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  1. Dull added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Hello there! I've been reading this topic for a while now and happy to contribute to it! 🌟
    Really late to reply to this- so sorry!
    Speaking of teachers that look like they belong in the cheesiest of porno ever made-
    To make it even worse, here's an idea for the Dev.
    Add a swimming class into the game, add a swimming pool (most likely) taken from a hentai game, and add a female swimming teacher dressed as a lifeguard (most likely) hentai-ish, all for the sake of this video that has been going around as a gif and is a porno with rlly bad acting
    It'd make me laugh even more if he goes through with it and as proof that he actually reads this topic and goes through this forum.
    I agree with the same as you said, it'd make me even laugh imagining not two- but three (and if he goes through with it) teachers that will confess to a TEENAGE BOY under a cherry blossom tree.
    Also are those peeps earlier in this topic still making a better Yandere Simulator or? Because if they still are- I'd like to contribute to it, for I am an artist! 🌟 and that's the only way I can help tbh lmao
    Also! Are those peeps earlier in the topic abt pitching and wanting to make a better Yandere Simulator still up and working on it? Bc if tey are, I'd love to contact them and contribute to it! For I am an artist! And that's the only way I can contribute to it too so lmao
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  2. Dull added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Why did Aki put on winged eyeliner if she put on fake eyelashes then? And her winged eyeliner is super thick on the tip when it should be thin on the tip so it could also look like the fake eyelashes she put on- I can't help but feel distracted by it a bit??
    Maybe that's just me and I'm no makeup guru or expert but I hope to get better with makeup and have more knowledge about it as I also cosplay-
    It's also v confusing to me she put foundation on despite not having any acne to cover up like I and people I know that cosplay do, which is her choice to put on foundation- which is fine! But her skin looks is so smooth and acne-free like??? I'm???? Jealous???
    I also found it cute how Joey was fawning and complimenting her, except for the infamous 'master' of makeup or winged eyeliner part but y'know it could be just to him only, which is fine
    though what bothered me how he mentioned for a few times he didn't know what Aki's cosplay is going to be?? I couldn't help but imagine Aki going "Hey you're gonna voiceover my makeup cosplay video" and Joey goes "what cosplay is it tho- oh okay I guess we're starting- okay let's record then" and Joey tried his best to say something and not fall silent and make it awkward,
    It also could've been better if Aki put subtitles or had/typed in the names of the makeup she was using the whole video for everyone to read and not leave Joey confused and trying to read it- and bc I wanna know what she was using bc it's new to me?? and looks rlly nice to use
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  3. Dull added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    The Rin and Miku figurine/outfit she has on the top shelf from the Project Diva series, I cry 😢
    Also I had to make sure she had a Super Sonic figurine right when you pointed it out bc I didn't want to believe it and to my dismay- she does 😭
    And I love and want that figurine too!! I love that outfit 🌸  I also didn't know it was a crossover with Gloomy Bear or who/what Gloomy bear is- so when I searched it up- I fell in love 💕
    and also remember the time I went to a con and someone sold a gloomy bear plush, if I only I knew beforehand about Gloomy Bear, and I would've bought it 😢
    ( sorry this is off-topic, also hello again! )
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  4. Dull added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    tfw you want to become the type female youtuber that you just described but barely have the equipment or any wi-fi to do it/get it done QvQ
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  5. Dull added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    [Pyrocynical voice]
    Hello peeps and peepers! Nice to meet you all!
    You can call me Dull! though take note I won't live up to my username I'm actually not that Dull or anything //laughs
    I go by another username outside of this forum and have hobbies like everyone else (such as drawing) and to keep a best of both worlds- I'm down with making friends here and talking down about internet personalities/snowflakes
    I've been reading the topics in this forum for a while now and incognito, without an account, it all started when I searched up after suddenly having the idea "I wonder if peeps talk bad about [insert weaboo youtuber here] I dislike?" and boom, here I am and making my debut!
    I know it might be strange to say say this but I hope I can make friends here while talking about flaws of any internet personalites here and get to know them outside of this forum! If any of you would like to become my friend just DM me! ✌
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