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  1. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don't get why she didn't make two videos: One her lookbook, the second the making of. The whole introduction which completely destroyed the flow of the video could have gone to the second video. The way she explained why she chose this or that styling and showed glimpses of models and fashion shows would have also fitted a making of better.
    The outfits were okay, just not what Taylor is wearing nowadays... not even close to what she wears. The voice over was pretty bad, she is babbling way too much. Also she sometimes broke the voice over and rather posted the actual background noise and what they were saying while filming. It just... not a good video.
    Also just as a sidenote: Taylor looked like such a mess in the first part wearing her lemon pyjama. Meanwhile we have Nathalie looking effortlessly cool.
    Btw here is Mikan's lookbook from last fall. She also made a voice over, and the video is by far not perfect, but considering she has less money, the smaller audience and less time, she did so much better:
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  2. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I honestly couldn't finish the video. Yumi's expression... was really sad. I wonder why she posted it, it's almost like a cry for help.  And he didn't even apologize, instead he belittled her and made her apologize >>
    The bigger red flag though is the video afterwards. "We are so happy and the video is nothing, look how happy we are." It gave me the chills. This is everyone in an abusive relationship. (not saying Splenda is abusive, but we all saw how much he belittles and objectifies her)
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  3. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I haven't watched her videos in months. Coming back to the thread now and watching her latest video... is kind of a shock. She looks so much worse. Her hair is fine, but her face... When she officially stopped with the circle lenses and the dolly make-up 2 (?) years ago, I thought she would be going for a more natural look, but she is looking way more unnatural than she did before.
    I know it's all her decison and her own fault, but I do feel sorry for her. She seems to have no confidence at all, and she also seems to have zero friends and absolutely nothing she likes to do. Hong Kong is an interesting city, but she doesn't even seem to go shopping there... I guess in Japan it helped that she had her circle of friends around (doesn't matter if they were real friends or not), they kinda boosted her confidence. And I do think it helped her confidence that between them she was the model-girl with a rich af boyfriend. But now she has to live her own life, and it's kinda sad to watch.
    Meanwhile when I watch Sharla... despite going through a divorce, she seems to be so much happier and in a better place than Taylor.
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  4. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    To Marianna's defence though, she didn't say that Japan healed her, but that she was sick and no one knew what was going on. Apparently she even lost her job over it and had to stay at home for months, until finally the doctors realized what was wrong. Once healed she left for Japan, because she didn't want to miss any opportunities. If I remember correctly she said that being sick showed her that life is short, and she really always wanted to travel and move etc, so she did. :-)
    This whole drama just shows me again why I kinda like Mikan. At least she had the guts to come to this place personally and post with her name.
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  5. Risa added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    I mean, they are all trying so hard to cover up Dakota's past and not even once has Dakota acknowledged anything wrong she did (wasn't her leukemia  statement only a year ago?) or even apologized. They are all just sweeping everything under the rug. And the fact that a normal video, which states an opinion (biased or not), gets taken down just like that, doesn't sit right with me.
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  6. Risa added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I watched the first few seconds of the video but it's really absolutely not my cup of tea. Then I skimmed through the comment section.... and wow... this whole change of her channel is a mess. People in the comments are very respectful mostly. Most of them wish her the best and hope this change will help her, but so many also said they will unsubscribe because they are not interested in such a content.
    I think I skimmed through the first 50 comments and 99% of them said they will quit watching her videos. This is a trainwreck, seriously. I hope she thought this through well, and that she expected the outcome. If she did, and she doesn't mind, more power to her - it's still her channel after all - but if she didn't expect this reaction from her subscribers, then I don't know...
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  7. Risa added a post in a topic Menclub - Tom Lip's controversial online magazine   

    Just that Mikan and Peach Milky do/did sex work for themselves. And I don't like to shame them for it. From what I saw Mikan did it when she just turned 18 for a few months. She seems to feel ashamed of it now. Peach Milky is going into the lewd direction, and again, that's completely her business.
    But Taylor is part of a whole machinery that exploits young women and teens. She is not a cam girl or a sex-worker (maybe she was one, but I don't know that), instead she is supporting someone who is part of the business (as in not on the receiving end). That's a completely different issue and not comparable what Mikan, Peach Milky and woever did or are doing.
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  8. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    She lost quite some weight and I think she learned her angles a bit. I also think she did something with her lashes, but I don't think she had permanent work done. (I remember she made a video about getting heavier treatment for her skin, but nothing about actual surgery)
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  9. Risa added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I get where you are coming from, but  as someone from Middle Europe I find this generalized view on multicultural relationships kinda funny. Not saying it doesn't happen that people marry to get a foot in their favorite country here (it definitely does). And some couples definitely can't get over their cultural differences! I also think some marry earlier than usual to be able to live with their SO, but I know plenty of multicultural relationships where people just met and liked each other and eventually married (just like any other couple). Many of them meet through work or university. (I agree though that depending on the cultural background it can be more or less difficult)
    As for the three couples you mentioned... I'm not sure if these three are the best examples to compare each other.
    I doubt Taylor is ever going to divorce her sleazy, gross husband and leave her wealthy lifestyle. But even if she does, it's because of his work, not because they are from different cultural backgrounds.
    Venus likes girl.
    The only one of these three I could see separating from her husband because of cultural differences is Sharla. But even here, we don't know.
    Back to topic: I feel so sorry for Sharla. Her video was so emotional and it's so rare to see he her so openly sad. I hope things will turn to the better for her soon. And I'm glad she made the decision to move back to Japan and live somewhere close to her friends and in a country she loves. I just find it so sad that she had to leave her cats behind.
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  10. Risa added a post in a topic Eugene Lee Yang   

    I'm so so about him. I do think he looks good. It's kind of... I don't know... the strong cheekbones, the body, the hair etc. He is very fotogenic and looks good on camera in general. I do find his attitude laidback and cool sometimes, but he is going overboard recently and sometimes he comes off as way too arrogant. However, I do believe that he is deeply insecure inside. When I watched that plastic surgery video, he really looked shocked when the doctor told him he wouldn't change anything about his face. I don't think he only pretended to be in disbelief.
    One thing I have to commend him for though is the latest episode of the Try Guys. The dog-swap video. It was incredibly awkward to watch in general, I think. I mean, Zach seems to dislike dogs except for his own. Keith doesn't seem to like dogs at all, and didn't even participate in the dog-choosing process, until it was quiet Emma's turn. And Ned wasn't too excited either and he kept complaining throughout the whole day (I mean, what kind of complaint is: Oh no, Pesto eats Bean's food.!?) Also I am absolutely with Maggie on Zach: Bean sensed Zach's energy. At the end of the day most of them did work their way towards their new dogs, but it was a bit painful to watch until that moment *lol*
    Eugene was the only one who put effort into bonding with "his" dog from the first moment on and making the best out of the day, even considering the dog's actual lifestyle needs. (also kudos to him for having rescued his dog Emma, despite her having several emotional issues. He also didn't seem too comfortable to handing her over to someone else)
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  11. Risa added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I have the feeling she felt a bit bored with Japan - she lived there for years after all, and I guess the initial excitement wore off and she wanted to see something new. So accompanying her husband to Korea probably felt exactly like the change she wanted. But once there she probably realized that Japan feels much more home for her and that she truly likes it. She seems to cherish every travel to Japan at the moment and enjoys her time there. Her Japanese content hasn't been that interesting for years.
    If she and her husband broke up, I feel sorry. No matter what and how, it has to be quite hard then. Leaving such a long relationship is never easy.
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  12. Risa added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    Please tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks this has nothing to do with Marie Kondo's style of tidying up? I just watched one or two episodes of her show, so I don't know for sure, but that's not what she is trying to teach? To me it seems more like Kim is just going through her clothes and tidying up a bit.
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  13. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I've just watched her newest video where she talks about what kind of college she goes to and although we can discuss now if it's a good college or not, I think it's good that she is doing it. I mean, at lesat she is doing something. And she seems to be very passionate and happy about getting into her college.
    A brief summary of the video:
    She says she had to take the N2 exam at entrance exam. She also mentions that her class is going to be entirely in Japanese and that she deliberately didn't go for an English college, because she wants to say in Japan for longer and be able to properly communicate. She also talks about how she doesn't want to live in a European/English bubble, but integrate into society.
    She also talks about colleges in Japan in general, and it pretty much matches up with what you guys said on this thread. How there are universities which are considered as a waste and others which are considered as so good that it doesn't even matter what you study there. She says her college is known as being good. (I'm very curious which college she will attend. Does any of you have ideas?)
    The entrance exam she did, was the N2 exam, something to write (she said it was fairly easy, but she tried hard to use as many kanji as possible) and a group interview (groups with three), where they asked her questions about why she chose the outfit she is wearing, what she finds easy and difficult about living in Japan etc.
    She also says she hired a tutor.
    As for the money, she says, she got promoted in her job, and saved a lot of money (apparently she saved half of her paycheck every month), the rest of the money she needed she lent from her mother.
    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm beginning to... kinda like her. I did call her out for her attitude a lot, but there are things about her I kinda like. Also I appreciate that she isn't salty towards her 'haters' (unlike the original jvlog clique, and I'm not even talking about only Taylor. Just look at Micaela...) but rather tries to prove us wrong by actions.
    I just wish she would stop to shoop her images in such a ridiculous way.
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  14. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Taylor B posted a video about how she lost weight during the last year. Good for her btw. She looks so happy.
    Also I'm really like the new little clique Kelly has surrounded around her. Marianna makes decent videos imo and I am also enjoying Kelly's content a lot recently. I do think she tends to romantice Japan and living there sometimes, but I still enjoy watching her videos. She seems to put a lot of effort into her videos and into her life in general.
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  15. Risa added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    No, I literally said to like a tweet is something different, because you often just scroll your feed, see something and can put yourself in that position. But to comment on it and show your support is a different issue. Saf has a huge following, she is not new to this, she seems to follow Taylor. There is also a difference to showing support on a random tweet and something which is related to a controversy.
    And btw, I don't think we are required to do homework, we are not a youtuber with millions of followers, youtube and being an influencer is not our job. But Saf should be smarter than that. It's her image and her credibility.
    And before someone calls me a hater, on page 2 of this thread I posted a comment in which I stated how much I like Safiya and her content.
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  16. Risa added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    The thing is: If she just liked Taylor's tweet... okay, fine. I mean, a lot of people scroll through their social media feeds and randomly like all kind of stuff, without reading all of the details. But responding to it and showing support to Taylor means she read it properly and identifies with it. Which leads to the point: Did she not wonder what this is about? Wasn't she wondering what happened that Taylor receives such a backlash? Did she not at least try to understand what's going on? That's a few minutes of online search, and normally people with such a big audience do that.
    So either Saf knew what's going on and didn't care or she is stupid af.
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  17. Risa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    What a mess.
    She went from someone who some of us thought maybe looked away from the problem, couldn't face it, was a victim herself, to someone who excuses, enables and supports the whole controversy.
    I also find it very appalling that her followers don't see anything wrong with what's going on. Also I had to chuckle slightly at the comments from them how karma will hit her haters. Karma? What about Taylor's karma then? She is the trophy of a creepy man, who is older, more powerful than her, sketchy and who she is 100% dependent on. Sure, her youtube career will probably be going for a few more years. But imagine Taylor in 20 years... it's a sad image.
    A lot of youtubers seem to think they are actual stars, while in reality only a specific audience knows them. They don't get hired for highly paying acting jobs, they don't win a Grammy or an Academy Award or even the Razzie, they don't have their songs played in radio. Sure, vidcon is a thing and some big youtubers do have fans and are popualar, but with a lot of them it's nothing of substance. Only a very very few of them are very popular beyond youtube and the audience that watches them. But most of them are just as much nobodies as everyone else. And even if they are popular, their popularity is only short-lived. I've realized that the more followers a youtuber has, the worse their content and personality gets. I had to laugh when one person reacted to Safiya's twitter comment with "two legends". I like Safiya. But she definitely isn't a legend. Sophia Loren is a legend, Meryl Streep, but Safiya and Taylor? *lol*
    On another note, in case you want to make an extra thread about MC, I found some of Ew-san's responses and screens from MC.
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  18. Risa added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    I really like her, but now I'm like... >> She had to defend Taylor out of all after the whole controversy. It's such a downer.
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  19. Risa added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    Her content is extremely stale at the moment, even for her standards. I mean, I am actually even confused about the "timeline". Is she still in Japan or are these videos from around Christmas or from fall? All her videos are the same right now, so I can't even tell them apart anymore or check from which trip they are. She just posted another Universal Studios video...again.
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  20. Risa added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    You know, despite all the criticism, I have to say: In a weird twisted way it seems that Yumi is trying to shape her content and channel (hanfu, China, conventions, married life etc.) She is just not very good at it. Also the thing she lacks most is: She definitely needs to work on her online persona. When you think Yumi King you think cheap, taobao, tacky, married to old dude, walking ad for tacky stuf (she did however get rid of the ddlg image, I think). She definitely needs to work on how she presents herself and what you associate with her.
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  21. Risa added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I surprisingly liked the video. I mean, I'm not into the kawaii style, but I can see how her viewers would find this video helpful. Some outfits were actually nice (some however were combined awfully). The only issue I have is that it would have been cool if she showed more variety. She says pants can't really be "kawaii" (and she only showed one outfit with pants), but it would have been interesting to see her try. Or see her try outfits with longer skirts. She is very thin, but not everyone is going to feel comfortable wearing such short skirts.
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  22. Risa added a post in a topic Oshare Girl   

    I'm not sure if I get it... What's cringy about this? Her typos? Or the photo? It's a pretty normal question...
    I agree with rootbranch by the way. She is a normal girl doing normal things in Japan and just living her life there. Why should she stop doing vlogs? I mean, this is starting to get ridiculous! Sure, her content can get repetitive, especially since she participated in vlogmas and vlogtober, and she obviously doesn't have enough interesting stuff to show for two months of daily vlogging. But which vlogger, who also has a normal job, actually has 24 interesting vlogs for vlogmas? (I followed some jvloggers for vlogmas but didn't watch all of their videos out of that reason) By that logic 70% of vloggers should stop vlogging.
    I get how some are annoyed at her for using Japanese husband in her title. But other than that I think some of you are just reaching.
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  23. Risa added a post in a topic Oshare Girl   

    I don't get why she did it now, becaue up to now she never used the term Japanese husband before. Most of her videos featuring her husband (he isn't in her videos often anyways) say "Surprise date with my husband" or "Buying a gift for my husband". I hope this is not going to be her new thing though - I have no problem when people add Japanese or Korean or whatever in their titles when it's about food, locations etc, but not when it fetishizes their partners or relationships.
    As for the clickbait accusation I have to defend her though!  I can't remember her doing clickbait in general. Granted that I might have missed something, but none of the videos I watched had a clickbait title. I think we are reaching if we accuses her of clickbaiting in general.
    I just hope she isn't jumping on the "my [nationality] husband" bandwagon. She doesn't need it. Her content is good and her viewers like her for being straight-forward and real. I get that her channel is really growing now and she feels she needs to push it, but imo it's not necessary. Her channel will probably grow naturally.
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  24. Risa added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    I don't buy it. Seriously, I just don't by it. She gets tons of positive feedback on her channel. People didn't even care that she got plastic surgery. So, now she is saying she didn't upload because of a few comments about her lisp? I call bullshit on that.
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  25. Risa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Wait Lululemon  is problematic? I didn't know that!
    And yes, Taylor lost quite some weight during the last year. Good for her, honestly, also from what I saw she did it in a healthy way: work out and proper nutrition.
    I like osharegirl for something very simple: I like her. She seems to be pretty real and not fake. And after the whole Talyor R-Kim-Mimei-Sharla jvlogger yawn fake fest I was kinda surprised to find normal people vlogging there. I can understand that for some it's boring, but these two and also Loretta basically vlog their lives their. Osharegirl works after all and is married to a Japanese man. Loretta makes content about university. Here and there they travel and go out. I can see how this is boring, but I like watching it, because it feels genuine. And with all three of them I have the feeling they do target an audience 20+ (not teens unlike Taylor or Kim)
    Of course for someone looking for a different kind of content (like cars and bikers like pineappleVera said, or even travel vlogs, I would definitely watch someone else. Taylor and osharegirl are mostly about daily life, cooking, working out, hanging out, fashion. ^^
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