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  1. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    No offense, but Splenda daddy is what, 30-45 years old ? Doesn't he already have a job or something ? In my uni there are a couple people in their thirties who change majors because they couldn't find jobs/found their vocation later on/want to follow another direction in life and I'm totally fine with that. But it's greedy to ask people who are probably very content with their lives/job to go back there and study more because you want them to be with you... Geez.
    Also, why'd he have to get the same major as you in the first place ? It's his life and he gets to decide what he wants to do... Just because he's your boyfriend doesn't mean that he has to like everything you do. 
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  2. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine/ ShinePhD   

    I'm in, personally. Something needs to be done and at this rate, Shine and Kat are gonna win...
    I've also been mass-tweeting/dming his followers, let's see what happens. 
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  3. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Run, Splenda daddy, run !!!
    Wow, she really doesn't care about him, does she ? I mean, he obviously doesn't like being in her videos and just does it to please her while she uses him as an accessory... Poor guy.
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  4. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    DUN DUN DUN !!!

    AAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!! BURN IT WITH FIRE !!!!!! *runs away from the computer, screaming*
    I know this is a little OT, but...  Her bow hairpin is so shiny, not even the right color and the contrast with her (thinning and dull) hair is very bothersome. She probably used a filter and if it already looks that bad it must look horrifying in person. I don't have the best monitor rn, but is that supposed to look good ? It looks so brown and plasticky... It's probably on par or even worse than halloween wig quality. No matter what you do or use, there's no way to salvage it into something acceptable, let alone make it look good. (Plus it already looks like it's gonna fall apart in a week if she keeps wearing that every day)
    You can even see a huge black clip sticking out under it. Removing the clip and sewing a bobby pin onto the bow would make it look so much better. Instead, it looks like she has a tumor or something. If the hair was higher quality, it could have actually been cute. Yumi, I know my words won't reach to you, but if you're reading this, you gotta respect yourself more than your wallet...
    I also own the (legit) cat Etude House hairband. It cost me 5$ with shipping from SK to freaking Europe, and it wasn't even on sale. But of course, Yumi had to get the cheaper and uglier rip-off anyways, it doesn't look like mine, at least. The original is already hella cheap, but you still want to save 20 cents more ? It's getting ridiculous at this point...

    Damn it Yumi, even the fortune cookie is telling you to stop being so cheap and invest in better quality items.  It's almost 3 am and I just woke up my mom... This cookie is a fucking godsend.
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  5. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine/ ShinePhD   

    Is Einshine low-key making fun of us "girls" (PULL and lolcow) as well as Ashley, Lindsay, Wendy and #4 ? I'm sure there are guys lurking as well but as EvaXephon said it already : "PULL is the feminine version of Kiwifarms."
    Or is he trying to cover up his misogyny by saying something like : "Shit guys, I don't hate womeeeeen... Look, I said they're fucking funny !!! I said they were fucking funny you guys ! Don't get so offended and don't make up rumors, and if you do, kys ! You're a fucking idiot for believing that."  
    Honestly, this tweet is quite fishy. I seriously think he's threatened by that rumor and feels cornered by it. It just reeks of butthurt and passive aggressiveness, even more so than most of his other tweets.
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  6. SKR added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Maybe with a hairdryer then, also works pretty well.
    Random thought : What if 1.5 days means that she worked a total of 36 hours spread over a longer period of time ? Like working 2 hours a day for 18 days ? (Shit I'm giving her ideas )  Or she only worked on it 1.5 days while her slave FNB did the rest.
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  7. SKR added a post in a topic akidearest   

    I don't know what she meant exactly, I suppose she's talking about fillers that distract from the main plot because the manga isn't there yet + arcs that involve side-missions instead of going directly to the point of the plot + character development arcs.
    What happened with Akame ga kill, is that at the beginning, it followed the manga pretty well, but after 18 episodes/Chapter 39 the story strongly deviated from the original. Not sure what exactly happened here, maybe the anime was going much faster than the manga and they had to write another ending since the manga didn't cover it yet and they can't really cancel an anime mid-season. The same happened with the FMA anime. (the original from 2003, not Brotherhood)
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  8. SKR added a post in a topic akidearest   

    Aki blessed us with a new video desu nya !!!
    It's basically a 10 minute long ad for Naruto Online... Also, she's figured out how to use fake lashes. You can see the glue if you look close enough...
    Here's a short summary of her video :
    -A 3 min 20 mildly funny skit where Sasuke, Itachi, Saitama, Ichigo, Goku, Gintoki, Subaru and Felix argue with each other about official games and those cheaply made chinese rip-off multiplayer games of popular shounen series. Aki calls her masterpiece an abridged series (lol no) and promotes everyone that worked on it.
    Also, she promotes a chinese rip-off game... You know, anytime you're on a manga/gaming/cosplay/geek/anime themed website, there are always a lot of ads for those unofficial SAO and Naruto games. Yeah, she's promoting those now. Those games generally have bad English, horrible storytelling that ressembles the original a little too much to be pure coincidences, steal art and sprites from the anime etc. Naruto online isn't the worst offender. It's an ok flash game but promoting it isn't very tasteful either as nothing goes to the creator. 
    -Later on she reveals that she's going to talk about shounen, even though she didn't watch/read many of them. (No, she didn't even watch/like JoJo)
    -What makes a shounen great according to Aki :
    Taking a concept and make the entire show revolve around it. Ex. Naruto = Ninja, One Piece = Pirates, Bleach = Grim Reapers, DBZ = Martial Arts. "It's different from a high-school setting guize ! It's like a ninja world instead of a normal real-life setting. Hurr hurr !" (Doesn't elaborate more) Good fight scenes. "By good fight scenes, I mean scenes where the characters are talking to each other and there's dialogue instead of people punching each other all the time. It's an emotional fight and it has story behind it. Minna-san, I'm cool now right ?"Side-stories. "They're hit or miss. If done right, they're awesome. If it's deviating too much from the storyline they suck." Wow, superb reasoning Aki 10/10, tell us something we didn't know.(Um Aki, that's basic shounen trope 101. It doesn't make it good, it's just very typical.) 
    -She ends the video by saying that a shounen is like a rollercoaster : "If done right, it's badass and side stories can add excitement. But if it spirals out of control, it's to everyone's demise. If mastered, it would be the best ride you've ever had, loops and everything. And if very mastered. it's even better, loops and everything, biggest drop ever and a T-rex ripping Aki's head off while flying and screaming like a banshee. And when it stops, you're like : this is great ! and the guy at the control point smiles and asks you if you want to go at it the second time, and you're freaking out cuz you can't take the hype. (And see Aki being decapitated a second time)"
    Her words not mine. Also applies to any fictional work. I don't see why this is specific to shounen because everything she says is so broad that it encompasses a wide variety of genres besides that...
    Conclusion : Most pointless 10 minutes I've ever wasted (Well 5, actually, I was on 2x speed). She doesn't do her research, doesn't try to prove her points and doesn't elaborate on anything so her statements fall short. It seemed like such a dispassionate, boring video, and you definitely notice that Aki doesn't care at all besides for the fact that she managed to glue eyelashes to her eyelid and that she'll show off her newfound skillz in every video for the next 18 months. *clap clap*
    Keep in mind, this video was made to sponsor a game she doesn't care about... I thought she couldn't sink lower after the UWP incident... 
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  9. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine/ ShinePhD   

    I totally understand what you mean. I think I mentioned a few pages back that I don't really like him and that I don't think it's a good idea to contact him simply because people don't take him seriously anyway. Don't like the guy either, I just meant to use Keemstar as a substitute/example for "media/drama outlet" in my post. I just went with him because from what was posted on lolcow, DramaAlert was the only one who responded, and thus was the most receptive to cover the Einshine story. (It wasn't very clear in retrospect, I know )
    I never said that I wanted them to give up their anonymity or publicize their medical documents. After some people went out of the way to contact Youtubers, none of the girls ever publicly responded or posted updates. It gave me the false impression that they wanted either other people to do all the work for them or that they're bluffing with the proof. And re-reading Ashley's story, I noticed some things that didn't exactly add up, for instance the UTI thing. (Although you do raise a good point with the lolcow mods, didn't think about that.) 
    For a few days, literally nothing happened, although they could've easily posted an update, such as "Contacted XYZ today, no response." I don't want to be the person that's like "You're not trying enough" but that's honestly the impression I got, so when @NotToBeRevealed and Wendy responded to me and said they're working on it, I was relieved. 
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  10. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine/ ShinePhD   

    I don't want to be insensitive or anything but... 
    If the girls (Ashley, Lindsay, Wendy) were more proactive in helping the case, this issue would probably have gotten more attention than it does now. I know it's really hard to be a rape victim and to deal with being sexually and verbally abused, but you can't expect strangers on the internet to help you and do all the work, in all honesty. If Ashley and the other girls came forth and talked to Keem for instance, this case would have been taken much more seriously by Drama Alert, Scarce, etc. instead of them sending out lolcow anons who can't do anything besides sending them links to these threads. So much for evidence... Drama Alert asked for proof, but as far as we know, once it came to actually contact those news outlets, all the girls went MIA, and they are the only people who potentially have convincing evidence.
    Ashley says she has proof and that Einshine's DNA has been detected. As far as I understand UTI DNA testing is to test the DNA of bacteria involved in the infection (such as E. coli) and find the correct treatment, not as evidence of rape or intercourse. Unless semen has been shoved up her pee hole and the OB/GYN trip happened hours after intercourse it can't be used as evidence since most of it would have been flushed out. (Also, wouldn't her mother know about it ?) I understand that those girls want to stay anonymous, but after a certain point, you have to reach out to media outlets with concrete proof, instead of just saying you have (Ashley). What did they expect ? 
    I really want to believe those girls, but there are many contradictions and weak points in their testimonies which makes me start to doubt them. The 4th girl has pretty much been confirmed as a fake by now.
    They say they want to warn other girls. But his fanbase won't listen to them since I doubt the fact that many lurk on here or even read this thread. Keeping it to PULL and lolcow and similar gossip forums won't achieve anything. Just because a white knight or two tried to defend him on this page doesn't mean that a significant part of his fanbase will hear of it. I know they're scared of IRL consequences, but unless they reach out to a bigger audience, their goal will never be achieved...
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  11. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Just a realization : What if her boyfriend sent this to her ?
    I mean, the username is pretty short and starts with a K, her boyfriend's name is Kevin... Could it be that she asked her Splendadaddy to fake an UW email and wanted to show PULL how relevant she is ? Seriously ? 
    (Ignore this please)
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  12. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I think it's because it's inspired from French/English aristocratic headdress thingys from the 19th century. (Can't remember the exact period nor how they're named though, probably a mix. ) But you're right in the sense it's not accurate at all... The only thing Yumi's hot glued cardboard and foam shoulder pads™ have in common with the original ones are the flowers. I've never actually seen something like that in a historical painting or anything of the sort.
    But I do admit that they remind me of tacky lolita and they are definitely trying to resemble something aristocratic women from France and England would wear at the time, judging by the color schemes and "high-class" vintage materials... Which is probably why Yumi thought that those ultra-fancy shoulder pads are european style. 
    EDIT : I think I found it. It's Victorian/Edwardian riding hats. Those for going outside (Walk in the park?) are bigger, but none of them look like Yumi's.
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  13. SKR added a post in a topic akidearest   

    It's Lost Pause's nickname.  (I'm not sure if it's an alias or his real name, so I'm just gonna say it's the former, but feel free to correct me)
    About the video, I never imagined I'd praise Aki this time around, but it's one of the if not the first video of her that I actually found quite funny ? I think it has to do with the fact that the anime show she's reacting to is so cringy that you don't pay as much attention to her own cringiness, and thus find it amusing. I don't know, normally, if she does reactions, her comments usually bother me, but this one is surprisingly good.
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  14. SKR added a post in a topic Einshine/ ShinePhD   

    Okay, got it ! 
    I really wish we could do more about it than that, my guess is that it will mostly attract angry fangirls though. I mean, I don't see many rational people in their right mind subscribing to him and checking out what the whole deal's about. Not sure if they'll read what's going on, just that some blinded whiteknights can be expected. PULL doesn't have a great reputation amongst some fanbases and some think all we do is trash talking online people because we have no life. (lel) All we can really hope for at this point is for it to get picked up by someone more famous, even if it's Keem. Just because this thread and the lolcow are blowing up doesn't mean that more people will necessarily find it and click on it or take it more seriously for that matter... (But then, I wasn't there with the Lonbon thing, and I don't know what happened, so maybe I could be wrong )
    The encyclopedia dramatica idea is not bad. With all the shit that has been happening, it's nice to have a more concise summary to keep track of everything.
    Anyways, the Einshine thread is slowly running out of things to really talk about, and lolcow hasn't made much progress either. Here's a little summary of what happened in the last 24 hours for those who don't want to follow the thread there :
    People have sent DMs to Keem and Scarce, but none of them has picked it up (yet)Speculating that Einshine and Kat act like that because they're guilty (for the same reasons @redbowkiki mentioned)Criticizing Einshine's pick-up skills that only work on insecure 12 year oldsCalling Einshine an abusive pedoLiterally not much else.
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  15. SKR added a post in a topic akidearest   

    I'd have preferred if a jury composed of let's say 5-10 people from crunchyroll or anime youtubers voted, not the community, because this shit was bound to happen. The one that was chosen the most would be the winner, and the rest "Honorable mentions" + why they thought they were the best, that would have been much more interesting to see than just "Y'all voted for this guy, so this is the winner". It would have given the opportunity for mainstream watchers to delve beyond Yuri on Ice, Erased and Boku no Hero Acadamia and discover anime they'd otherwise never have heard of. But of course, that's a lot of work compared to a community vote. Hope they do that instead next year...
    I also rooted for Kira and voted 10 times to compensate for the vast majority of people who only watch mainstream stuff and have bad taste. Guess it wasn't enough. Still 416 votes missing...

    I like the kind of stupid humor Lethal Soul has (I died at some of the Overwatch ones they did) and Joey could've made it work but then came Aki, and just her presence and acting ruined it for me. My brother also loves Jojo, and when I showed him this video, his unbiased opinion was : "It could have been much better if that girl wasn't in here. She's kinda bothering me for some reason." and he doesn't actually know Aki, her personality nor did I tell him what I thought of her previously. 
    Holy cow though, never expected so many people on here to be JoJo fans on PULL. Besides my lil bro, I know only 1 person IRL who also likes it. Most people either don't like it or never heard of it.  I knew a lot of you guys are pretty smart and had better taste than the average human, but seriously. It's actually mind blowing lol.
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