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  1. Jolie added a post in a topic zo0k   

    I am honestly still confused as to why and how guys find girls like this to look even remotely attractive or sexy??? 
    (How desperate and thirsty are her followers LOL)
    I'd get it if she looked much more natural and "humanely" proportioned, but she looks so abnormally fake and plastic 
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  2. Jolie added a post in a topic JessicaUniverse   

    Her followers be acting like she the next JK Rowling LOL
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  3. Jolie added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    I actually feel sorry for this gangnam oppa...
    I wouldn't be surprised if he got all that p.s. done so that he could gain a better chance at debuting (since looks do play a part) 
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  4. Jolie added a post in a topic hiyaang   

    Honestly I could never understand this mindset that a lot of POC people seem to have in that POC folk can't be racist or racially aggressive towards others. 
    Some of the most racist people I've personally encountered were POC (The first time I was called the n-word was by my Filipino classmate) 
    My co manager is Peruvian/Brazilian and he is incredibly aggressive towards East Asians and Black people. He's always saying shit like "ugh typical Black people" or "Don't touch him hes Chinese" and expects me to laugh along with him just cause he says "I'm just kidding" or "You're one of the good black people haha"  
    People who act and claim that certain ethnic groups can't be racist are full of b.s.
    I can never understand people like Hiyaang who say such hateful words without feeling a hint of guilt at all  it's disgusting and frankly speaking, horrifying...
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  5. Jolie added a post in a topic Is there a thread about Yungelita?   

    The bed legit looks as if someone took a dump or massive diarrhea on it 
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  6. Jolie added a post in a topic ov.nx/koreaboo??   

    I swear almost EVERY SINGLE female weaboo and koreaboo has this nasty attitude towards East Asian girls. These wanna bes are so insecure and salty about themselves that they have the need to constantly put down the female population of the race they fetishize to feel better about themselves.
    It's honestly so pathetic cause it shows people how much they thirst to feel "superior" in any way that they can  
    Honestly, idk what this girl is even arrogant about cause all that shooping makes her look completely fake and unnatural from head to toe. I sent my Korean guy friend her insta and the first message he responded with was "Damn, is that all photoshop or plastic surgery?". Her shooping makes her look like a plastic alien... 
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  7. Jolie added a post in a topic vyxia   

    @saltycookie and @Cutesy
    Maybe it's just cause I suck at detecting minimal shooping (With an exception of extreme ones), but on her spam account she uploaded a video of her face and she looked the same as most of her pictures 
    Her very early pictures seem to use filters and shooping though with her jaw and eyes 
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  8. Jolie added a topic in Online Personalities   

    So I found this girl on instagram since she seems to pop up quite often on my explore page. 
    Spam Account
    She's a very pretty Chinese Canadian gal, who mostly posts up outfit pics, selfies, and sometimes even makeup.
    She seems to get a lot of love from her male followers over her nice body (especially since she began to post up more pics with her boobs ), while her female followers rave about her big eyes (I think she once claimed on one of her pics that she wore colored contacts for a majority of her pictures)?
    Tbh, when I first saw her pics, I assumed that she shooped or had p.s. (since personally, I don't think she resembles her siblings or parents at all), but she seems to be all natural.
    Any thoughts about her? 

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  9. Jolie added a post in a topic 써니채널 Sunny's Channel (Youtuber)   

    I love her videos! She's so pretty and she seems like a nice girl 
    I always enjoy watching her "transform" into certain kpop idols with her makeup (I especially liked her Suzy and Kyeongree makeup).
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  10. Jolie added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    But tbh, I kind of understand what Edward meant in regards to Korea's racism?
    When I go on youtube and I watch all these "RACIST KOREA" or "My experiences with Racism in Korea" videos, a majority of the comments are always generalizing the entire Korean population for the actions and behaviors of certain individuals. Yes, racism is an issue in Korea (like most homogenous countries), but it makes no sense to label all Koreans as racist 
    What I find problematic about Edward's claim is his assumption that racism doesnt exist cause he hasnt personally experienced it (he's pale af too).
    My family has gone to Korea several times and we've never experienced racism, but I won't deny it not being an issue 
    Yeah I agree, I would understand the question a bit more if he were maybe a black individual, but asking a beauty youtuber who isn't even black this question? What kind of answer do they expect? I'd prefere to hear from an actual black person about their experiences with this issue.
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  11. Jolie added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    She's a very pretty girl! 
    I used to follow her a couple months ago, but I unfollowed cause she was a bit too boring for my taste haha
    Plus I don't really like how she never seems to answer dms either (which to me, kind of shows she doesn't really communicate with her followers) 
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  12. Jolie added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    This girl looks like an unnatural Sims character 
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  13. Jolie added a post in a topic hyulari   

    I hope you don't mind me asking but how does one tell if one's eyelid line looks natural??? 
    Is it just when the line looks less prominent? 
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  14. Jolie added a post in a topic smallbootymary/trn.mry   

    This girl has some serious growing up to do... Her life honestly just looks so sad and a bit pathetic 
    For some reason I can't find her account either. I guess she deleted it?
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  15. Jolie added a post in a topic hyulari   

    Yes to be honest, I do agree that it kind of looks as if she's wearing colored contacts since she seems to do so from time to time  
    I appreciate you providing your input here, however I'm kind of confused as to why you inputted an Asian racial slur to describe her eyes (tbh, it just seemed very rude and overall disrespectful)?
    I'm only half Asian so I can't say for sure, but isn't that a term used to denounce Asian features???
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