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  1. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    what the fuck is that 
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  2. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    so glad some of us here actually leave their house lol
    that would be nice, yes, our little sacrificial alpaca ...don't stare into the sun too long tho...

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  3. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    yes this is one thing that I'm also still really curious about...someone please dig that shit up out of the woodworks!!..that's the kind of gossip I'd like to talk about rather than Aki's hair and mouth and eyeliner, etcetera.
    I didn't know this until just the other day,  but I guess Noble has a gf (I don't watch his channel), and has been with her since at least November. They met at a Con I believe..where she dressed up as his channel's mascot, Lily(?)..
    I can't recall when the Joey: Noble split happened but I'm pretty sure it was after that. And Rui (nobles gf) is really cute and very fitting to him, I don't think he would pander  to the Agnes wagon when he's got Rui on his arm..maybe it was Joey who was jealous of Noble and not the other way around??? Btw..I believe they are both from the Phillipines (aki & Rui)...what are the odds. 
    (And yes Noble always seemed super annoyed by Aki...sometimes it was played for a joke but once in awhile it seemed serious, to the point where people started commenting on how him and even Joey and Misty were being cruel to Aki)
    I just reallyyy want to know what was said between them...it must have been pretty severe or one of their reactions was over the top or something...
    Here's Noble and Rui :

    When Noble & Joey were buddy-buddy...

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  4. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    personally, if some dudes came up to me and asked if I was Japanese and then started laughing, I'd be super offended and think they were just making fun of me, not that they were sexually harassing me...I'm not saying that's what happened here but I'm just saying that's the first thing that would come to MY mind if I was to be in the position Agnes was...
    and she doesn't seem like the type to just take abuse, when I first starter watching her, she seemed like the chill girl who would kick a guy's ass if need be, and physically probably could...but now she's saying she's some fragile China doll that will take anyone's shit?? Is she genuine or is she just trying to make herself seem like a gentle Waifu who needs protecting?? I honestly don't know!!
    as for that pic of Agnes circulating, I think she looks very nice and any negatives are kind of nitpicking at this point..she doesn't have to be perfect..and her hair isn't going to be pure silky goodness when she's bleaching and dying the ends..that's going to damage it no matter what effort she puts into making it look good or healthy...I think the dyed YouTuber hair fad has overstayed its welcome tho...A part of me still kind of likes it (vicarious living!!) but these people be destroying their hair lol
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  5. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    I actually was curious about this one as Higurashi is one of my favorite series...it's been years since I watched S1&2 tho...I was hoping they'd show the bridge where Keiichi got thrown off(does anyone know if I just missed it?)...I don't know how much of that show is simply inspired or based on the real life place tho...and my memory could be messing with me...it just seems like a lot of what I remember from that show was not shown...the main part that was familiar was the shrine...I liked that the cicadas were actually "crying" tho, just like in the show...half that series was very much about atmosphere and (eerie) setting so I think in this case, titling the video as "IRL anime" is appropriate...tho I imagine there's plenty of people who visit it for other reasons. I don't even know that many people who have actually seen the full anime...mostly everyone just sees the few videos on YouTube dedicated to the torture scenes.(... But Joey IS the "Anime" Man, after all. That's his shtick.)  
    What's really annoying however, is that Joey and Agnes are basically doing the same goddamn videos....it could be OKAY sometimes, if they actually had enough of a difference in the content to make it worth watching both their videos...but that's just not the case. It's incredibly redundant. Like eating a bag of twizzlers and then being thrown another one...sure there might be a red-vine in there somewhere but that's hardly enough difference to make it worth the while(and debatably even shittier)...the only difference they have now is their branding...here's aki...here's Joey...they serve the same crap (and have basically become the same person)...enjoy.
     (Sorry if someone already made this point...I haven't been paying attention to the thread much)
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  6. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   


    how is it offensive to anyone besides Joey and his hair ?
    A lot of people, including my own family, detest most of the food I eat and I'm not offended by that. Nor their teasing and joking about it. 
    I mean, honestly, the comments about appearance on this thread and others are far more offensive than a wide-eyed "nope" reaction to someone slurping down a almost fully developed duckling along with the embyonic fluids. Looked like someone took a newly hatched baby bird out of the nest, before it was able to dry and fluff itself out, and noodled it down their throats like spaghetti. 
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  7. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    probably used the leftover Balut to style his hair...did anyone else see that video on his other channel...eating baby duckling out of the egg...
    u g h
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  8. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Getting my skin back to normal??   

    yes the pores got huge (or more visible...they used to be completely undetectable) and it now kind of has a net-like appearance or like the skin of an orange. My face also seems swollen in some areas and saggy and lined. It's pretty uncomfortable, and not just to look at.  It's very unhealthy and "dead" looking too. The color has darkened and is a diffuse reddish/ashy color. It used to be flat and look as smooth as the  screen of my iPhone practically and was porcelain in tone. Was one of my only exceptional features, my favorite. So it's very distressing to deal with. I don't look myself anymore so I don't feel myself either,
    I'm also being asked if I'm under the weather...I got under eye circles from this too. Do I guess I look "sick".
    My skin looks shiny or like it has this very weak, thin layer of skin on top that's see-through. But I don't actually think it is producing much oil at all. Seems super dehydrated.
    I think the cream was called tazarotene and used I only used it a couple of times. Pea sized amount spread basically everywhere.
    thanks so much for responding by the way..:I'm still dealing with this damage unfortunately 
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  9. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    literally no clue wtf is going on anymore 
    what a mess

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  10. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    I agreed with some of what Joey had to say but also thought he was over eager. And kind of expected him to come from a slightly different, more soft angle.
    And as an anime-watcher and light manga reader, I don't consider lolicon/shotacon as coming with the territory or normal. I think the little jokes and allusions in anime are fine and even funny when played off as such, and never followed through. But other than that, I don't consider it a cornerstone of the culture. I thought only people OUTSIDE of the community thought that it was. And that's the angle I expected Joey to come from.
    Although I also think that banning the lolicon/shotacon genre altogether may have an unwanted effect as Joey suggested. Much like the prohibition era raising the need and desire for alcohol and the legalization of weed actually ending up in many being disinterested with it altogether. Seems like everyone wants what they can't have and when they know they can have it, they suddenly don't need it. 
    In the same vein, I also believe that pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. I think that there are SOME who don't actually offend tho and at least understand that their thoughts are vile and know the damage that they could incite on a child, should they act. And it's scary to me...if their "outlets" for release were taken away, what would happen. The only other option would be an incredible imagination or the real deal. Personally I'd rather bury them in drawings of fake underage children than let them loose on real ones. 
    And I don't think that type of media is going to TURN anyone into a pedophile, anymore than video games turn people into murderers. Usually when those things are blamed, the person had something wrong with them to begin with, and it was only a matter of time before that door was opened anyway. 
    I also don't think anyone's fantasies should be regulated no matter how disturbing..we can't start punishing people for their thoughts. But since most with pedophilic desires, DO act or try to...and since true-deep rehabilitation has proved to be useless in every case I've ever heard of..then it presents an interesting conundrum on how to handle the situation. Should we ship them all off to an island, take away their porn, look inside their heads and then shoot them in the streets? Idk.  
    I try to think of it like this..if a relative of mine was a pedophile would I still love them? Probably.  Would I want them dead? I don't think so. Would I do everything to stop them from acting on their desires and protect children's live from being ruined? Absolutely.  If they did act, then what? Idk..I guess wish there was something out there that could have stopped them from fully becoming a Monster...and if lolicon/shotacon themed fiction did that, then it is probably worth keeping around.
    Edit:...also I guess I'm just realizing this now...but Agnes and Joey seem almost pleased with themselves for watching or reading this genre...I don't think they are pedos or anything but the fact that they are so open and public about it and defending it in a certain manner...is just strange to me. I guess that's where the desensitization comes in.

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  11. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    I laughed at this video but only because this is all I saw...

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  12. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

  13. Snowconecat added a post in a topic How did you find PULL?   

    Having literally nothing better to do with my life right now..that's what led me here.
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  14. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    I swear I just watched a video of hers where it was worse and she talked about how she would likely be carded into her elderly years and said more than just one statement about her overflowing internal fountain of youth...ugh but now I can't find the exact quotes...it had to have been a very recent video, UGHH, whatever I ain't sifting though the AkiFiles right now.....and she said she can't see herself as a mother yet she literally named herself after "Mommie Dearest" and calls herself Mama Aki.
    Lmao what
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  15. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    oh shit I didn't even notice that, is this the first time he's used a nonanimated thumbnail?
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