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  1. shyclops added a topic in Online Personalities   

    @bakasoseji / Simon
    insta | tumblr | facebook | twitter
    bakasoseji is a 26 year old cosplayer from sweden. he also partakes in lolita fashion. he is currently in a relationship with indonesian cosplayer @phinaphin   
    i wanted to talk about how i think he is a little shady when it comes to his relationship with @vivekatt. if you notice when you go to @vivekatt and @bakasoseji instagrams they tend to both have alot of pictures with each other while phin is in indonesia, which is fine. however, it is rumored that they have both dated once before, and they spend alot of “weekends” together and even go on cruises with each other.
    some noteworthy insta comments on pictures with bakasoseji and vivekatt together:  
    vivekatt and bakasoseji have known each other since 2013. this might be a reach but i think vivekatt might have been underage when they first met up? either way vivekatt’s age is under question as both her tumblr asks and famousbirthdays dont make sense.
    i also think that vivekatt has had feelings with simon before, which leads me to think that they had dated before. 
    some more vivekatt and simon pics
    vivekatt’s vlog with bakasoseji
    anyways, either i might be just worried too much about their relationship and their contradictory statements, or there is something actually going on. or maybe they are actually just really good friends. i just found it weird that they hung out ALOT while simon is in a relationship with phin, and im pretty sure viveka has had some feelings for simon at some point? not trying to jeopardize any relationship, however the way @bakasoseji tends to handle it is quite shady. anyways, hope to see your opinions on the subject! 
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  2. shyclops added a post in a topic Princess Sakura Serenity (Serenity Tsukishiro)   

    does she have a job or does she just e beg?
    if its the latter then yikes
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  3. shyclops added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    i dont mean to nitpick but i honestly dont get as to how she pulls so many dudes, but also have the audacity to cheat and also flirt with other guys while shes in a relationship. she honestly looks extremely mediocre & her personality is kind of obnoxious. if you watch her streams she comes off as try-hard edgy and its so cringy. idubbz deserves better imo
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  4. shyclops added a post in a topic E-boys   

    yea it was fucking creepy. i was 17 when he sent those. i didnt really expect the photos because they came out of fucking nowhere, like i dont think i ever had a formal conversation with him. 
    i added him on snapchat because i saw it on his twitter, and during that time period i was obsessed with league streamers and had alot added on snap to see their lifestyles and all. that was a fucking mistake. i blocked him after the 4th time he messaged me. if you are all curious, the half naked pics usually consisted of him taking a pic at a high angle so you can see his bare chest and he’s kind of like, sucking in his stomach. i still have the pics ingrained in my head i wish i had screenshots to prove to you guys T_T
    EDIT: just googled kreptonite snap on google images and these are EXACTLY like the photos he would send me 

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  5. shyclops added a post in a topic E-boys   

    used to have krepo’s snap. first hand account i can confirm he does send pics on snap. i never got actual nudes because i always steered him away from the subject usually, but he used to send me pictures of him without a shirt on when he was drunk and ALWAYS flirted with me, even though i made it obvious i had a boyfriend at the time AND that i was underage. i wish i screenshotted them for proof but i didnt at the time for obvious reasons. his snap was like kreptonite or something before he deleted. 
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  6. shyclops added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    aa sorry mods! you may delete this thread. when i checked the PULL database for melanie martinez the thread was not popping up so i assumed there wasnt a thread already, super sorry
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  7. shyclops added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Melanie Martinez
    TW: Sexual assault, R*pe
    insta - twitter - fb - youtube

    Melanie Martinez is a 22 year old singer/songwriter that came into prominence after her appearance on the television show, The Voice in 2012. She is known for making “edgy” music and is friends with Yungelita/Emma Harvey. Some of her more popular songs are Pity Party and Dollhouse. In some songs, she features DDLG-like themes and many of the themes of her songs appeal to it. 
    She has been known for her controversial "artistry" that relates to children and sexual themes - click for Affinity Magazine article "Melanie Martinez: Stop Sexualizing Young Children"Has supported Limecrime in the past, and promoted them in her music videos by wearing their lipstickHas featured Yungelita in her music video for Tag, You're it. Yungelita is known for problematic tendencies such as romanticizing serial killers, pedophiles, DDLG, rape, incest and sexualizing children.  Recently, one of her ex-bestfriends, Timothy Heller, claimed that Melanie Martinez had molested her without her consent.Screenshots:
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  8. shyclops added a post in a topic OfficialNuehleVang   

    um. what makes it worse is that she KNEW it was stolen art in the first place. 
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  9. shyclops added a post in a topic Post on Lili/@Downseung   

    ive seen her irl and shes very pretty. ive never heard any drama surrounding her at all nor anything problematic that she has done
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  10. shyclops added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Pearypie (Amata Chittasenee)
    An old biography of hers found here
    Pearypie is a thai youtuber and makeup artist known for her quirky fashion, travelling videos, makeup videos. Recently she has been under fire due to wearing (please let me know if the term is wrong!) box braids. 

    This is her apology: 

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  11. shyclops added a post in a topic Lauren Tsai "Lala"   

    i first saw her in terrace house aloha state and i was so amazed because she is so pretty naturally
    there was a time in the show i thought that was pretty interesting where one of the guys (kai i think) liked her but she didnt. kai asked her on a date and she said yes (i guess bc she felt pressured? idk) and the date ended up being really awkward. she got mad at some of the members for egging him on (kai asked for advice and some of the members were like ya go for it!! even though they knew she didnt like him) for putting her in that kind of situation. 
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  12. shyclops added a post in a topic Bella Thorne   

    i wish people would call her out more on this shit, it's so trashy and disgusting that she would cheat. two times!!  she's now with gregg sulkin today again after the whole disick thing, which makes me mad because you would think gregg would know better..
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  13. shyclops added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    1:59 - "I would just like to say though, you should check with your optometrist to get the "OK" to wear circle lenses"
    then goes off to say afterwards
    "even though my optometrist recommended me not to be wearing them.... but-the ones im wearing now are more... *pause* less damaging"
    *and then she proceeds to add "rebel" text on right hand of screen while she advocates fucking up your eyesight but not really*
    how cute

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  14. shyclops added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    there should be a seperate thread for the person who made the video - Attila The Khunt. he's an attention-loving asshole
    but anyways i've talked to her before on gaia and she comes off as a nice person. i cant think of an instance where she did something in order to spite someone (if they didnt deserve it)
    prob gonna go back to edit this post to show scs of her sketchy posts. 
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  15. shyclops added a post in a topic Malu Travejo   

    she might as well be posted to little snowflakes tbh. it is so fucked up that she lied about her mom having cancer while scamming other people. 
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