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  1. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    She should be in college now? She finished high school pretty recently. I remember her tweeting about missing video games back in November because she will supposedly be busy for the upcoming semester which should be right now? Eh I don't know what her workload is but depending on it she can still act normal like nothing major is going on.
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  2. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if she pulls this off for several more years. Many more people these days stay at home during or after college and don't move out and continue to survive off parents for as long as they can.
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  3. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    That was speculation from the whole mannequin thing years back.
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  4. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Wow, so edgy of her!! 
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  5. BunniSkies added a post in a topic What does your skincare routine consist of?   

    Just a week ago I added AHA serum to my Korean skin care routine and it made all the difference. That AHA is a holy grail for me. I always struggled with pimples and very flaky, bumpy skin and while double cleansing did help, the flakiness came back quickly and I didn't like all the friction on my face while rubbing the oil in. AHA every morning and night dramatically helped brighten my skin and made it and kept it smooth and bump-less because it easily rid all that old skin. My skin is no longer flaky and because of that, it's much harder for pimples to form.  It's much less harsh on my skin because it's a chemical exfoliate, I just need to glide it on my skin and neck and let it dry. No rubbing and scrubbing.
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  6. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Honestly when I see someone THAT pale FOR REAL outside in the sun, they reflect everything and it hurts my eyes. No offense to actual super pale people, it's just what happens.
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  7. BunniSkies added a post in a topic When does Asian Fashion become Fetishizing?   

    It's completely fine.
    It's just fashion, it can be universal but not always accepting in differing societies especially with Asian male fashion being done in the West. If people enjoy following J and K-fashion and are greatly influenced through it, what's the problem? I would be pleased if I had a Western friend that was interested in Asian fashion, it would give us lots to talk about and would give me differing perspectives because of my Western friend's differences in facial structure, build, and hair. People in Asia follow Western trends as well. The only problem arises if the person wants to be a different ethnicity.
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  8. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Breakout   

    In my experience it really does. It's best to use it at night or when you have to go out. It absorbs all the gunk out of the blemish slowly. It can also remove the head of the blemish very safely. I highly recommend it since it speeds up healing from the absorption of gunk and protects from the elements which would further irritate the blemish and risk of scarring. Some blemishes would only need one patch and it's healed, and some need more nights.
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  9. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Breakout   

    I know, I was just adding onto the Cosrx experience. 
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  10. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Breakout   

    I agree with using Cosrx products. Their pimple patches would work very nicely as well if you get any inflammation since it acts as a barrier so you can't pick at it and protects it from bacteria and accidental trauma (like your nail hitting your blemish) while slowly sucking out all the oils and impurities that make a blemish. They would work on the wens, but you have to use the patches multiple times since they're deeply rooted.
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  11. BunniSkies added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. I would love her to do a good Q&A video, if more people knew she were Hmong that'd bring a lot of positive representation and such, IMO. Plus her fans could feel more close to her. She could teach us the differences between Hmongs and Chinese, to end some confusion (like with me).
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  12. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Think it's worth bringing this back up again from lolcow.

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  13. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Yeah, she did move to America around 10 years old. But she lives in America and is a citizen, she can say she's from America if she wants but is born in the Philippines.. I don't see any problem. My immigrant parents do that.
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  14. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Asian Beauty/Skincare   

    Oh yes, I use the Snail Line! For the snail cream itself, it's a very good moisturizer (jelly like) and helpful for sensitive and irritated skin. It's very gentle (in my experience) and I use it especially when my face is inflamed. Though, it has a strong fragrance, a little floral like.
    I also use the Super Aqua Waterfull Cream, it's amazing for the winter time. It's a thick facial moisturizer that locks in moisture and keeps dryness at bay pretty well. Not oily or sticky at all.
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  15. BunniSkies added a post in a topic Nostalgia   

    I agree, in the gaming community nostalgia has been a huge factor in people having really bad expectations and hatred for some long running video games. Final Fantasy has been one of the worst culprits for nostalgia...and so many can't enjoy Final Fantasy XV because it can't deliver those nostalgic feelings they've had from the older entries when they played it during their childhood. So, they can't comprehend the changes and direction the video game is taking so they just go and hate it because of nostalgia from their old turn based Final Fantasy games. Instead, they turn to the Persona series which has been playing it safe for nearly a decade... they use the same anime story formula of a band of misfit high school teenagers saving the world with their newfound powers stemming from their inner struggles. The gameplay is the same too, turn based and visual novel style only adding a few tweaks and improvements each entry and people love it despite just being a reskin of older games. Compare that to Final Fantasy XV which took amazing risks by being the first Final Fantasy AAA open world action role-playing game, and that gets a lot of hate from how drastically it strayed from the past. Without this risk and change, Final Fantasy would have died.
    There needs to be some PSA on this in the future, as silly as it sounds. Or, at least within the industry to encourage people to take those huge leaps and risks once again.
    But, nostalgia in some cases isn't harmful. Like today, my mom found and bought some really old cookies from my childhood and I had a nice feeling when I looked at it, and then especially when I smelled it. It set me up for a good mood the rest of the day. Doesn't mean I'm going to hate on every new cookie and become sour. 
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