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  1. htttps added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    i hope the police/fbi deal with him privately. there's a lot of creepy men like him out there and putting him on blast on major networks or social media (which what he actually wants, even if he isnt explicitly saying it) will only give him more supporters

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  2. htttps added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i believe this too. none of them are Beyoncé material, so disbanding the group will mean the end of the hype for all of them
    a lot of the jennie hype comes from the constant comparisons her solo stans do within the group. they compare achievements like brand deals and praising articles with her own bandmates. thats why they're always like "nayeon and jennie the queens of girl groups" or "nayeon and jennie the prettiest girl group members". its all about making jennie look better than the other members, as if she was carrying the rest of the group on her back (when she's not)
    if jennie went solo they would have to start comparing her achievements with other solo female acts. in order to do that she would need to do more than look pretty in a few airport photos.
    i dont think her stans realize that as a group, the media attention is constantly shifting amongst all of them, and one of them is always doing something so there's always going to be articles about them being published. when you're a solo act, all the attention is on YOU. they wont be able to cover her mistakes by saying "well, lisa/rose/jisoo also made a mistake in that performance!!!" or "the other members didnt interact with the crowd either!!!"
    and it would be hilarious if, after years of claiming motion sickness (or whatever excuse they're using these days), jennie had a solo career and performed perfectly without any lazy controversy. either she would have to keep making lackluster performances every once in a while to keep the narrative consistent and risk the public telling her to go home and give her career up in favor of someone healthy, or she would have to deal with the public finally realizing that she just didnt care about the group performances at all. either way, its not gonna look good on her side.
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  3. htttps added a post in a topic Halsey   

    tbh this kind of look has been super popular lately due to the euphoria show, and we know ashley loves to jump onto whatever is popular at the moment
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  4. htttps added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    that last screenshot sounds a lot like that funny post of the snapchat story with the black background that went something like "i'm not ok. dont ask me about it only some people know whats going on. if you aske me i'll block you" or something like that.
    it made me laugh a lot because she sat there, looking for the perfect angle to properly show her tears but also her disgusting mucus, and then typed an entire caption on top of it, changed the color, and went through all the steps necessary to post it in her story. AND SHE DID IT TWICE.
    a "i'm sorry for spoiling it" from the notes app would have been better. actually it would be even better if she deleted it, but being the first one to do it and having a few people tell her how much they like it is more important i guess.
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  5. htttps added a post in a topic cupofjasmien / jasmine chan   

    i feel like Lilith is a nice NICE person, you know what i mean?? like you could do her wrong time and time again but if you apologize she would forgive you every time. i guess the correct term would be 'naive'. i dont think growing up with annabelle as a sister was easy and their relationship on camera has shown that plenty of times, so i guess she deals with things by ignoring them until they disappear or become better. kind of like learned helplessness.
    tbh i wouldnt be surprised if Jasmine reached out like "i'm sorry for the drama uwu! i'm so stressed i dont know how this happened and i feel so bad! you're so cute lets be friends instead since we already have a lot of friends in common". 
    i mean her, iris and gogo were in some drama a while ago after they all dated the same creepy guy but still managed to make a friendship out of it. maybe if annabelle actually called out jasmine back in the day for her constant plagiarism the story would have been different. but she didnt, so i guess lilith is just gonna have to wait until jasmine finds another person to fixate on.
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  6. htttps added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    a lot of grown men build their entire personalities on hating whatever young girls like at the moment and its really fucking annoying because instead of being called out they get coddled by the usual "edgy" crowd who spent most of their teens being ridiculed/bullied for their hobbies but somehow are unable to realize that they're doing the exact same thing.
    back in the day it was justin bieber (and one day we're going to talk about the amount of bulllying he went through at the beginning of this decade) and nowadays its kpop.
    imagine being 25+ and being so invested in what teenage girls enjoy in their free time. i would hate myself too lmao.
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  7. htttps added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Haley ended up exposing herself because her ego got too big. a lot of youtubers do, actually. they fabricate an entire online persona to get ahead of the game and their followers eat it up because, why would a person lie about themselves online for so long? then once they make it big those "you're so cool" and "you're the best" comments start getting to their heads because instead of thinking "they're praising me for the version of myself i present to them" they think "they're praising my entire persona". thats when they get too comfortable and start showing their real personality online, the "relatable" factor disappears and people realize they're not as nice or intelligent as they pretended to be.
    Ashley will go through the same thing: right now she's the super fashionable, cool chick, college girl who makes funny sex jokes and works so so so hard but in a trendy and aesthetic way. but that car video on her second channel was a real glimpse into how cringey Ashley actually is behind the cameras. the only reason she was comfortable enough to share that is because people have been hyping up her on-screen persona for so long. the more those comments starts getting to her head, the more videos like that we're gonna get. thats when people will finally be able to see the real Ashley and will start connecting the dots, and realize the amount of inconsistencies between what she preaches and what she actually does. thats when she will finally lose her relatability and the "why you should stop watching ashley/bestdressed" videos will start rolling
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  8. htttps added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    a fake mugshot at that lmao
    i guess since Belle "got arrested" now all her copycats will also try to be a "bad girl who plays video games uwu"
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  9. htttps added a post in a topic Halsey   

    nah, this just sounds like a regular obsessive fangirl who thinks they know a celebrity because they know a lot of facts about them and have watched every single one of their interviews at least twice
    they always present their "theories" as facts
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  10. htttps added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia   

    i think not being able to enter the USA and therefore being unable to hang out with the usual influencer/model LA crowd has done wonders for her because she kept her personality instead of diluting it to mix in with the people who constantly change their to fit with whatever is trendy in LA 
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  11. htttps added a post in a topic melovemealot   

    omg i didnt know she was 30 i thought she was in her early 20s or something, now her hanging out with all these barely legal adults looks so creepy
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  12. htttps added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    lol he is desperate, who the hell is buying his nsfw content anyways??
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  13. htttps added a post in a topic Onision   

    i'm honestly surprised with how fast everything is moving right now
    people have been reporting onision's behavior for YEARS but somehow he always got away with it. a new controversy came along, people would call him out and then after seeing no response from the authorities people moved on, and that cycle kept repeating itself again and again for the past few years. it seemed like there was no way to get him.
    but after Sarah decided to speak up and later Shiloh it seems like it all finally snowballed pretty big and now FINALLY there's no way he can avoid the consequences of his actions
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  14. htttps added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    to be honest i'm surprised this hasnt happened before considering how obsessed some pewdiepie fans are
    you cant constantly post about being on vacation/away from your home while simultaneously sharing where you live....famous or not, you never know who's keeping track of your movements
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  15. htttps added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    lol this right here! some people have built their entire personalities around loving dogs because they see themselves reflected in them, so they feel like they HAVE to dislike cats because they dont align with their personality
    this is such a broad generalization and absolutely not true. if anything dogs are with humans for interest because they are unable to survive on their own. Dogs didnt naturally become pets, human took literal wolves and kept them in cages out of convenience, so dogs didnt evolve to be "human friends" voluntarily. Humans literally trained them for centuries to be that way.
    and YES you do have to give love to your cats. who the hell has a pet in their house and refuses to love them???
    also we're not gonna act like cats havent been interacting with humans for centuries when Egypt and its ancient culture is literally right there
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