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  1. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    this is a solid revelation of how ignorant she is.
    i bet my entire ass that she’s either going to say “it’s not that big of a deal, people do it all the time here” or “sorry, i’m still getting used to japanese culture. it’s a lot different from america uwu!!”
    god, this just proves that this woman truly DOES NOT THINK. the only thing she thinks about is getting social points for being “funny.” there are so many red flags that can show up in the process of taking this picture to tell you that “wow, i really shouldn’t fucking post this” 
    what’s even worse is that it’s so easy to figure out what her mental process was while taking and posting this picture. it is the exact same as a university student (in america) taking a snapchat of a student passed out in the library during finals week. the difference is one setting IS appropriate, the other is fucked up.
    this woman has absolutely ZERO ability to distinguish between casual/appropriate vs. professional/inappropriate, and she wants a fucking entertainment visa??

    even IN america, if someone in professional work attire (whether it be a suit, a lab coat, scrubs, or any other sort of business attire) is sleeping in a cafe in public, it would STILL be fucked up to film them with the caption “mood,” even though its considerably more weird to sleep in public in america rather than japan. this is because any sane person, in ANY part of the world, can recognize when someone has bent the fuck backwards working their ass off for the entire day and are exhausted as hell and deserve some respect.
    of course as everyone’s mentioned already, it’s so much worse over there since privacy is regarded so much differently than in america. hell, if she saw a man in a suit sleeping in a cafe in america, she wouldn’t bat an overly-enlarged eye. 
    and this bitch is making guide videos on how to live in japan. 
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  2. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    “i SHoULdn’T giVe A FUcK, U shOuLD’nT give a fUcK”
    bitch it sure does look like you’re givin a HUUUUUUGE fuck since you made an instagram story about it. stfu.
    imma give a fuck if i want—damn at least i can admit i give a fuck unlike you. of course i do; this shit is insane and incredibly toxic. “i don’t look good all the time” does not equal “i’m literally unrecognizable in my instagram selfies compared to my candids. my instagram selfies and candids share 0 DNA.” you brought this upon yourself because you edit your photos to 💩 don’t be blamin’ us. you literally have a pretty face and you ruin it with the editing, and because of that, comparing selfies vs. candids devalues your natural features. sad. where is your self worth bc it is long gone, and that ain’t our fault.
    who’s got the next candid, i’m ready for it.

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  3. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    please lemme know if this has been already touched on
    y'all checked the view count on belle's video?

    damn.....339K in one week. props to you @mayzo!!! but that ain't even all of it. ofc everyone's talking about kenna's diminishing view count thanks to that little encounter with mikan, but oof....hope kenna's payin attention to this, because while this video got 339K views one week, her videos can't even get close to 300K in 5 months
    and what's more.....none of the videos that are still on her channel from within 1 year have gotten over 260K views. ouch!!
    bitch needs to wake tf up. belle doesn't have 900K subs, but can make content that reaches more views that any of kenna's videos within the past year in a single WEEK. for trashing your "antis" so much, they sure are doing a better job at youtube than you are. 

    i mean if she don't wake up, that's fine. i'm having a great time watching her view count plummet with y'all, while small youtube channels making """"hate"""" videos about her are being successful 👀☕
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  4. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    forgive me for double posting, but kenna just posted her visit to an alice themed cafe onto her instagram story (there’s more pictures, but i don’t want to clutter up the thread and i’m on mobile, so here’s two. there’s also a video of her filming a waitress at the cafe but it doesn’t show the waitresses’ face...not sure if this is still a privacy concern in japan?? i’ve heard that some cafes can be really picky on filming.) glad to see she’s showing us more of japan, but it really sucks that it isn’t being posted onto her feed imo. what a missed opportunity to be honest?? she’d get much more traffic to her feed if she posted stuff like the alice cafe onto her feed instead of boring flat lays of dumbass gloves and a fucking scarf 🙄 

    literally so much fuckin brown—it would match her feed perfectly. i will be shocked if this doesn’t end up on her feed (but will i really.....? 🤔)
    here’s the boring ass flat lay, ugh. one of the most god awful flat lays i’ve seen from her tbqh:

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  5. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    @caity as much as i completely agree that everyone has a right to speak on the issue and calling attention to these issues is amazing, i just don’t think kenna acknowledged this issue the right way.i think bringing attention to the issue is great but i think she should’ve left it at that somewhat. i don’t think it was wise of her to say “fight back!! make a scene!!” because it seems that japanese society is much more conservative, and you’re more likely to be shamed further for making a scene. in america, a bystander is more likely to come in and help if someone’s making a scene, but it japan it doesn’t seem like that’s always the case. it’s not as likely for someone to be willing to make a scene/speak out about their assault in japan in general, and it’s not a situation where you can just motivate someone/encourage them to speak out like you can in america. here in the united states, guaranteed resources to help a sexual assault survivor after they speak out are much more available to a degree, while in japan, such resources don’t really seem to be available at all, especially in this particular case with the idol.
    i think this boils down to more of a culture and behavior thing rather than a problem with talking about an issue. bringing awareness to an issue is wonderful and we need more of it and i commend kenna for doing that, but you can’t just ignore the culture and behavior of a people because it comes across as having a lack of empathy.
    tl;dr yes to bringing awareness to the issue, ehhh to the “fight back/make a scene” statement
    i know this is such a tough issue and that we all want change to come for japan. it’s painful to watch the injustices going on right now, and unfortunately i don’t think we have the answer for it yet. all i know is that the reserved culture of the people must be taken into consideration, even if it seems ridiculous to us. this issue might seem to have an clear cut fix to a foreigner, which i think might’ve happened with kenna’s thinking even if she had good intentions, but i think to a japanese native, a solution may be a lot further out of reach.
    hope that makes sense.
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  6. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    could anyone native to japan/living in japan provide some insight on this?? i’ve heard about this case but i don’t know enough to really judge kenna’s response.
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  7. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    i’m dying, thank you for linking this article. kenna calls japan her “hOmE” and makes herself seem like she knows so much about japan....yet she doesn’t have the decency to take off her obese backpack on a crowded train.

    this article was published on january 5 of this year. the #1 grievance on crowded trains is people wearing backpacks...lol, talk about japan being her “home” and her finding “belonging” in japan
    honestly, i wouldn’t care about this at all if she didn’t claim that japan was her “home;” carrying a backpack when you’re on a crowded train seems like an easily forgivable mistake, just like any other annoying tourist behavior to me....but it’s just so deliciously ironic that she does shit like this while acting like she “belongs” in japan and makes it seem like she “knows what japan is like.”
    i love it.

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  8. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    is she gonna pay an extra $1000 to stay here too 
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  9. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    i’m real sorry, but uh....the two main points in this post have already been addressed in your favor? 😬 
    • there’s some stellar posts by @pyuki, @sylveon, and several others in support of your opinion that kenna shouldn’t have to study all the time, which i personally agree with 100%, but i still think the claims that kenna might not be taking her language school very seriously have some pretty solid grounds to stand on.
    • on the pancakes, loads of other people have shared their opinion on how it’s fine if kenna wants to eat tons of pancakes by itself, but conflicts arise with her occupation as a social media influencer since, to an extent, is a career based around catering to your following. some of my favorites are by @coffeejunkie and @Senpai Trash, and i’m pretty sure @princesslis shares your view completely and doesn’t see the the point in arguing about the pancakes, but they didn’t blast anybody
    you can’t complain about the thread being “clogged” while missing points people have already made at the same time. i definitely do not read every single post in this thread, the volume of people in it is just too large, which is the exact reason i don’t complain about it being “clogged.” gossip involves talking, and one of the best part