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  1. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Um... Yumi, if you've been working 19h and the quality of your videos is still mediocre, I don't think it's something you should be proud of...
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  2. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Why is Yumi sniffing her panties ? Is that supposed to be kawaii ?
    I've also been sewing for years as a hobby (although way less than you, I'm too broke for that and don't want to fall into Yumi hell, haha). During that time, I learned how to do basic stitches, complex stitches, how to sew straight, advanced pattern making, how to select the perfect fabric for a particular project etc. I've challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone, teached a few friends, always tried out new things and stuff, and I'll admit, when Yumi first started doing her DIYs, I actually liked them. Now, the only things I see are a mess of cheap fabric, overly shiny satin, simplicity patterns (she could have saved the money and bought better fabrics, those things are way too expensive), tracing with fabric paint, t-shirt genocides and fabric glue.
    Of course, her DIYs are accessible to beginners but I don't think any real professional would resort to those cheap tactics. If she were serious about becoming a seamstress or a fashion designer, you'd think she'd get better at what she's doing, right ? But no, she stagnates over the years and keeps doings the same easy simple stuff over and over again with no real improvement. Her and her fans must have a severe case of collective delusion to think that what she's doing is good quality. Either that or abysmal standards.
    Sorry for the rant. This comment triggered me. 
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  3. SKR added a post in a topic Fire Emblem   

    Thank you guys for clearing that up ! 
    I agree, on a technical aspect Fates is definitely better and more balanced than Awakening. If they focused on making one amazing game instead of 3 good ones I probably would've called it my favorite FE game. (Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the hell out of it and I probably spend around 100+ gameplay hours in total... I should get a life, srsly.) Awakening is great otherwise and personally I liked the characters more than those in Fates. I hope you get to play it one day, it's so worth it.
    Maybe a little OT : When Lilith died I was confused... It just seemed like the writers quickly needed to kill off someone to make the story more dramatic and it seemed more random than anything. 
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  4. SKR added a post in a topic Fire Emblem   

    Wait, Kaze can die in Birthright ? (maybe in classic mode, otherwise I probably missed something) 
    I've played through Birthright 3 times and he always survived. But then I paired him so much with my Corrins that they always end up having A support really early into the game so I guess it makes sense...
    I discovered the series with Awakening which I loved, have played through all 3 routes in Fates and I really liked it too but some parts were either rushed, badly written and didn't make much sense. I also think it's become a little too fanservicey to my taste : almost every female nohrian class with armor somehow wears battle panties or thongs, boobs in your face or both...
    Also Robin > Corrin. 
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  5. SKR added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    If you look up the word violence is the use of physical force in order to harm someone. Verbal abuse is the verbal version of violence and is also defined by the intent of harming someone by words. 
    How I see it, he didn't mean to harm people in the first place. Since Keemstar is notoriously racist, he thought he'd poke fun at him being racist and added the jew thing. It's understandable that some people got offended by it and that he went too far. The words "Death" and "Killing" are very strong words and shouldn't really be used in the context of jokes unless it is clear that it's not to be meant seriously, but they aren't violent by definition. In general, in those cases, intent is the keyword and it makes the whole difference. Threatening to kill someone is violent. Punching someone is violent. Calling someone a bitch because you don't like them is verbal abuse. I think we can all agree on that.
    However, if let's say your friend has pranked you, saying "I'm gonna kill you" and plotting your vengeance isn't violent because obviously you don't want to kill your friend, you're just fooling around. You don't want to actually harm them. 
    Or if your friend jokingly says you're an asshole for not helping them with their math homework, they aren't being violent either. They don't want to bring you down, insult you or cause you distress.
    I hope I cleared things up for you.   (But I do think he should apologize properly to those guys, that's the least he could do.)
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  6. SKR added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I get where you're coming from, but what he did was technically not hate speech.
    It is not an attack against jews, nor a threat, nor did he mean to degrade them and incite violence against them.It wasn't violent nor aggressive (verbally and/or physically) and wasn't meant to be taken this way.Pewds has an offensive sense of humor and if you watched his content for a while or you saw the entire video, you can definitely tell that he didn't mean it seriously and he didn't expect Funnyguys'd actually do it. He originally wanted to mess with them like with every other person he paid. He thought it'd be funny to do so, not because he actually hates jews and expresses hatred towards them. This guy has a shit ton of money so paying someone a few bucks for his shenanigans is literally nothing and I doubt he's actually antisemitic. He didn't pay to spread a message, he paid them to write a message on paper and to hold it up, which is only shared in his video. They weren't obligated to write "Death to all jews". They could have easily refused to do his request because it is a violation of Fivver's policies and they would have kept their jobs. When it happened, Felix felt really bad.
    Now if you think that's an awful joke, you're free to believe that and I won't stop you. I personally don't really like what happened either and I wished he'd apologize instead of dodging it, but the reason I'm defending him here is because accusing people of crimes they supposedly committed without proper knowledge of the subject and distorting the facts is a pretty ignorant thing to do.
    On a legal standpoint (since you brought it up), he's innocent. I doubt Sweden's judicial system even cares. (I even asked a friend who studies law about it and she thinks so too)
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  7. SKR added a post in a topic akidearest   

    Here you go  :
    -00:00 Aki plays a clip of Re:Zero, where Subaru tells Rem that he likes Emilia. The subs are incorrectly translated and make no sense.
    -00:14 Aki stops the video (Like Leafy often does) and starts a skit where she complains about the subtitles being incorrectly translated and asks why they don't make sense. The translator, also played by Aki, tells her she used google translate and thinks it's okay because it seemed fine. Aki is outraged and shoots the translator.
    -00:58 Aki does her intro and tells her audience not to use google translate as an accurate source for learning a language, what happens when you use it, when it's fine to do so, and when it's not.
    -01:54 Aki gets to the point of the video. She asked her subs to send her their favorite anime scenes, and she runs them through google translate's voice recognition system.
    -02:38 Starts off with a few Yuri on Ice scenes, fails badly.
    -03:57 Aki makes a little pause and says that maybe Yuri on Ice isn't the best idea since there's a lot of background noise
    -04:15 She tries a few scenes from AoT. GT surprisingly gets one sentence correct, otherwise it's an epic fail. (How did it even get loli sex from ?)
    -05:30 Battery died
    -05:38 She now tries the scenes that were recommended to her. Pretty much none of them was translated correctly.
    -07:34 Conclusion : This is what happens when you use google translate to translate anime.
    Honestly I didn't find it that bad, it was fun to watch.
    Recently she seems to do a lot more editing and it kinda reminds me of Leafy at some points (esp. the skit in the beginning) . I also feel like she's putting in more effort into her videos in general, but maybe that's just me.
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  8. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Nice try, but wrong era.  I'm Not Okay is from 3 Cheers 4 Sweet Revenge, not The Black Parade. But if you wanted to be a little more hipster-ish than WTTBP, I think this quote fits nicely :
    Well you can hide a lot about yourself,
    But honey, what're you gonna do?
    And you can sleep in a coffin,
    But the past ain't through with you.
    ~ Kill all your friends, MCR
    She looks so smug and satisfied in this screenshot. She looks like she just let out a fart she kept in all day and now she's like "Try to survive my flatulence h8trz, I made it in 15 hours !!! I worked really hard for it. ^^"... 
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  9. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Yay, she reasonably brushed her wig !  The haircut looks really good on her too, hopefully we'll be seeing more progress in the future.
    But eh,12 hours everyday? That's hardworking but I still wonder how much work goes in what. Who knows, maybe she only spends 1 or 2 hours or so editing/filming/writing down ideas per video. She said 12 hours total, after all.
    Hang in there, you're doing good work. 
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  10. SKR added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    1) I think being in the LGBT is pretty much accepted now by the general population. Most people accept the fact that you might be a different gender than the one you're born with or that you might be attracted to the same sex or both of them. There are still people who are opposed to that, but they're still a very small minority. Really, most people don't think being gay is a joke. Nor is being a certain ethnicity considered a joke either. What they think is a joke are the 2 million genders and sexualities that tumblr deems as acceptable. Also, making a joke about a game for example doesn't mean the game IS a joke as well. A slur, to me is similar to being called a "bitch", a "cunt" or what have you, only they are given so much more power than the latter. 
    Words are only as bad as you make them to be, and what I think Pewds is saying, is that we should drop the SJW attitude that dictates that every other word or action nowadays can be seen as triggering, racist or offensive, unless maybe you belong to a certain group of people. Like every extremist attitude, the SJW attitude promotes hate. Hate from minorities towards the majorities. The bigger victim someone is, the bigger their status so to speak. It is a form of discrimination no matter how you look at it.
    I've been bullied extensively in school and I'm a white cis able-bodied straight female. I've had a lot of insults directed at me because I was different. I was harmed from these words, so I know exactly how it feels like. But you know what ? After a while, I stopped caring as much and I'm not stuck in a state where I feel the need to make them suffer in return nor do I feel bitter in the end. But does it mean that since I was bullied I can make jokes about bullying while other people can't ? Do I get to decide what's harmful to me or other people ? Because I and many other bullied people have been called bitches, does it suddenly become unacceptable to call a bullied person a bitch unless you yourself were bullied ? No, that logic is flawed and is blown out of proportion. I'm not more important nor have more privilege than anybody else just because I was more unfortunate in the past. I don't wan't people to pity me or hand me stuff over because my life is so sad and that they're so sorry for what happened to me and I don't see why anyone should either. So please, stop babying "those poor victims who could be offended by mean words" and leave them alone. They can handle their own shit. If they can't, they have to learn to do so because the world isn't made to cater to them in the first place.
    2) Yes, I agree with you on this point. Just because you don't see racism doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There are a lot of these awful people, but they're mostly bigots, thus their minds can't be easily changed. But why listen to idiots ? However, at the same time I don't think that mainstream social justice activism even wants other countries to stop racism and sexism. I don't really see many petitions and stuff to help feminism in the Middle East for example. Most of it is just bitching about cultural appropriation. Why would they change if another country tells them that what they're doing is bad ? They don't care and that's none of our business, really.
    3) If you're a black person living in the 21st century, you didn't experience slavery first hand either, so why is it that tumblr, BLM and similar movements always fall back on the excuse that their people were oppressed by the whites as a free pass to insult "more privileged" people ? That's just justifying being an asshole. I'm not saying that black people don't experience racism, I'm saying that it works both ways and that POCs aren't the only ones who can experience racism. White people get a lot of shit for their skin color too, but it is justified as payback for what they did to other races in the past which I think is ridiculous.
    Sorry for the super long rant, I don't mean to attack anybody, so I'm really sorry if I came across as rude.  I just think that this SJW mindset is unhealthy and that we should stop being so triggered about everything. So in that sense, I agree with Pewdiepie that we should slow down in that aspect. I have mixed feelings about some things he says, but overall he speaks the truth. I'm all for equality for everybody. After all, we belong to one race : human. But the direction society's morality is going isn't towards equality and it kinda scares me to be fair.
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  11. SKR added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

     I can't breathe 
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  12. SKR added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    5th row 1st column. I think my cringe tolerance is relatively high. 
    I almost lost at 2nd row 2nd column though...
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  13. SKR added a post in a topic Itsbabydash / Dash / Cyr's girlfriend   

    Her eyes look gorgeous on this one !  
    But her lips look really swollen and disproportionate to her face and her nose is pulling a Voldemort. This ain't pretty. 
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  14. SKR added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    First off, you did the right thing by owning up to your mistakes and take responsibility. So props to you.  I can't speak for the other users but I see that you're sorry and I accept your apology. While I was re-reading this thread, I noticed that some of my remarks, notably the about your SAT score crossed the line. It was uncalled for and for that I'm really sorry. I realized that I sounded meaner than what I intended in many of my posts, so there's that.
    About your fifth point : Watching people we think are cringy is entertaining. Same reason as to why weeaboo compilations are so popular. Some people just can't get enough of it. (me and many people on this forum included)  
    (Also, I want to respond to some parts of your post, I changed their font color to green jic)
    Ok, I'll do a summary of what happened. @Agasshi found out about your bullying past and asked us whether we know you and what we think of you. And really, we thought you weren't that interesting. That was until @Agasshi posted a screenshot from your CC and I thought that me might have stumbled unto a gold mine of embarrassing quotes so I went all out and saved the ones I thought were the best. In retrospect I am kinda responsible for starting the drama in the first place and I was rather rude especially in my earliest posts. To me you sounded like a 13 year old who thinks that acting edgy like that is cool, and I was an asshole about it haha. And I admit, I was very excited to see your reaction. (It wasn't me who sent you the link though.) Some other users commented on you looking different compared to earlier pictures and suggested that you might edit them. The moistpuffin issue was dropped very quickly. When you found this thread, you freaked out (which was a fun reaction for a while) At that point, it was just us having fun over your and your fans' reaction while a few other users discussed about the fact that you might photoshop your selfies. Right after that, your friend @namsinned comes to defend you and says that you are upset about this thread. (And brings up the moistpuffin issue up again)
    This came across as a very childish move, she (I assume they're a girl)  had good intentions, but it made you appear like someone who can't take her own stand and who needs to go through a friend to get your point across. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I found it looks very similar to elementary school behavior, where a girl sends her friends out to tell a boy that she has a crush on him, and I thought it was very weird that at 17, someone would still need to resort to those tactics. That's why we called you out, not because we "exposed" you. You then deleted your CC, on which you said that you are fed up with this thread. Later on, someone posted a screenshot of one of your private accounts, where the comments were bashing PULL and its users, hidden where we couldn't even see or react which made you look even worse. Another whiteknight or 2 tried to defend you and the situation became really pathetic. (and surprise, brought up moistpuffins again) 
    And now, well, you showed up and cleared some things up, showing that you do in fact have the maturity to address this situation. 
    If you wanted us to leave this thread alone, you had 1 of 2 choices : ignore the thread entirely and acting as if nothing happened (instead of responding to your followers who asked about PULL on CC, not telling your fans to NOT make a fuss and deactivate your curiouscat anymore) or you should have come here and explained yourself sooner. That said, it's pretty much dead now anyways so don't worry dear.  
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  15. SKR added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    What point are you making ? Yes, 17 is young, but how does it excuse her current behavior ? If she was 10-14, we would be much more lenient towards her behavior since this is when everyone went through their cringey phase and that's how a lot of people acted like on social media (if it were the case, we wouldn't even discuss about her). But when you start hitting 17 or even 16, being an edgelord is not cool anymore, it becomes childish as hell. At that age, you're slowly becoming an adult and as a consequence you need to mature. You can't keep being a child or acting like one your whole life. From her reactions, she can't accept the fact that some people don't like what she does, and thus creates an echo-chamber where everyone praises her and where she's always right. Is that what a respectable adult would do ? No. That's what a child would do. And, no, at 17 she's not a child anymore so that can't be used as an excuse.
    If you didn't notice, we're totally over moistpuffin issue. It's you and the other whiteknights on this forum who keep bringing it up. What we're talking about is her and her fans' immature behavior that is so outlandish that it's become entertaining on its own. 
    People who care will defend someone they like at all costs. People who *really* care are the ones who are also not afraid to tell them when their behavior is not appropriate, because they want this person to be the best person they can become. You guys encourage her not to act her age without thinking of the consequences this may have. Yeah, sure, she can act however she wants, blah blah blah. But one of the most important skills to learn in one's life is to learn to handle criticism. And yes, it's hard on everyone, boo hoo, but the thing is, she doesn't even try. Her first reaction is to set her SNS to private, send a friend to PULL, complain about this thread and make passive-aggressive comments about us, where we can't even see. That's not something most teenagers do.
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