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  1. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Acne Is Dragging Me Down   

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  2. Snowconecat added a post in a topic UGLY SWAN? Late bloomers?   

    I honestly got uglier with age but a few things happened to me to make my situation worse. I also didn’t have the best starting off point. 
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  3. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    I can’t get over the owl/chipmunk/squirrel embodiment comment, they’ve got to be trolling, that is just too much for me lol 
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  4. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Yes we are aware of the difference but i think most people think it rather rude and pointless  to point it out...it's not exactly in their control.
    And you will just have to take my commentary with a grain of salt because Even though I'm on a site like PULL, I tend to avoid criticism on things that are appearance-related..and I mean the things like their in-born facial structure..not their hygiene and how put together they are. The latter is on them. Though people should keep in mind that things like that are let go of when someone is depressed or in a bad place in life, in which case I'd also let them off the hook.                  But that said, these two are Youtube personalities. And they choose to be in the public's eye each time they post a video, so they should expect some form critique on the things within their capability to manipulate and maintain.
    Besides that, I'd say Joey commiting to a relationship with Aki would actually show that he is not so superficial, which is a personality point he desperately needs.
    At this point, We could very well ask Agnes why she is with Joey and what she sees in him as much as we can ask the reverse. Even if for different reasons.
    (...also, I don't think she's constantly flaring her nostrils on purpose. Some people's nostrils are just naturally like that. Especially if the cartilage is weaker in that area...they could flare even when the poor person so much as breathes.)
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  5. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    omg I thought I was going a little crazy when I saw that and thought I was just an idiot... I don't even know German, but the title just didn't strike me as that language, I actually know some Latin tho so WOW, really not paying attention!!! (Can u blame me) *yawn*
    Wonder if anyone pointed that out to him or if it went over everyone's head. He will probably cover it up as "a test" to see how many of his subs knew otherwise...like that "only Japanese" video. He just loves to spit all over his subscribers.
    Ahh this is just too funny, thank god someone had their head straight to tell us all, I probably wouldn't have figured it out until years later, coming across that term or something.
    now I'm just dying laughing 
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  6. Snowconecat added a topic in General Discussion   

    Anyone here try to mend a broken friendship b4??
    And how did it go? 
    What happened? 
    Curious as to what other people's experiences were...as I am going through something right now, I was blocked on all formats I talked to my friend. As far as I know (some you can't tell). Might have been blocked on texting and cellular too but I'm not in a good place to find out!! Or even read her last texts to me before I was blocked. I wanted to "walk away" and calm down before I was ready to read them. As she was getting more and more heated the more I texted her..even tho what I was writing was not intended to cause that reaction. In fact, I meant it to do the opposite. Make peace.
    So I've been pushing off reading them cuz I didn't know if they would be good or bad (ignorance is bliss!)...but then I saw she blocked me today, which had never happened for previous arguments. She also had her family block me!!
    I don't exactly have any friends, my only other two are distant and literally decades older than me. (My circumstances limit me severely.)..We also got pretty close pretty fast and she seemed to be slightly even more "present" in the friendship than I was, which I appreciated. So this is quite a shocker. And it hurts me more than I thought something like this would.
    And God knows what her texts actually say if she took it as far to block me!! Idk if I can ever look now! I literally put my finger over them and my heart starts racing when I have to respond to anyone else on my phone. 
    She does not live close enough to go see and we are both basically agoraphobic hermits right now anyways because of shared circumstances..which is why we started talking in the first place. 
    I'm sure I did nothing objectively wrong, and in fact, she often upsets me, but I keep my mouth shut most of the time.  I have occasional outbursts but cool down fast, but she has impulsive reactions to stuff I say...usually the weirdest things. And if I get upset about ANYTHING, she often thinks I'm being ridiculous. But I'm never "allowed" to think the same. 
    I apologized for my part of the argument and any misunderstanding but I also told her I wasn't going to deal with the double standards and such...and that I could be just as honest as she was to me...and I was..which may have been what she wasn't able to handle. But idk. She just started telling me I was full of shit. 
    Pretty sad predicament. Not sure what to do. Not really looking for advice but thought I'd share my current situation in order to encourage others to share theirs so maybe I can take a few hints from them! 
    Whether I should make further effort to mend the friendship or not. 
    Thanks guys!
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  7. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   


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  8. Snowconecat added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    what a trash human being she is, the comments she made about Americans are disgusting, nothing about that was "so completely or obviously" a joke....also I guess you plan "exaggerated jokes" with your friend because you fucking said you discussed it with Grace you dumbass 
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  9. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    gotcha, basically said the same thing in my other post...it's how Joey goes about it
    (I figured as much now, I was just more surprised at myself that I didn't realize they weren't cartoons until after I was about to post!!)
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  10. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I get what you are saying buttt...to be fair...cartoons can't really be incomparable to each other just because they are all cartoons...just like all non cartoons can't be incomparable to eachother just because they are ALL noncartoons...
    Like we can't be comparing Naoki Urasawa's Monster to something like Lucky Star. Even if we like both. Even if both are anime.  There is some anime that ranks up their with even the best shows or movies that people who aren't even privy to anime, call masterpieces. And there's some...that just doesn't.                      We gotta give credit where credit is due, ya know?
    I'm just nitpicking that part of your comment tho lol, I do get the gist  (at least I think!)
    Somewhat OT, but I wanna thank everyone who filled me in on the poll and everything, that was very kind of all of you. (And hilarious) I was a good little llama tho and actually put in series I actually thought deserved to be up there...which funnily enough, some probably haven't even been seen by Joey. He's more like the "KindaAnimeMan" or "WhenIFEELlikeitAnimeMan" 
    I agree with what some others have said, now that I think about it he is a bit too far up certain series's asses, I recall getting tired of his Monogatari obsession (especially since that show never ends)...and he does have series that he praises or says he looks forward to where I'm just like "huh??? Is he being facetious?? Like how can you hate on THIS And praise THAT" kind of thing. He's just not the person I subscribed to long ago. Well, He is and he isn't. He's reducing what made him endearing and watchable and increasing his problematic side.
    I just realized this...but @Sodapop Barney is a cartoon? 
    And as I'm about to post I just realize that Blues Clues is kind of half-non cartoon too lol I'm dying, is there something I'm missing?!
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  11. Snowconecat added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Dont shoot me, but I honestly see where some of the comments are coming from. I don't think they are so stupid that one cannot even fathom them. I wouldn't go that far.
    I think some make valid points but they are very disconnected from the situation, it's not their art, not their problem. Nor is it MY problem so I'd have anyone else also take whatever I say with a grain of salt as well..
    That said, I'd say that the artist was being really extra and very dramatic. If I'm not mistaken, The artwork was a coffee cup with "i'd make you coffee on a rainy morning" written beside it, so Im guessing it's like a note to her boyfriend or something he said to her, a sweet nothing.   So yea...it must have sentimental value..but Kenna's was not an identical replica, and the quote was changed to relieve any sentiment. I've also seen other similar coffee cups with the rainy morning quote elsewhere. Who is to say who originated such a simple concept. Originality is a dying breed, we are all heavily inspired. Artists included. (Kenna just takes it to the next level).
    And I hope no one takes my words as any kind of 'Kenna defense' because I'm still not even okay with the monetization thing, far from on her side. But I call bullshit when I see it...anywhere...and some of the artist's comment wreaks of BS and hyperbole, to increase sympathy votes. Which they already had enough of, I think they would have been better off saying nothing, or not pushing it to the point where what they are saying starts raising eyebrows..and apparently even making people giggle. 
    To say that Kenna using the cup as a tattoo caused her WHOLE experience with that relationship to be reduced to the point that it was almost not Real, is quite frankly, ridiculous. That makes no logical sense...even on an emotional level, and the relationship must have meant close to nothing in the first place if it was all held together by a sketch of a coffee cup. (That's still exists! Btw) It's not like it was on a piece of paper and Kenna burned the only copy. I'm sure the artist even has the original, if it meant so much to them. And also...usually things that mean so much to someone...are not shared so publicly. It's true that artists need to realize that their art can be stolen and used, without permission, or credit, time and time again, even years later, once it's out there, it's out there...(like nudes!) and usually they won't even be aware of it. If Kenna wasn't a Youtuber and instagram "famous", the artist would be none the wiser. At least a good majority of people now know who the real artist is, and one of the plagiarizers of their work got some type of consequence and public shame.
    And Just being realistic here...Personally, the artwork itself looks like a doodle I would draw on a paper bag book cover in middle-school, maybe even over and over again. And if it made it past getting tossed, and someone decided to bring it to a tattoo artist or mess with the concept and put it permanently on their body, I'd find it to be really bizarre and exceptionally stupid. But I don't think it would nullify the entirety of an experience I had with another human being...come on now. 
    This isn't the Mona Fucking Lisa..and even THAT has endless copies and copies of copies and replicas and semi-replicas, and other artists giving their own spin on it, and yes...even tattoos (usually really bad ones). Not a perfect analogy to the current situation, but yea...
    Usually the exposure artists get comes with a cost...and that's setting something free, created by your own hand, no longer safe in your own head or your own home. You get appreciation, you get compliments, you may even get fame...but you also get criticism, theavery, and a sense of losing control over your own creations.                                     Some people are going to take advantage. Just like with anything in life. Give and take, gain and lose. It's a lesson to be learned. And I get that the artist already had this happen before and didn't want it trudged up again...but it's my thinking that they should take this as a Win. Kenna's got some of the most unoriginal content permanently engrained into her body. All meaning (for Kenna) was lost upon the ink touching her skin. She's literally tainted for life. Unless she got laser...which is not always a pretty way to go. And with her taste, a cover up would be impossible. Not minimal enough for her liking. 
    Anyway, just trying to give the other side of things. I understand why the artist is negatively affected but I also understand why some people are commenting the way they are (some of them don't even seem to be Kenna Fans)..I was going to post pics of the tattoo with the actual artwork underneath it but I'm not sure the artist even wants it being spread HERE, or if I should provide a link, etc. (Maybe it's already on here, in past pages but I'm not sure they are set up side by side anywhere.)
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  12. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I've been gone from this thread for some time but what are you guys doing? Fucking with Joey's list to mess with him or do you actually enjoy some of these "mainstream anime" you are entering? lol I am so confused 
    I'm going to be dead ass honest and say that I also have a distaste for a lot of mainstream anime. That's why I liked Joey in the first place...before this CoupleBS, before he was even mentioned on PULL. There's plenty of people who like mainstream anime..that's why it is mainstream. We are not starving for those kinds of people. So for him to show disdain for it, I think is fine...however, to simply hate on something because you feel it is beneath you and because you don't like the fan base, is dumb. I think he's let a lot of stuff go to his head and he's being a general douche but he's had a taste for the lesser known and lesser appreciated stuff for awhileeeee now. And I would actually like for that not to change. 
    Not saying I agree with all his personal faves, nor would he agree with mine...but still. 
    I'm trying to think of mainstream anime that I liked...does Death Note count? Or Code Geass? I honestly cannot stand SAO, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tale etc..and I have given them all a chance. I just can't stomach them. They're not my cup of tea. That's just my opinion, it doesn't mean they don't have any redeeming qualities or incite enjoyment in other people. 
    There has also been anime that I have enjoyed that I know full well is crap or is just not the greatest, most intellectually stimulating out there. But I don't pretend it's anything other than what it is.
    @Kittyehs I fucking love Rick & Morty  
    On a side note, I don't like the dreads, my cousin had a couple many years back and they were dreadful, no pun intended. (She is white btw and I don't think it's cultural appropriation to have dreads...I think that term is overused). I've seen them look good on some people but not here, they ain't. Lose them Agnes. Not that thats my main gripe with any of the Jognes (r we still calling them that?) situation but yeaaaa....
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  13. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Ouija boards   

    Don't really believe in all that kind of stuff, but I won't mess with it either.
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  14. Snowconecat added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I also really liked his analogy. I liked his whole video on her after the second apology especially. He gave her credit where credit was due and gave her props on what she did right, more right than most people when it comes to apologies on YT...but her reasoning for the monetization is BS, plain and simple. I don't know why people are willing to gloss over this and defend it. You can still applaud what she (FINALLY..) did correctly, while pointing what she continues to do incorrectly. 
    I don't know specifics about the trust fund...but Im sure she has more than enough to hold her over, probably from multiple sources. 
    Just being a decent human being who learns from their past mistakes and does not fall back into old habits, or new ones mirroring the old ones. 
    And if she makes a mistake in the future (which is inevitable for anyone), to address it immediately and appropriately-of her own volition- rather than wait to be cornered into apologizing for it. 
    I'd also love if she tried to actually hit the ground running and create wholly original content and art that her audience can enjoy and that she can be proud of without having to  exhaust herself copying and manipulating..with no real reward of knowing she created something all her own.
    And if she never disabled her damn comments...ever again. That'd be nice. 
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  15. Snowconecat added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I think it's a somewhat "big deal" because it's Not a big deal to Not have it monetized. Plus all the other reasoning I have stated before in prior posts. I don't think your opinion is unpopular tho. I was thinking mine was and that's why I elaborated so much on it. 
    But I mean...a lot of people will do a lot of things if given the chance...many of which are rather unsavory...and that doesn't make it okay, ya know? And isn't that the whole point of PULL. To point out those types of things. Especially if a lot of others are willing to look over it.
    And don't take this the wrong way, but I'm just genuinely curious, who are some of the 90% of youtubers who have apologized and monetized their videos? That just really surprises me, I would think the percentages would be the opposite. I don't usuallly pay attention to that side of things (until this Kenna drama) so you'd have to clue me in. 
    On a side note, I agree her hair looks better orange. At least, from that picture alone. Hopefully it holds up and her poor hair can manage the dying process. 

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