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  1. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    oh my god---
    imma spoiler this bc it's kinda ot but oh. my fucking god.
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  2. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    ok mcfucker, let's take a look at your actions post-apology video. no plagiarism, no youtuber harassment scandal, nada. 
    i agree: "you're disgusting" and "delete your account" comments are stupid and awful, but where they at tho. "hate" comments like that don't hurt your ego as much as the ones that actually call you out on your shit, do they.
    don't you dissect the lives and character of all of the asian people you see every day in japan that you've never even had a conversation with. doesn't matter if it's positive or negative, dissecting and stereotyping is still dissecting and stereotyping. 
    maybe you should think about the reason why these exposed videos are being made. i really appreciate @custard's point and wholeheartedly agree---people bringing up things you've already apologized for (even if they can't be completely forgiven) is really annoying. however, if these "exposed" videos are being made on things you've already apologized for, why do you care. that's their problem. yet exposing videos are still being made on content that you haven't apologized for. damn, wonder why that's happening.
    look kazakhstan, being a social media user with a big following is hard. i get that. mindless hate comments can add up on someone, too. i agree that a lot of hate bloggers get is mindless and unjustified, some of the hate you get included. but just because you made one apology doesn't mean you're a saint now. that's not an end all be all. improvement is constant. 
    you view us the exactly the same way you treat your followers' comments. if we don't add in a little *☆*~positive happy compliment ray of sunshine~*☆* on each of our posts, you're not going to process our words as anything other than """"hate""""". while i do think there's definitely some straight up hate on this forum, similarly to your comment section or anyone's comment section, that isn't the bulk of it. most of it is the harsh reality of what should be changed for the better. jesus fuck, kazoo, this is a gossip website. we are nowhere near the moral high ground here, however:
    you are dissecting anything and everything negative written about you, and stereotyping it as "hate." isn't that what you were just preaching for your h8rs not to do in that instagram post?

    you ain't on the moral high ground here either, bitch 👋
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  3. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    i saw a lot of things in this video that bothered me more than her usual haul videos, so uh, return of mini rant summary?  (i can barely even call it that; this is gonna be very brief and not that all-encompassing)

    video starts with this little number. this....this is the shit that starts in-law feuds. this is why the mother-in-law stereotype exists. later on in the video she explains that her mother-in-law plays the piano and that it will "match" jfc kill me now her piano. ok look, i think this would be cute if it was like, an 11 year old giving this to their mom or aunt or something....but yumi's 26, oh my god. the only reason i'd believe her mother-in-law would actually use this is if she's a private lesson teacher who teaches students in her home; ik my cello teacher had lots of cello-themed decor in her studio (but they weren't ugly lmao). just like.....seriously? you think that will "match" just because your mother-in-law plays the fucking piano? that thing's tacky as hell.....this is the point where being cheap becomes unacceptable. 
    @luz_666 covered the whole cabinet situation perfectly. "the one i like is a couple hundred dollars....so i got this cheaper one for now instead," bitch, my dream bed is probably thousands of dollars, but i couldn't get that, could i? i had to settle for something less expensive that i still liked. she also always pulls this "for now" card whenever she buys a cheap alternative for a long-term item, "i'm buying these drawer organizers for now until i get better ones..." etc. this just...confuses me? did you not think that moving into splenda's house would come with investments in furniture? tons of investments, big or small, are just to be expected when a couple moves in together? oh and i think we all know that this plastic ass "cabinet" is definitely not a "for now," it's gonna be sitting over there when she's 80 years old. idk, maybe i just have a different standard of living or something, smh....

    she shows us a bit of how she organized the cabinet:

    oh my fucking word. there are so many cheap ass black chokers in this drawer that you can't even distinguish them anymore. it's just a giant black mass of who knows what. "most of my chokers are black....i like to collect black chokers," damn, no way, i had no idea. yumi, you like to "collect" EVERYTHING. "i like to collect black chokers, i like to collect pleated skirts, i like to collect plaid patterns, i like to collect hanfu, i like to collect tacky ass handbags, i like to collect bow ties, i like to collect cocktail dresses, i like to collect hanfu-style hair accessories, i like to collect thigh highs, i like to collect frilly socks....." nah bitch, that's called being a hoarder.

    hamlets. are you fucking kidding me, yumi.

    i have a few thoughts on these bow ties....ok, so yumi has told us in the past that sponsors often times let her pick out what they're going to send her for free. if she did happen to pick these out herself, then imo that is such a waste of a diy opportunity. i understand that yumi is no longer a full-fleged diy channel anymore, but these bow ties look like they're super easy to make, and they look right up her alley. she could have easily made these--honestly i don't think i'd ever buy these store-bought, but if they were homemade i think they'd be pretty cute. i really think she's missing out on a lot of views by skipping out on diy opportunities, and she can easily use these "picking out free stuff from sponsors" sessions to find inspiration for more diy ideas. if she didn't pick these out voluntarily and she was just sent them, then obviously it wasn't her choice on what she got, so it's not as big of an issue. still think these bow tie things are a really good diy opportunity tho, rip.

    bitch already out here with another fucking black choker i s2g. (to be fair the choker looks kinda cute, but she's probably already got one that looks exactly like it.)

    "you might have noticed that in my cooking videos, we had no oven mitt so i had to use a towel...so i got oven mitt!" another super cute video opportunity, wasted....this little "limbo period" with her sewing she's got going on is so annoying imo. either sew or don't sew, yumi.

    of course she uses the item that's actually nice for herself. bitch doesn't even realize how selfish she is because it's just subconscious and automatic now: "the cheapest of cheap stuff goes to everyone else, the nice cheap stuff goes to me."

    i have never seen one of these before. it's a normal bowl that you fill with water and rinse fruit and vegetables in, then you pour the water out with this strainer thing on the side? "my husband thinks it's useless, but it's useful for me!!" idk why you wouldn't just get a normal ass colander but that's none of my business...

    oh my god where did she get this!? damn, i actually like this. that is a WHOLE BOX of piping tips plus some other tools, and knowing yumi it's not going to be that expensive---yeah i just looked up the price and it's like $12 for 32 different piping tips plus a few other things. if you're not going to be committing to cake decorating as a big hobby, i see no reason to spend more money on nice brands like Wilton or Sunny Side Up. knowing these cheap retail websites, the tips (especially the ones with "spikes", like the star tips) are probably going to start breaking after awhile, but it's no problem if you're just trying it out like yumi is. gold seal of approval from me.
    HOWEVER, knowing yumi's display of her uh "food decorating skills" in the past....is she even ready to use all these different tools? except for the piping bags; there's only like 3 in there and that is not enough lmao. eh on second thought since it's a set she can probably just start out with the simple tips, like a round tip....but i'm going to laugh so hard if she tries to go ham with a ruffle tip or a petal tip on her first try lmao. you can't take on the big stuff if you haven't conquered the small stuff; i see that way too often with these craftsy channels run by young adults who think they're the coolest shit. but yeah yumi says making cake is gonna be her big project during the summer on her second channel. she better start practicing now.
    yumi never fails to amuse me with her ever-growing hoard of useless kitchen gadgets. this thing is supposed to cut watermelon into a popsicle-ish shape or something? what the hell would you ever need that for? just use a fucking knife oml.....she is the epitome of the people these worthless gadget manufacturing companies make a profit off of.

    next she has a rough sponge you can use to clean a pan with, a silicone sponge to clean with, an angled spatula for icing, and a potato masher. i can't believe she bought a kitchen tool (the potato masher) that's actually useful and essential. wow, good job. the icing spatula will help too of course, that is if she actually follows through with her plans to make a cake; "oh sorry eweyone!! my passion for cake decorating went away!! i don't want to make the cake anymore 😿😿😿"

    this is a, uh....tool to pick up "hot bowls" when you're using them to steam food...? i really...really...don't think you need this, yumi....

    this is apparently a kind of noodle press? she admits herself that it's cheap as hell, and that she wants to try to make noodles with it on her food channel. i don't have as much of a problem with this one; i don't like how she generates video ideas based on sponsored items instead of the other way around, but this at least isn't just a bunch of random peelers and cutting tools she uses tests out and calls that a video. 

    "you probably think this looks useless...." that's because it is fucking useless. i am pretty sure she already has a steel strainer that she can use for noodles. why the hell does she need this. i s2g she knows it too, she suddenly got a lot quieter and less enthusiastic (that sounds like a reach ik), but i bet she knows this is fucking useless...at least i hope she does. wouldn't be surprised if she didn't tho.
    lmao so much for being brief ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  4. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    haven’t you heard? the semi annual weeaboo trash conference is coming up soon. she’ll have a vlog about it on her youtube channel by the end of this month.
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  5. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

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  6. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    some thoughts on this thot:

    bitch lookin like me when im too lazy to change to go to walmart so i just put a pea coat on over my pjs wtf....

    oh wow!! an interesting place that people might be interested in and could add substance to my video!! let's NOT tell the audience where this place is. (does anyone actually know where this place is it looks cool lmao)

    correct. i appreciate your once-in-a-lifetime moment of honesty.

    "hmmm, this religion looks aesthetically pleasing" (probs reaching but i had to)

    yeah so um like everyone's been saying....not a lot going on. i mean i guess it was ok, and there were a lot of "aesthetic" scenery shots that i really enjoyed looking at, but there was like little to no descriptions of the places she went to---nobody's asking for a fuckin 3 act play, but just something more than repeating your to-do list to us.

    substance, please???
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  7. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos #2   

    i wound upvote this but i have no more votes lol. i’m down for this idea.
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  8. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    yikes!!! thanks for calling me out 😂 i’m glad somebody caught that lmao
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  9. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    i don’t want to be that person, but....
    y’all, this convention is hella tiny.

    sorry if any of this has already been brung up, but this is a student run convention hosted at a holiday inn. i know i’ve been spoiled with massive texas conventions hosted at huge places like the hilton anatole, but a holiday inn conference center is very small. almost half of the voice actors/cosplayers that were supposed to attend cancelled, too....
    i don’t think there’s anything wrong with students trying to get together and host a convention...but it’s still not something i would want to attend lol.
    ok so dumbass me got my receipts wrong, please disregard the first screenshot and info about Townsend; this Tigercon is a different Tigercon that is held in Maryland, not in Georgia, as pointed out to me by @Couvent; thank you so much for pointing that out bc honestly my dumbass would be out here hollering with my shirt on backwards if you hadn't lmao, sorry guys.

    but most of what i said still goes: it's still run at a holiday inn conference center tho, which (at least in my opinion) is hella tiny. half of the scheduled attendees cancelled, too. and it's great if an air force base wants to get together and host a convention, but it's still not something i would attend....no offense....and definitely not something to really brag about either haha.
    i mean hey, it’s her first convention getting invited as a guest...but she kinda made it seem like she was getting invited to some big ass event imo. like this is a backyard get together for nerds more than anything.
    yumi, getting invited to this convention should not be reassurance to you that “oh!! i got invited to a convention!! i’m doing great!!” this should not be a trophy of accomplishment for you. if anything this should be a reminder that you need to get your ass to work and do better than this. you’re not gonna get invited to a “real” convention with the stuff you’re churning out and the little to no networking you’re doing, but hey, what were we expecting

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  10. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    lmao oh my god those fucking terf bangs oooof

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  11. Teabii added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    i also live in the dallas area and was so mad she didn’t tell her fans that she was visiting dallas when she posted that galleria video lol. like if you’re so “i want to meet all of my fans!!!” then wtf yumi lmao. but wow i didn’t even know there was a cosplay store here in dallas, and thank you so much for that insight—never would’ve known this was in dallas/she was in dallas without this info!
    anyways i just kinda have a hard time believing she’s taken two trips to dallas between christmas and now? i mean i guess 4ish months is a pretty long time but atlanta to dallas is an 11 hour drive. with our precious dumi’s “19+ hours of work a day” schedule, along with her husband’s work schedule, they (as in Scotty lmao) would have to find time to take off of work for an extended-ish period.
    idk it’s not totally unrealistic but yumi’s not really known for traveling lmao. the biggest reason i speculate is because recently yumi has been notorious for having a messed up timeline and posting videos long after they’ve been filmed, i.e. her wedding, honeymoon videos, etc.
    again this could be due to her messed up timeline but why would she be in dallas so close to the date of the convention?? according to google tigercon is april 14-15, that’s likeeee this weekend. 
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  12. Teabii added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    could someone translate what this says?
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  13. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    is she fucking serious?
    this is the most disrespectful fucking shit i’ve ever seen. she makes it sound like she’s been a victim subjected to people forcing religion onto her.
    some examples of the comments she was talking about:

    what the actual fuck, kenna. i see nothing but a desire for your good will in these comments. all these people were doing was giving you advice on what they believe happiness to be/ways they’ve achieved happiness that may help YOU. these people took time out of their days to try and help YOU and make YOU feel better. it’s fine if you’re an atheist (so much for Buddhism not being an “aesthetic” for you), you don’t have to follow the advice given to you; that doesn’t mean you should just disregard it and say shit like this. 
    you’re the one who’s been having an “existential crisis” and begging for attention, kenna, and you got it. but you only want attention that perfectly caters to you.
    what. the. fuck.
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  14. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    "why are WE doing these things????"
    uh, no bitch, why are you doing these things. don't group the rest of the world's problems with your ass-sitting tendencies. having a lazy, care-free life sitting on your ass doing next to nothing is👏not👏normal👏for👏everyone👏else.
    look, honestly, i can understand the point she's trying to make. like yeah, all lot of people often question "are my actions really worth it," "i am really contributing towards a greater goal," etc....but the problem is that it is not even appropriate for her to make this point because she is 23 fucking years old and twiddling her thumbs, doodling in journals and gracing the world with her minimal effort for her life. for everyone outside kenna land, people are working, and trying, while asking these existential life questions. kanker sore, however, is not. 
    see, most people have a job, or are in college at this point in their life to fulfill the human brain's desire for integrity. as pointed out previously, ketchup holds the misconception that social media is her career now. social media can be a career for other people, but not for her, at least so far. a CAREER is not a project you decide to do once a month. a CAREER usually provides a somewhat substantial source of income relative to an individuals living expenses. this is not what social media is to ketone.
    kenna, DON'T group your little existential crisis with the crises of everyone else. asking these questions is fine, but the problem is that your whole situation is not as abstract as everyone else's because you don't have to ask "am I really doing something with my life? or does this not matter and am I doing nothing?" because you are LITERALLY. DOING. N O T H I N G. the crisis you are having is not the same. you are genuinely sitting. on. your. ass. 

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  15. Teabii added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    so ya i checked her instagram to confirm and the little instagram story circle thing isn’t there. it hasn’t been 24 hours yet either. darn.
    like are you not learning anything from these mistakes? you’ve clearly made a mistake if you deleted a post, but you’re just gonna keep fetishizing japan anyway so what’s the point?? you backpedal so much but there’s never an “oh ok, i won’t do that again” moment for you.
    like lance armstrong who? this bitch could run the tour de france in reverse with those backpedaling skills i s2g...
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