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  1. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    yea he definetely isn't fond of Shine any longer...it's painfully obvious 
    Watched that video...lmao...talk about  back-handed compliments...

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  2. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    I would say I've seen about 60-65 out of her completed list and liked maybe 40-45 of that 60. (And that's including movies)
    And including her dropped,watching, planned, and on hold, I've seen about 10-15 more, and liked maybe 2/3 of that. 
    And ofcourse have seen more she hasn't mentioned...but I mean..she did have some good ones..but was also missing stuff I would assume would be on there, given her "status"/position.
    She also dropped decent stuff like Haruhi Suzumiya, Yet literally 1/3 of her watched/completed list is crap hentai. 
    wonder if she's seen The Dissapearance either...
    Sorry I just don't get the hentai thing. That's just porn to me.
    also I will not even attempt to comment much on the shounen issue because I am not a fan of that genre/demographic at all. I do consider it a genre tho? Is it not? 
    Or has it somewhat evolved into a genre because of tropes and stereotypes??........if there's a psychological/thriller/mystery shounen out there...please send the name my way because everything I've associated with shounen all these years has never agreed with me...if I have seen one, it was probably well disguised or anti-trope..a deconstruction like Madoka was of the magical girl genre (which btw..I didn't see that on her list......gurllll ).
    Anyway, I agree that she should not be commenting on shounen when she hasn't even seen much of it. It's best not to speak of things you know nothing about. (Or however the saying goes). 
    But this isn't the first time she's done that...many of her videos are based on subjects she has barely dipped her toes into.
    I can tell some of her 'plan to watch' list was because of Joey's tastes too...
    The only thing is...that I do remember her saying recently that she keeps forgetting to update her MAL, and that she had been neglecting it lately and not everything she's seen is on there or something...so it may not be 100% accurate.
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  3. Snowconecat added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    wow. Her hypocrisy here is astounding. 
    and wth...50 shades darker...why the fuck would someone like her (or "who" she purports to be) be interested in something like that...(why would any sane human being be interested more like) it's not like Game of Thrones, where the gratuitous sex is just white noise in comparison to the rest of the show, which is quite enthralling and appealing intellectually.
    50 shades is shit straight to the source and back, the movies are shit, the books are shit, the fanfic it was born from was shit, and the work the fanfic was based on...well we all know that was quite shit too. 
    And yes, her Twitter is cringey af.
    Reminds me of 9th grade where everyone spoke before they thought....is she even self aware?    Her social media is like verbal vomit. 
    good god...
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  4. Snowconecat added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I agree and There's nothing boss bitch about her, 
    if she had to live an actual "boss bitch's" life style, she'd probably have a stroke.
    As for the anime....
    I guarantee you, If she couldn't play Show & Tell with her "interests" to the world, half of them wouldn't even BE her interests. She's an absolute exhibionist, and hides her narcissistic traits behind her child-like attitude towards life. She is an aesthetically pleasing ACT, nothing more. Nothing substantial. No depth. And, probably no true authenticity either. You can tell...when her true nature seeps through the cracks of her snowflake facade.
    lol I'm also really wondering what the people inside the costumes are thinking of her, I know she also worked at Disney as a character(s) for a bit, but if I worked there, I wouldn't want to waste my time and effort with grown women who are playing along when there's children who actually believe I'm the real deal only inches away...it's not like she is 'special needs' or a mom with her kid or something...and she goes so often...I would probably be rolling my eyes inside my suit whilst dealing with her, I feel bad for the workers because they can't show any disdain and have to stay in character, especially when they're being video taped (and some probably know about Kenna's YT channel by now) to the point where little children (probably only visiting the theme park ONCE) get pushed aside for a spoiled brat 3 times their age. 
    Everyone loses their innocence after a certain age, prancing around Disney every other day isn't going to preserve it...kids on the other hand should be the ones whose innocence is allowed to flourish before it is undoubtedly snuffed out a few years later. 
    It just bothers me that Kenna could be interfering with little moments that these kids only get once in a lifetime.
    She has every right to go there and have fun, but needs to be mindful that not everyone has the luxury of her lifestyle. (And visiting as frequently as she does)
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  5. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    when was that? 
    Hasnt he always stated only sarcastically that he loves that anime?
    but in truth he despises it 
    R u sure it wasn't just misread dry humor? I can't imagine that that was ever among his actual favorites. To me, It doesn't fit with his usual taste.
    99% of the types of people he rags on are full on descriptions of Aki...
    love is blind 
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  6. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    Okay if there really is something going on there, I am (still) curious to know what happened 
    still can't see Noble doing anything deserving of that statement...still sounds like Shine to me, or someone else I'm not aware of.
    its not like she just made that statement for no reason, the "you people" type remark on social media always actually means someone specific in the poster's personal life (or maybe in this case, the significant other's)
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  7. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Einshine/ ShinePhD   

    Whose this Samgladiator guy?
    Is he the one who dressed up as a schoolgirl in another one of Shine's older vids? 
    (I did actually laugh when Einshine called him awkward to talk to right to his face tho..lol poor kid) 
    I am curious to know about this friend, he seems like less of a threat to Shine's hidden agenda compared to Joey....
    as for the tumblr post..I also think it might not be a bad idea...I've seen less deserving travesties get ridiculously popular on there...and the thing with tumblr is that even if the post begins to fade away and be forgotten, there's always someone who will reblog it down the line and start the chain reaction all over again, and if it doesn't end up getting anywhere, it's no big deal, it's just tumblr, can't hurt to try...
    ... maybe title it vaguely like "[Popular] Youtuber preys on underage girls [In Japan]"....throw in some pics of Kat's Art too (with the dog collar/explaining why it's relevant), Tumblr is filled with art junkies and Japanophiles, the images and title alone should garner attention...
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  8. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Einshine/ ShinePhD   

    No it's still up 
    (not showing thumbnail for some reason tho)
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  9. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    her color theme matches her "photo shoot" attire, it's like a drugstore's 'day after Valentine's Sale' scheme or something, it's tacky...the couch is like a big dust bunny in a sea of blood..
    I really don't like the idea of YT couples popping in on eachother's videos CONSTANTLY, keep it to a few times a year or make a seperate collab channel (or combine yourselves to create a human chimera ...*shivers*) and call it a day. 

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  10. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    Where and when are those pics even from...??? the first one's arms and legs don't even look like they belong to that body and the head/neck connection is a little bit wonky in the 2nd one.
    Other than that, they're pretty damning. And the vibe is so Agnes
    what was she doing? Trying to make a sexy calendar for Joey? 
    Why is she sticking candy cane in her breasts, whose room is that? Does anyone recognize the posters? Who the fuck posted these and how?? (Who took them? Somehow herself??)
    Why Agnes, why you do this...
    So many questionssssss!!!!!

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  11. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    thx for the link!
    ..Oh...for some reason I didn't even notice that misty and noble were missing from the 1 million subscriber video...now that IS pretty weird...and considering Aki was the one who put it together...perhaps it's her beef...perhaps she felt awkward...hmm, I still find it odd because they were all hanging out after the fact (of Jognes' conception).
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  12. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    that would be odd considering Aki and Joey were already dating and "marking" one another while on a trip to a Con with both Noble and Misty in tow. 
    From the vlogs of that time period, they still seemed pretty buddy-buddy. 
    So maybe it's not the actual relationship itself but the public displays of affection that Aki and Joey are now putting online.
    Aki and noble can't joke about their own "ship" anymore I guess...and noble wasn't included in Joey's "12 days of Xmas " video either which was odd. 
    It's true tho..that Noble doesn't seem like the type to "backstab"...he seems pretty chill and harmless. I don't even know WHAT he would have on or against Joey to backstab him either. Backstabbing seems like a term that should be used between the now broken Joey/Einshine relationship, not the Joey/Noble one.
    Do you know where and when he said he was backstabbed by friends?
    Do you have anymore posts about this or just this one person's curiosity? It kind of sounds like they're not sure themselves.
    I HAVE been wondering the same though...I kinda liked that group's weird antics...I thought maybe he (Noble) was just trying to give them a healthy amount of space during their "honeymoon phase" or he may feel strange, being the only single one in the "club" now.
    You know what they say, "don't date within your circle of friends" ... it messes up the whole dynamic...it's almost like dating within a family...makes everything weird. 
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  13. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Einshine/ ShinePhD   

    wait...can someone enlighten me?..is the girl he is kissing in the picture actually his cousin? Or does she just look like his cousin?
    You can't see her face...granted the hair is pretty similar. 
    It just seems doubtful that this guy..who hides humans in his own home, from other residents that live in that home..and knows full well that his true persona is not safe, lest it be hidden behind his YT "facade" etc...would outright take a picture of himself intimately kissing his own flesh and blood and then post it.
    I don't think, even as a joke, that would fly with most families, nevermind anyone else. Surely his relatives wouldn't be too pleased..unless Alaska has has some weird customs I'm not privy too. 
    Also...I couldn't resist..

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  14. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    You guys are killing me with this picture detective thing, I actually hope some poor soul gets to the bottom of it...(no pun intended). 

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  15. Snowconecat added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

       Oh boy...
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