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  1. Rovela added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello! 💕 I am new!
    I am new, I'm trying to figure out how to work things on mobile! If there is something around giving directions I can't find it but I really wanna know how to upload a profile picture! 
    If someone could help that be great! 
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  2. Rovela added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    This took me soooo long to read this!
    Off topic I believe. I'm sorry: 
    I totally agree that she should do something with her bangs and I'm a bit annoyed with her fan base, if you say anything they will come for you! Especially on YouTube. 
    I did actually like the last video. Her voice didn't sound as cringy, which I really appreciate. The clothes weren't bad either. In my opinion at least. Definitely not as bad as the nightly routine one when it comes to the voice. I wonder if she changed it because she has read this thread and it might just be me thinking that her voice sounds better! 
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