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  1. Teabii added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    to get this out of the way, i'm only going to be referencing the first half of your post, because i can't agree with everything in the second half haha, which is ok!! debating opinions is the reason why PULL exists imo, but that's not what i'm making this post for.
    tbh it would be hypocritical of me to start guessing what's wrong with venus, based on the opinion in the post i just made. however, if you'd just like to know what tunneled catheters are used for and what i think it MAY be being used for, and NOT the entire "why" behind she has it/an armchair diagnosis, then i'd be happy to give some input on that.
    see, what margo is doing is taking the what of whatever the catheter is being used for, and she's adding the why (aka "venoos has renal failure"), and adding that "why" is what i'm arguing against in the previous post i made. she's spilling into diagnostic thinking, and you can't do that on the internet (especially without medical experience); it's the reason why doctor's appointments exist.
    ok so, what do I think the catheter is there for? well, what we know for certain is that venus has some sort of stomach problem. i mean, a lot of times when there's a stomach issue going on, the patient needs to get nutrition somehow while the stomach's being difficult, so TPN (total parenteral nutrition) is usually used for the patient to get the nutrients they need. now this isn't some miracle concoction that the patient can live off of forever, because if it was, then we wouldn't need a digestive system. TPN sends nutrients directly into the bloodstream, basically bypassing the entire digestive system---to keep things simple, i'm just going to say that it's not ideal for your body, but is required under critical circumstances. you shouldn't be on it for long periods of time, it's usually just temporary until the doctors get your digestive system under control. the reason why a tunneled catheter is required for TPN is because the solution used for TPN is really strong, and would, to put it simply, "clog up" your veins if you used a normal IV with any old vein on your arm.
    ok so, what stomach problem does venus have for her to need TPN? i have no idea, which is exactly the point i'm trying to make here. is there a chance the catheter is being used for something entirely different from TPN? ABSOLUTELY.  oh, hey, what do you know! @papercrane just posted, and put the point i'm trying to make in words that are a lot easier to understand: the range of purposes that tunneled catheters serve is so large, that you couldn't possibly make a definitive claim on what's wrong with venus/what it's being used for (like margo has done), only educated guesses.
    well, now you know a little bit more about TPN. you've definitely got more medical knowledge than margo now 
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  2. Teabii added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    y'all im about to rip the living hell outta this bitch
    OOOOOGH. there's nothing i hate more than people who find little tidbits of medical information on the internet that somewhat correlate with a specific situation (in this case, the tunneled catheter in Venus's hospitalization situation) and then start spitting out prognoses like they went through 18 years of medical school to do it. it's like trying to force two mismatching puzzle pieces together with hot glue. it's a fucking mess. 
    i can tell y'all EXACTLY what this dumbass woman did. bitch went on google and typed up "what are tunneled catheters used for" and probably got some result from medline or mayo clinic or something (don't get me wrong, these sources can be great and reliable, but they're used in an unreliable way by people who don't know what they're doing and just need to ask a doctor instead, i.e. margorat palerno). something about "hemodialysis" or some shit probably came up in the search results, and doctor margo with her MD in bullshit suddenly has an epiphany:
    "oo!! iesn't hemoodialysis uoosed to treat da kidniis? WAIT!!! kidniis filtur blood....poison ieyffects blood....yiis, venoos poisoned....venoos food poison manakee japan ielness 19 years stomackh doctour seashells cathyterr blood hospeetal instagrahm symptoom filtur dying kidniis korea healthee sick dialysis EYOOREKA!!! VENOOS HAZ KIDNIIE FAILYUR!! venoos will DIE!! manakee keeled her!! pls donate to gofundme for storage payment venoos new kidney! venoos is demon child, never listen to me, am good mother!!"
    as a nursing major, nothing makes me more angry than fellow students who go out and start trying to treat their friends in the middle of their own learning process, but hell, i'd rather have one of them, who have actually gone through some extent of medical schooling, make predictions about venus's health instead of fucking margo. 
    first, margo starts implying that venus's stomach hurts because of "poison", but now all stomach problems are thrown out the window and are replaced with kidney failure?? sure bitch....
    from a medical perspective, there are so many things wrong with margo's little "theory" that i could go in depth on, but i'm not even going to fucking bother. this woman is just a parrot spouting out medical facts she found on WebMD at some dingy internet cafe at 2 in the morning. she's completely thrown out any other reasonable possibility related to venus's stomach symptoms in exchange for kidney failure after she """researched""" dialysis on the internet. because, let's face it, "kidney failure" has a much larger shock factor than "venus is having stomach problems and is on TPN"
    margaret is literally using her daughter's illness for "shock value" by depicting it as something that it isn't after doing some WebMD investigations. what the actual fucking hell, margaret palermo. who the FUCK do you think you are, and what the FUCK do you think you're doing. your daughter is SICK. you think this is showing genuine concern for your daughter? do you really? because to me, it doesn't look like you're worried about your own daughter in the slightest, and all you're trying to use her for is shock value and popularity. bitch you better get some help yourself before "worrying" about your daughter, because you're sicker than what your daughter ever will be. you're sick in the head. lastly...
    fuck you, margaret palermo.

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  3. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    over it. 
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  4. Teabii added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    *** warning: unpopular-ish opinion approaching. i would appreciate y'all hearing me out and not getting up my ass about this, thanks :^) ***
    i don't like how she feels the need to validate her religion with science.
    like @May was saying, the cherry-picking of science related passages is completely unnecessary. you shouldn't describe the validity of your choice of a religion with ultra specific science-related passages in your religious text. if she were making a video just on "Portions of the Qur'an that happen to line up with science", and not for the purpose of validating her religion, then i'd be really interested in it. 
    like, if you're truly devoted and set on your religion, i don't think you should feel the need to explain it with science to make yourself seem more "valid". it's different if you're just talking about religion and science, but in this case, she's using it for the purpose of validity, and why she chose this religion. the foundation of religion is faith---you're trusting in something that you don't know everything about. you put trust in what isn't cut-and-dry or obvious.
    look, i'm a Christian. people argue that Christianity isn't "backed by science enough to be true" on a daily basis. do i care? no. i don't feel the need to explain my religion with science because i have FAITH in my religion. also, not everything in faith can be explained with science---like i said, you're trusting in something that you can't produce statistics, numbers, or data for. it's a feeling. 

    for crying out loud, there's a verse in the Bible about Isaiah (at least i think it's Isaiah; i need to brush up on my old testament lmao) having visions of a four-headed beast that had wheels rimmed with eyeballs for feet. do you think i'm going to stand here on a soap box screaming "tHeRE aRe paINTInGs oF bEaStS frOM THe MiDDLe AgEs oF ThIS MoNSTeR AnD uHHH ciRCLe sHaPEd FOoTPriNtS iN JERUsALeM So IT HaPPEnED!!1!1!1 CHrISTiANiTy iS VALid!!!!1!1!!" tbh i'll pass. Mira, we're talking about God here. sure, maybe some scientific events line up with subjects in religious texts, but religion is about what you believe. NOT about what makes your religion """"valid"""".
    i think talking about science and religion with members of your own faith is different, because you're all on the same page and you're not trying to validate anything to anyone, you're just exploring your faith with others. i'm not in opposition about comparing religion and science in general. like yeah, i believe in evolution, and i love comparing secular history with biblical history. i just don't think the way Mira mentioned it was appropriate for what she was trying to get across---in fact, it was really FUCKING annoying. 

    TL;DR i think saying "there's a passage in the Qur'an that states that iron was brought down to earth, and since iron was brought down by asteroids and that's a scientific fact, my religion is VALID and you HAVE to accept it now" is a whole lot different than saying "hey, did you know there's a passage in the Qur'an that talks about iron being brought down to earth? i think that's cool. i wonder if that's connected to how iron didn't originate on earth? fascinating." 
    idk, just wanted to give some perspective from another religious person i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ take it or leave it
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  5. Teabii added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

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  6. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    bitch!!!!!!!!!! that dress looks nothing like the picture provided!!! the shape of the skirt is completely different!! it's an entirely different design altogether from the picture.
    yeah, Yumi did a great job putting in some effort in this video, it was really refreshing and I commend her for that. i probably wouldn't say anything about the dress if she didn't say she was trying to design it like the dress in the picture
    like, she's done more complicated skirt shapes in the past....? (at least to me; i'm not that much of a seamstress)
    to be fair, basically all of the rest of the skirts she makes are the exact same two shapes (either a-line or """"lolita""""" skirts), but still, at least to me, it seems like she'd be able to recreate the look of the dress in the example picture....
    all i'm saying is that if i was the viewer who made the suggestion, i'd be pretty disappointed 
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  7. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    "iz very easy to cut the egg with the floss, very easy."

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  8. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    i bet my entire college tuition that she would've never made a singing video if she hadn't gotten a mic from her "BONAOK" sponsor.

    i know i've touched on this like a billion times, but her vlogs are literally the only non-sponsored videos she has, and i can't emphasize how fucking sad that is enough. why the fuck should i watch your channel if the only videos you can crank out are based around sponsors. that clearly shows you're not fit for youtube or video-making imo.
    also thought this was pretty interesting:

    are views not counted if they're viewed on other sites or something??? could someone please look into this bc i have no clue what "WMG" is
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  9. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    wtf this bitch wearing flats to disney world??? wow won't be surprised if yumi's next video is something like this:
    "My Feet Is Hurt! | Husband Takes Me To Orthopedist | What Is Orthopedist??"
    from personal experience, when you go to disney world, you're on your feet all day. this may just be me, but i could never imagine taking a trip to any sort of theme park without packing a pair of sturdy tennis shoes. and i think we all know that any shoes from her precious taobao or romwe are gonna be cheap af and have virtually no support.
    OT PSA: you probably already know that heels are super bad for you, but flats are almost just as bad. flats offer no arch support and have been linked to foot and spinal problems, and so have high heels. 
    yumi isn't the only one to blame here, pretty sure tons of women only have flats and heels in their closets, and i'm also pretty sure i'm blowing this waaay out of proportion. i just think it's really, REALLY dumb to wear flats to disney world. 
    catch yumi walkin around disney world like this from all that foot pain:

    have fun with all that metatarsalgia, yumi. was it a free gift that came with your taobao shoes when you ordered them?? 🤔
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  10. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    yumi's legendary flower-tapping has made a comeback

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  11. Teabii added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    ah yes, "crybaby" is the perfect album for wylow.

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  12. Teabii added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    wtf did this bitch do now??? or is she just whining over old tea?? 🙄
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  13. Teabii added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    but wait, there's more! as of today, she's made FIVE new posts on her blog.
    http://kanadajin3.blogspot.se/2017/11/kanadajin3-goes-to-akita.html November 27 (the same day as the previous two referenced in the quote)
    http://kanadajin3.blogspot.se/2017/11/what-i-always-miss-in-canada.html November 28
    http://kanadajin3.blogspot.se/2017/11/why-i-quit-make-up.html November 28
    what's with all the new posts? is she trying to make it seem like she didn't forget about her blog or something? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  14. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    ew, who the fuck is this? as much as i hate dumi's gross-nasty behavior, telling someone that they "need plastic surgery" is fucking disgusting. lmao, this person may be right when it comes to saying that yumi acts like a child and purposefully messes up her English, but i can't agree with them on the middle-school-vibes "you're ugly" retort.
    yumi's comment section is just full of shit on ALL sides of the spectrum, lmao. 

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  15. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    to be fair, a lot of youtubers, especially a lot of big makeup gurus, don't put a disclaimer in their description box that states they make commission off of discount codes, or that they earn a portion of the profit made from sales via affiliate links. this means that they can give falsely positive reviews about a product they're getting paid to advertise/getting paid per purchase of said product in order to make more money without telling their audience that they're making money off of said product.
    on the contrary, like you said, a lot of people don't have to be sponsored to review products--i completely agree with you. they're just rich youtubers who go and buy a ton of shit from Gucci and show of their $10,000 shopping bill for shock value. smaller youtubers also just simply go to the store and purchase something themselves to review something.
    but unfortunately (especially in the beauty/fashion/makeup community), this is becoming less and less prevalent, as the "sponsorship/affiliate link" craze is at an all-time high, and sponsorships seem to be the ticket to making big bucks on youtube. for those select youtubers who still buy things with their own money to review, this makes the need for putting disclaimers in description boxes even more important. if those who DON'T buy things themselves to review and are sent them for free to review DON'T put a disclaimer in their description box, it ruins the integrity of reviews given by those who DO buy things themselves who don't need a disclaimer in their description box.
    do i think yumi made the point that "some youtubers don't put disclaimers in the description" to bring justice to the youtube beauty community? lmao, fuck no.  she totally used this to make herself look better. i just thought i'd share some info about sponsorships in the youtube world 
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