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  1. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Toni Mahfud   

    He does wear contacts, but his eyes are naturally dark blue / gray in my opinion, not brown. They are just nowhere near as bright as he ‘shops them to be. 
    This is his natural eye colour, in event photos pre: 2016ish when he started full time wearing lighter blue contacts:

    He also posted this on his Facebook in early 2015, and I do believe that this is his natural eye color.
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  2. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Kokeadile/ Kokiecola/ Rae-Anne Kokie Childers   

    again, the first pictures are from before she went on the medication. The placement of the freckles in the last two photos looks exactly the same to me, the lighting and contrast is just different.
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  3. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

  4. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    she’s so boring. Like I feel like I check this thread out of habit more than anything else but then it’s always just more of the same and I think maybe I should stop bothering.
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  5. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Kokeadile/ Kokiecola/ Rae-Anne Kokie Childers   

    The first photo you posted on the left was from before she had the stroke. Seems she always had freckles which would make sense as to why her skin may have reacted the way it did in the aftermath of the stroke. The way I understood it, she had the stroke, then the medicine she was taking afterwards made her hypersensitive to the sun or caused an allergic reaction to sun (this is not fun, it has happened to me) which caused flash burns over her face. When these healed, she was left with the freckles she has now.
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  6. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Kokeadile/ Kokiecola/ Rae-Anne Kokie Childers   

    Hmm, honestly I actually think Maeva’s freckles are real. These photos were taken several months apart and her freckles look very consistent to me, which would be nigh on impossible to achieve using henna. It’s worth noting that she may be wearing more / less makeup in some of the other photos posted on this thread, plus MUAs might add freckles to her for some briefs too. 

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  7. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Ava De Lacy   

    Look who I found (with brown eyes!!) in this Charlotte Tilbury ad for her new foundation: 

    Is it me or does she also appear to have a new nose? Subtle but it definitely looks different. Interesting that she’s still modelling - I can’t find her anywhere on social media, it seemed like she’d dropped off the face of the earth until I found this.
    She looks very different, I wonder if, given everything, she’s trying to reinvent herself? Good for her for ditching those contacts. You can see her Indian heritage a lot more without them.
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  8. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Ava De Lacy   

    Guys you need to read this shit ... it’s crazy:
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  9. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Dear god Sarah. 
    Some direct quotes from this article:
    “Your body is a temple. Really. It is.”
    and this pearl of wisdom from professor McDaniel:
    “Bottom line: if it don’t grow from the Earth, don’t eat it”
    Now Sarah. Author, Thespian, Film and documentary maker, supposedly intelligent woman that you are, I  really shouldn’t have to point out the utter fucking hypocrisy of preaching to the public about what we eat, when you went to fucking India to have a piece of plastic shoved inside your cornea in a procedure that isn’t even approved in the West because it’s considered so dangerous. You risked, and continue to risk literal blindness. Not to mention going wherever the fuck you went to get your bargain basement boob job. All in the name of vanity.
    And you have the gall to tell me that I shouldn’t enjoy the occasional fucking doughnut?
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  10. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Re: the 2nd point, unfortunately for Sarah, unless she gets an implant that literally makes her blind in her blue eye, she’ll always have to photoshop the pupil to some degree. There has to be a hole in the centre of the lense large enough to let light through the pupil, thus anyone who looks at her eye close enough will always be able to see her natural colour underneath
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  11. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Tbh even if they were open she would just edit her right eye blue. 
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  12. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Laylaa Khès (@lxabx)   

    TFW your eyes are made from Kryptonite
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  13. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Laylaa Khès (@lxabx)   

    That’s because Laura Lee’s apology was complete bullshit, she was also an adult when she made the original tweets and their content, if we’re talking about levels of intent and racism, were really gross. I’m not saying that Layla’s tweets from when she was 13 are in any way excusable, but to me they smack more of a really really immature child using words they don’t understand because they think it’s ‘cool’ to impress and fit in with their friends.
    I’m mixed and personally, whilst I think ALL white people are racist (due to socialisation and privilege - most of the time they don’t even realise it) I think to be actively racist, there needs to be intent. I knew white kids growing up who would try to throw around the same type of language that my black friends and I were using in an attempt to fit in, and we’d usually just tease them mercilessly about it because it was funny. I don’t see intent in her tweets, she uses the n word etc (which is wrong), but there isn’t negative intent there, in any of them. They’re just super dumb and cringy. I’ve noticed in her recent likes and retweets, she seems to share a lot of liberal, anti-racist content, as well as a lot of content from LGBTQ creators - like Jeffree Star as you pointed out. Obviously that isn’t necessarily ‘proof’ that she isn’t homophobic and racist but she’s definitely outwardly attempting to look that way, consciously or unconsciously which is something at least.
    As I said, if anything pertinent to this conversation comes up again in the present, it will definitely be a discussion point here. But as things stand I don’t really see that there’s anything further to document on that score.
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  14. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Laylaa Khès (@lxabx)   

    Her old racist tweets from 2013 have been fully documented here. I’m not really sure what more there is to say about them, as moving forward we’re documenting the problematic shit she is doing in the present. I’m also not really one to continually drag someone for stuff they have said in the past, especially when they have apologised. What she said was not ok, but people make mistakes, especially when they’re 13-14 and trying to seem ‘cool’, and if people can’t be allowed to learn and grow (we don’t come out of the womb ‘woke’, these things are a learning and growing process for everyone on the planet) then what is the damn point. There is literally no hope of ever getting through to half the people in America alone with that attitude. If she does anything in the here and now you better believe it’s going up here, but for now I don’t see the point in re-hashing old material when she hasn’t said anything racially problematic for a good 5 years, and seems to want to leave that behind her.   
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  15. Emeraldine added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Honestly this makes me really sad. She had such nice natural boobs despite them not being massive, now they just look ridiculous and fake. She had a certain natural beauty before all of this. 
    A moment of silence for Sarah’s natural boobs:
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