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  1. cleopathetic added a post in a topic Eleanor Barnes   

    in every picture she looks like shes someone else wtf?
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  2. cleopathetic added a post in a topic Natasha Lillipore   

    i checked out her social media and she seems pretty cool, rlly interesting look and her art is my fav style, i like her!
    do you know what DOLLS KILL is? she on their youtube channel...
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  3. cleopathetic added a post in a topic shoppingcartfullofpinkturd   

    omfg tumblr recommend this blog this to me before....ive never hit the block button so fuckin fast
    it's really fucked up the tumblr can't really do anything about blogs like this
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  4. cleopathetic added a post in a topic Pill swallowing HELP PLS   

    (depending on the medication, some meds advise you not to do this) you can crush them up and mix it into food or drinks. my dad has the same hangup with swallowing pills and he gets my mom to put it in his grits haha

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  5. cleopathetic added a post in a topic Ginger Bronson/Kayla Day Aaron   

    she seems to jump on whatever tumblr "aesthetic" is popular at the time. like when the big thing was "grunge" she played the part now, it's the whole "babygirl" thing... so unoriginal.
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  6. cleopathetic added a post in a topic Ginger Bronson/Kayla Day Aaron   

    im pretty active on tumblr and ive never heard of her ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    but anyway....
    the whole "Lana-Lolita-DaddyFuckMe" thing is getting pretty dated to me...im honestly ready for the next trend

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