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  1. kuromi added a post in a topic EDWARD ZO   

    how does he have so much money tbh all he does is upload shooped pics of himself and comment on ig posts. it's not like his hair products are popular and where is that acting career he speaks of... lmao. is he just a rich kid? or just knows how to network?
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  2. kuromi added a post in a topic sentient_meat   

    slight disrepency between her selfies and live videos...
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  3. kuromi added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    thanks for the downvote! so... anybody got confirmation that she's japanese?  as we're aware in this thread, such claims require evidence.
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  4. kuromi added a post in a topic @syrupcoatedheart / Jenn   

    her thread has been dead for a while but she kind of brought it back to life on her own. the thing is she doesn't have to read this, but she does even though she said that she'd be ignoring it.
    while i don't personally care for discussion on her weight, valid points on her hypocrisy in present day are made here. nobody cares about 'amikoto' anymore, but what about the fact that she accepts koreaboos as long as they give her that promo?
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  5. kuromi added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    could i just ask if somebody could post receipts on her being japanese to resolve this ambiguous race business once and for all? 
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  6. kuromi added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    people get so defensive in this thread lmao i thought the race talk was supposed to be over? anyway if you have a degree in japanese studies you will know how offensive the imperial flag is whether or not a cute character is on top of it or not.
    personally, idk why people love to do 'geisha makeup' so much, asian or not.
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  7. kuromi added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    being polite is part of the rules, guys. just agree to disagree before anything happens because of derailing.
    tbh people pretending to be different races, particularly japanese, is something that is common online so her being or not being japanese needs backing up imo. not saying that she owes us or anybody this information so don't come at me, but that there's some adamance here that she's japanese but i personally haven't seen or heard her say it herself. confirmation would just be nice. that is all.
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  8. kuromi added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    they're hereditary.
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  9. kuromi added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    she really needs to log off, take a step back and spend some time with her plants or something because being on social media is not doing her any good atm.
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  10. kuromi added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    she isn't white passing imo. iirc she has said that white people definitely think she looks asian and korean people can tell she's part white.
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  11. kuromi added a post in a topic Kisoep/Jeremiah   

    i think he has 섹시보이 (sexy boy) on his arm? since there's something above '시' LMAO CRINGE.
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  12. kuromi added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    kudos to @ShowerStalker for upvoting posts that got downvoted. :-) pretty sure that ugguknight is them or someone who knows them since all they do is come here to downvote, all 3 of their posts are in this thread just to defend them AND their icon is celia's korean fave, hani.
    i know they aren't responsible for the editing in this video but... god.

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  13. kuromi added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    it's just so wild that she uses darker foundation, photoshops her eyes more slanted and squints in her photos when she's actually a white-passing mixed girl who spends her life yellow AND brownfacing for the internet.
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  14. kuromi added a post in a topic Ilovebrucewillis aka Amy Louise   

    i used to think she was pretty chill but then she started throwing hissy fits over the smallest things, e.g. because she kept calling herself ugly when she's not and people tried to tell her that, not even in a rude way. like i get that everyone has insecurities no matter what they look like but...
    all of these girls are pretty pretentious imo.
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  15. kuromi added a post in a topic Ilovebrucewillis aka Amy Louise   

    i find her super pretty and unique-looking but i had no idea about her art. there's also another girl she's close to irl, sylvia (siyun5 on tumblr, formerly baptistes) who can be rather annoying at times imo. there's chanel (whitenectarines on tumblr) too who is close to forlovers and they're all in this tryhard artsy asian australian circle lmfao.
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