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  1. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    this whole thing stinks so badly of complete & utter idiocy. makes me legitimately want to put my head through drywall. 
    ‘hey ebry1 simply_SMOL_TINY_kandle here. jus makin a desperate n pathetic attempt on proving just how lil i really am. BLIVE ME! IT TRUE! it reassures everything in my life to me knowing that you know this FACT!!1’
    the things she has an agenda for... if they don’t prove how uselessly & pointlessly she’s living idk what does. WTF. nevermind, u know, being a morally driven or overall kind, considerate person in any way... no, she just needs you to remember she is IN FACT a child cos she doesn't measure over 5’
    this is what makes her sleep at night.
    *insert massive sassy eye roll*
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  2. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    i totally missed all this shit too! (honestly all the kpop stuff isn’t my thing so i abstained for a while )
    i just wanna say
    we all know you lurk so please listen up you massive PENDEJA: you are NOT FUCKING FUNNY BUDDY.
    like this moron is the human equivalent to CYANIDE (don't get excited, i don’t mean u kill with your ‘dry’ humor & ‘wit’, kankle). i have been cackling over here watching her fall. she’s so DISGUSTINGLY manipulative. i high-key hope she pays for this big time. i’ll be enjoying the whole thing, can’t even fucking lie.
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  3. ushiko added a post in a topic Sahar Tabar   

    from her story. she looks comp different albeit the makeup is still corpse bride af. straight nose, normal jaw etc.
    i think it’s mostly photoshop although it does look like she’s had some work done.
    i just don’t understand the motivation behind this... look? i hope she’s ok...
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  4. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    i am shaking from how grossed out i am by this snake. i know i shouldn’t get worked up over trash like this but fuck it’s hard. 
    my SO & i spend our lives working our asses off at shitty fucking jobs, trying to put him through school just to find out that - after he just finished his associates with straight As - he’ll prob never be able to go into his major cos we would have to move & we can’t fucking afford that nor the 20k/yr tuition unless i want to be in debt for the rest of my fucking life. a house? out of the fucking question. maybe i can live in lala land & hope i win the fucking lottery. my parents didn’t ‘set me up’ with shit. i’m sure so many of you guys are on the same boat, struggling to make the smallest something out of life with what little you may have. 
    then you have this uneducated SWINE boohooing about getting a comment saying ‘hey HRH kenna our gift to mankind, i really enjoy x type of video could you post more thanks btw xoxo love ur content ur so pretty!!! #goals’ & responding with this fucking ridiculous long-winded bag of dicks of a caption where she can’t even have the courtesy of using proper grammar (remember when she told an english major ~ she likes the way she writes ok ~) all the while sitting on top of a fucking trust fund that she’ll use to buy a fucking house, only consideration being whether it is near snow or disneyland.
    & i am just sitting here like why is life so simply_kendra for some people, while some of us not assholes have it so difficult? WHY
    i am so fucking over this lame excuse for a human being. she is so beyond innapropriate in every sense of the word. she doesn’t fucking get it & never will cos if it doesn’t revolve around her or kiss her sorry ass as she would have, she doesn't bat an eyelash. life’s just a nice little stroll for her but she just can’t help it, she’s so edgy & tumblr™ she just NEEDS to be oppressed.
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  5. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    calling herself her ‘own boss’ yet doesn’t even realize that instead of wasting time manipulating people negatively she could just continue being a shit human in her day-to-day & manipulate her online audience positively in order to further her so-called career i.e. being polite, play naive, fake-positive etc. instead, she leads a child-like life yet has the personality of a bitter adult, then haphazardly displays all these extremely unfavorable qualities for the world to see. & i’m over here like UR DUMB ??????
    you’re not your own boss kenna. you don’t do anything a business owner or talent does. you sit around, take selfies & spend a large amount of time planning your disney visits. you are basically a child getting an allowance every week ~4 bein u~ 
    people will always have something to say, but in her case most of the time it’s absolutely warranted since she’s such an ass. the untapped potential is astounding, & if she were as intelligent as she likes to pretend she is she would use her following to her advantage instead of shitting her pants over every little comment with the slightest critical connotation.
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  6. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    ironic how right after the creepy adults story he talks about her ~precious~ disney allegedly being a bunch of crooks. but i guess she would respond by confirming that disney makes dreams come true & its feelings come first & foremost as always & how dare the LA times talk badly about the most magical place on earth.
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  7. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    i find myself strongly compelled to downvote reposts of her stupid overly-filtered face or 100% illogical, basic bitch captions, then quickly realize i am on pull not ig & this girl’s twat-ery is not the fellow pull member’s fault that’s simply archiving this dumb hoe’s actions. this is how much she gets under my fucking skin.
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  8. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    in reference to the screenshots from her old content, i will say this: i’ve known about kernel for a looong while, because she & some chick i followed at the time named tayloroctober that had the same aesthetic were online friends (this was like 3ish years ago?). so, thinking that kendra posted nice pics, i followed her. that lasted about a week before i was like this girl is TRASH. 
    i’m sorry, but she’s always been the same person. ‘boho buddhist’ agenda or not, she literally was always an asswipe, replying in the same exact way to her followers... smart-ass, know-it-all, rude beyond belief.... which is exactly why i unfollowed her. once i came on pull and saw her name here, i remembered her from how shitty of an impression she left on me. so yeah, she should take her old advice, but the fact that she ever uttered these fake-positive phrases or had a whole physical look that most people seem to find attractive (especially compared to how she dresses now) doesn’t change how shitty she is inside. she’s a hypocrite, always has been, & seemingly always will be if she continues on this path.
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  9. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

  10. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    the buzzfeed article thing is so fucking stupid to me mainly because along with everything that’s already been said, this moron has the audacity to overlook the whole point of the article (as buzzfeed - aka dumb af - as it may be), instead looking at the entire thing as a *~*~*~*~PERSONAL ATTACK~*~*~*~* because she is so fucking self-centered & narcissistic that even something that has nothing to do with her, further than a picture used as an EXAMPLE, she manages to take as a vile shutdown of her character. 
    WOAH KENNA really gave it to them with your immense amount of insecurity. if you were really confident in your self you wouldn’t give two fucks. cry me a river acting like you’re an oppressed little victim. only thing you’ve managed to show so far is that you can 100% give it but you can’t take it in the slightest bit. 
    also i propose we all use ‘aloud’ from now on in honor of our queen of snowflakery 🤴 
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  11. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    for someone so keen on capitalizing on mental illness this chick really doesn’t care to learn what kind of language is appropriate.
    oh wait !!! she’s fully aware yet continues to willingly use said offensive language. 
    i’m glad people are starting to see right through this base being. her narcissism is at an all time high bro like how the fuck. i’m starting to doubt she has a conscience.
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  12. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    forgot to mention: i speak for myself here but i feel a lot of shame about my depression & it’s not something that’s easy for me to just bring up. i don’t parade a set of excuses ready to throw at anyone that sees my lack of motivation, on the contrary i 100% agree with them & feel even worse. part of me understands this isn’t something i can really change, but i don’t try & make myself seem like a poor little baby because of my problems. even so, i go out of my way to try & feel things wholeheartedly, deliberately trying to put myself in a productive mood. 
    so i really don’t understand how if she’s is being truthful, it’s so easy for her to justify her tendencies & go as far as get angry that people are seeing her downfalls & giving advice accordingly. she doesn’t come across embarrassed or reserved but condescending & defensive af.
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  13. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    kenna is literally benjamin button: personality version. retreats in maturity instead of becoming wiser. 
    not for a minute do i believe she’s dumb, though. she’s unbelievably calculated. she treats people not like fellow humans, all with struggles & things to think about, but as putty in her hands to manipulate & gawk at ‘beneath’ her with a scowl on her face.
    i completely understand being depressed & lacking motivation, from first hand experience... but this isn’t that (and it’s so obvious). this is pure manipulation, a completely transparent twist back in her favor. even if there is some small truth to what she is saying, the way she words things so to victimize herself as a pure & defenseless creature is her give-away. i don’t know anyone with real depression that acts that way. in turn, her cop-out is set of mental illness she picked up as if she were shopping for a new bag, information she spouts no doubt thanks to the geniuses at reddit or tumblr as someone so accurately mentioned. she can’t keep up with her excuses/lies, therefore looking like an increasingly bigger dunce with every passing minute. 
    KENNA, you desperately need a break from social media. you will never grow as a person by staying in this bubble where life is easy & your ass is always getting patted. take some time to grow up & live in reality as opposed to your own personal disneyland. 
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  14. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    ^ i think it’s because she’s comfortable living in her bubble. life for her is EASY. she has NONE of the real obligations that plague most adults. shit, she isn’t even in college. she makes a living at home from social media, in her case just a sad excuse you can barely call a job. her life is easy af. she lives with multiple people which makes it easier to pay bills. put simply, she hasn’t had to make any sacrifices to survive.
    she is the definition of ingrate. instead of taking this opportunity to scratch her nuts all day & running with it, she literally spends all her time talking shit behind a screen in response to some benign comment. she isn’t committed to building a name for herself as a youtuber but enjoys the perks of pretending she is her own boss. that’s how you know she’s ungrateful, because if this charade was something she was capable of taking seriously, she would post consistently & - as someone so adamant on pretending she’s endlessly creative - would put out interesting content.
    at the end of the day, i still fail to picture kenna in a conventional job simply because she doesn’t live in reality. she is happy being a total baby, all the while pretending she isn’t immersed in privilege. 
    sadly, kenna makes me feel so much better about my own shortcomings. how she still believes anyone could be bitter about her or her life is beyond me ??
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  15. ushiko added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    i love seeing people question kenna’s actions. it’s especially hilarious when someone brings up one of her many phases for clarification. she’s gotta keep all these little tumblrina fairy tales on file to refer back to whenever she’s caught acting, you know, completely banal & NORMAL. i can just see her scrambling her brain for a story so she can continue to perpetuate her bullshit. hahaha 
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