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  1. becky

    Now, That's What I Call Crazy!

    sincerely bet this trash of a girlie'll meet her match eventually, she has it coming.

    yes, the "bfs" are scummy for going after an underage girl, but she shouldn't be egging them on in the first place.

  2. becky

    Those pictures of her in revealing bathing suits are going to haunt her for years. Cosplay notwithstanding, those are the most concerning. Forget modesty, even, they're clearly staged to flaunt as much of her cleavage as possible, and it's discomforting. She will regret them. Eventually.

  3. becky

    I don't see the point of labeling yourself as asexual or putting your sexuality in your bio.


    most kids who do that are seeking attention and also are too young to have truly dictated their sexualities yet, or moreover, aren't sexually active, and thereby think that by not humping like rabbits they're asexual instead of hetero/bi/gay/lesiban. it's a combination of faulty logic in some cases, but mostly being an attention seeking little shit.


    music shit

    • i've almost always preferred kpop girlgroups to boygroups, and i find them to be more engaging for some reason. i still stan some boygroups but i'm not very invested in my admiration for them as i am the girlgroups.
    • the japanese music scene is great and deserves better recognition and following
    • while i'd love to see an asian act succeed in the west, it's going to be difficult for that to happen in a domestic scape, even if kpop and whatnot over here is popular, it's still a very niche demographic that listens to eastern music, and asians are generally more underrepresented in media, much as i hate to say it. quite a few (utada & boa being prime examples) have tried, but not gotten very very far, despite putting out quality albums.
    • i don't understand the fanwars between modern girlgroup stans, once again exhibiting why i like staying out of fandom conflict
    • for crying out loud, you can like music from the past without claiming you were born in the 'wrong generation'. no, you were born in the generation where this music was all the more accessible, and time is irrelevant. if you really want to go back to a period prior to the internet and other technological advances to be considered a timepiece, that's fine with me, but i think that statement sounds pretty..... well.... pretentious?
    • i still really think musical elitism is trashy, i don't care about how superior you think you are over me based on your taste, but it's nice that you think i do, now stfu


    • neither candidate this election thrills me and i honestly won't be entirely satisfied with the result of the election either way. voted bernie in primaries like many 'young voters' and was devastated by Hillary taking top spot. now given, she's still better than that disgusting example of humanity that's Trump, but that's not saying much?
    • tbh i'm dissatisfied that this is my first presidential election to formally vote in
    • the political climate of the west being incredibly polarized and generally two sided extremism that's not even inching towards equilibrium really, really, makes me detest publicly discussing sociopolitical issues, i feel like i'm going to get shot or throttled if i say one word wrong
    • mental healthcare availability and treatment options in the US aren't the problem as much as their cost, and the lack of decent insurance carriers who don't charge a fucking fortune. like i worry about my ability to sustain my mental health resources after i move out of my dads residence, because i won't be able to afford a full healthcare plan (he can't even afford one) and the copays will be absurd.
    • the aforementioned pretty much goes for all other healthcare types in the US as well (general, dental, vision, etc), the US healthcare system is broken, but i don't think it's in the way a lot of people perceive


    • part of me feels like college shouldn't be a necessity to be qualified for a half decent job. as long as a person can capably perform the tasks required for their job regardless of what the company assumes they have to have to be hired on, then schooling is rather irrelevant
    • don't get me started on majors, there are way too many of them. I had difficulty selecting between the sheer amount even at community college level
    • and if you're like my parents, you either dropped out of college or never found any market that'd take you even if you had a very specific major
    • there's also nothing wrong with a high school equivalency degree, maybe this is perspectively told from someone who actually took the GED, but it's not as simplistic as naysayers like to claim. Now, that being said, should you stay in high school? Yes, if there are no extenuating circumstances, and one is able to complete their work in a timely, efficient, manner. Me? I personally dropped out because I was in such mental ruin that I couldn't function knowing that I'd have to spend another day there. I dread that i may one day feel incarcerated in a college classroom too.... per se i'm starting anew, but all the same, I wonder if that it'll conclude in the same way, with me dropping out in nail biting agony while the responsibility weighs heavily on me. Sometimes I just wonder if i'm more befit for moving up the company ladder instead, no matter how long it'll take.
  4. Snowman

    I agree, but there's a difference between legs being naturally thin vs what Pele is doing

    Hers look like half the size that they should be and it's all very unnatural and unsettling >.> 


    Oh yeah, I know her legs are that thin from PS + angles, I just don't understand the obsession a lot of people have with them :alpacaconfused: Same with a thigh gap. 

  5. Dogmeat

    I actually had no idea that Cinder Fall was voiced by Jessica Nigri. I really like Fall's voice, so it came as a shock that Nigri was behind the voice (since you know...she mostly does modeling gigs rather than acting gigs). It only makes me wonder why the hell she isn't fully cosplaying Cinder Fall. It would be adorable to see a voice actor go as their own character! Plus, she would look drop dead gorgeous in that form fitting red dress and that silky black hair. (I think dark colors really work in her favor, but that's probably because her more intresting and elaborate cosplays almost always are characters with a red/orange and black color palette.) 

    Now, I don't have an issue with her doing a causal/bikini cosplays of Cinder Fall or of any character. Yeah, it can be annoying when she bills herself as a professional craftsman only to show up in a hastily sewn bikini but if she wants to do more causal stuff occasionally than whatever. She can do her.

    What does bother me is her trend of doing only bikini cosplays while still marketing herself as if she makes complex cosplays for a living. Like...she hasn't done anything jaw dropping in a while. It's mostly just skimpy outfits, which isn't bad but...she isn't advertising herself as someone who wears skimpy cosplays. She calls herself versatile but at this point she's more or less a pin up artist with a speciality in geek themed photo shoots. 

    I feel like if she just gave up on the "professional high quality armor and hand sewn gowns with 1000 complex layers" cosplayer image and she went into geeky pin up that people wouldn't despise her as much. Because then she would be truthful about her cosplay content and telling the truth is very very sexy. 


    Mmm yes. Being honest is the most sexy thing a person can be.


    but she won't because she's a "serious cosplayer" and she wants people to respect her because she's so serious.

    I've gotten to the point where I dont believe most(not all, but a large portion) of the things she's done are with malicious intent, like her recent post trying to tell everyone that she can't cosplay because she didn't have enough time even though it's her fucking job. I just think she's kind of stupid. Being spoon fed adoration by her army of goons has melted her brain, she's just to not a smart girl. I'm not going to hate on her for exploting her looks because honestly it's all she has going for her. I'lll call her an asshole for being a liar though, but at the end of the day she's just some dumb girl on the internet who got lucky. 

    I wonder what it's like to wake up everyday knowing your days of success are numbered and you have to find ways to exploit yourself for all the people who don't know any better. sucking fame's dick is a full time job, isn't it jessica?

  6. sailor_venus

    Wow, an actual cool looking outifit!! :o (I really love those shoes!)

    I feel like Taylor always has good outfit taste during the winter/late fall, I remember during her closet tour last year when it was transitioning to spring she was getting rid of all her darker clothes and putting in new flowy bright colored ones (most of which she still hasn't worn) and I got super sad, cause I liked Taylors 90's kinda grunge, sleek outfits and then it turned into those infamous high waisted jean shorts and loose crop tops :/ Hopefully her style returns to this cool style

  7. sailor_venus

    I mean, Sharla moved into a house too, and she said she might not even live in Japan when summer comes around, so it is possible Taylor will be gone within a year, more likely 2 years tho, but I do hope the next time round she moves somewhere and tries to learn its language and do things the country has to offer.

    She'll most likely move to Europe, which is cool, I remember she said she makes friends easily with "French and polish" girls so maybe Tay will have some new cool NON youtube European friends? maybe? don't wanna get my hopes up tho...

    I feel like Taylor should visit Mexico some time, she is always cooking Mexican food, and the trip could teach her how to pronounce the double L's in tortilla lmao

  8. Tiffany

    Screenshot_2016-11-01-16-29-33-57.thumb.boob job. I just can't stop looking at her boobs every time she post something. I'm pretty sure there was nothing there before. 

    I love how she took the photo in front of the law firm sign just to prove that she works there or whatever..

    what a try-hard.

  9. malingeringhurtseveryone

    If anyone wants to check out a blossoming snowflake in action, check out Taty the Mighty on youtube. 
    Obsessed with herself, claims to have dissociative identity disorder when her "alters" are blatant attempts to seem cool and interesting. Thinks the 'trauma' in her life that resulted in DID was having a slightly overbearing mother and not being recognised as a special snowflake in school. Refers to herself as a witch. 
    If you haven't heard of her, you're welcome.

    Also, hello PULL, I am new and decided to join because I needed a place to express how shocked I was by this person's behaviour. I didn't realise special snowflake syndrome could get so ridiculous! The detrimental effects on public perception of mental illness is sickening.


  10. Truthing

    So does anyone else think that in her recent videos her cheeks look less puffy? I wonder if the filler is fading or something... anyways I think it's a good look for her, really hope she doesn't overdo it again with the filler/fat-graph/implant/whatever it is that's there...


    I'm not sure. It always seems that way until we see her suddenly in someone else's video.

  11. AppleCrumble

    (taken from her Twitter account)

    Very unflattering hairstyle, I would say. For her real face and for her photoshopped face. 




    Does she ever buy clothes her size anymore ? Everything is always overly baggy and ill fitting on her. Is this her crazy way of trying to make herself look small ? Like "omg I'm so small that size small is super big on me" ... 

    Also is she starting to draw a beauty mark on her face ? Is that a trend now ? 

  12. Silencieuxe

    @GoMons I remember that back then, my frienda were waiting for hours because that was the only time Hanbao appeared in public without you having to pay special extra. And that happened again last year when they were supposed to go through a scheduled fansigning, they couldn't make it because they had to catch a flight and all that. This year, we barely even see any of the artists except for photobooth sessions because the organizers are assholes that just want your money. The autograph session has been changed to only appear 2 person per session, and you cannot get all artists' signature unless you buy every merch I guess(?) I'm quite out of the hanbao fandom, though I do sometimes buy their stuff if I admire Hana's makeup skills or their charade is on point.

    @hakacze yes, I knew about that. i didn't get why he had to be so cold about sharing love with his fans though. I'm not saying they are bad or anything, but I wish he would be more honest and open. You don' t have to put out your relationship or anything but on online you post stuff about your boyfriend hugging or kissing. And fans kept saying that he's a tsundere and that screams cringe to me. I don't know about that issue though, probably some fans were being rude? The fans in Indonesia can be quite rude and say a lot of inappropriate things about their idol on their idol's account.

  13. Parsley


    How do you get a kitchen that big in Japan what


    This recipe actually sounds like fun to try. I'm confused as to why they put the pumpkins in the microwave though? Or is it a mini oven?

  14. Parsley

    There was a party in the Pop-Up YouTube Space in Sydney last night, and I know Wengie went. Does anyone know anyone who might have gone and taken candid photos of her?

  15. purplewatermelon

    If she isn't going for modeling anymore, what about her agency? What the agency will do with her? I think I remember someone saying that she doesn't wanna live in Japan forever, but if that's the case, why would you move out into a house? Maybe Taylor move for free into that house because can't/don't want to pay the rent of her old apartment anymore? (as if she was paying it, let's says she was).  What about her working visa, in that case?



    We cant say that Taylor isnt doing anything with the agency, like someone else said, it seems like they are trying to build her public figure status. And she has had a few jobs in the past month. 


    Forever is a long time, so even staying Japan for 1 year is enough reason to live in a house; she might even stay for another 2 or more years. Yet again, she has a partner, and like partners do, they support each other and work their lives together. So there is none of this "she moved houses for free" "she can/wont pay rent at the apartment", seriously get over it.

  16. RottenPeach

    Jesus, am I part of the few people who gets scared looking at thin legs? Don't get me wrong, I have them as well and not hating on those who also has them. It just feels like they'll snap if you look at them wrong :alpacaworry2:


    I agree, but there's a difference between legs being naturally thin vs what Pele is doing

    Hers look like half the size that they should be and it's all very unnatural and unsettling >.> 

  17. Saeran

    @SentientPizza They probably already have found it, unless she's home schooled. Then she has nothing to worry about.



    Even then if she potentially wants to attend a college or look for a job, they very well may come across these images and deny her, so she's just digging herself into a hole at this point.

  18. Fairyduster

    ugh, she's in Japan ...

    okay , she's quite popular and she does what she want but it really annoys me that peoples like her who are "otaku XD" and except animes doesn't really knows Japan can go there because they have money (youtube money?) while some others peoples who are really interested in the japanese culture , who actually learned japanese and really knows about Japan can't go because of pecuniary reasons .

    i think i'm gonna be murdered for this comment but i just had to say it sorry


    Not murderd but im a Otaku she is a FUCKING WEEBABOO ( I really do not feel like starting this debate either but its a huge difference) and Im also into Japan and its Culture and it just seem like she got lucky and had the luxury to go,  but why try to make a profit by makiing a video of you in forest where people go to kill themselves and where people have fucking DIED?!:stoplz:

    Did she not see that VICE documentary did she not READ about the forest before hand?

  19. k_rose

    Well… she also quasi admitted she's only doing daily vlog because of money. But… I luv you so much guyzzz! I missed you! Rather: I need your money guyzzz!


    Nothing wrong with wanting views to generate money in my opinion as long as your content doesn't revolve around sponsored products. Also a lot of youtubers/streamers/social media famous people etc. actually directly ask for money/gifts via their amazon wishlists, patreon, or donation pages (on top of doing tons of sponsored videos), so that's one thing we can't hold against her. That being said I wish she would do more giveaways because she's living in a country that has so many unique things (which can be relatively cheap too) and she seems to have the income to afford to give back to her fans. I bet she's going to get a ton of fan mail for Christmas too; I'm looking forward to those videos her fans always get her awesome stuff. 

  20. poor

    ..what for? based on what she's been saying she doesn't seem to have any indication of WANTING to leave on her own volition WITHOUT her bf, so this is kind of useless.