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  1. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Wait Lululemon  is problematic? I didn't know that!
    And yes, Taylor lost quite some weight during the last year. Good for her, honestly, also from what I saw she did it in a healthy way: work out and proper nutrition.
    I like osharegirl for something very simple: I like her. She seems to be pretty real and not fake. And after the whole Talyor R-Kim-Mimei-Sharla jvlogger yawn fake fest I was kinda surprised to find normal people vlogging there. I can understand that for some it's boring, but these two and also Loretta basically vlog their lives their. Osharegirl works after all and is married to a Japanese man. Loretta makes content about university. Here and there they travel and go out. I can see how this is boring, but I like watching it, because it feels genuine. And with all three of them I have the feeling they do target an audience 20+ (not teens unlike Taylor or Kim)
    Of course for someone looking for a different kind of content (like cars and bikers like pineappleVera said, or even travel vlogs, I would definitely watch someone else. Taylor and osharegirl are mostly about daily life, cooking, working out, hanging out, fashion. ^^
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  2. Risa added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Though to be fair it has been months since we saw Sharla acting like a teen or obsessing over a fandom, right? Granted I haven't seen her last video yet.
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  3. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I would instantly watch Sasaki Asahi if she had subtitles on her vlog. But as it is... I just don't undertsand a word. She is so sweet though.
    As for the fukubukuro videos: I think the worst this year are Kim's videos. She got a bunch of bags, but doesn't seem to be excited about any of them. It wasn't even fun to watch her.
    Osharegirl at least got two bags from brands that fit her overall style. And Taylor B chose a sports brand she loves (and liked all the items)
    @Nonamesan: Do all brands tell you what's inside the lucky bags beforehand? I thought some things were kept a secret?
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  4. Risa added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I don't like the outcome of her lip injections at all (I low-key hoped that it's from the braces she got or just some weird lip plumper she used) But, I mean, honestly, Micaela's insecurities are Micaela's problem not Rachel's and it's not Rachel's job to do or not do something with her body because of Micaela. It's not like she is rubbing it under her nose. If anything - when we consider Micaela's issues - it would probably be more difficult for her that Rachel is skinny, has long silky hair and gets compared to an elf all the time. Her lips are probably the lesser problem.
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  5. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    I bet in case anyone ever even considered comparing her to Mulan, it's because they know no other Chinese person.
    Or more likely: She made it up. Tehehe, I look like Mulan~
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  6. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    At this point I would really make a respectful callout towards Micaela. She and Tatsu adopted an old poodle-lady. I just watched their video where they welcomed the new family member. It seems they talked about adopting for a while already (Tatsu was a bit uncertain about getting a second dog, because he would have to leave for work a lot and didn't want to load all the work on Micaela), wanting to adopt older dogs form now on, instead of one young puppy. I found their approach very mature.
    As for Taylor B: I think her vegan lifechoice is genuine. I've watched a lot of her videos, and she really seems to be invested in the vegan community in Japan and try to make things as correct as possible. Which is why I was so surprised she shopped a puppy - from a petstore on top of that. If at least she would have driven to the countryside and visited an actual breeder who just has a few dogs (don't know how all of this works in Japan, but I mean... not a puppymill) Her puppy didn't even come vaccinated...she had to wait for her appointment at the vet before she could even take the puppy outside.
    Japan's pet industry really doesn't sit well with me :-/
    Edit: Something completely unrelated: Have you watched a few fukubukuro videos? Is it just me or are the lucky bags this year pretty mediocre? I watched a lot of them because lots of youtubers I follow got a few, and it's just not really overwhelming... Everyone always says that lucky bags are a good deal. But imo they cost around 100USD and in it there are items one would have never bought for themselves. And the item choice isn't really great either. I think the only lucky bag I liked was the one osharegirl got. But the W♡C and Secret Honey ones were pretty bland. I just honestly don't think it's that good of a deal (or maybe I personally just grew out of them)
    Admittedly the lululemon one Taylor B got wasn't bad. And the Cecil McBee one from Kim was pretty decent too (although she got an item she already received two years ago...)
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  7. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I think a mix between a cute style and a more mature, elegant one would suit her well, but... whatever floats her boat I guess.
    However I think her lucky bag was pretty crappy. I mean, some items were sweet, but quite some of the items were mediocre. So to her defence I have to say that she did carry herself well in the video. It's obvious that she wasn't overly excited over the items, but she still gave very careful judgements about the stuff in the back. Because one thing i have noticed about this kind of videos is: WOW, people get butthurt so easily! I'm literally speechless at how the comment sections on some videos are full of people moping around how unthankful this youtuber is etc. Also the amount of dislikes on some videos is huge. Jeez, people, this person paid $100 for a bag in hope of cute/cool/elegant - depending on the brand - stuff, but got a bag full of crappy leftovers no one wanted.
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  8. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I'm not sure who you are, but when new users are on this board and the first thing they do is to wk two snowflakes people here feel suspicious of them immediately. It has happened way too often that snowflakes come to this place with sockpuppet accounts.
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  9. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    As someone else said: Especially since cat-proofing an apartment is not that difficult... But well, I guess she really wanted a pet asap. I can't think of any other reasoning for someone like her not to adopt...
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  10. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Awesome that you dropped by in this thread! How is it for foreigners in Japan who want to adopt a pet? Are there any difficulties? Is it more difficult to adopt in Tokyo than somewhere else?
    We started discussing this topic because Taylor - a vegan jvlogger - bought a puppy. And she is a serious vegan, I think. I saw a video in which she was very upset that she got served meat instead of her vegan burger (I think it was a burger) and accidentally took a bite from it. She also seems to be quite thoughtful of the environment etc. Which is why I for one was so surprised she bought a puppy instead of adopting one.
    I kinda like her and her content. And she seems genuine. But I still... don't get it.

    Nice list, thank you! Recently I prefer smaller channels over the really huge ones. They are more genuine and real, I think. So this list gives me new channels to support!
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  11. Risa added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Interesting!! Do you also have information about adopting dogs? If yes, you could also head over to the jvlogger general thread and share your information there! (in case you haven't already) We just recently discussed this topic there because a jvlogger bought a petstore puppy, but most of us weren't certain about the situation in Japan and how to adopt dogs etc.
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  12. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Did she really post a thumbnail with a photo of her butt!?
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  13. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I don't doubt that she works, I also don't doubt that she worked from the age of 16 on, but I can't believe she can afford the lifestyle she has, the school, Tokyo, her shopping hauls etc. without financial support. There are jvloggers who support themselves, they are living on their own in Japan, work, and their lifestyle is so different!
    Oh and since we discussed money and expenses in Tokyo, also in concern of the other "self-financing" youtubers, Kel made this video, in which he counts together all his expenses!
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  14. Risa added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    Okay, I know this might sound weird, but did anyone else notice how often Kim presses the point that she is a size XS? I watched most of her clothing haul videos from the last months, if not all, and her current lucky bag unboxing. In every video she mentions it several times "I'm small/I'm a small frame/I'm an XS etc" - it's a theme by now, and honestly, it's getting a bit annoying. What I find weird is that while she definitely is thin, she doesn't seem to be that skinny? I don't want to shame her body or anything, because as I said, she has a slender frame, but she emphasizes her being skinny so much, it surprises me.
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  15. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Okay, I hate to say this... but this video was kinda cute. Maybe because they didn't talk much and it was really short. Their outfits could improve too, but I surprisingly didn't hate the video.
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  16. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Try it with Liz Kelly, as someone else said. Also you could check out osharegirl. She is married to a Japanese guy, but she lives a pretty normal life. You could also watch ozzyawesome, I'm pretty sure he finances himself. He made a video about how he came to Japan and how he applied for a job etc. And if you want to watch someone with a richer lifestyle, maybe...Taylor B? Not sure if she is really humble, but at least I have never heard her say that she fully supports herself, she works, but she is definitley on the wleathier side. I also think she started dating first and then moved to Japan with her boyfriend. Sam in Tokyo is an option too - I think she originally taught English, then went back to Germany, then came back again with a real job.
    There are plenty of jvloggers with a smaller following. Most of them are way more honest than the big youtubers.
    Back to topic:
    In her latest video - if I remember correctly - she says she has no bachelor degree. She didn't talk about her plans though. With Mikan it's weird. I don't really like her, but I think youtube-wise she is not a lost case. She could (maybe) improve in terms of content and image, but she really needs to work on that attitude of hers.
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  17. Risa added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Jeez. I went to her lolcow thread, and the tea is hot there. I know lolcow never liked her, but I can see why they don't like her. The whole story with her cats (there are screenshots there proving she was thinking about getting a second cat a year ago (!), which means spontaneous my ass >>) and then her relationship drama and on top of that she is cutting her $10 tier because she is in a bad mental state aka lazy. Someone linked her patreon video about that on lolcow and it has over 60 downvotes, and only 2 thumbs up, which says a lot...
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  18. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Realistically speaking, might happen, but probably won't: Less of Ew-san out of lots of reason. And maybe a new series like the foodies one (whatever it is, because at this point everything will be an upgrade). Even a few shopping hauls would be more interesting, no pregnancy vlogs (my personal taste)
    One can dream, but it will never happen: Proper Canada and Hong Kong vlogs, decorations, cooking, a bit more Rosie, the dog shelter, something fashion related, no cringy DIYs, less I-only-film-my-face, a bit travelling.
    I only was in Hong Kong for a few days, but even I know how much there is to show!
    I don't think she will really improve her content. She is done with youtube. She has a big following now, she is settled with a rich man, so she doesn't necessarily need to produce anything interesting. She also most likely doesn't really have any real interests.
    Since we are already on it: Has any one recommendations for actual Hong Kong vloggers? I would be very interested in watching some.
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  19. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Honestly her ethnicity and what she feels like is the least problematic thing about her for me. Maybe she grew up in Sweden, which is why she sees herself Swedish. Even if she moved to the UK as a teen, she might still feel more Swedish, because that's where she grew up. Also not everyone is in touch with their roots. Depends on how they grew up, their family, the relationships to distant family members etc. I for one love my roots, but I still wouldn't go around and say "I'm xy with xy roots". Also admittedly she doesn't hide her Kurdish background, she mentioned it here and there, she just doesn't talk about it all the time.
    I don't see this as something snowflakey at all. What puts me off is her attitude towards her friends. And I'm very curious about what she is going to do after her second year in Japan. She posted this new video but she doesn't mention what she is going to do to stay in Japan.
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  20. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    Boy, I wish Tony Stark would come to the real world, read this and from then on start calling Steve CAPITAL AmericaN.
    As a huge Marvel fan I should feel insulted by her post, but there is soooo much wrong with it... it's hilarious!
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  21. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    OMG, look at this. She looks pretty (and not necessarily because of her weird doll makeup!), well put together, seems to have fun, goes outside, does something interesting. The fun thing is that the quality of the video could be a lot better in terms of lightning and shaking etc. yet it's so pleasant to watch.
    Yeah, seems like it went more and more downhill each year. Two years ago her vlogmas videos were cool, last year some were good some were boring, but this year... Granted I didn't watch them as I'm so grossed out by Ew-san and don't want to support anything he even is remotely in.
    However on the upside: as I wasn't watching Taylor this year, I had the time to watch other youtubers, and they did so much better. I watched most of osharegirl's videos and Taylor B's. They didn't even do anything special and yet it was so much more interesting. Kelly uploaded a few Christmas videos, so did Sam and some others. And if I truly want to watch someone going shopping, I switch to Kim's channel. At least she leaves the house.
    But in comparison to the video posted above (her I have a boyfriend vlog) it really shows how bad Taylor's content really is now.
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  22. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Is she serious with that thumbnail!???? Did she really look at it, and thought: Wow, I look soooo good in this?
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  23. Risa added a post in a topic Tokidoki Traveller   

    I don't like Emma's bangs either, but even with them she is prettier than Taylor R imo. Taylor has a plastic face, does a horrible makeup, has an unflattering hair style (way too flat) and has no sense of styling at all. I'm always surprised when people say how pretty she is. She is so... normal.
    Girls like Emma or also osharegirl for example at least radiate some personality through their fashion and style choices.
    Edit: I realized I mixed up the Taylors LMAO.   Taylor B is a natural beauty imo (her complaining about her perfect life gets on my nerves too though - she has a great apartment, a not really stressful job where she still can do plenty of things, a good guy, more than enough money, a cute puppy --> writing that makes me realize there are quite some similarities to Taylor R ^^ But Taylor B's lifestyle is more honest in my opinion and she is not that rich). She has great hair and a pretty face. Her only issues are her insecurities and that she needs to find a styling that fits her body type. Most of the time she looks a lot heavier than she actually is!
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  24. Risa added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    So it really seems that the direction her youtube channel is taking now is the result of her therapy.
    And honestly... I kind of like it. I think she tries to maintain a more professional image for her audience (I hope she will find a middle-way between being professional and personal, because it's also okay to share some personal stuff and be authentic) I do hope that this will help her on the long run (and not be a phase) But it does seem like she put some thinking into it. Also, her channel needs some direction if she wants to continue her youtube career, so it might be a good thing for her youtube channel as well.
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  25. Risa added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    She made two pretty honest videos about her experience with plastic surgery. Here it is under the spoiler:
    Roaming through her videos while searching for the plastic surgery ones made me realize that she did have nice videos out there. She was always a bit boring and bland, because of the image she was going for. She came off as quite artificial (also with the dolly look she forced), but her youtube channel still had potential. I think it's a mistake that she abandonned it. She can only do lewds and pretend to be a gamer girl on twitch for a certain period of time. Until then she will have alienated her real viewers and fans on youtube. How could she abandon her channel, her actual "work" for such a momentary thing?
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