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      We've heard you loud and clear - negative reputation is back. Remember that it's still against the rules to complain about being downvoted - if you think someone's mass-downvoting posts or otherwise abusing the reputation system, DM a mod and we will take care of it.

Using The Report Feature

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The most underutilized and most helpful tool on Pretty Ugly Little Liar is using the report tool. While our staff can scroll through a thread and look for any negative downvoted posts, it takes time, and with limited reputation sometimes posts are not downvoted even though they break the rules. This post will discuss what is a report, how to report a post and what should be included in a report. 

What Is A Report:

A report is a notification about a user breaking the rules of our forum. It can be extended into posts or topics that contain questionable content that may not directly break the rules of our forum. This includes all topics including but not limited to bullying, derailing, self promotion, white knighting, etc.

All reports show up as an important notification on the staff's screens. This is highlighted in the picture below in green. 


These appear very similar to general website notifications that you see when someone quotes you, mentions you in a thread, or when a followed topic gets new replies. As moderators tend to scour the entire website, this is a lot faster than contacting us through an "@" in a forum if you think a user is breaking rules. (While we do accept PMs for rule breaking, we prefer the report format. PMs are best kept for private conversations or directing our attention to a certain question a user may have asked. ie: "Can we make a separate thread for so and so?")

How To Report A Post:

@Biscuit is kind enough to pretend to be a troublemaker in a forum. Let's say Biscuit has broken the rules. In this scenario Biscuit has become a rogue moderator and is spamming every forum. Spamming the forum is against the rules. So let's walk through reporting Biscuit for such horrific behavior. 

Highlighted in green is a clickable text that says "report post". Clicking this text will not get you in trouble. It will not cause the website to crash. It will not put a virus on your computer. Please be willing to click this text as it helps the staff.


In the picture below you can see what happens when we click this mysterious "report post" text. A pop up appears letting you enter a message with the report and a button to submit a report.

THIS NEXT STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT: Click the "optionally enter a message with your report."


We can see that when we click the text, the pop up changes. It looks exactly like the screen does when we create a post! It offers all of the same features such as bold text, color changes, and inserting files. While this allows very detailed reports, you never need to give the staff lots of details if you do not wish to spend more than 30 seconds on a report.


Type a sentence or at least a couple words as to why you are reporting the post. If there is no explanation to the report, a member of staff may have to dig through the forum to figure out why the user is being reported. I don't beg very often but you will see me beg now: I beg you to please write a couple words as to why you made a report.  :alpacaworry2: Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a post being reported with no clear explanation. 

Yes, sometimes spam is obvious when it's leading you to a foreign website to buy penis extention drugs. However there are times when someone is stating an opinion in a civil tone, it gets reported, and we have no idea why a report has been made. 

Now that we know how important it is to give explanations, let's explain why we are reporting this post. Once we finish our explanation, let's click the "submit report" button.


We will let you know you submitted your report when you see this pop up in mere seconds:


On the staff's notification bar we immediately see someone submitted a new report. It is so fast and easy to report a post! 


When we click this button it leads us right to your report!


From there we can see lots of useful information at a glance. I censored out in black the feature we don't use (irrelevant, redundant, or plain stupid) and anything that would be distracting. In various colors I highlighted the important information we can see.

In green we can see the post that was reported. It shows us the topic's subject title, a direct link the the post, and what the post contains. In this scenario it was Biscuit spamming a thread with the phrase "monkies". 

In red we can see the report. This shows us the user that issued the report (although we always keep this content anonymous when addressing reports), when the report was made, and the full content of the report. In this case it helps us clarify why there was a report for Biscuit saying "monkies". We might not have known if in context the post was spam or relevant so the description helps a lot. 

In pink we can see how many people have reported this post. In cases of white knights there are times when we see a list of four or five reports. The more reports for one post, the more we realize it is an active thread or a serious issue and should take priority over all reports.

In blue we can see who is being reported and in purple we can see how many warnings they have been issued. We issue warnings for minor things. Usually we issue warnings when people break the rules until they become a hassle with lots of warning points against them. We always want to be reasonable. There are rules that are grounds for instant bans such as spammers and white knights spouting written abuse at our members. In this scenario we can see it was Biscuit spamming, and that she previously had no warning point. 


Now you should know what is a report, how to report, and why using the report button is so useful to the moderators. 

Sidenote: We are working on rewriting the rules to make all of the rules in one easy access place (instead of having some rules hanging out exclusively in Venus's thread). Nothing major is changing on the website as of yet in regard to rules. 

*Please realize this is a fictitious scenario. Biscuit is not a spammer, rather a beloved moderator. Biscuit did not receive any ban or warning points for this post. Instead, she received brownie points which do not result in any reprimands and are not redeemable for anything and ultimately don't matter.

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