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  1. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Hi everyone, long time no see ! 
    So, straight to the point, shall we ? 
    As we all know, a new girl, Tarah (Oh look ! It's the first name that doesn't have an ee/i sound somewhere ! ) showed up on lolcow, claims that Ashley is lying about her age, her abusive relationship with Einshine and him being a pedophile. On top of that, she claims she met Ashley and even was friends with her, that she's actually the girl in the maid dress, and yada yada... 
    Now, I don't know exactly what proof was sent to the lolcow mods, but it appears that there is some truth to their stories. (Couple selfies ? More private texts ? Pictures of her and Shine in the hotel ? I really don't know.)
    BUT !
    I'm not trying to reignite the fire or make up a conspiracy theory, but we have to remember that just because lolcow admins confirmed that some parts of their stories are true (and we don't know which), doesn't mean that everything is 100% legit. Some parts still might be exaggerated or made up, mind you. (Like the DNA thing, sorry to bring that up again, but it's still bothering me as of right now. I know it's not the right moment to talk about it and it's getting kinda old but it still hasn't been addressed properly to this date.) 
    And conversely, it doesn't mean that every statement that doesn't fit with the original stories has to be false. Granted, the way Tarah has reacted so far isn't the most rational and she made herself look like a complete fool, and thus lost her credibility. But no matter how ridiculous a person's words/attitude/demeanor/actions can seem, there is always room for some truth. Being brash, ignorant, aggressive, Yuki-level delulu, <insert adjective here> doesn't make you automatically a liar. Even compulsive liars and the sketchiest people in the world can tell the truth from time to time and completely discrediting her like that doesn't sit very well with me. Also, the age argument is still a valid point, even if she wasn't very polite about it.
    (Really not trying to WK her because she's definitely sus, but I found the lolcow reaction a little... harsh, that's all.)
    Especially since Tarah doesn't seem to be lying about the fact that she had indeed a mutual with Ashley, and that the both of them actually might have been friends, since she mentioned Tarah several times in her tweets.

    Again, I cannot reveal Ashley's identity and thus cannot show the proof here and I hope you understand. 
    Now, whether or not you believe her is one thing. Also, Ashley could also have lied to Tarah as well. But if she's right about Ashley being 16 years old when she had sex with Einshine instead of the 15 she claims to be, then it changes everything. In that case, Einshine wouldn't have committed statutory rape in the first place and if the lolcow mods could confirm her age if it isn't done already, just to be completely sure, it would be greatly appreciated. 
    This can be easily done with a student ID for instance. Take a picture of it, censor the name of your school, your last name and any other identifying information. Just leave the picture, first name and date of birth unaltered and you're done. Since the admins know who you are and how you look like, they can easily confirm.
    (Sorry if I don't make much sense... I'm really sleepy and desperately need to catch some z's...)  
    Here's the link to Tarah's pastebin :
    And if she takes it down, I've copied it in the following spoiler so that anyone can easily quote her. 
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  2. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Yuki deserves to be on the banner of shame. If Yumi King did it, than Yuki easily earned her spot as well. Holy fucking shite. 
    This thread is getting so good, I wouldn't mind if this was adapted into a Netflix series. I would watch the shit out of it TBH.
    So, recently I have been contacted by someone who knows both Ashley and Wendy and they linked me sufficient proof as to whether or not they exist. 
    I cannot reveal their identities nor show any screenshots and I hope you understand. After what happened to Yuki and how this thread has blown up again, they really don't want to be found out, especially seeing as Ashley has privated her Twitter once lolcow took an interest in her. Yuki completely ruined their credibility and it seems like even if their stories were real, most people won't take them seriously anymore even though they are the real victims in this. The way she used their stories, experiences and potential trauma to benefit her own stalker agenda is an absolutely disgusting act and shouldn't be condoned.
    Yes, I can confirm. Ashley, Hayley and Wendy all exist and each are their own person. Ashley and Wendy have been commenting on each other's posts/tweets ever since they met via Yuki and you can even find pictures of the two of them together on Ashley's Twitter and Wendy's IG. The latter unfollowed Yuki recently as well. Hayley is someone very different and never had any contact with any of the other girls except Yuki when she published the video. Unlike Yuki, though, they really didn't want anyone to find them, so I doubt they would purposefully fake information for when we find them. (Although, Yuki never truly hid herself it to make her seem like she's truthful and has nothing to hide... Yet it completely backfired and it was a stupid idea in the first place.)
    To Ashley, Wendy and any of the other girls who have been abused by Shine/Yuki and reading this post :
    This is something I've been wondering for a while, but ever since we kinda already established that Yuki isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, now that I reread their stories, it has Yuki's mark all over them (badly researched facts, same elusiveness, way too convenient story etc...), and it really wouldn't surprise me if she tricked them into slandering him. The other girls seem smart, so it's not inconceivable that Ashley ran away after realizing who she really was and her true motives. Wendy stayed a little longer, but maybe not too long after I called out, she came to her senses as well that what she was doing was wrong.
    At this point, it is the likeliest possibility as to why Ashley and Wendy went MIA. Hayley responded on lolcow and already explained that she lied to the anon who brought this thread to her attention to make him seem worse than he was... specifically because she saw this thread and she was in a blind rage because of what happened to the girls and was threatened by Yuki later on.
    (And what if the 4 weeks of nothing was her trying to get them back and cover up the fact that they backed out. After that we were so incessantly asking for that video, she was in a very tight spot obviously and still now refuses to admit it. Just imagine stalking the other girls and make their life living hell, geez.) 
    Ignore this spoiler, it's just a Yumi pic making another appearence :
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  3. SKR added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Summary's done !  (At least Aki's Joey's is only half-done so I saved it for later)
    Speaking of batshit crazy people, I just came back from the Einshine thread. So if you guys want some tea, this is the place to go. I've been quite active on there lately, as some might attest. Several people have contacted me about certain issues which are getting kinda important and thus I didn't have as much time as expected.
    I didn't want to delay this even further since I need the sleep, so in the meanwhile enjoy our WeebyDearest's new video !  The reason why it's so much shorter is because her content in this is 0.2% substance, 49.4 % cutscenes from anime (she stole but shhh) and 49.4 % babling and repeating the same stuff like she did in the TRUE LOVE video. 
    Oh, and Aki left a little present :

    Seems like I can't call you the Ultimate Uguu Shopping Channel tonight. And good, you can make videos on your own, without a sponsor. Nice to confirm that you are indeed running out of ideas.
    This video is the laziest excuse I've ever heard, I can't believe how she puts zero effort, and still gets worshipped by her fans as a perfect being. Seriously.
    Aki you reached a new low today. Congrats. Take this medal, you deserved it.
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  4. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Just checked her Twitter again. Seems like history is repeating itself : She's rallying her followers like she played us 6 weeks ago, acting as if she's this angel wanting to save other girls from Einshine.
    We need to do something about it and she needs to be stopped. 
    And no, Yuki we won't give you more time to answer our questions. Just admit you were lying. We don't need you to create another fake story and make everything worse. We gave you so many opportunities to explain yourself, you had 6 weeks of time in total, but no, you still decided to sabotage yourself. Good grief. 
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  5. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Exempt from lolcow :
    Lindsay/Yuki's finally showed her true self. And of course it must be only bots and bitter people who dislike her video. Who'd have thought she was such snowflake material... 
    Considering everything that has happened, I seriously can't believe she's so... clueless.

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  6. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Yes, that could also explain a some things, including how I got my answer about the pap smear/UTI thingy among others...
    Or you know, she could have asked 2 of her friends to post stuff or a VPN to change the IP address (if the lolcow mods verified)
    Now we just have to explain Ashley's presence in the video, although she can also be just another bitter ex as well.
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  7. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    @NotToBeRevealed At least you kept your promise this time. I just don't think this is worth 1 month of wait. You've basically repeated everything that was said on Lolcow/PULL, without adding anything new, plus you repeated some stuff several times. Really, I'm disappointed I expected more solid proof. And not to be a dick, but I doubt collecting the same evidence you have at your reach takes a full week, just saying.

    Furthermore, I don't think it warrants being so silent and mysterious to the point of ignoring our questions. So we get another video and have to wait one more month for the answers or something ? Why is it so difficult for you ? Can you please give another reason besides "I can't" and "It's not the right moment." ? After we got ignored several times ?
    Now onto my next point :
    Recently, on lolcow.... Some crazy fucked up shit happened. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but earlier today, as I was lurking on lolcow, I found the following :
    (Disclaimer, I was not involved at all in this exchange. I merely was lucky enough to come at the right time and honestly, this is kinda shocking. Sorry for being so Keemstar-y these past few days. )
    I color-coded 4 people : Blue Anon, Green Anon, Yellow Anon and Pink Anon. Now I'm not exactly sure if I'm swapping some messages between Pink and Yellow, but Blue and Green are for sure. (The orange comment is mine, sorry for the bad handwriting)
    1) So first, Blue has exposed her Twitter handle and points out that Lindsay sounds like a raging ex. You can still see their message as of now. 
    2) Then, shortly afterwards, Green came out and wrote a post about Lindsay and Sam after doing some nice bit of research, as well as requesting answer in a similar fashion as we did on PULL.  (Thank you for the shoutout BTW )
    3) Yellow immediately prompts them to delete this post, to which Green replied "Why ?"
    4) Yellow provides no explanation, just that it has to be deleted.
    5) Pink jumps in and tells Green to go on the Discord (Did they even have a discord ? Or if yes, was it ever made public ? I can't find anything.) They also say that they shouldn't give ideas to Shine, which is kinda sus.
    6) Green asks whether or not they can repost their post while deleting part of it. Yellow says "nothing before the video comes out"
    7) Again with the Discord.
    8) Everything got deleted shortly afterwards, besides Blue's posts.

    Okay. This seems like some mafia crime shit straight out of a yakuza movie. Again, I don't think the Discord thing has been ever mentioned previously, so it must be an insider thing. Possibly someone working on this video project or who actually knows them, like one of Lindsay's crew members ? (With Pink and maybe Yellow ? At least Pink and Green seem to know each other. Pink even states she knows what's going on, which further implies she is behind the scenes)
    Green was being pretty reasonable and I think nobody who'd be 100% sure of what they say would be so insistent on keeping everyone who's a potential threat to their testimonies quiet, when all they did was a bit of research. 
    We should be able to know what is going on. This type of situation isn't normal. Lindsay, since the video is now out, please answer our questions now.
    (Also, anybody noticed how in the video, Ashley suddenly has no proof of having his DNA ?)
    IMPORTANT UPDATE : A lolcow thread has been started on Lindsay / Yuki
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  8. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Nah, I think it's not about making hairpins to advertise themselves, but rather that she's referring to when we asked if she even had friends outside of Splendadaddy and the fact that she acts so greedy at times.
    It's more like "Today, as a graduation gift, I gave all my friends who worked on our game matching hairpins (that costed 10 cents each on Taobao). I am so thoughtful, and I actually have MANY friends" 
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  9. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Um, I just checked some stuff and tried to see if there's any news about the video, and Lindsay, did you just subtweet me ? Please tell me it ain't just me. 

    Basically, not too long after I posted the infamous tweet, she retweeted a post that says (i changed the wording) :
    "If you find my social media accounts, keep it to yourself out of respect." 
    I really hesitated to post it here as well, but most people on here know who you are anyway and can look it up. And since I messed up the last time, let's not rub salt into the open wound.

    You just said you had no issue with people finding out who you are, and said it's fine. Look, I'm sorry, it was my mistake for posting a tweet that could be traced back to you, it wasn't my intent (that's why I had censored out your name in the first place). But if you had a problem with it, then please come say it upfront like the adult you technically are, whether it's by PM or directly on this thread. If you had a problem with that and you came to me to discuss it, I'd have removed it or something. You didn't seem distressed or like you even cared much, that's why I let it be. Don't do that passive aggressive shit. In my book, that's also kinda scummy...
    I privilege direct and honest communication and if somebody says something they didn't mean, they should own up to it. If they say they don't mind when they clearly do, then they go somewhere else and and complain because the other party is so inconsiderate, it's their fault for not standing up for themselves... I don't feel like it's anyone but your responsibility to state your needs and opinions and it's nobody's place to expect other people to be able to read your mind or to be considerate when they aren't obligated to do so, especially when like, you explicitly tell them you don't mind.
    And what did we just tell you ? That you should be more communicative.
    Just... Wow. 
    I really didn't want this to turn into a Lindsay vs SKR showdown, especially since we could have settled it in a way more peaceful way. But we gave you a chance you didn't take, and now this ? 
    I sincerely hope the video does come out on Saturday and that it's convincing. And I sure as hell hope that you aren't just backpedalling.
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  10. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Holy shit, sorry for that ! How stupid of me... 
    (But then, Lindsay says she's fine with it so I suppose that it's not so bad...)
    Hi Lindsay ! Thank you for responding and clarifying a little.
    However, as @Elvis Depressly already mentioned, I'd like for you to answer some parts of the rant I posted just before, if that isn't too much trouble.
    1) Do you even have proof Ashley has DNA evidence ? Because I find some things that were claimed a little far-fetched. Like the UTI DNA test turned to pap smear. I don't know... It's easy to mix up procedures sometimes but a pap smear is a routine gynecological exam to screen cancer, and I doubt they'd test you for cervical cancer when you've been raped. That's just common sense.
    To me, the mistake seems a little too... ignorant to be a honest one. That's just not how it happens at all. It almost feels like "OMG YOU TEST DNA FOR AN UTI ??? OMG #SHINEEXPOSEDPROOF." I mean really, it just seems like a badly researched argument to me. And when I called her out it's almost like "OH SHIT WRONG HOLE. I also did a pap smear ! That is in the vagina, so I do have proof !" 
    Also, besides the UTI thing, you do know that public surveillance camera footage is only kept 30 to 90 days, do you ? The therapist argument doesn't hold up either. It's just not logical.
    Also please explain her actions to me.
    2) If Keem didn't want to get involved, when a lolcow user mentioned him being interested, why didn't you respond by saying that when you contacted him, he said he isn't interested ? Why do we get only an answer about this now, when I brought up the same issue in my post one month ago ? I know it was glossed over and dismissed as "Keem is a jerk ! Of course nobody wants him to expose Shine !" but now that I think about it, you've never actually answered it. Another point I made is that you selectively select the topics you're talking about in your replies while brushing off the rest... Which to be fair you're doing right now as well. Thanks for reading, I guess... 
    3) Why can't you be consistent about the date ? A month ago, it was "soon", one week ago it was "almost finished", a few days ago it was "done", 24 hours ago you said you'd post the video tomorrow (aka today), and now it has been delayed to Saturday. I don't get it. So, you said it's done, but then you say it isn't ? When even an official statement on your twitter has been suddenly delayed last minute you know something weird is up.
    We've had it enough with FF XV, YG Entertainment and all the like, again, please tell us the truth. If you're going to give us updates, (which is great btw) please be honest about it, because that not staying true to your words doesn't make you look much better either. I don't want to be rude, really, but don't you try to step in someone else's shoes from time to time ? Sure, from your PoV, you might have done nothing wrong, but that doesn't mean that everyone thinks the same. My rant was trying to show you how we feel about your behavior and hopefully have some more insight as to what is going on instead of feeling... ignored.
    But the end result is "Guys, I'm sorry. I'll upload it soon, promise ! This is why I acted like that. K bye !" which is the opposite of what I and so many people on this thread wanted. No attempt to reach a common ground, refusing to provide a real explanation... Why do you do this ? Don't you realize you're making yourself look really bad right now ? 
    4) I'm sorry, but You mention being unable to reveal yourself to your fans, but when PULL and lolcow users wrote that if nobody wants to do an expose video, they will make it for you instead, you suddenly jumped in and said no. It's normal not to trust strangers (especially on the internet) and question their good will, but it goes both ways and it is also a little hypocritical that you don't give us a reason to trust you girls by not giving us the answers we want or tangible proof, yet you want us to believe you... While in return we aren't really trusted either.
    5) Why are you the only one that still responds from time to time ? The way Wendy and Ashley just disappeared is sus, Ashley said she wants to get it out the most, which you confirmed. But she seems pretty inactive since she hasn't posted anything in like a month...
    6) I already said this before, but if you're lying about something, say it. It's hard, but the response will be less harsh than if you didn't. I hope that you will do the smart choice and give a real explanation in the end. And if you say something like "Everything will be explained in the video." I won't be satisfied.
    I'm really tired, so sorry if I sound particularly cranky.
    Lindsay, I hope that this time you will read and answer my questions. I sincerely hope you do.
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  11. SKR added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Since tomorrow's schedule is clear, I'll attempt to do a summary for Aki's vid, and maybe do Joey's. Two birds one stone-style. 
    Geez, Aki, that was... special. Wow. Much cringe, such bad. 
    Also, that podcast... Just, why ? It's only the first episode and they're already out of ideas, WTF ?!?

    Fixed it : 

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  12. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Some of the points brought up in this thread are pretty solid. But IIRC, both Einshine and Lindsay have an American passport ? And if Einshine decided to sue her for blackmail and defamation she can get some repercussions for going on lolcow and trying to expose him so she basically sabotaged it for herself. And it's easy to prove that she'd have malicious intent by threatening Shine in her pastebin. (Although she's a minor so it will be mostly useless)
    EDIT : Also, I just checked, if she was raped overseas and filed for rape/sexual assault at the nearest USA embassy, she'd still be protected by the law and the local police would have been alerted and she'd go through the same process a Japanese victim would.
    Lindsay looking for closure after more than a year after the events seems much more believable reason than to suddenly expose him as a pedophile after being quiet about it for a long time, especially considering the need to change her story to involve minors and rape. Perhaps she originally was telling the truth, but once the other girls came along, she saw an opportunity for revenge.
    But then, she deliberately gave clues to her identity in her pastebin and pictures, whereas if she wanted to stay 100% anonymous, she wouldn't have let that happen and would have covered up her tracks to be more vague. Plus, she would have actively contacted a bigger YouTuber instead of refusing the help of other people and she wouldn't publish the video on her channel. Thus, we shouldn't exclude the possibility that she might want us to know who she is and even use it as a way to gain more views (which I sincerely hope is not the case). But I'll stop with the assumptions for now.
    @Elvis Depressly I agree with you, we shouldn't be hasty about this. Again, there is some truth to their stories seeing how Shine and Kat reacted so we shouldn't dismiss their stories entirely. Let's wait a little until they respond. 
    @DulcetRefrain Yes. I can confirm as I have done a few videos myself, although not as a YouTuber.
    As a reference, the longest video I had to render was 40 minutes long, and it was a school project my mom did with her class. She gave me the footage, I edited it and the rendering in HD took only somewhere between 2-3 hours in Movie Maker. I didn't upload this one to YouTube since we burned DVDs instead, but unless your internet connexion is pure crap, it should take much much less than a day to upload a decent length video (decent as in 14> minutes or so, haven't tried more but it is plenty of time for what they're doing) and even then, she could also have let her computer run in her sleep if she was busy during the day.
    I doubt she's aiming for a national geographic documentary 2-hour long type of thing and many Youtubers usually take 1 to 3 days to script, film, edit and upload a Mira vs Rachel-style video if it's important, unless they're really busy. Lindsay has her YT channel, maybe is in college/uni/art school or has a part-time job, but after a week of being "almost done" and 3 days of "done", it's indeed sketchy.
    She says she's going to upload a video today. Hopefully it is the expose video, but I have a feeling it could be a birthday special or something else instead... (it was tweeted out 10 hours ago)

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  13. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    Ok. So I did a little more digging, found out Lindsay's identity, compared her posts to the pastebin, pictures etc and everything seems to match up so far. I'll keep her identity safe for now and will post very minimal info. Here's some proof if you're questioning the legitimacy :
    Compare the wall color and background to the pictures Lindsay posted some time ago and they look very similar.

    Anyway, I found out that among others, Einshine DID cheat on Lindsay. It was indirectly mentioned in one of her questions :

    BUT so far I've found nothing about Wendy + Ashley and whether the girls she's mentioning here were actually underage or not. That requires some more digging, but the wording makes it look like they knew he was dating Lindsay back then and thus likely weren't just fans, but possibly friends of him as well.
    I will refrain from posting too much info as I don't want to dox her, but I figured you guys might be interested in a more concrete little update of the situation. 
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  14. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Is she going to turn into another Park Bom ?
    And oh boy, am I afraid of Yumi going to China for plastic surgery... Just imagine her going to a back-alley surgeon and getting cooking oil injected in her aegyo sal because it was cheap and the before/afters looked fine on the website... 
    Yumi, I'm fine with plastic surgery. If people want to do it, I won't think any less of them as long as they're honest with it. Everyone has their insecurities, and if they choose to pay a surgeon to make them look better, that's their money and I have no say in it.
    But keep in mind that just because you don't like one of your "flaws" and you pay someone to fix what you think is ugly won't necessarily make you beautiful in your eyes. The outcome might be not be the one you expected, the surgery might fail... And even if it was successful and you love the new you, you will soon find a new flaw, then another, and another... You can never be satisfied, and it's very hard to stop. Remember that the body is just an ephemeral shell, and that it is only ugly if you see it as such. If you come into a clinic thinking that the surgery will make you beautiful, you will undoubtedly come out disappointed. Especially when the surgeon will tell you that some procedures might be impossible, which happens from time to time.
    And if you still want to do it, then so be it. Put research into it, look for reputable clinics, know what to expect, etc. Just don't be an idiot and risk ruining your face for the sake of beauty. 
    Also, as some users mentioned, your audience is young and impressionable. Be careful of the stuff you say, as it can give them wrong expectations idealized about PS and make it seem like a great thing to do, which is rarely the case.
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  15. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    I saved this rant for a later day and it's been sitting in my notes for almost a week now. I've been waiting for the right time to drop this bomb, but I really should have said this sooner and communicated my scepticism a little better, since now, it has less impact then what could be and it makes me look like a two-faced passive-aggressive jerk. At first, I wanted to modify it a little and post it when the video comes out, but it seems like this moment will never happen. Lindsay, Ashley, Wendy, if your testimonies are real, you should be able to entirely refute this now.
    I've actually posted this earlier, but then Lindsay responded about the video and I removed it shortly after. Not to say that my post isn't valid, it just didn't feel like the right moment. 
    I had the urge to share my feelings on this one. Again, Ashley, Lindsay, Wendy, if you're reading this and my post offended you in any way, I'm really sorry, that was not my intent but we want serious explanations. You owe us at least that much.
    If this is legit, I want to expose that creep as much as you. I want him to pay for what he's done, but it seems like we're losing the battle and unless action is taken very soon, he might go away unscathed and everyone would forget. However, if you were faking, then I want you exposed just as bad. (Especially since, you know one of you has a decent following apparently...)
    If I misinterpreted, don't hesitate to correct me, girls. I will happily engage in any debate in order to discover what's really going on. If you're not comfortable sharing it publicly, just send me a PM. And if anyone can speak for Ashley or she herself can respond and explain what the flying fuck she's thinking, it would be much appreciated...
    I really don't want the person that's like "I knew it ! They were actually lying about proof !" but eh... I think I'll officially join the ICallBullshit team unless I can be convinced otherwise.
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