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  1. YTwannabe added a post in a topic Are "anti SJW's" generally capitalists?   

    This is going to be an absurdly long reply
    TL;DR socialism is lame
    Anyway, a CEO doesn't 'deserve' money based on just being a CEO. You have shitty CEO's that make terrible company decisions, make fuck-all, and are fired. You have geniuses who are CEO's and make the right decisions that expand their company in such a way that loads of profit comes to them. Its not an easy task! Let me tell you something- the CEO makes more money than a nurse because nurses are limited by how many hours they work. CEO's are able to generate passive income when they're asleep, on vacation, or having lunch when their company's products sell- because that's how the free market works products can be bought at any time. Since profit is constantly coming in, the CEO is constantly being paid. What reason would the nurse have to get paid while s/he's sleeping/on vacation/ whatever if s/he does nothing for the hospital while s/he isn't directly working on a patient? Patients/their families will only pay for the nurse's product (medical attention) when s/he is actually giving out the product. Is s/he owed free money? Based on what? 
    Socialism can't be done in ~*its purest form*~ because the kind of person who can turn a democratic nation on its head and forcefully convert the free market into socialism isn't the same kind of person who will kindly make sure every poor person can have their fair share. It means every person who isn't that person's friend or helped them get to power is going to be poor while the lucky few will live like kings. How many times does it have to happen to other countries until socialism fans finally get it? Human nature doesn't work that way. We will always want to gather more resources than what we need because a human's focus is on the survival of him/herself, their kin, and then their close companions. We aren't hive-minded and programmed to save every person ever. If we looked the same/were born the same/had no distinguishable forms of social capital like ants I'd say maybe but humans aren't like that. 
    Even if we simultaneously destroyed all capitalism ever, pooled all of the money together, and then gave out a fair share to every person you'd realize every person would only get like 15,000 don't you? Do the math! If you look at how much cold hard cash there is (not stocks and loans that aren't real) PHYSICAL cash there's only like 60-80 trillion of that while the population is going out of control, we're at like 7 billion or something now. And do you really think the people who destroyed all of capitalism are going to be like, 'well 15,000 sounds swell to me'. No! They will be like, 'you know what, fuck it, I'm getting several millions here for me and my pals and every one can have only like 5K only cool cool' So yeah its true most money isn't real, but that doesn't mean it doesn't affect the real world you can't just ignore it while our current society is in place the way it is. 
    And money has to be limited because if you produce too much the value goes down. Much of the 'money' you see big CEO's have isn't real anyway- its in stocks and assets and money spent a while back that, if anything happens to the economy, goes up in smoke. If you look at how much real cash they actually have its such a small percentage of what google or whatever will claim they actually have. Do you really think a person who is a multi-millionaire actually just has the exact amount s/he's said to be worth in their bank that your benevolent dictator can calmly subtract from their bank account? The person's house would have to be sold, and everything in it, and then their bank account emptied, and then be in debt to reach the millions that the person is claimed to be worth. 
    Or but let's say these guys are heroes straight out of Harry Potter and don't take more than their fair share- where is the money for all of your support programs and running a government which has to practically bottle feed the economy and the populace- which now includes the whole world of 7+ billion people- when the incentive to earn is taken away from them and you have this limited amount of real cash? I'm not explaining incentive to earn and what that does and how its linked to capitalism and not socialism because its on the internet. But basically all of this noise will lower how much people get even below that 15K ballpark figure I gave. Its hard to do perfect math because we only have world population figures- not 'earning adults who can work and aren't disabled'- figures and we don't have 'real money' figures only estimates. But even with just doing that its insanity. Just insanity. 15K isn't even a livable wage in several parts of the world now.  
    And to answer your question- I don't think support should be given when it sacrifices other people's freedom. There is only so much you can suck from the people in taxes to give to others. Especially now that I've explained the math the money is finite for a reason. 
    And it is a complex issue because humans are a complex group of people. To call you simple would be an insult. To call the people running our nations simple would be naive. Everything about this screams complex.
    And freedom means having the ability to pursue happiness- not the guarantee that working hard = direct profit. People aren't born with the same talents and abilities. Poor people can be born with high IQs, rise up, and become CEOs, yet there are rich people that are just stupid, spend all of their money, and end up in destitution. 
    The problem with your whole argument is that its all fairy tales, fantasy, trying to take the moral high ground, ignoring basic google-able economics, and straw manning while in the real world- storybook fairness is against human nature and won't happen- trying to take the moral high ground covers up logic and real world numbers in favor of feelings- and using a small percentage of the population to demonstrate why we should make literally and not figuratively every other person suffer. There's got to be a middle ground- more government money going to programs so that people don't die of poverty and trying to ease up on the myriad of reasons why people are that poor in a land of wealth to begin with. 
    Its awesome that your socialist land will never happen but it sucks that the 1% won't let go of enough wealth to help people who need it. 
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  2. YTwannabe added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    I want to be popular on youtube lmao
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  3. YTwannabe added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    i wish i could just be her stylist and editor and social media manager and photographer haha. all of the fame and money. such a waste. 
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  4. YTwannabe added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I dont think her spazzing out over anime is really an issue. Just garden variety cringe. 
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  5. YTwannabe added a post in a topic myah alanna   

    That's exactly what I thought when her offensive twitter bio or whatever video appeared in my recommended videos. Spot on.
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  6. YTwannabe added a post in a topic xxScreamKiwixx   

    Maybe because she doesn't like YouTube anymore, like yes she likes the attention and money and free fetish gear so that's why she's still doing it but she actually hates having to film and edit and come up with more ideas, hence this blandness. Or she really is that boring all the time. 
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  7. YTwannabe added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I think the shoes are cute as fuck, the shoes aren't the issue, the issue is how she fucking coorded it all. Everything in the room being pink except her skin, the bed post, and the rose petals doesn't help either. 
    How would she reinvent herself, you think? Getting a real job seems impossible because of how easily accessible records of her work ethic are. What other interests does she even have besides pretending to be a nerd, abusing her skin+hair, and scamming people?
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  8. YTwannabe added a post in a topic Rowan Blanchard   

    isnt she like 16 or something? I remember going through that pretentious asshole phase where everyone who didn't agree with me was morally bankrupt. Hopefully she stops this and joins the rest of the world in moderate land lmao. 
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  9. YTwannabe added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Thats what I thought, that the aquarium shit was somewhere else. Lmao I'm with you I want to hear about MCM
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  10. YTwannabe added a post in a topic What anime girl stereotype are you?   

    The Kamidere type is the ultimate force to be reckoned with. Bossy, stubborn and never excepting "no" for an answer, they are the ruling dictators of everyday life with a major superiority complex. People cower in fear in their presence, but the Kamidere will show no mercy and will always use people however they wish. Kamideres demand special treatment and live to control people; they see themselves as higher beings, while everybody else is their servant. Anybody who dares to defy them will receive a violent punishment.
    Oh my god. I mean I am this, but more inside than outside lmao. I'm like this to a tolerable extent when I'm with people I like and 100% the rest of the time I am Dandere probably. 
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  11. YTwannabe added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    wait wait, she got blacklisted? why, specifically?
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  12. YTwannabe added a post in a topic Omni (An Open PEDOPHILE)   

    I saw this the other day. He definitely needs counselling and to learn empathy for other human beings. But I don't think he will. I think he grossly wants to justify himself rather than acknowledging 'hey i have a problem i need to fix it'. He needs to be put on some sort of watch list. 
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  13. YTwannabe added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    You are my hero thx
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  14. YTwannabe added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    This is unrelated to everything but which app lets you add the cute cat ears and bat wings and shit to your photos? I cannot find it for the life of me. 
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  15. YTwannabe added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    ?? But she looks so good here? Softer makeup that suits her age actually makes her look younger than the scene style that highlights her outdatedness. 
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