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    Lurker here, had to sign up to make this post.
    Guys, what likely happened was this:
    Neloofa's mom was bathing the daughter and the daughter had recently started showing signs that she did not want anyone to touch her privates. Which I think is perfectly normal for a young child of kindergarten age who is starting to realize the significance of her private parts or the sensitivity of that area. But Neloofa's mother thought that it might be more sinister and started questioning the little girl about whether she had been molested.
    If you guys watched Making A Murderer, it's very easy to coerce a false confession by asking leading questions very persistently, especially with a young child or a person with a low IQ. Neloofa explained that her mother wouldn't stop questioning the girl, who kept denying until she finally said yes. Put yourself in the shoes of a very young child. An adult is questioning you very aggressively, even though you've been answering honestly. But this adult won't stop asking the same question, or similar question, and it seems like every time you answer, it's the wrong answer even though it's your honest answer. So eventually you think, maybe if I answer yes instead of no, this adult will stop questioning me. I imagine the questions to be like "Did anyone touch you down there? (No) Really? Really nobody? Not a man? (No) Really? Not even Daddy? Daddy didn't touch you there? (No) Daddy didn't touch or kiss you? (Maybe the child said that Daddy kissed her before, but she meant on the face or cheek) Daddy kissed you??! He kissed you down there?? (No) But you said Daddy kissed you down there! Daddy kissed you down there???"
    Imagine non-stop of this line of questioning. I'm not demonizing Neloofa's mom. She was probably very paranoid and afraid that her precious baby granddaughter might have been molested, so she subconsciously started asking very leading questions, and the little girl might have been so confused and scared by this line of questioning she ended up saying yes, because to her, it sounded like grandma wants her to say yes.
    Neloofa herself thought that it was unlikely that Bananaman molested his own daughter, but she had to check to make sure, so she probably called or texted him to ask if he had ever done anything inappropriate to their daughter.
    Cue our favorite not-on-fleek queen making it ALL about herself and writing a big public post screaming "HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE MY HUSBAND OF RAPING HIS DAUGHTER HOW DARE YOU FORCE YOUR DAUGHTER TO SPEAK LIES ABOUT RAPE OMGWTFBBQPLSGIVEMEMONEY" which is how this whole shitshow started.
    tl;dr little girl likely coerced into saying that Bananaman kissed her privates by overprotective and freaked out overreacting grandmother, Neloofa asked for truth, Wylow freaks out and makes it all about herself when she had absolutely nothing to do with this issue. 
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