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  1. zai added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    i interpreted that as she was saying that she survived leukemia two years ago lol
    either way it's really inappropriate that she's naming dropping such a serious illness for her own gain. like idk if she really did have it or not but i'm pretty sure even people that really had leukemia wouldn't have done the same
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  2. zai added a post in a topic KotaKoti ( Dakota ) GENERAL thread   

    uhhh on her twitter she said she had acute leukemia two years ago??? i dont remember hearing anything about this
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  3. zai added a post in a topic Daniel @dansaeng   

    oh this kid
    he showed up on my facebook wayy back in 2012 because he was featured on some filipino ulzzangs page back then
    i opened his facebook profile and apparently he was kinda known for being a filipino koreaboo back then too, not nearly as much recognition as he has now tho
    idk he shaves his pits and just his general demeanor gives me the impression he's not straight but since he hasn't actually said anything i can't say
    oh and every now and then he'll justify wearing blue contacts by saying that he's mixed filipino but that filipino ulzzang page only posts submissions sent by the actual person and even then they only get accepted if theyre full filipino? so someone is lying about their ethnicity there.
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  4. zai added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    ugghhgh it's legit so obvious that all he did was see that he had a thread on pull and just assumed that it was all "hate"
    idk maybe it's just me that feels this way but imo everyone on pull is pretty grounded and throws out constructive criticism
    like nah bro we're not reaching everything that's been said is fact and observation
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  5. zai added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    fk wait her fiance is actually so good looking
    maybe it's the perm but he kinda looks korean to me? although we've heard him in the background of vlogs before and he doesn't speak japanese with an accent from what i've heard
    anyway yeah i second that thing about her being surprisingly thin irl (i was at that sleepover event thingy they had)
    i think it's mostly bc her face is kinda round and her videos are mostly shoulders-up that we get the impression that she'd be thicker lol
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  6. zai added a post in a topic Suho's Sasaeng Rion   

    dunno about the rest, but as for travelling between japan and korea, it's actually really cheap. from osaka to korea it's like $50 for a plane ticket lol
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  7. zai added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    just as a side note i don't think her japanese is really that great at all considering she graduated from uni with a degree (iirc) in japanese and the fact that she lives in japan
    there's no videos of her speaking completely in japanese to another person so it's hard to gauge but i'm just saying this based off of videos that she's put up where she's speaking japanese.
    that is, the videos where she's talking to herself. grammatically speaking, her japanese is fine except for the fact that the words and way she speaks are a little unnatural, but of course, she isn't a native so it's completely fine, which also goes the same for how bad her accent is.
    also, in that video taylor put up where she prank called kim, it really seemed like kim was struggling to put together her sentences, and her grammar didn't make too much sense as a result
    like cmon man, you've been in japan for this long now and you studied it at uni :///
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  8. zai added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    imho her kiwi accent in her earliest videos was so weak that i was already unsure of whether she was from new zealand or australia, so i wouldn't be surprised if it was getting weaker the longer she stays in japan
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  9. zai added a post in a topic Screamer29 (Usuke Devil)   

    LOL never expected this guy to have a thread on here
    i was visiting a friend of mine who recently moved to japan this year and that friend of mine also happens to be friends with usuke
    i dont really have anything to dislike about usuke, since he happened to be there with my friend, and my friend's friends when we all went to dinner together
    i did talk to him, but he didn't seem like an easily disliked person (mind you, we were speaking in japanese so it was all honorifics). the only thing i will say is that he's really vain. he sat there at dinner staring at his own reflection on his phone most of the time, taking selfies, fixing his makeup.
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  10. zai added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD   

    i've happened to bump into einshine twice irl and tbh, he's actually surprisingly a really nice guy? like comparatively speaking, having seen his channel... also really strangely humble... he was with sharla at the time, and when i stopped them to ask for a photo, he moved to the side thinking i was asking only asking for a photo with sharla... and he seemed genuinely shocked when i was all "no no i wanted a photo with both of you".
    i'm pretty sure they were just hanging out together that day but even then they made conversation for about 10 minutes, which is when i had to be like "my train's and i've gotta go"
    the second time i bumped into einshine he was by himself and he remembered me. again, he made conversation with me for a little bit but the really surprising part was that he actually asked if i was free and we ended up sitting in a cafe together for a couple of hours. we didn't really talk about anything interesting honestly, mostly just games and anime. he did offer to pay for me, but i didn't let him. although, i'm pretty sure he was just saying that to be polite more than actually wanting to pay for me.
    just a thought. i agree that i feel like his entire channel is similar to filthy frank, but i also feel like he didn't get the satire bit quite right. like there isn't enough emphasis on the fact that it's an online persona. either that or he's one of those kids that thinks because it's the internet, they can just say whatever's on their mind. in hindsight, i think i'm more leaning towards the latter. but yeah, really nice guy, in real life at least.
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  11. zai added a post in a topic Renvoir   

    UGH his instagram is the actual worse
    like legit 90% of his feed is just photos of him doing the exact same pose, as someone already said
    idc if you like taking selfies and posting them but maybe try to break them up a bit on instagram with other photos in between?? or at the very least use a different pose every now and then..............................................
    also i can't really say for sure whether he's actually half-japanese or not
    i don't actually dislike him, just bc he hasn't done anything to make me dislike him but i tested his japanese one time by sending him an anon ask on tumblr in japanese (basically just asking how he writes his name in japanese) but he misunderstood what i was saying and thought i was making fun of the way he writes his name in japanese. so idk if he used google translate there and that's why he misunderstood me, but w/e. that being said, grammatically speaking his reply wasn't PERFECT but it was correct enough that he's probably been exposed to japanese long enough to have a pretty good grasp on its grammar.
    i sent another ask after that off anon saying that i was just testing his japanese and that he actually misunderstood what i was asking, he didn't reply to me but i did notice that he deleted the anon ask i sent pretty much right after.
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  12. zai added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    hey guys. long time reader, first time poster etc.
    usually i'm a lurker but i thought i'd be able to explain what i'm pretty sure is the reason that duncan cut off contact with his family.
    so basically i've been following duncan for a really long time now, like way back when he was still using his first english account. when he and mimei became a couple (or at least became known to each other) i started following her too.
    i wouldn't really say that i'm "friends" with them or whatever, but they're both my mutuals on tumblr and have been for a while.
    saying all that probably makes me sound like i'm showing off but i was just trying to make my point more credible...
    just based off of what i know, that is, what mimei and duncan have said over tumblr to me and vice versa, and what i've seen in their oldest videos, i'm pretty sure that the reason duncan cut off his family was because they were all shit-talking about mimei throughout their entire relationship behind both their backs. iirc, other family members would be messaging each other, pulling the fact that mimei is white into play, calling her a slut that just wanted a visa etc etc. or at least, something along those lines if you were to translate it.
    duncan's relationship with his family already seemed to be strained bc apparently his mum would talk shit about duncan's videos and say that dante's were better or something, but it looks like the final straw was when they started putting down mimei.
    anyway i can't say that this is for certain, since it's just what i pieced together over old tumblr messages and neither of them ever directly said to me "hey this is the reason duncan doesn't talk to his family".
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