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  1. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic PONY MUA (In general and recent)   

    Her fake tat says "KNIT" which is the name of her cat (a Persian, I believe). If you dig through her Instagram, she posts photos of her cat and hashtags them with #knit. But the real tattoo on her wrist has her boyfriend's Instagram name (vivus_vici) so I guess it's probably a romantic quote or something. I don't know what language it is.
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  2. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Simply_kenna commented on the video hahaha idk sometimes I feel like when famous YouTubers comment on other YouTubers' videos, it's kinda like self promotion.
    About the video, there were times when the zooming was kinda off? In the beginning, when she applied the eyeshadow, it was zoomed in so much and the camera was focused on her hair and not her eyes which kinda destroys the point and makes it kinda hard to actually see the application.
    True. Colored lighting is okay for me (for artistic videos or movies or whatever) but for a makeup tutorial??? I think for makeup tutorials you're supposed to use a good color balance so that the products you're using appear true-to-life on camera. Granted that the look was very simple, I still don't think it was a good choice to use colored lighting for it.
    EDIT: She mentioned what the video was inspired by.

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  3. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Yeah, this is kinda true. I don't really see her as someone who actively pursues a romantic relationship. She seems to be focused on herself (not in a conceited way, but in a more career-centered type of way).
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  4. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Favorite eyeshadow palette?   

    I love the Naked 3 palette (unpopular opinion, I know but I love rose and blush tones so yeah), and only one shade from the palette has disappointed me but I can still work with it.
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  5. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic iamkareno / karen yeung   

    She's basically talking about LA, how when she first came there people were so nice and then they progressed to becoming shittier towards her. Judgmental stuff, being hateful and how the beauty and fashion community was full of toxic people like that.
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  6. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Who are you favorite Asian Instagrammers?   

    My friends talk a lot about VSCO, and I'm pretty sure she adds a highlights tint (probably a magenta one) and then lowers the value down a little bit so it's not a vibrant hot pink. 
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  7. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    That's cool. It just kind of surprised me  Especially after her bad piercing experience, if I was her I would have probably stopped altogether but I understand that's what she wants. Now I'm actually pretty curious to see what it looks like on her, since she has fuller lips and I think lip piercings look amazingly striking on full lips.
    I looked around and yeah, her last piercings were from last year. Oh my depleting memory lol.
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  8. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Who are you favorite Asian Instagrammers?   

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  9. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I checked her Instagram stories and it appears that she got a lip piercing and she's making a video about it. Honestly speaking, it kinda freaks me out how she gets piercing after piercing? I'm not against piercings at all, it just feels that they're kinda spontaneous to her since she gets them one after the other.
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  10. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic How to make nose smaller without rhinoplasty   

    I second this. Those nose clips and nose inserts can actually damage your nasal canals if used improperly or too often. Remember that your nose takes care of breathing, and I understand that you might want to change your nose but it's important to keep yourself safe along the way.
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  11. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic When does make-up become yellowface/blackface/racist?   

    Yeah, I thought that making fun of the involved race was the only thing that was offensive back then, so it was kinda confusing to me too. Then I saw people getting mad over racist makeup, and it just all went down. But then again, we're in the internet, and the list of offensive things seem to expand every year lol
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  12. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Question: Is that a mole on her lip, or a scar or something? I always see it when she's not wearing makeup in the beginning of her makeup videos and I'm curious since she always seems to do a gradient lip and cover it up.
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  13. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Baozi & hana (包子 & HANA)   

    Ohh okay thank you for clearing that up, kababayan. Glad to know it all went well since BaoHan were so stressed about it at  the time.
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  14. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic Baozi & hana (包子 & HANA)   

    They've been to my country several times before (Philippines btw) and there was an issue with their meet & greet, but it was mostly the organizers' fault. Few months before the event, they were selling expensive M&G tickets and it got sold out really fast. Everyone that bought the tickets thought that all of them would get the chance to actually meet BaoHan and talk to them, get stuff signed, etc. Fast forward to a week(?) before the event, the organizers said that those who bought M&G tickets will have a raffle on the day of the M&G, and only those who get picked in the raffle get to ACTUALLY meet BaoHan. The people who weren't picked in the raffle just get to sit in the same room with BaoHan and participate in a Q&A, and a lot of people got pissed and demanded for refunds. That was also Baozi's birthday, and Hana was all over Twitter and trying to calm the fans down and said that they weren't informed of the change. He was apologizing a lot on Twitter and said that he didn't want the fans to be sad on Baozi's birthday, so they tried to talk to the organizers about it. I'm not sure what actually happened in the M&G itself.
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  15. __aliceliddell added a post in a topic When does make-up become yellowface/blackface/racist?   

    This is a very confusing topic for me but from my understanding, it's trying to change your facial features (skin color, eye shape, face shape, whatever) just to fit in with a different race. Like Ahripop said, people who try so hard to make their eyes look more Asian just to fit in with Asians even thought you're not really Asian. Another example is probably people who tan themselves too dark just to fit in with races of darker skin tones, and claiming that 'oh I'm naturally of this race'. I hope I'm making sense.
    Another example, which I guess is common sense, is trying to make yourself look like a different race just make fun of the said race. You know how stupid people pull at their eyelids and say 'look at me I'm Chinese ching chong ching chong'? Basically that. But with makeup.
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