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  1. Athena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Omg I loved that Paris video, I hope she does more of those if she's still in France or something similar when she goes back to Hong Kong. Why she didn't do the same thing while in Japan for years is beyond me. Japan has gorgeous scenery; somewhere like Gion (Kyoto) would've been an easy pick to start with. Pissing her time while in Japan in a giant house without ever exploring is hard to believe, I wonder if she'll regret it someday lol
    Pretty sure when she was on the vegan trend years ago she said she was gluten intolerant lmao If she was gluten intolerant  she'd be on the floor in a fetal position after eating bread or near death if she actually had Celiac Disease
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  2. Athena added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    one of the things she did that rubbed me the wrong way was when she stream sniped Tyler1 and took his champ lol
    Changed her account to a smurf in tyler 1's elo, queue's at the same time as T1, picks ADC, picks draven, and then says "OMG DIDNT KNOW"
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  3. Athena added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Then she shouldn't be asking for Patreon money then
    She wastes $30 on gatchas but begs for money
    0 sympathy 
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  4. Athena added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    She can't quit now, it's too late
    I can't even imagine the backlash she'll get if she leaves Islam
    I imagine she would have to first give up her internet presence completely before she gives it up
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  5. Athena added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Yea I'm pretty sure she said it's smaller, but I know it probably will be because they're in Seoul. Even single one rooms (as in just a 1 box room with a bathroom in the corner (you can see these on EPIK house tours)) can be pricey. 
    Sharla is trapped by overconsumerism with all her junk so I don't know what she's gonna do
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  6. Athena added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    Korean people can be a bit more conservative in clothing, even at my gym a lot girls will wear pants under their shorts to not show legs and I rarely see tank tops at the gym (but i guess they just prefer the clothes the gym provides)
    But if you google pole clothes for working out it's pretty much the same to what she wears. I agree that her everyday fashion is strangely unique and tacky.... but I think her work out clothes are fine lol
    I'm happy she found a hobby she loves... or loved? Since i don't see her posting about it much anymore
    I think she's more into lifting weights/gym now
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  7. Athena added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    Her clothes are normal for pole dancing lol there's nothing wrong with it, I do a lot yoga and people wear the same thing, some people prefer the freedom
    and her tattoo... looks kinda cliche and typical haha and not that good tbh
    Maybe it's just me but the lining looks faded? As one of the comments said, it already looks old
    You have to be careful getting tattoos in Korea, there really isn't a lot good artists to pick from in a pool
    Tattoo shops are technically illegal, it's just that recently the legal system and police kinda just overlook it similar to prostitution (and yet porn is illegal)
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  8. Athena added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    Doesn't Kennie drink and get pretty drunk sometimes? I remember a story time of her getting drunk from NB2 (predictably) and going to some rich guy's house with friends
    It just rubs me the wrong way and seems pretty pathetic to be dramatic over something like weed or acid when alcohol is just as equal, if not worse.
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  9. Athena added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    Yea his entire fanbase is literally children
    Vice did a small interview with him recently showing his baby faced fans
    I don't understand what children see in this guy, but I grew up in the 90s which was a completely different culture
    Plus, I can't believe parents actually bought his overpriced shit merchandise 
    the whole thing makes feel sorry for humanity if people are idolizing a guy like this
    really makes me appreciate and continue to look up to people like EllenFisher - an eco-conscious vegan who (and her husband) gave up her Orange County lifestyle to move to Hawaii in a small house to raise her children away from this type of insanity. Her kids' heads aren't being filled with this shit and instead are playing in nature, the beach, hiking, living cruelty free, and living humbly and simply.
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  10. Athena added a post in a topic @bonjourmoon | kerrie moon   

    the girl seems nice, and there's nothing wrong with living in a delusional lala land.... but I kinda feel like she's pretty fake and just does it for the likes/views(?). Maybe because I simply just don't get this type of aesthetic :shrugs: But I feel like she's trying too hard to fit this type of mold or aesthetic 
    To be honest, I can't read anything she writes either....I read the first sentence or two and instantly get bored lol
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  11. Athena added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    Yea pretty much this, Kennie has spent a total of like 2 or 3 months in Korea, no idea how she thinks she can speak on Korean people's half
    I've lived in Korea for like 5 years, but hell, I'll never say I'm an expert on anything here. I can just give my best advice from what I've experienced or learned from others. Like I said, I have students that need help... and my coteacher and I worry for them, but there's not much we can do. My coteacher said if she tries to bring it up to a parent, the parents will just get pissed off and won't help their child in the end anyways. My bf is Korean and he told me that parents won't get their children help because they're scared if a future employer finds out they went to get care for any kind of mental disability/issue then they won't hire him/her.
    I didn't watch Kennie's video on the issue because I don't feel like I need her American opinion on the issue though so no idea what her expert opinion is
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  12. Athena added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I liked her travel videos on her main channel and that's the best praise I can give lmao 
    but I have to have absolutely nothing else going on to watch her vlogs most of the time
    I don't really consider her evil as some people think, yea sure she shit talked and can be a basic bitch off camera, but as far I know she never screwed over her viewers, fraud, anything out right malicious. The closest was her Patreon thing right when she's going to Korea
    Sharla is just bland and boring. It's pretty obvious her old videos were better. She used to have a lot passion about Japan and making videos, but I guess she's burned out and is just doing what she can to get by
    I just see her in the grey zone 
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  13. Athena added a post in a topic TheLovelyIfy   

    how can she claim to be happy when she did a sloppy job on photoshopping her ass lmao
    clearly she's insecure 
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  14. Athena added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    Ah ok sorry, I'm not Korean haha
    thanks for clearing that
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  15. Athena added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    lmao so if I'm reading this right, the Korean person is saying Kennie doesn't know about Korean problems and doesn't understand why a foreigner like Kennie is talking about Korean mental issues
    probably gonna be deleted soon

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