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  1. lo24la

    I hope you also have a problem with her other antics too like all the horrible stuff she's said + her fat shaming and racist remarks and stalking. Give her more credit than that alone lol


    Oh, I do, just was referring to one aspect of her, an aspect I feel like she should have never lied about!!

  2. nana_

    Anyone remember Whiteleigh aka himeahri aka skyleigh arzoomanian's yellow facing saga?  


    she technically would belong here cause she did pretend to be asian when shes not, but since she already has a full thread on here of herself, i dont really think we need to discuss her much on here as well. 

  3. Notsurewhattonamemyself

     he deleted this picture

    I wonder if he's even Jewish...I've never heard of an Israeli identifying as Asian. Lol (unless they are actually Asian).  Israelis usually identify as what their heritage is.. whether it's Russian, Moroccan, Argentinian, Hungarian, Ethiopian, etc. And they are usually very proud of it. 

    Why didn't he use any Jewish hashtags?  Is being jewish not cool enough for him?  :alpacadone:


  4. exoticlover

    Personally, I love having tons of pets but I'm nothing like TND. I have more pets that her, however mine receive great care unlike hers, and are not disregarded as soon as I get another one... 

    I've done a little internet browse, and found this out about some of the animals she has claimed to rescue, or have not purchased- all which are verified in some of her older instagram posts. 

    28th April 2014: Takes her first hedgehog, Nala, into a school or similar and allows her to run around and do as she pleases (like, seriously, what? Does she not think about the threats to her hedgehogs health?)
    12th October 2014: Takes her hedgehog Nala out to a market, and carries her around on her back (stressful for hedgehogs, and stress can cause them to die... Wonder why all her pets die before they are meant to?)
    4th Feb 2015: Nala is first taken to the ER for illness, and it turns out she has lost 120 grams of weight... A BIG sign of stress in hedgehogs
    6th Feb 2015: Nala has been put to sleep due to 'suspected cancer', or so she states, at less than 3 years of age. Hedgehogs that are healthy can easily live upwards of 5 years... 
    13th March 2015: New hedgehog, Solara is purchased from breeders
    26th March 2015: Despite just getting her new hedgehog, 13 days earlier, she sees it as a good idea to take her hedgehog into a school for children to play with. Does she not get that hedgehogs are very easily stressed? Despite claiming to be some sort of animal expert...
    23rd April 2015: BUYS Kovu, although now she states him as a rescue animal? He is 6 weeks old, and perfectly healthy at this point, even though she tells people she got him when he wasn't very well, and becoming blind...
    7th July 2015: First mention of a third new hedgehog being purchased, Piper, but no indication of just when she got her
    17th July 2015: Kovu still appears to be in perfect health in the pictures posted, although she apparently rescued him as a blind hedgehog. Yeah, right Taylor, we believe you, sure?
    23rd July 2015: Taylor has Solara out during a car ride, just wandering around her and sat on her shoulder during the car is moving. More stress for the poor soul...
    5th September 2015: Echo, her crested gecko, was brought home. Stated to be her FIRST reptile, yet these days she's claiming that she is an expert in the field and seems to act like she's had reptiles all her life. Just over 2 years ago she got her first reptile. Oh. Another one she claims was a rescue, but this animal seems to have been purchasesd from PetCo due to prior posts she made of him whilst at work (we all know she used to work at PetCo)
    13th Sept 2015: Posts about Echo having bad injuries due to being housed with other males in the pet store. Keep this in mind, as it is a necessary point to consider when she gets her second C.G
    27th October 2015: Purchases a Betta Fish from PetCo, who she has been stating is 'over 3 years old' for the past year. Yes, you've had him that long Taylor? 
    20th Nov 2015: PURCHASES Mushu her axolotl as a baby, another animal she claimed to have rescued but has prior posted about buying him....
    30th Dec 2015: Posts about how she had purchased her axolotl from a bad breeder (yet always tells us NOT to do this), and that her axie had been mistreated by said person. States she knows this because of the fact that the BABY axolotl did not have big gills, because they 'had been bitten off by other axolotls it was kept with'. Mhmm girl, baby axies don't have fully grown gills when they are less than the size of your pinky finger... Some expert we have here girls.
    8th Feb 2016: First begins to post about having salt water fish, yet only just purchased an easy to care for fish a few months prior. Taylor really does not have the experience to be jumping into this field, and it appears she has had these fish for a while already at this point (post was of a fish called Yoshi, but she states in other posts that her first salt water fish was Zazu)
    17th/20th Feb 2016: Posts about yet another new pet, a clown fish who she has called 'Emo Nemo'. Don't think she still has this one, probably another pet of hers that has died from stress due to the fact she overstocks her tanks. These posts include about how the fish was purchased from a pet store because she felt sorry for him as he was 'being beat up by the other fish'. 
    27th Feb 2016: Got her second crested gecko, which is a male. Another point that will become relevant later on
    9th/10th March 2016: Other previously unmentioned salt water fish posted about on her instagram for the first time. Tank is surely overstocked by now due to only being small, and have TONS of corals in it. 
    13th March 2015: Despite stating Echo was injured by other male crested geckos when he was kept with them at the pet store, and clearly knowing from this (doesn't take an idiot to work it out Taylor) that male cresties shouldn't live together, posts a picture of Echo and her new C.G living together. Both of whom are males. 
    6th April 2016: First post about her seahorses, however again, no indication of when she got these fish. 
    22nd April 2016: First post of yet another new fish, this time a female clown fish. 
    3rd July 2016: Posts about debating buying ANOTHER new fish (Betta), however I believe she thankfully didn't...
    11th July 2016: Buys a Pacman frog, which she shows her handling and attempting to force feed
    29th July 2016: First post of her tarantula, no mention of how or where she got her from at this point, although I do believe that was the point at when she got her....
    30th July 2016: Another new seahorse is purchased, which she purchased after a few hours of it arriving in the pet store she got it from. No quarantine period for such delicate animals? And she wonders why her others started to pass away after this?
    8th August 2016: Makes a post about having fish for only a year, and yet already has saltwater tanks, seahorses etc. and feels she can deal with that? She's really not experienced with fish I'm gathering at this point, and her tanks are becoming more and more overstocked with time. 
    11th August 2016: The first time she mentions no longer having her Pacman frog. Another pet that has died only a few months after first getting him. Fantastic care from this animal expert is clearly going into her pets.
    15th August 2016: Posts a video of her feeding one of her hedgehogs a crisp (chip if you're American :-)). Seriously, I have no words for this one. However, Kovu still seems in good health at this point. 
    17th September 2016: Yet another new pet, and this time she's got another Pacman frog. Hopefully this one doesn't suddenly pass away after a few months of being in her care. 
    18th September 2016: Purchases a budwing mantis. The amount of pets she is buying herself in a short space of time is getting ridiculous at this point. 
    26th September 2016: Took her mouse, Gus, home- yet she claims he is 3+ years old now. He must be, at the most, 1 and a half years of age. 
    1st October 2016: 1st post about new first, female Bettas. Yes, more new fish. 
    13th October 2016: More female seahorses brought, will this ever stop?
    22nd October 2016: Posts about her hedgehog Solara becoming ill, and is loosing patches of her quills (now if that doesn't sound like stress, I don't know what does)), and not eating (yet another sign of stress in hedgehogs...). Solara must be less than 2 years old at this point, yet Taylor is claiming she is at least 2 and a half years old.
    26th Oct. 2016: Oh wow, another new fish- one to go in her seahorse tank this time. 
    17th Nov. 2016: Posts about one of her female seahorses passing away, and that her male has stopped eating. She believes it's because of a parasite, yet it turns out that Nova is trying to prematurely give birth. Oh, there's another sign of stress in one of her animals. 
    20th Nov. 2016: Posts about her mantis shedding into adulthood. 
    22nd Nov. 2016: Another new fish for her overstocking habits. 
    28th Nov. 2016: Claims that everyone else but her knew about her seahorses purchased being wildcaught and that's why they died. Yeah, right. A store isn't just going to lie to you yet tell everyone else who is interested in them the truth
    5th Dec. 2016: First post about her cowfish, yes, another new fish for her saltwater tank...
    6th Dec. 2016: Begins to adopt a doberman as a 'service dog', that she then leaves behind when she moves out...
    7th Dec. 2016: Claims Solara isn't getting worse, 'just skinnier and weaker'. What? How is that not getting worse? Jesus give me strength
    19th Dec. 2016: Suddenly has a group of female bettas, and no longer just the one. Here we go again with more fish. 
    2nd Jan 2017: Learn that her tarantula has been stuck in premolt since she got her (for 2 months) so we learn when she purchased her. Want's to rehome her due to allergies?
    6th Jan 2017: A new fish again. A puffer fish, that's being kept in a tank full of corals that is ALREADY overstocked.
    17th Jan 2017: Her tarantula finally has molted, and now she's suddenly able to handle her. What happened to her 'server allergies'?
    18th Jan 2017: Makes claims of how she rescued a clownfish, that she has previously said she purchased from a store. 
    19th Jan 2017: Purchases yet another new salt water fish, this time from PetCo 'because he was sick'. He's sick, and yet still placed into her already overstocked saltwater tank? 
    21st Jan 2017: First post about Kovu being sick, and having eye issues. Why are all her hedgehogs ill? Oh, yeah, she stresses them out...
    28th Jan 2017: Makes a joke about her killifish commiting suicide due to her leaving the lid of the tank. So funny Taylor... Oh yeah, more new fish as well...
    2nd Feb 2017: Posts about her first crocodile skink, stating 'I wanted one yesterday so now I have one'. Really great research done on that animal.
    9th Feb 2017: Piper, her hedgehog, gets put to sleep 'due to having the same illness as Nala'. Shock horror lmao. 
    10th Feb 2017: Kovu is loosing his right eye, and Solara is still very sick yet somehow still alive. Wouldn't you put an animal that is constantly sick, and loosiing more and more weight, to sleep? Wouldn't it be the kindest thing to do?
    25th Feb 2017: Gets her blue tongue skink
    17th April 2017: Posts that Solara has passed away. Yet another hedgehog being put to sleep before it's even reached half of how long it's lifespan should be. 
    24th April 2017: Posts that she got a kenyan sand boa, saying that her mum said she could get a snake the day before so she went out and got one. Again, impulse purchasing animals without doing the correct amount of research. 
    8th May 2017: Purchases a second snake (Hognose)
    20th May 2017: And yet another new snake (first ball python)
    7th June 2017: Gets her leopard gecko, that she claims was gifted to her by a store. 
    2nd July 2017: Makes a post about how illegal it is to sell baby turtles on the side of the road, and that nobody should ever buy them because it is supporting this illegal trade- yet purchases 80 from a back street seller to 'rescue them'. She then posts that she will be giving them away for FREE to anyone who wants them.
    21st July 2017: Posted that her mantis had passed away due to 'old age', and that the type she had only live for a year. A year in adulthood, that means Taylor. Also posts that she got a leaf insect instead, yet we never see him again.
    11th August 2017: First post made of yet another new saltwater fish.
    31st August 2017: Another first post of a different fish, which she claims was 'handed to her in a zip lock bag'. Yeah, that happens all the time- just like your new corn snake and that 5 and a half week old cat that you 'got from pet co'. 
    23rd Sept 2017: Despite saying she was not going to get more hedgehogs, she purchases another one (Ella).
    24th Sept 2017: Purchased 2 more snakes- her second ball python and a mexican black kingsnake
    27th Sept 2017: Purchased a second crocodile skink
    4th Oct 2017: Purchased a green tree python
    31st Oct 2017: Purchases two more fish (black storm clownfish) that cost $600 each. 
    15th Nov. 2017: Purchased another snake (milk snake). At this point, you begin to notice that all her posts are only about her new pets- once they reach around a month old, she stops posting about them. 
    28th Nov. 2017: 'adopts' two kittens, despite having no prior experience with keeping cats, that are sick and have been abandoned by their mother. Yet again, from 'someone at PetCo'
    17th Dec. 2017: Purchased two more ball pythons, a halloween crab and a bearded dragon. More new animals to be forgot about in a months time. 
    22nd Dec 2017: after one of the cats she 'adopted' passed away, she 'adopted' another kitten from PetCo. A kitten that was FIVE WEEKS OLD. Not only is it illegal for anyone to adopt cats out at this age, people who did some research into a tweet she posted about kittens she wanted stating that they were from a backyard breeder on craigslist. Ghost looks pretty much the same as those in the litter she posted about. Yet, he was of course, 'adopted'. 
    14th Jan 2018: Here's a shocker for you, she got yet another snake. Another ball python.
    31st Jan 2018: 'adopted' a corn snake from 'someone she saw at PetCo'. Again, an animal that people have found being sold on craigslist. This snake was being sold as a pretty much puppy dog tame, yet she made the claim that she got given it due to it biting someone in the girls family. Yeah, right. 



  5. peppermint_wish

    OK her weight and stuff really shouldn't matter. I follow someone who is morbidly obese who makes interesting vlogs, but then again, that individual is indeed making a huge effort to lose weight and not die from being fat...

    ....what matters is her content has gotten more bland than flat soda in the last few months....

    I wonder if, when she goes to Korea to live there full-time, she'll liven up a bit and start making things I'll actually watch instead of simply scroll past in my sub box....But then again i'm not really one for the 'look at this amazing thing in _______ that 100000x of other youtubers have made a video on" type of video. 


    Oh, i don't care about her weight because her weight has nothing to do with her personality [unless we talk about really skinny chicks that brag about it, and Sharla sure isn't like that from what I can see.] We were commenting that she promised video updates on her losing weight journey, and only 1 update happened in a video. I honestly didn't think she'd update every 2 weeks like she promised, but I hoped for updates every month or 6 weeks. 

    I personally consider her maybe normal to chubby, but because she's a normal woman [AKA not a woman whose career depends on her being a certain weight] whatever I think of her appearance has no relevance. ;P 

    When she visited Korea the videos seemed a bit more entertaining. i hope they'll continue being like that, but i doubt it. :/  

  6. Elixir

    Oh I've been shipping them for years I didnt know that was a problem lmao ( along with sebxgrell) :alpacaheadshake: ah well 

    Kuro fandom in tumblr is a mess when it comes to Sebaciel and Grell's gender even though it has died down over the past few years xD The West can learn a thing or two from Japanese fans lmao.

    Back to the topic, tumblr isn't so bad if you follow the right people and avoid tags littered with hate. My blog is more than 2 years old and I managed to avoid most of the discourses.

  7. Moon

    Does anyone know the names of an old vlog with shows Tim staying out late and lindy being annoyed? I feel like I completely didn't notice at the time 

  8. Sodapop


    I also read Kuroshitsuji in which the infamous adult/child Sebaciel pair is popular in the fandom and yet the Western fandom is the only one who likes to bitch about it. To my experience, people who ship it are nicer, cringy at worst than the ones who like to attack people for what they enjoy in fiction.


    Oh I've been shipping them for years I didnt know that was a problem lmao ( along with sebxgrell) :alpacaheadshake: ah well 

  9. Lurker2

    Anyone remember Whiteleigh aka himeahri aka skyleigh arzoomanian's yellow facing saga?  

    Around 2013 she started claiming to be half Japanese in her blogs, but no one gave a shit cuz she was just some random kidScreenshot_2018-01-30-16-56-08-1.thumb.pimage.jpeg.44fc0a99746cd09f24046e695f867

    During her Insta days she posted normal cosplay pics until she thought it was a good idea to wear black wigs, brown circle lenses and photoshop herself to look mix asian. She then started proclaiming her Japanese mix heritage through her bios

    She got really obsessed with LOL's mascot, a Korean character called Ahri so she started claiming she was Korean this time and started calling herself Ahri, threw in a randon Korean last name and even made a bunch of bogus ~ origin~ stories of how she got the name, how it was destined for her and definitely not ripped off from a video game character . She also got called out for doing a 'pick my new Korean name' spiel and she was doing it like it was bingo cards, she gets called out for appropriating Korean culture then she starts ranting about how she's 'asian' and how she has the right to. Whitleigh also made dumbass rants about how she was discriminated and bullied for being 'half asian'Screenshot_2018-02-02-11-36-52-1.thumb.p

    Whiteleigh made a kickstarter/go fund me for thousands of dollars so she could go to Korea and get surgery done to make her lies seem more legit, she paraded around as a fake asian for awhile until she started getting called out by literally everyone. 

    Whiteleigh then gets hospitalized, she claimed bullying was what caused it, it was more of she made a big lie and couldn't stand the fact that people knew and wasn't taking it so she broke down 

    She leaves the internet for a year with a new look and you'd think she'd learn from her past mistakes because like she says in her own words she's an adult now but nope she still truly believes she's Japanese and still tries to get people to believe her 



    Now Whiteleigh doesn't do the obvious fake asian shop cause she doesn't want to get called out for yellow facing and lying, instead she tries to do the "I'm half asian but I look more white card" because of new rising real half Japanese mix White cosers who look more white

    Let's say somehow she is 1% Japanese, that doesn't account for anything because she still would be 99% white and that's pretty sad if she disregards the main majority of her ecthnity for something she barely is. I think neighbouring nations like Korea and China have a higher chance of having some Japanese blood because they are close in proximity and have history with each other, not some random American Florida weeb.


  10. rieaku

    I didn't go to school for this or anything, i haven't done any studying whats so ever. But for my personal situation I don't think that works for everyone, maybe some people (that's a big maybe) but I for one will never try this. I avoid the person at all cost who caused me pain for years, I treat the person like Voldemort to be honest. Is that healthy? Probably not. But I rather do that than face the person ever. Though I am in therapy so there's that. I think she needs a therapist not a meet up with her abuser. 


    I think what you are doing is right for you and that's enough. I do believe for many it's beneficial to confront their abuser and in that way deal with the issue and then push it behind them and that's probably what the studies have proven. I'm someone who most of the time needs to confront people I have issues with otherwise I can't move on, but then there are those who have really hurt me who I wish never to enter my life ever again. And those I avoid like the plague.

    With Venus' situation it might be good for her to talk things through with Margo but because Margo is who she is it wouldn't end well. Margo would only see this as an invite back to Venus' life and she wouldn't learn.

  11. Raindrop Cake

     So for those wondering what's up with Kelly's recent behavior...  just as I sort of kind of speculated... Dre is moving out. People on lolcow confirmed it after she made an announcement of big changes coming this year on her Patreon. It's why she is super emotional, "depressed after con", and why she awkwardly prattled on in the beginning of the Sugarpill video about changes in her life seemingly freaked out but trying to reassure herself. It is looking more and more like she and Steph had a falling out which is why so many shoutouts recently. It's also why she has been so passive aggressive towards "her haterz" because the facade is fizzling out...She is in panic mode, suddenly having mini breakdowns from abandonment issues.... ya boi is scared of being alone which is why she is so hard up for a boyfriend and why she gets so possessive over her friends.

     And the way Kelly has been blowing through money left and right, she fucked herself (like I said recently) because until she can find another roommate, she will have to pay for all the rent/utilities on her own.She might have a little saved... but very little. Expect a lot more of her stuff being sold on depop soon. xD She's trying to present herself as "marketable" to Sanrio now for A. Validation B.$$$$ C. Free Stuff. That video... did her no favors... it was so uncomfortable to watch because she couldn't even pretend to be professional. Her "personal" was pouring out all over the place, you could tell she was distraught, lethargic, moody as all hell that it doesn't make you want to buy the product... you mostly sit there wondering... "Is she okay?? Should she be doing this right now?"

    The fact Kelly still receives free PR from Sugarpill is astounding. Pretty Poison came out last year... and she admitted she had it but never reviewed it? The way she tosses around those boxes doesn't translate to funny but... rude? She lacked so much enthusiasm I would have gotten more joy watching a baby turtle eat a berry than sit through that. I honestly tried because the collection is beautiful but 7 minutes was my limit.Apart of me wants to feel empathy for her because she clearly has issues (just not the ones she is claiming to have) and she is falling apart from feeling like people are leaving her behind. But when I see how she treats her friends it isn't rocket science to see why they are distancing themselves from her. She's a toxic narcissist.  She's going to try her damndest to keep wining people's approval but.... I feel... she is already on her decline..... /endpost

  12. blue.choi1

    You know, the sad thing is I have no problem with her being a sex worker. I don't think any decent person does, because we all understand it's her business. Sex workers deserve as much respect as everyone else.

    What I have a problem with is her denial about being a sex worker. With all this proof, she could be honest... but she isn't. I would've respected her 100x more if she came out with the truth instead of these false stories. 


    I hope you also have a problem with her other antics too like all the horrible stuff she's said + her fat shaming and racist remarks and stalking. Give her more credit than that alone lol

  13. two-of-hearts

    Jealous? Jealous of what 😂😂  I don't think anyone is jealous of her average face, disgusting personality or body that she treats like garbage. she really thinks she's hot shit now just because a bunch of brainless tweens and creepy old men follow her

  14. mushroom

    A post in the "general fake half/fully Asian" thread brought me here. What happened to this chick? Does she still have all of her social media on private?


    Yeah. Her profile pic is shooped and her boyfriend is visible.