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  1. Lopunny added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    I'm dying of second-hand embarrassment. The weebs are at it again.
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  2. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    There's a horse????
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  3. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I really hate how she puts even less thought into her male NSFW variants than she does her female ones. She draws all of the girls in positions and clothing that can easily be converted to a lewd, but all of her non-yaoi drawings are just regular dudes in their normal clothes with their mishapen dicks out. 
    She got away with lewding Bakugou and the two Devilman Crybaby characters who were all underage, this isn't an aged up drawing because she didn't state it, therefore I predict that her fanbase isn't going to give a fuck since it's a guy. Sakimichan make no sense, there's an aged up version and she went for the underage version instead.
    >Inb4 she draws Claude/Dimitri yaoi but it's literally just them with their dicks touching 
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  4. Lopunny added a post in a topic Holly Conrad/Commanderholly   

    I bet Holly isn't even trying to help Ross in his time of need right now since she's so far up Jared's ass all she cares about is herself and that wormdick. She isn't making any attempts at stopping her stupid WKs from tagging him in arguments after he asked not to be involved, yet Jared called him out in that video and it spurred both his and her WKs to try and pry information out of him or use him. Really goes to show what type of person they both are if neither of them are doing anything to keep their WKs in check from harassing a guy who is trying to care for his dying mother.
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  5. Lopunny added a post in a topic Holly Conrad/Commanderholly   

    Holly "Pedo apologist" Conrad, Holly "My friends are under 16" Conrad, Holly "I put minors in direct contact with their abuser and now I'm selling merch off of the controversy" Conrad, Holly "I'm not donating to a children's bullying charity because only I adults matter more" Conrad.

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  6. Lopunny added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii   

    She's 18 now so the pedo factor is kind of gone, but the followers are still as asinine and creepy as they were before.
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  7. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    This isn't a yikes this is a straight up zoinks. It'd be one thing if she was camping out on her secret account because muh mental health but she's straight up ignoring everybody because it sounds like she just wants the money without the effort even by manipulating others for it. Confronting her would only trigger her to try and harm herself in retaliation and blame others. This is a brand new low. She doesn't think what she does affects others, but cares more about her own feelings. Like a narc.
    What I hate most is that people like her make it 10x harder for artists like us to get any trust from commissioners. Here the rest of us are having to either make new adjustments to make sure we don't get scammed or so that the people paying don't feel like they're being forced to pay in full for something that may not come. Cyome begged money so she could have a place to live, but meanwhile she was leeching off of her husband and using the money she scammed from others to live like a lush and post it online like a fucking dumbass. Like nobody was going to wonder where their charms and art were! She abused the public's trust and basically got away with it. So many people fell for her sobstory and haven't realized what a terrible person she is. For all we know she could be screenshotting the forum and posting it to her finsta like "Look at what these people are saying to poor little ol' me! I am innocent and suicidal because of these awful people," while her followers none whom the wiser would clock that she's trying to be a victim in a situation where she is the villain.
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  8. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    So there is no way to get that money back from her then huh. Etsy is the same as Paypal with their own refund policy, but since over half a year has passed they can't really get any help unless Cyome refunds them herself (which we all know she won't.) I only hope that the word spreads about what she did to her buyers so that nobody will fall for her tricks again. What a shitty situation to be stuck in; you can't get your money back because she's hiding, you can't call her out because she might do something to herself.
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  9. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Is it possible to chargeback what they paid, or is it too late to try and force a refund? If I were in the position of any of her commissioners I'd do it, but given that Cyome doxxed the last person to do it I'd see why nobody would want that. Still wrong of her to scam and, basically, get away with it.
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  10. Lopunny added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    I binged watched Carole & Tuesday to see what the hype was about, and god damn did I love it but there's something about it that deeply unsettles me.
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  11. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Even with the blindflolds, the sameface is strong.
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  12. Lopunny added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Are the original artists aware of their art being used? I really hate these types who repost (or in this case just straight up steal) other people's art and claim that they don't know who drew it. Her entire gallery is "referenced" from other artists, she has nothing original. And the sad part is, she's not the only person who's 'referencing' from anime or other Japanese artists, there are about a hundred or so more doing exactly what she's doing.
    Is it that hard to draw your own art these days?
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  13. Lopunny added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Angry PMSing rant ahead
    I've had a migraine for the past couple of days and I'm super sensitive to sounds. So, if you can imagine, me living 10 minutes away from a rail yard is HELL. Any little noise wakes me up, I need total silence to falI asleep, and I can't get any fucking rest at all without the sounds of a whistle disturbing me or rumble of a train passing by as slowly as fucking possible on the railroad closest to my home. And this always happens right around midnight when I'm trying to sleep. Normally I have no problem but because I've been trying to fall asleep for the past few hours and no amount of ibuprofen is going to make these cramps go away, I've been very TOUCHY lately. I live near a busy road that thankfully gets no traffic at night, but the trains. The TRAINS. Those big locomotive sons of bitches drive me insane.
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  14. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Sakimi logic: These two random characters both wear blindfolds.... THAT MEANS THEY'RE THE SAME AND I SHOULD DRAW PORN RIGHT NOW
    But on a similar note, her last term pieces are up. You're going to want to wear a blindfold too after this.
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  15. Lopunny added a post in a topic Weird Foods   

    Maybe it's just where I'm from where eating black olives out of the can/jar is weird, but in the other thread the general consensus was that raw tomatoes on their own were gross, so I thought that was considered "weird" 
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