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  1. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    What matters is that she still did it fake or not. No sane person would wave a kitchen knife that close to their throat like "lol it's just a prank bro!" That's extremely dangerous and we know that the stream had impressionable teens/kids watching despite the warning. Even then the audience of people over 18 were traumatized by her actions. Regardless of her mental state at that moment, it's inexcusable.
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  2. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Please don't lewd Giorno he's 15
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  3. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    In my experience, certain conventions will either have you keep the 18+ things out of sight (but you can have like, a photo album of prints that says '18+ only/NSFW' on your table and keep the prints hidden until someone wants to buy them) or you can display them, but censored. I've seen plenty of dealers tip-toe around rules like that by displaying larger prints and dakimakuras with paper on the naughty bits. From Sakimi's past convention photos, it looks like she did the former where she had all of her older prints up and some current NSFW pin-ups hidden. You won't find any of her latest monstrosities in conventions, thankfully, because all of those prints are exclusive to her 70$ patreon tier.
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  4. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Mai is one of the characters that perfectly fits Sakimi's pin-ups, but god the sameface syndrome is really bad here.
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  5. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    For the new people coming from her posts, for Piffu who thinks we're horrible people, and for Cyome who has accused of ruining her life. Here's the proof you all asked for. 
    "Why didn't you talk with Cyome's husband/ex? Why didn't you ask Cyome questions?"
    PULL users cannot contact snowflakes or their families for any reason. The information we get comes from her friends who reach out to us here. In special cases, outsiders make new accounts and post their own past interactions. That is not against the rules as long as the interaction happened before the account was made.
    "Cyome did not doxx anybody!"
    She posted someone's address, full name and instagram account because they needed the money back due to their financial situation. Her comments told her doxxing was wrong, Cyome got mad at them. The person's name and address were blurred out by us. The screenshots in the second spoiler are from the person who Cyome doxxed explaining that they didn't do it to hurt her.
    "Cyome did not harass Fuwaffy / impersonate Tetsu!"
    Oh look, proof that Cyome harassed Fuwa by copying her art and going on streams to talk about what happened with Tetsu's suicide.
    "Cyome is not mean to her followers! She doesn't threaten them that she will hurt herself!"
    You always snapped at your follower's questions, and when you got mad you posted that you were drinking and thinking about suicide because of them. Your followers are children, and you manipulated them into shutting up. There are more people who you attacked when they asked you questions. Oh, and that time you were streaming on twitch and said you were going to rape your follower, but then you deleted the stream because we talked about it here? Remember that?
    "Cyome didn't bully anybody!"
    She did. Over an art contest in Lilypichu's server. Cyome didn't win 1st place so both she and Pifu attacked the winner for it. 
    "Cyome did not scam us or misuse her money when she was poor!"
    If they're all gifts it's probably not a smart idea to flex your expensive gifts at the same time you're begging for money. Your friend revealed that you had 2000 Euros in your bank account when you went homeless.
    "Cyome has never said anything hurtful towards PULL!"
    She thinks we're all sick perverted people who have no lives, and she posted this PULL user to her story. Not like the rest of us are depressed/anxious/suicidal, of course our own feelings don't matter because Cyome hates us and we're not human according to her. She calls us sick sexual perverts? Where is there anything sexual in this thread? You only made up these wild accusations because you're upset we weren't praising you. 
    "Cyome didn't use other people's suicides for attention!"
    Never use someone else's death to talk about yourself. Full stop. Do not say things like "I hope they're happy where they are" when it's about a suicide victim, because it's insensitive to their families and to their deaths. It's treating their suicides like it's a good thing.
    "Cyome isn't mean to her husband!"
    I mean take these for what you will but what kind of healthy marriage/relationship involves talking shit about your partner and insulting them? It's not physical abuse, but mental. A healthy relationship gets bumps now and then, but if you're going to spend more time being mad and talking shit instead of working things out then...
    Many users have already left due to the nature of the thread. Blaming other people for a suicide attempt when they 
    Have said MULTIPLE TIMES that they didn't want Cyome to dieHave said that Cyome needs helpHave stated that they only want Cyome to own up to her past actionsHave depression/anxiety/suicidal thoughts and aren't downplaying her illnesses, and many of us are CSA survivorsAnd then what would happen if Cyome did kill herself? What if she did harm herself so badly she died? What kind of emotional trauma would that inflict on those around her, not just here, but her followers who watched it go down?
    How can you expect to have a civil conversation when you're already calling us sexual perverts/stalkers/monsters before even trying to talk to us? You don't care about 'clearing things up' you only care about being right. You won't listen to us because you'll only hear what you want to hear. 
    This issue with the charms, the commissions, you being gone because you were in the hospital, ALL OF IT would have been resolved if you had said something to your followers, your friends, to the internet. But you didn't. You stayed silent, and people assumed you were guilty. 
    Cyome, at least you're safe in a hospital under the watch of doctors. Finish your responsibilities and then go on hiatus away from the internet. Continue getting help. The rest of us here are glad that you're not in danger, even if you hate us.
    This is all I'm going to say here. I'm not going to post here anymore until something gets resolved, because there are people being affected by her actions mentally both here and on her instagram. 
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  6. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Unfortunately you can only report posts and not profiles. Keep an eye on your reputation; if you notice the same user downvoting you and others at the same time, report any one post they have downvoted and explain that you're not reporting the poster but the person abusing the downvote button.  New users won't be able to post unless a mod approves them, but in case that happens just report their post.
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  7. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Because of the livestream, you should expect people from instagram to come to this thread and attempt to mass report users or mass downvote posts. I'm already seeing them gathering now in the online list. If you see any new accounts made within the last hour or so with no posts or rep downvoting everything, report the account as soon as you see it. 
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  8. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Regardless of how you personally feel towards Cyome, we can all agree that nobody here wants to cause her harm or encourage her to harm herself.
    Whether she does do something or not, it is not PULL's fault for whatever decision she makes. No one here has encouraged her or told her to do something like this. Cyome has a history of suicidal tendencies and is mentally ill, and are we to blame for that? No. It isn't our fault for what she does from here on out. Everything she has done, from drawing to making charms, to lurking PULL knowing it's a trigger for her, to putting the thread on blast and now this. Nobody here told her to do all that. It's unfortunate that her past circumstances drove her to that breaking point and permanently affected her mental health, but neither are we nor is she to blame for that. She didn't choose to be depressed and suicidal. Her mental health is something none of us here or there have any control over. And we do have the audacity to say that.
    If we are guilty of a crime, what is it? We didn't steal from her, we didn't doxx her, we didn't force her to live on the streets, we didn't go out of our way to harass her even when she disappeared over the summer. All we have done is discuss amongst ourselves. This is twice now she has blamed PULL for a suicide attempt.
    Cyome is an adult. She alone is responsible for all of her actions. PULL is not. We didn't make the decision for her to get drunk and go on IG live. She did. The same decisions she made to take commissions and money from friends and then vanish without a word are the same as she did now and in the past. She needs to take accountability for her own actions. She can feel angry at us and blame us, but the truth is we didn't commit any crime against her, unless you think talking about her is wrong. If that were the case, then are her commissioners to blame to because they pressured her to draw for money? Are the people who ordered charms to blame for asking where their orders were at? Are the artists who did commissions for her at fault because nobody thought she would finish them? Are the friends she knows to blame for enabling her? Is her ex to blame for not giving her financial security? Are her followers to blame for not supporting her when they didn't know what was going on?
    The answer to all that is no. But we can't change what Cyome thinks and we don't know what goes on in her mind. What we do know comes from people who were close to her and were affected by her actions, and she needs to step up to the plate and acknowledge that they happened, not run away and deny that she did anything hurtful lile before.
    Alexandra, I know you're reading this. You need to get away from the internet. Not like when you were gone this past summer, no, you need to finish all of your online responsibilities, and when you're done yu can take the longest break you want and you won't even have to worry about commissions or charms ever again. You have a job of your own so you can support yourself, so there is hardly any reason to keep taking orders when you know you struggle to finish them. You can draw for yourself, draw for fun, do whatever. You can get a good therapist and set yourself on a healthy path in life. Get out, breathe air, take a shower and sleep. 
    If anybody here feels anxious or scared, reach out to someone. If the subject matter is bothering you, log off and take a deep breath. Whatever happens, do not blame yourself. 
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  9. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Idk if this is anything note worthy but

    What posts did she delete in October and why so many?
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  10. Lopunny added a post in a topic Steph/Bluepotionco   

    And you know what's more fucked up? She even had the domains for sale page on her website!
    I did some more digging into Steph's past-- she didn't start tracing just recently, Steph has been tracing for YEARS. All of these are from 2013 onward and each of them are traced. It's so bad you can tell which ones she traced and which are the ones she drew herself.
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  11. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

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  12. Lopunny added a post in a topic Steph/Bluepotionco   

    It's still fucked up that Steph paid maybe 1-15$ to make the stolen domain names and is selling them for 1000 - 5000$ each, with the exception of Syrencove.com being the only active one to redirect to her shop. 
    Anybody else get the feeling that she's purposefully limiting/lying about the quantities of how many pins she's sold? She said that her Animal Crossing pins were almost sold out, but on AnimalCrossingpins.co.uk there are plenty listed and at a higher price.

    Oh huh, a quick google search of her name lead me to her old redbubble account where she sold basically the same things but different themes. Ghibli, Zelda, Telltale's TWD, etc. Her redbubble is gone, but the Ghibli Valentine cards suggest she at one point had a tumblr.

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  13. Lopunny added a post in a topic Steph/Bluepotionco   

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  14. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

  15. Lopunny added a post in a topic Steph/Bluepotionco   

    Sorry for double posting, but I found another one of her etsy shops under a fake name. 

    And found a very helpful twitter account that is exposing BPCo's lies. It's worth a read.

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