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  1. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    yes I was one of those people who agreed that her male cosplay looked cute,..but she was a cute guy,...not an unattractive man. I thought she could continue to do more male characters as well but you're right, she has a very feminine physique...I think the other person was mainly talking about her face though which I still think has to be some kind of attractive to pull off any anime character male or female, and still have the majority of people think it looks good...felt I should say something. I think she should be able to dress up feminine too but literally half this thread is about how she looks ridiculous in half her outfits and how she tries to act cute and fails.  She can do whatever she wants but so long as looks and appearances are on the table, everyone is going to have their opinions on this site and otherwise. I don't know how we get past that? (I've tried with my own comments) My other comment was mainly like..."so even if she improves in makeup and choice-appearances, ppl gunna still think she's hard to look at?"  ...can this girl ever win? 
    Pushing someone to improve their Make up and clothing choices (or even costume choices) is much different than just saying they are ugly. 
    But even so, I still don't think she should be pushed to go as far as makeup gurus do because she's not a makeup guru and if we want her content to get better, than her focus should be mainly on that. 
    If you think she's improved on any regard, then that's good I guess. 
    I thought she's been looking more put together too honestly but then I come back here and start thinking, "gee I must just be seeing things". 
    Hearing you say that makes me feel less crazy tho ha!
    Maybe her old images are being projected onto her new ones.
    Besides that, I haven't noticed any difference in content, I believe someone said she reuploaded her last video to properly credit sources (or something to that affect), so perhaps she is moving forward in more ways than one. I thought it was removed because of copyright issues though, I didn't think she took it down herself because the title was "Sailor Moon Sellout!?!?" or something at first. 
    She made a comment about why she did but I can't find it in the video's comments now. And I know it had to be near the top because it was upvoted for simply being by Aki herself, I went through all the comments anyway and couldn't find it. (Maybe it's just a mobile issue idk)

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  2. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    what about her makes her look like a man? I'm just genuinely wondering, 
    I really don't like going on about people's appearances, ESPECIALLY the things they cannot help, like their literal facial and bone structure. But I also won't lie and say someone is attractive if they're not or vice versa so I guess I will just say a few things...
    She really just looks like an average girl to me, I don't see anything remotely masculine about her. Maybe a bit of a tomboy type face, like she looks like someone who would/could wear a cap backwards-along with her casual anime t-shirts...(and maybe that's why she looks unfitting in frilly Lolita type cosplay)...but I would still for sure know she was a girl.
    She doesn't have stand out feminine features like apple cheeks and prominent cheek bones or big pouty lips or anything but she doesn't have any strong male features either. I feel like I see a lot of people say girls look like men when they clearly don't, and it's probably the worst insult imaginable to a female. And it's not even necessary or bearing any truth in this case, IMO. 
     Aki/Agnes also, undeniably, has extra weight on her, (she may ALSO partially just be built to be chubbier but idk) and her face has soft/mild and somewhat 'flat' features. So the weight kind of takes over her features, it's too much for them. (Is this what you consider manly?) Or maybe the shadow that is (sometimes) visible above her lip, which people keep calling a 'stache...???...it looks more like a slightly darker shade of skin to me and actually a lot of women have this (and other than that, I think her skin is really nice. clear, and has a smooth finish which is usually a stereotypically Feminine trait).
     So sure, maybe Aki could look a little more defined and delicate if she lost weight, but again, she may just be built in a way where she would be one of those people who don't look incredibly different afterwards, or even end up looking "off"....which is why I hesitate to even mention this...(if she is reading).
    Overall, I think she has a cute/chill look naturally but she does things that totally wipe that out into the ground. 
    Like trying to contort her face into expressions that don't suit her natural  appearance and such. She's contrasting her own features in the most unflattering way.
    I can see why Joey and others can be attracted to her but I can also see why many wouldn't be. I don't, however, believe she is objectively ugly or manly. I have limited studies on human aesthetics but I know enough to tell you that, Aki  is just that cup of tea that's a little too different for some (or most) people. And she is far from the aesthetic that most women-and I'm venturing to guess-people on this site would use as their "Goal". So maybe that's why you find her unattractive? 
    Ive come into contact with people throughout life, mainly when I was much younger, who I thought were unattractive at first...even ugly..and then realized later, that they are just DIFFERENT from what my very narrow view of attractive was. And not in an "oh everyone is beautiful" type way either, (unfortunately looks matter and not everyone has them..I know this much...).
    For example, when I was maybe 11-13, I saw titanic with my older cousin, and I saw Kate winslet and I was like, "THATS the main actress??? THIS is the great beauty that everyone talks about from this movie??? HELL??!" 
    and my cousin was like "you don't think she's pretty?" 
    And I was like "YOU do????" (I was such a little shit lol) 
    and she was like "yea.." 
    and I was all "" for like half the movie...
    but by the END...something changed...and I swear I thought Kate Winslet was one of the most beautiful (and talented as fuck) actresses I've ever seen and still do to this day (went on to see almost all of her films)..I mean that's not even up for debate..how I could ever think she was legit hideous is Beyond me, I must have had a stroke 5 minutes before the opening scenes.
    Now I'm not saying Aki is any kinda Kate Winslet...no...(most people aren't)....but I really don't think she's anywhere near being so unattractive that she doesn't even look like a female. And maybe like you said, you don't know her personality, you haven't gotten used to her. And that includes the way she looks, (but lol a lot of people don't like her personality ((or actions)) here either so you might be shit out of luck).
    and maybe she is just not your cup of tea no matter what, period. You may just have to continue to be confused as to why some people love, like, or even tolerate her..
    I appreciate the fact that you acknowledge that inner beauty doesn't equal outer beauty, but either way, I don't think she has the type of face-or even nasty enough persona-that warrants some of the comments I've seen about her. (Lookin at you lolcow). 
    Makes me glad I chose not to venture into social media myself beyond the horrific MySpace era *shivers*. Ugly, average, and even beautiful people can all be seen as hideous monsters to the anonymous netizens. It can give people such unhealthy complexes about themselves. I'm not saying insults are always without merit or painful truth,  but most are unnecessary, highly subjective or hyperbolized. 
    I Just think the focus shoud be more on the choices a person makes, what they have control over. And I don't mean "hey if you're ugly, you should "decide" to use makeup or get plastic surgery because you technically have the ability to do so"....because that's still not really a choice if its being pushed on someone and doing either doesn't make you a more shitty or less shitty person. 
    So anyway, that's just me giving my view while trying to understand yours..no ill-will meant... 
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  3. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    Jesus Christ, is that creature on the left supposed to be Joey? 
    Looks like an Eldritch Abomination.

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  4. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    He's too busy dressing up as a Minion and copying filthy frank. 

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  5. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    I literally joined this site because it was the 'nicest' one lol 

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  6. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    Just when you think it's about to end...it just keeps going...
    she almost broke herself at the end there 

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  7. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    Maybe that's not such a bad idea. With all this talk of Jognes...I can't say I haven't grown an appetite for it.
    Not a pleasant one, mind you.

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  8. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    for some reason I didn't even recognize her, not even in the first photo  
    she's pretty small but obviously is going to look bigger next to someone tiny...and anyone know how tall she is?
    she's very "soft" looking too, perhaps she would feel better if she did strength type training and not just loose weight (at all)...maybe thats also why she doesn't like tight fitting clothing...usually when you are solid, you want to show it off...I still think she has a nice body but I'm just saying...you can technically get physically smaller or more compact without loosing weight...if that's what she truly wants.  I know in Japan, "muscular" girls are usually a big fat Nope, but you can do it super modestly and still look feminine. 
    And my god I just keep thinking of her  in that turtleneck and with the dark lipstick...she looked so lovely...Sharla...please...let those other Polly pockets wear the kiddie clothes...you could look better in more mature clothing than they ever could. Why you no give it a chance?
    Gosh I feel like she must have missed out on childhood or something. 
    You don't have to get rid off all your pikachus but you don't have to wear their skins.
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  9. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   


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  10. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    How could they not ;)

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  11. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    I passed out at "Jognes "
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  12. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   


    Mama Aki & Baby Joey 
    It's just too perfect.   
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  13. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Yes. As for me, Im done now, my first two comments on the subject were relevant to Sharla but the responses to me were not and my last response wasn't but I felt more meaning needed to be put behind what I said if people weren't understanding in the first place or were just being ridiculous...basically all I ended up doing is having to repeat myself in a less kind, silly manner but without the link to Sharla...and I just did it again before I saw mod's warning to cut it out. So I apologize for that goof. The debate is strong and often nasty with the whole veganism thing I guess. 
    Its just a tangent waiting to happen and I'm sorry for contributing to it. I didn't think anyone would feel the need to have been pissy or proud with me me since my stance was not an absolute one way or the other in the end. 
    To bring this back around to Sharla...she needs to read the ingredients in her vegan packaged meals and faux meats because the fact that's it's labeled vegan doesn't alone make it healthy and just because it lacks animal product, doesn't mean it lacks all the icky additives and stuff. That was one of my points with my first comment. 
    And she's not fat in the slightest...some of those clothes actually looked good on her. Etc.
    i thinks it's inevitable that she compares herself to Taylor too even though some don't think so...that's what girls do...she could be overly self-critical and doing copycatish things subconsciously though and it's natural for friends to rub off on each other...but it makes for less variety of Youtubers...and jvloggers in general which many complain are already plenty unoriginal and redundant.
    I don't like seeing the same YouTube ideas but with different people all the time. I want mostly original content that I can ONLY get from Sharla(or anyone else). I think that's why I am so bored and uninterested when watching her vids. I've seen it before, it's no longer engaging. 
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  14. Snowconecat added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    A love letter...(don't read if not addressed to you......)<3
    ((And seriously...really don't read if you are sick of the vegan argument. I am now too and my eyes hurt but oh well...I was trying to make mine relevant in both previous lengthy comments but apparently "everyone"..uh like a couple...wants to argue with the human Switzerland here. 

    ugh, I  just made another comment, typing it before I saw yours....granted hidden mostly, just responding to that person who quoted me....Sorry. 
    I will refrain from speaking of it any longer unless it's Sharla- centered.
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  15. Snowconecat added a post in a topic akidearest   

    Probably irrelevant but...

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