames.. and just overall puts people down about how they dress, their appearance and intelligence A LOTTTTTTT. (I'll post screenshots when I gather enough of her worst posts, though they're all quite the same since she rants about the same crap)
    Also, this isn't about Rachel but another personality that there's a topic about. While I was looking through Rachel's archive, I found olllllddd pictures of bopeep (annie z) lol
    My apologies for such a long reply!!
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  5. cheesecake added a post in a topic Dabin Kim   

    I really like her makeup!
    And about her hairline, she probably uses a hair shading product 

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  6. cheesecake added a post in a topic Tati/Glam Life Guru   

    She's one of my favorite youtubers! Her voice is so calming to me, I sometimes sleep to her vids lol but she's very thorough with her reviews and she's awesome for reviewing expensive products because not many people would want to do that, especially if the product suck. 
    She's reminds me of the cool, wealthy auntie who takes you department store shopping and buys you whatever you want. 
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  7. cheesecake added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello! ✨
    I really enjoy this forum, it has opened my eyes a lot on people who I used to admire! Thank you all and have a good day/night c:
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  8. cheesecake added a post in a topic @syrupcoatedheart / Jenn   

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker but this is my first time ever posting! My apologies for any mistakes!
    I remember following her during her Amikoto days on Tumblr, then she transitioned to an entirely different style during the Mixxmix and O!Oi wave (I believe this was when Jenn was j2nn on Tumblr. I noticed that she started to look very similar (hair, fashion, etc) to another blogger whom she followed. I believe her name was Anne or Anna? (she was one of the few that popularized Mixxmix/O!Oi, she is also friends with @awjli on IG). I forgot her Tumblr account because she deleted.
    The girl whom I feel Jenn was copying is the one on the left.

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