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  1. nintendaddy added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

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  2. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Have you been on the Deep/Dark web?   

    went on the deep web a few years ago to find spooky shit and all i found was a grandmothers chicken pot pie recipe and ALOT of drugs and weapon sellers. the pie was dope tho
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  3. nintendaddy added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Im calling it now, within the next month we will be seeing at least one post about her shipping BTS and/or EXO members together. 
    cant wait to see which aspect of japanese/korean culture she fetishizes next!!!!!
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  4. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Getting my skin back to normal??   

    Hi! im so sorry to hear about what happened to your skin. i work in the skincare industry and while im in sales, i have an extensive background in dermatology. the first thing you need to do is schedule a dermatologist visit ASAP, as what happened to you in a very severe reaction that needs professional medical attention. terezi is correct, you skin seems to have 'shed' itself much to quickly, and like getting a burn destroys different layers of your skin, this retina seems to have had a similar effect... but dont lose hope! you generate hundreds of skin cells everyday and luckily your skin regrows itself and you should expect your skin to improve naturally with time and patience. in the mean time some things you can do for your skin to help improve your texture:
    -Aloe vera is your best friend. its popular for a reason. it'll help hydrate your skin to fill in those lines, and it's anti-inflammatory properties will sooth your skin and help even out your complexion with repeated use. and babe i mean slather that shit on multiple times a day. 
    -avoid any skincare products that have high alcohol content or any type of acid. most drugstore skincare for acne contains salycidic acid or benzoyl peroxide which can only hurt you at this point, as they are very drying and can irritate your already sensitive skin.
    -after washing your face with a gentle, non-lathering cleanser, immediately follow with a calming toner, like lush's eau roma water. its made from rose water and lavender, which with hydrate your skin and calm down the irritation as well. 
    if you dont mind, could you walk me through your skincare routine right now so i have a better idea of what products you're using and what will help you out the most? 
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  5. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    -fuck post-2015 kpop fans. yes. all of you. except maybe like 8 of you that are cool. especially post-2015 bts fans, or ARMYs. y'all are immature, obsessive, cringy, fetishizing, and think you're quirky and unique for liking music in a different language. 
    -and a very special fuck you to the woc in the kpop community that use your ethnicity to cover the fact that you're a massive fucking creep.
    -if your entire face and body was bought and/or surgically altered you are not pretty i dont care that is fucked up 
    -alot of j-beauty/ k-beauty trends and products are gimmicks please stop buying into their bullshit
    -i think the instagram baddie look is ugly and basic 
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  6. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    YESSSSSS it's no wonder most beauty gurus have an aweful complexion because the makeup they're using is destroying their skin!!!!! and bitch same i'm so dry and acne prone, try korean bb/cc cream baby, they had good coverage and are pretty dewy
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  7. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    my sister got into kpop in high school and she deadass asked a CHINESE girl in our theater if she liked kpop out of the blue i wanted to kill myself
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  8. nintendaddy added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    okay im just gonna come out and say it 
    I am sick and tired of seeing white-passing mixed girls claiming "said kpop boy band likes mixed girls?!?!?!" because male idols gawked at them.
    dont be so fucking naive. if they weren't as conventionally attractive and white-passing they probably wouldn't get a second glances from these idols. 
    also i find it creepy how these girls probably found kpop a few months ago and they're all "omg our boys, gotta look LIT AS FUCKING LIT LIT FOR OUR LIT BABIES LITTTTTTTTTTT"
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  9. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Im not really sure about her having a Lush sponsorship..... lush doesn't do that sort of thing, at least not in the States. it could be different overseas though
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  10. nintendaddy added a post in a topic online stores - reviews   

    thank you for this! ive been browsing shein for a awhile because the clothes seemed to good to be true, but now i know the clothes arent a total sham lmao
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  11. nintendaddy added a post in a topic When does make-up become yellowface/blackface/racist?   

    what you experienced is def an extreme version of yellow face, but honestly most people who do yellow face do it in a fetishizing way so its a lot more subtle. like, most people who do black face do it to make fun of black people. but most cases of yellow face are non-asian girls who fetishize east asians, so not only do they copy the makeup trends of those girls to appear more similar to them, but they exaggerate the makeup in such a way as to make themselves look east asian. 
    for example
    not yellow face:
    - thinking a certain korean makeup trend is pretty, and trying it out on yourself. like wearing a gradient lip or penciling in your brows a bit straighter because you think its flattering.
    very yellow face:
    - wearing certain korean makeup trends like the puppy dog eyeliner or gradient lip because you are trying to look korean.
    there is a very fine like though between appreciation and appropriation, so it can be a bit tricky to tell. a good rule of thumb is if their makeup is purposely done in a way to make them look east asian, its yellowface. 
    granted people in yellowface will always say they just "like the way it looks" so thats a call you have to make yourself.
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  12. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I totally get where you're coming from. I actually want to LEARN about Japan, not just get a fluffy glamorized view of it. Granted I started watching jvloggers because i wanted to learn about everyday life for a foreigner in Japan. It defenitly gets old after a while of seeing the same tokyo shit every damn video. it you want a more realistic vlogger to try watching i'd suggest Tokidoki Traveller! Her names Emma and she lives in tokyo freelancing but shes very down to earth and unscripted. Like her everyday life is pretty realistic, and when she travels shes very informational and educational about where she is!
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  13. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I just hate the matte everything trend. matte lips are fine sometimes when they're worn as the main focal point of the look. But dear god i hate the thick, cakey, "matte" foundation look. Granted I just like natural looking makeup so thats my main beef is how fake it looks, but god damn that thick of a foundation cant be good for your skin. I'll take the super dewy, almost wet looking korean skin look anyday over the cakey mess thats popular in the west rn
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  14. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    "girl has enough money to go visit Bii if she loves her so much"
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  15. nintendaddy added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Even though we all kind of bag on these girls for their problematic crap, i'm gonna miss bii. she was sweet and refreshing and didnt fake herself for views. its always sad watching a friend move away..
    real talk though am i the only one who finds taylors fake rosie subtitles to be the only funny thing about her vlogs anymore????
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