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  1. Athena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    That skirt is really cute, I think she should try a boho look, I think it'd be a really cute look on her
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  2. Athena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Building an ass from training takes a lot work and she's just overall lazy, and watching her do her squats is just pitiful
    Since she's jobless she has a lot time she can dedicate to the gym, I think Taylor would look really good thick and toned
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  3. Athena added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Mira isn't forgetting English, she's just stupid.
    She hangs out with other foreigners all the time 
    She reads the "news", she's reads YT/FB comments, reading here and lolcow, talks to other foreigners in Line group chats, etc EVERY DAY
    You have to be cut off and isolated from your native language for DECADES to completely forget it. My aunt's father was born and raised in Italy but immigrated to America as a teenager. He's now 85ish and can ONLY understand some Italian words. But he was raised in a time with no connection to his home country and his parents were trying to force them to learn English so they stop speaking Italian to the kids... on top of that....no fb, no tv, no music, nothing to connect him to back home. 
    Mira is connected to English every day, especially someone who is living in Tokyo, her "i'm forgetting ingrish" excuse is bs lol
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  4. Athena added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    ^^ This
    It's not surprising they wanted nothing to do with her. Koots/Kiki's reputation is pretty well known lol
    She's hella fake, she gives the innocent doll image to the Japanese audience, but look at the message she sent Mimei - there's her real personality. Plus, the fact she cheesed her way into the industry by lying and psing just rubs people the wrong way
    Besides, I don't think Koots would ever even hang with them. If Koots can't control the camera to alienize and ps her face, she won't do it. 
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  5. Athena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Yea, she definitely knew better.
    Just google "teacup dogs" on google and on the first page are sites telling you why you should not get one. And no one can tell me she never googled that before getting one since she had to search for the breeder online.
    She just didn't care, like I've always said, she gives 0 fucks about animals as long as its trendy and popular
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  6. Athena added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I dont know what she's bragging about in the first place, she makes less than minimum wage
    on top of that, she probably buys all her tacky LV stuff at second hand stores that specialized in used luxury goods (pretty common in Japan).
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  7. Athena added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    Wow I was really starting to like Micaela and thought  Tatsu and her were cute together. 
    Now I feel sorry for him, she's so self centered. I can't understand her obsession with letting the world know everything was her idea and she deserves all the credit - it's like "NO, it WAS me, ME, MEE! Don't give him any praise!"
    Micaela, just say thank you and move the fuck on. This is such pathetic and narcissistic behavior - and to top it off, embarrassing.
    Or she needs to just find a way to say this more politely, the way she writes it out is so rude.
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  8. Athena added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    JPop has just overall fallen from popularity completely. It died out like 8+ years ago since Kpop became way more popular all over Asia, so it'd make since she she'd be interested in it, I guess. When is the last time you ever heard some one say JPop is so good or had a strong interest in it? lol
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  9. Athena added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Soooo Mira basically self-incriminated herself again 
    In my opinion, Unrested is just best off completely ignoring this. Mira gets into these spazzes trying to cause problems, all the other jvloggers (except Micaela i guess) are smart enough to just completely ignore her and it usually goes away and no one cares within a couple of days. 
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  10. Athena added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Who and what the hell is she talking about?
    All I heard was "she" and "he" "the person" and "that person". What?  It's like trying to understand a blabbering 3 year old.
    Is it that guy (forgot name) that reached out and tried to help her? AND THEN she turned around and said he was lying and she never sent him (and other jvloggers) messages for help?
    She sent messages to Micaela (who showed them too) and Mic just told her to go find help and fuck off
    What's with that ending too lmao, she's so tacky and trash. I feel sorry for her
    Serious mental gymnastics trying to figure out this poor sad girl

    ** Edit ** she's talking about Unrested? That guy that actually has experience helping people with suicidal thoughts? And the only one who actually DID TRY to help her??? wtf is wrong with mira
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  11. Athena added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    Megan is a mega bodybuilder chaser lmao
    She follows sooooo many Korean bodybuilders on IG lol. Korean bodybuilder photos been popping up on my IG feed and I constantly see her liking their photos and what not
    I think thats the only reason why she's still with him despite what happened, she's just shallow
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  12. Athena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Your grammar is so inconsistent lmao

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  13. Athena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

  14. Athena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    She lived a more humble life in Hong Kong - model, university student, lived in a decent small apartment
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  15. Athena added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Her logic with the LV planner makes no sense. It's a 3 ring planner, and LV sells paper refillers every year or you can just can just buy cheap ones somewhere else to fill it. If he can afford a $400 planner, he can easily afford the $90 refillers each year and give it as a Christmas gift. 
    What a waste of money lmao 
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