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  1. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 4]   

    fucking filters make your fucking eyes fucking bigger
    “@science side of tumblr how come my eyes in a close up shot look smaller than my eyes in a shot farther away??¿??¿?”

    oh shit uh could i get a mod to delete this post it isn’t valid anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sorry for the fake news y’all
    but wait y’all
    the party has only just begun

    bitch, oh my god. what words are there to make you get the fuck over yourself. i’m so glad that you’re more concerned with your appearance than you are with your nonexistent financial responsibilities and progress into adulthood.
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  2. Teabii added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    oh damn! i'm a "mixblood with a lot of origins" too! gonna slap that in my instagram bio because i'm special too. look at me. i'm totally in touch with my miXeD ethnic background.
    i'm fucking white.
    you ain't special, bitch.
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  3. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    lmao yikes
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  4. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    watch this bitch say that she took the video down bc it got demonitized and that she “has to make a living” lmao
    or that youtube took it down bc she talked about her “asexuality.” watch her do it. i s2g watch her do it bc we all know this bitch don’t own up to shiT

    also i love how she says that she’ll go to japanese language school just fine but struggled a lot in high school because she “only wants to learn about things that interest her.”
    you know what i love?? statistics. holy SHIT i love me some coRreLaTioN COEffiCiEnTs!1!1!!1! i could calculate p-values all FUCKING day. i literally just can’t think of anything more exhilarating than plotting statistical models.
    this bitch is just on another planet. does she really, really not understand that working towards an actual career/educating yourself/getting a LIFE is *gasp* not a fucking field of cherry blossoms and artificial flowers from Micheals with rivers of black coffee??? she’ll be in the triple digits before she ever gets a wake up call i s2g. 
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  5. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    @kazoo insisting that she’s just “”””””””joking”””””””””
    did you know
    that there are
    ❤️🌈✨🎀💘💙💚⭐️🌈✨distasteful jokes🌟🌈🧡💗💫💜✨🎀💚💖
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  6. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    “it’s natural!1!!1!1!1!!!” 
    “a little mascara!!1!!1!1!!1!” 
    “diD u KnO i DRinK cOFfeE???¿??¿?”

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  7. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    caption on her latest post:

    just because it’s blonde doesn’t mean it looks anything close to these characters lmao bitch your hair is scraggly
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  8. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    love me some photoshop queens!!!1!1!!1!1 😍❤️😩👌🏻💖💯👑✨
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  9. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    smells like an excuse for more procrastination to me.
    don’t get me wrong—if she really lost her footage and really cared about making the best out of what she has/make good content for her followers, then i’d think that the diy footage + film wearing the dress to the grand opening of pixar pier would be a great idea.
    but you see, my dudes, she doesn’t care (oh shit, what a showstopping revelation. never before seen on this thread). if she did care about providing her followers with good content, she’d add something like “in the MEANTIME, I’m going to make a video about xyz and upload it so stay tuned for that!!” why is it such a big deal for her to upload a video in the meantime?
    because she says she’s going to film wearing the dress to the grand opening of pixar pier, which is scheduled to open on june fucking 23rd. today is june 5th. with her current track record that video will probably be finished around june 25th~29th if even.
    i hope her followers are excited for another whole entire fucking month with no content because i sure am :^)

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  10. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    i know a ton of y'all have already pointed out the many flaws in yumi's latest leftover-cooking video, but i just wanted to see exactly how many eating hazards are in this video. take some of this with a grain of salt though; i know sometimes you can somewhat "bend the rules" when it comes to using leftover food to prevent wasting it....but after taking a nutrition course all i see is a fuck ton of safety violations. ALSO, YES, i'm aware that the title is "Making Disgusting and Probably Dangerous Leftover Breakfast Challenge!" but---why. just why. like wtf this isn't even entertaining, food borne illnesses suck major ass why would you ever want that for yourself???? maybe my brain is simply too infantile to understand yumi's ideas idk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    ohmygod you've just got a bunch of chopped vegetables sitting in your fridge??? no container either?? jfc chopped vegetables reach their throw-out date in 2 days when they're in a container of some sort. leafy greens are even more susceptible to quick spoilage, and since that head of cabbage has been CUT, i can almost guarantee you that it's gone bad lmao.

    IT'S BEEN WHAT BITCH???? WEEKS!!?!?! BITCH WHAT THE FUCK GET THAT NASTY SHIT OUT OF YOUR FRIDGE JFC OHMYGOD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ohhhh my GOD. and when dumi argues against putting it in the dish, she says it's because it's """"dry"""" UH, BECAUSE IT'S DRY? how about because it's weeks old and infected with as many microbes as the number of hairs that fall out of splenda's hairline each day?! you could find a fossil in that shit what the hell. splenda insists on putting it in the dish anyway, jfc....
    as mentioned previously, the rice.....yeah no that shit's gone way bad.

    this is such a miserable display; a hopeless attempt at thinly slicing cabbage. dumi actually suggests for him to cut it a different way at the beginning, but he just replies with a "can i cut it the way i want to cut it?" sure mr. asshole, but your way sure looks stupid as hell. and what on earth is that black slimy shit?? gross.

    the mashed potatoes came out as a fucking brick. if that's not a warning sign that i don't know what is. also he added like half a stick a butter to them....you put a "pat" of butter on potatoes for a reason. you only need a bit, not a fucking half stick of it, good lord...
    update: he proceeds to put more butter in the potatoes. yeah this challenge is "possibly dangerous," as in dangerous for your cholesterol levels. he has the audacity to compare himself to paula deen...don't you fucking dare disrespect paula deen like this you monster.
    "how long has that cream cheese been in there?"
    "i don't know, when was the last time we used cream cheese?"
    "maybe...last year?"

    BITCH WHAT THE FUCK. if anything's gonna make you sick it's gonna be dairy that's gone bad. brb i'm throwing up.
    ok this has nothing to do with food but the narration splenda does is so fucking annoying. i appreciated the enthusiasm the first time but geez, he's repeated the same phrases god knows how many times now. he keeps restating the title in this really over exaggerated way, this may be just a personal pet peeve of mine but he keeps referring to himself in third person, and ohmygod take a fucking shot every time he says "what could he be possibly be doing/making????!?!?!?"
    this could just be a preference thing and not a food safety issue but i'm just asking for y'alls opinion: ok so splenda spreads the egg around the pan to make a thin "omelette" kind of thing, but he doesn't flip it over, so there's basically just raw liquidy egg still sitting on top of it. i know a lot of people eat soft boiled or even raw eggs and such, but idk.....god knows if those eggs are still even good or not yikes.
    ok i'm at the end of my rope here. i can't take anymore of splenda's narration skills and needless griping. tl;dr yumi and splenda gonna have a blast throwing up all that nasty food.
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  11. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    you can @ PULL next time, thanks bitch ❤️

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  12. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    don’t worry everyone!!1!!1!1! kenna totally doesn’t think that japan is better than california just over being provided a straw for a pint of milk or anything. look!!!1!1! she basically says so in her story!!!!!1!1! chill fam 👍🏻
    jfc just go home
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  13. Teabii added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    uh bitch have you even read her threads lmao
    given her difficult visa history, along with the lack of NEW videos/instagram posts about her in japan (NOT including the videos she “””republishes”””) there is no fucking way she’s still in japan.
    she’s taken trips back to canada from japan before, and they have NEVER been this long. also there’s a period of inactivity (not posting on instagram) ominously inbetween her posting in japan and her posting in canada...a move out, perhaps??? 🤔
    i mean if you’ve got legitimate receipts proving that she’s in japan, by all means, go right ahead and provide them to us—but where they at tho 👀☕️
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  14. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    remember that period a few days ago where kanoodle was inactive for basically a whole day? this could be reaching but i’m speculating she got her hair re-colored

    **kenna does not post for almost a whole day**

    i think some of us speculated/wanted her to get her hair retouched in japan. don’t get me wrong, i think her hair is looking better (if she actually did get her hair done and the change in hair color isn’t just from filters or whatever) but like...
    if my speculations are correct then why tf would you keep that a “secret” lol whaaat. i’d figure she’d want to brag about her japanese salon experience and “””how much better japanese hair salons are compared to american salons,””” or something.
    maybe it’s bc this bitch kept on insisting that her hair is absolutely healthy and doesn’t want to admit she was wrong about her crunchy ass hair 🤔
    PLEASE NOTE that this is just a GUESS. it is hard to tell what exactly her hair color looks like due to filters/lighting/contrast etc. honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s actually no change in her hair. the change in “darkness/vibrancy” of the pink color could very well be due to filters, knowing ketone. i think some input from anyone who’s in the know about hair dyeing would be really helpful.
    edit: y’all bring up a damn good point...probably brought dye with her or bought new dye. nothing wrong with that, but her hair still crunchy af tho
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  15. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    ”sO FUNNY BEcAuSe oNLy 90% oF AMEriCa knOWs wHO DUFfy iS!!1!1!1!” 

    aren’t you just the queen of the world for knowing about a teddy bear that debuted in the U.S. in like, late 2010. yes, that’s roughly 8 years, but last time i checked, not everyone goes to disneyland every fucking WEEK. for many, going to disneyland/disneyworld is a once in a life time experience. do you see duffy on billboards, postcards and advertisements like in japan? i don’t fucking think so.

    this is exactly what pisses me off about weeaboos. out here shaming america for not being in the know about everything japan i s2g.....no shit every single japanese character isn’t going to be marketed the same way as it is in japan, dumbass. i’m sorry that american culture isn’t fucking good enough for you, ketoprofen. oh, except for starbucks and forever21, those just don’t count, right? ☕️
    bless you, kenna, for making it so easy for us to call you a special fucking snowflake.
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