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  1. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Angela filmed in a share house apartment before, I'm sure it's to share more on the experience/process of living in a share house. Her videos are more to convey information and even advertise businesses a little. 
    Her old share house video:
    Some people are wary about staying in a share house, so having videos like this helps to showcase why share houses are a great option while in Japan.
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  2. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    Holy crap... that is such a small thing to be salty over... Unless Tatsu is going around claiming all the credit, but he doesn't really strike me as that type of person.
    Most people go "Photo by: x ;; Editing/Concept by: y" It's really not that hard, and takes away all this passive-aggressive saltiness  
    I wonder if they had a falling out of some sort and this is her way of calling him out, but that just makes relationships more complicated. Like, why would he want to stay with you in Fukuoka when you aren't properly supporting him. Besides, his videography skills are a lot better than hers imo.
    Side note the editing on that photo isn't even really anything amazing, and most people could easily replicate that in a matter of seconds on VSCO so I'm not sure why she's so salty over it.
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  3. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    This!!! After her trip to Denmark she just seems more positive and upbeat in a more genuine way. Like she's actually enjoying herself again, and I actually like seeing her away from the jvlog crew. The way her videos are presented are nicer too, it's nice to see the sights she sees too and not just her face walking around Shibuya, Ikebukuro etc. 
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  4. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Tay visits them at least once, if not twice a year. To be honest, for a lot of people who live abroad and aren't financially well-off visiting twice a year is already quite a lot, and this excludes travelling to other countries like Paris and HK which Tay has done in the past too.
    Her mom only came to visit her last year after a long time, which again I want to emphasize it seems her dad's side of the family is wealthier but her mom may not be. If I recall her mom is a dental assistant, or some thing along those lines. So it's not entirely a family thing, maybe more of her dad built wealth. And again, her dad likely isn't on the same level of wealth as Elbow-san. So while she may not be penniless her lifestyle certainly isn't the most sustainable.
    Re: her brother having cars, farther back in this thread there was mention of their dad owning a car dealership or something along those lines. While those cars aren't cheap, being in the business of selling cars certainly gives you access to more cars than the average person  
    I'm sure we can pick apart and continue to argue over what type of financial situation Tay has, but the fact is she made a parody and pretty much claimed her dad and bf aren't funding her lifestyle in Japan. Which to the majority of us is highly unbelievable.
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  5. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Minako Sakurai   

    Was the 30 second long, text-only intro really necessary though   
    I feel like she wants to be well-known/famous but isn't quite there yet, and it's coming off cringey AF.
    She seems like a nice person just a bit try-hard, which tends to happen with "kawaii ugu" personalities.
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  6. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Let's not forget how she flies first/business class often too. Even if she has frequent flyer miles, she had to earn those miles from spending more money. Plus if her family really did have that much money, I'm sure her siblings would at least visit her. I feel like her dads side is wealthier but nowhere near as wealthy as Tay's bf and his family. 
    Tay doesn't really have a part time job outside of youtube, I'm not even going to count her modelling considering that's even more half-assed than her Youtube videos. She doesn't seem to have nearly enough views per video to live independently without Moneybags-san either. 
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  7. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I don't know if she's really a bored, rich kid. She seems to be having fun with what she's doing and her video production is more chill and less try hard than Tay. It really depends on what you find enjoyable, but I like how chill she is in her videos, and she doesn't have the cringey, fake cute voice that a lot of youtubers make. I prefer her vlog channel over her main channel though, again this is all just personal preference. She comes off less bored and try hard to me than Tay.
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  8. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    So Kim was actually at the park for Bronwyn's going away party, but left early cause of jet lag. I take back her being salty at Bronwyn, guess she was just ridiculously tired after the super long travel time from Denmark back to Japan.
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  9. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Noooo. I really hope Tay won't be collaborating with Krist any time soon, or at all. I really enjoy Krist's videos, and she's more chill and honest than SalTay.  Also that desperation to appear like they're super close "omg the massage was the 5 senses, like how we met online and now offline~~~" 
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  10. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I was about to comment exactly this on the swimsuit issue. I think she was joking about those swimsuits she was showing at first, typical Tay humour that even her bf probably was like "??? are you serious???" hence he made the comment they were too thick. My boyfriend and I make the same comments while we're shopping together so that we don't end up wearing hoodies in 99 different colours year round.  I think Elbow-san just suggested the red swimsuit but wasn't going to force her to wear it.
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  11. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Bronwyn Papineau (BiiBiiBeauty)   

    I actually enjoyed seeing her interact with her boyfriend and their friends, who just don't give a flying f* about pretending to have fun. I was glad they agreed to be on camera tbh, cause the way they'd tease her was pretty cute and there was no passive aggressiveness to it. Also, loved how her bf just gave her a bunch of kisses at the end.
    The bartender describing the drinks was interesting for a bit but if the whole vlog was about what drinks the bartender was making I probably would have tuned out the entire vlog.
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  12. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    Kim looked more tired than anything in Bii's vlog. There's speculation Mimei is upset towards Sharla, so that might be who Kim and Mimei are talking about. Though, Mimei and Kim seem to have a habit of victimizing themselves so who really knows what's going on except them. Plus the way Bii and Emily interact vs. how Kim and Bii interact are quite different. Kim seems like she's just there because they're in the same house, while Emily genuinely wants to spend time with Bii. 
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  13. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I really don't know why she's acting so surprised and offended about finding this doujinshi.... it's her own fault for missing the R18 sticker on it. But instead of just going "my mistake, I know for next time" she decided to mock it. Then when people call her out on it, she goes on about "If Kubo-sensei asks the R18 doujinshi's be removed, hope they're cool with that"...lol??? Is it Kubo-sensei that wants this R18 doujinshi's removed, or is it you Mimei  
    R18 doujinshi's have existed long before Mimei accidentally purchased one, I certainly don't think they'll be going anywhere, anytime soon. She could have easily sold it to someone else or threw it out, but instead continues to be offended by the fact it exists. 
    Edit: Also her calling out the doujinka on twitter about feeling offended that she made a mocking video just lol. Mimei still doesn't see how her actions can actually be hurtful, but then gets offended when people say "mean" things about her.
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  14. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    I think it was more Kim not wanting to be friends with Elaine anymore. A lot of Elaine's videos after Japan talk about how she tried to apologize to a friend for unintentionally offending them and they "forgave her", but then that friend continued to ignore Elaine, even after they supposedly forgave her.  Tbh, I find Kim's personality pretty unreasonable, the example mentioned before on how she called Melodee a copy-cat over thumbnails, and the thumbnails didn't even look alike. 
    She just comes off like she has to have attention on her all the time. Couldn't even make the effort to say bye to Bii, unless she was in Denmark, but those subtweets she made about true friends and recently "how its so much easier to hang out with guys". Just scream selfish and petty.

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  15. d-ance1234 added a post in a topic RiceGum   

    Not sure why you got negative rep because this was a very valid point. If the genders were reversed, if RiceGum was a girl and Gabby was a guy being obnoxious and filming, people would be more up in arms about it. RiceGum is scummy, there's no denying that, and he lives off making fun of other people in videos on YouTube. But he used videos of Gabby that she had already put online herself. He's at a private party, asking for his privacy. Even if everyone hates him, he's still allowed to refuse being filmed on private property. Did she need to instigate this situation? 
    Most of us have had to deal with that one obnoxious jerk who just goes around and makes fun of us/bullies us w/e. Jerk in this situation is any gender. Gabby could have just enjoyed the party, she could have just ignored RiceGum's presence there. But no, she went up to him wanting a reaction, and the situation escalated because she kept pushing for it.
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