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  1. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    inb4 she does a lelouch x joker crossover pinup  
    I think the hyper-realistic rendering is what's making him look so off since he's very, very, VERY anime looking and doesn't really work well with realism. CC... shouldn't be there. She gets washed out by Lelouch and the blown out lighting in the background, she's taking up less than 5% of the photo's space, and she's facing away. Sometimes I wonder if the reason she even includes extra background characters that don't reall affect the drawing at all like CC or whats her face in her Ban drawing is solely to fill up space.
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  2. Lopunny added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    Jessica Merizan? She's the other half of Crabcat, I thought she and Holly split since they hadn't done anything together in years. She comes off as defending Jared more than Holly and trying to drag Ross in? But she completely ignores the part about him being a P E D O P H I L E. If she knew about Jared grooming teenagers through the "He asked for their ages" tweet, then did she just sit on her hands and not do anything about it while these kids were being groomed? 
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  3. Lopunny added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    Lmao, I talked about this a few pages back how Holly basically took 5k from Rana then ran with it, and then threw the blame on Jessica. From my understanding, Rana had just recovered from cancer and wanted to cosplay as Samara, and she commissioned (with money that was donated to her) Crabcat team since they were well known for their Mass Effect cosplays at the time. Holly had said that she was busy, she kept getting caught up in real life and couldn't work on Samara, until finally she ran away from Rana.
    After HoC happened, she and Jessica were practically kicked out of the cosplay scene, not just for how bad the show was in making cosplay seem like some nerd drama, but the both of them defending the production behind it for mistreating cosplayers and rigging competitions in their favors and some of the things that they had said on there. It was also alleged that she was taking all credit from other people she was commissioning/getting help from for her cosplays and her FemShep, but I haven't found anything about that. A while back, she threw a fit over not having a panel at PAX. 
    edit: found some more. Here's a screenshot from Rana's indiegogo campaign and an interview where she mentions Crabcat.
    And a screenshot from heroesofcosplayconfessions on tumblr about it.

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  4. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Because she loves flexing. I don't think she realizes how bad it looks on her part when she shows off her new expensive things after having a sobstory about how she's living on the streets. The fact that she goes on private accounts hidden from her art one to do this is also really sus, like she thinks she can be sneaky and continue to pretend she's living lavish while her husband is homeless and she has, I dunno, a decent apartment and can afford to feed both herself and her cat? 🤔
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  5. Lopunny added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    GG goes live at 2:45pm today, I'm gonna tune in and see if anything about Holly or Jared gets brought up.
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  6. Lopunny added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats   

    I've never seem someone shoot themselves in the foot this many times and still not know when to quit. What is this girl even trying to do anymore? Each time she tries to gain clout by starting a new channel or by sucking the dicks of people she wants to use, it backfires and she nukes everything before she does it all over again. 
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  7. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Imagine, you meet the love of your life, but they live across the ocean and you want to be with them desperately. You spend every day talking with them, supporting them morally and financially while they try to make a name for themselves online. You both finally scrounge up enough money for a plane ticket, you're excited to show your beau to your family so that they're as excited as you are to meet the person you want to marry, and when that day comes, the first thing your family gets to do with you and your beloved is rush them to the hospital and get saddled with a 6,000$ surgery bill because your SO didn't have the brains to get traveler's insurance. You just met and now you're having to dig through your coffers and piggy banks to pay for this insane bill or else your love is going to jail, getting sued, or worse, getting deported. Meanwhile, your wife is screaming and crying online, calling you a bum for not making enough money, and on the other side your family hates this stranger you brought from overseas because they see what kind of gold-digger dumbass this person really is. In the end, your SO goes back to Europe without you, your family kicks you out for your bad decisions, you spent your honeymoon by yourself in a car, and now you're completely alone, homeless, hungry, and jobless. Your SO swears they're going to make enough money to fix everything and bring you both together by working hard and living on poverty to save money. You check up on them to see how they're doing, and you're greeted with the image of them posing with new off-brand Japanese clothing, an iPhone X, cosplay clothes instead of daily wear, and cutesy anime cat ears. Meanwhile they're calling you a lazy good-for-nothing because you're still living in a car (not even a nice one at that) and not making enough money to buy them that kawaii pink BDSM harness they wanted to match with their pink serafuku they ordered from taobao yesterday.
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  8. Lopunny added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Something's been on my mind for a while now since she moved to France. Idk if anybody still has the screenshots form her sob story of what the apartment she moved into looked like, but one of the photos looks off to me when compared to the rest. 
    I remember, the one that stuck out was some kind of fallen out electric plug? Or pipe? Against wood. I remember because of how it gleamed from the camera and how everything around it was straight wood, like unfinished construction, and then the rest of the photos were of mold on white tile or wall. The quality of the wood photo even looked kind of strange, like it was a lower res than the rest. Does anybody have screenshots from that story?
    Also where tf is her husband at? She always talks like she's completely alone in the world with no money, but is he even living with her? Or did he move back to the States? 
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  9. Lopunny added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    Jenna Lynn Meowri?
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  10. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sheena Duquette   

    If anybody hasn't already heard about the ProJared drama yet, tldr; scumbag asshole Jared announced that he was going to divorce his wife Heidi, Heidi exposed him as a predator who solicited nudes from young fans and cheated on her with Holly Conrad (ex-wife of Ross from GameGrumps and cosplayer) with photo proof of them together and him sending explicit messages. As of now, Holly ran off of the internet to save face and Ross is staying out of it, but someone on lolcow brought up something quite interesting to the table.
    There's rumors that Sheena had attempted to get close to Ross while he was still married to Holly, after Monty's death, to get in on that GameGrumps fame. Arin and Ross were close to Monty and the latter had mentioned her name a few times in videos, and Sheena claimed that Ross had comforted her in the aftermath of his death. There's also old instagram posts of them hanging out together (without Holly), a tweet by Sheena saying she'd "come give him company" when Ross had tweeted about Holly being gone, and the fact that Ross was Sheena's photographer for a little while where he had photoshoots at his house.  
    Not saying that Serial Cheater Sheena Duquette™ definitely had a hand in Ross's divorce, but I'm not going to put it past her if she was getting a little too close to Ross while Holly was away and banging Jared
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  11. Lopunny added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    I just heard about this now and unsubbed from Jared (tbh I haven't even been keeping up with any of his videos of late)
    Holly has always given me a bad feeling about her, but never would I have suspected her to cheat on Ross with an already married man. She's done some pretty shady stuff in the past too, like taking 5k from someone to make a cosplay and bailing at the last second and doing everything she could to defend herself and the shitshow that was HoC. (I wonder how Jessica is handling it given that they both worked together?)
    I distinctly remember during the first few weeks of tumblr's NSFW ban, Jared's main tumblr was FLOODED with porn. I remember him saying he was doing it to protest the ban, but also responding to anon asks saying they were making him horny, and endless amounts of hentai. I couldn't tell if he was just being an asshole about it but now.... 
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  12. Lopunny added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii   

    She says, as she posts to her finsta while still posting her cosplay photos and doing exactly what she did on instagram, on discord.
    She should develop a life away from the internet entirely. Old habits die hard, I guess.
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  13. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sheena Duquette   

    I already reported them, just leave it to the mods to handle it unless they decide to come back and make a fuss. This thread hasn't been updated in 3 months and her lolcow thread is barely active, even her discord mods have had enough of her shit and yet she still has defenders who worship her pancake ass by going on random threads to save their queen. 
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  14. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sheena Duquette   

    One of her WKs came to the thread to downvote everybody and leave lol
    Here's that attention you ordered Nicole

    edit: they tried to say that they knew Sheena personally and she'd never do these things because "she's too nice." Someone is delusional lmao
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  15. Lopunny added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    My thoughts exactly! But seeing her posts before she deleted them made me realize that she's crazy. Her art looks nice, but she passionately believes in conspiracy theories about a country that she doesn't even live in and has political views that mean absolutely nothing in Germany but are completely polarizing to her American audience. I get that everybody has strong opinions about Trump and we all have something to say, but girl... 

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