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  1. Jellyfish

    I have zero knowledge about her ex, but if he was indeed an abuser I am happy for Lonbon that she was able to get an order restriction to keep him away from her. I am aware that there are A LOT of women who fall victims of abuse, and never get to see the abuser being punished (or even recognized as an abuser) by the law. So good for her!

    However, I fail to see why she had to include the "but truth is..." part. I mean, are you asking for pity in a self-motivation post? This is what fails me to empathize with this girl: that she is always rubbing in your face how ill she is -even when the context doesn't ask for it. This is also the reason why I can't taker her past Facebook updates seriously, because she isn't looking for other to "acknowledge her illness" (as she tried to state it), but for her followers to feel sorry for her. In a way, she is helping create even more stereotypes and discrimination against ill people; because instead of making them look strong, independent and powerful (despite or along with the illnesses); she makes ill people look as weak, need and pitiful.


  2. M3l0dy

    I dont see why you should post a summary about Yumi in general in the video thread?


    I just thought maybe new people might come here. -_- if you don't like it I'll just delete it 

  3. Strawberry Milk

    not sure how 

    no I didn't, it seems like I did, I didn't fully finish editing it. Also this a little summary for any one new on this thread.


    I dont see why you should post a summary about Yumi in general in the video thread?

  4. ZAGGY

    I think this thread should be locked, since its already over 500 pages... thats a lot. Make a new thread, for general discussion.

    A summary thread like some other sub forums have. 

    Photoshop thread - it could be discussed on the ig thread? Then again why not.

    Idk if its even necessary to have a thread for yumi and chinese culture, it could be discussed in general thread.



  5. praefuro

    Funnily enough? I was searching for something about OMOCAT being a "problematic" individual in the Tumblr community (I wanted to see proof of that) and I found a thread here.

  6. Minhyuk

    Congrats to Yumi to finally getting a subforum! :harharplz:

    And I forgot to mention this the first time I posted, but it's wild to see how much of a snowflake she turned out to be. When I looked at this thread last before taking a break from PULL the last thing she was doing was just the bare beginnings of her strange lingerie DIYs, but I spent the last week going through her entire thread in shock of everything that went down. It's actually kinda impressive watching the spiral. 

  7. strawberry.tiramisu

    Ugh, I am really disappointed in Toph first of all. I discovered him recently and thought that he is a sweet guy. And since he kept claiming in some of his videos that he treats youtube like hobby and not career I thought that his videos are not "pushy". But after reading his tweets from here I immediately unsubscribed. Bye bye, bully!

    Lol, he reminded me of students trying to fill report with many words as possible without any sources. Probably he and Bii know something but since drama is actually not about themselves they are dancing around without providing proofs. Probably trying to get that sweet numbers in their subscribers box. 

  8. Mista Joestar

    If everyone's siding against mimei does that not make her seem like she's more guilty in this situation?


    Not really, mob mentality goes into play. E.g. A bunch of people sided with my sister's old friend when my sister cut her off (sister's old friend liked to make my sister very upset by talking about drowning kittens and other stuff like that) and years later they all eventually dropped ex-friend and sided with my sister who was "right all along." Some people who get bullied in school experience the same thing. 

  9. littleghosts

    jesus it took me ages t ocatch up but i finally DID 
    i'm honestly just

    extremely disgusted by the jvlogging community. i've never met such an awful group of people before in my entire life. they're all so whiny and childish and apparently incapable of talking to each other without starting a fire on twitter. Bii really sincerely disappointed me the most. she had no business inserting herself into drama htat doesn't concern her, and blocking instead of talking things out, as she god damn said you should, guess she's not taking her own advice. 

    i hope mimei says nothing about it again so her fans will see she's going about it maturely. if anything, this has made me like her more than the others.
    as for toph, i never liked him, he's really gross and a very nasty person, so it's good to see his nonexistent fanbase will soon realize that too

  10. ZAGGY

    Just to confirm, when I start making video summaries again, I should be posting them in this thread, right? I don't think it would make sense to stick 50+ video summaries into a summary thread....:alpacaworry:


    this is the video thread. So naturally your summaries go here...


  11. gardengirl

    Loooooooooong Time Lurker!!
    I had to make an account to follow along because I have been dying since last night to be able to talk to someone about this. 
    I have been sensing troubles in the group since around November and wondering about a few weird things here and there. Most of you guys mirror my thoughts so I don't say much and risk being repetitive.
    I am guiltily intrigued by how this is all going to play out with all of you.
    Also a little sad because I genuinely liked most involved.



  12. lilico

    Is anyone working on the summary?

    I'm willing to help contribute, even though it's finals week and there's a lot of stuff to address when it comes to Yumi lol

    Some controversies Yumi was involved in:


    Cosplaying at a 9/11 memorial


    Passive-aggressive instagram post she made after the muslim ban (screencap credit @ nira_kawaii)


    Pretending to not speak basic English and getting caught by her own fans (screencap credit @ pie de limon)

  13. Teabii

    Just to confirm, when I start making video summaries again, I should be posting them in this thread, right? I don't think it would make sense to stick 50+ video summaries into a summary thread....:alpacaworry:

  14. szajen

    How old is she? 

    I don't blame her for skipping one day of school because I'd probably do the same. But yah the thing with not learning much Japanese within 3 years I agree.

    I love her eye make up  

  15. Teabii

    YAY! Finally a sub-forum!!

    So, now we need a summary, for real! Weren't there a few working on it?

    Also, which threads do we need? One about splenda for sure, right? :D

    A cosplay one maybe or a costume one (could include hanfus/cosplays etc) ?

    How about a thread with her photoshops and editing? ^^


    A summary for what? Each thread? Or an updated summary for the general discussion thread? :alpacaconfused:

    I do not recommend going crazy on making new topics!!!

    I know we've been anxiously waiting for a sub-forum, but the point of a sub-forum is to make things more organized. Going ballistic and making tons and tons of topics makes things more complicated and less organized, defeating the purpose of a sub-forum. 

    However, I do want list some topics I've heard from ya'll that have yet to be made into threads:

    1.) Yumi King & Chinese Culture

    2.) Yumi King Photoshopping (or maybe this should just be discussed in the Instagram thread and we don't need this? idk)

    **3.) Yumi King Costumes/Fashion (includes cosplay, her "ita" stuff, clothing hauls, sewing, etc)

    **NOTE: I'm actually planning on making this thread, but I'd like some approval from ya'll before I do!** :alpacaheadshake:

  16. kiwi

    Any race and gender can have entitled attitude. 

    The race of the judge is irrelevant, although I appreciate the sisterhood feeling between women. If they were a good judge/person  and were Asian, white, whatever they would have supported you anyway. 



    Why's everything gotta turn into a social statement? Do you feel special coz women of color had your back? Why? 

  17. Ad

    Long time lurker but man i got motivated to make a account cause of her ahahaha


    tbh i dont really care about the school thing (which is the main drama/issue about her)


    but for some reason i just cant stand her! I don't know why, like, the wink in her intro, the way she vlogs, and don't even get me started on her titles. And for some reason i get even more bothered when i see all her comments being sooooooo positive, like "ohh i love you omg im glad im early yass slay girl" all those stuff. I mean i'' not against anyone supporting anyone, but rather, i'm just so bothered because this girl ISNT REALLY ALL THAT SPECIAL(somewhat cringey? Boring? Cant pinpoint) but people love her soooooooooo much and i cant understand why. Sort of like how yumi still has people loving her like even though she is LITERALLY the cringiest person i've ever seen (wtf are her poses lmao i cant how can anyone even)


    I DON'T GET IT. (Thats also the main reason why i dislike her tbh hahaha sorry if i dont make sense)

    isit just me?


    ps sprry if i OT a little. Also, her friend lovisa is sooooooooooooo pretty thou 

  18. ZhouRin

    If everyone's siding against mimei does that not make her seem like she's more guilty in this situation? She definitely is over dramatic and a crybaby. I had to stop watching her vlogs cos she was always crying or whining in them and thy just got depressing. 

    Im not saying that the rest are in the right here, no doubt they've done something that started all this. I just feel like whatever it was probably wasn't that bad and is just blown out of proportion.

    and now mimei is just the bad guy in the situation cos she's the one who refused to talk to them about it, made a shadey video and then the most recent video when she should have just followed her own advice and dealt with it in person or moved on. 


    It could be.. but also, considering Mimei's personality type, it might just simply be that she didn't bond so much with the others, and they're ganging up with whoever is the other part here because they're better friends, not necessarily because Mimei is all at fault.

  19. Guts

    basically says "im a not a weeaboo guys here lemme take this quiz to prove im not lol."

    she goes on saying how weeaboo is a deragetory word to use but when she talks about how she has to wear a face mask in public since she's sick, she says that she looks/feels like a retard.

    you still act like one hun. 

  20. potassium

    I discovered PULL in November because of Lily Maymac (I'm so glad she's being exposed now). Then, I started reading other people's threads. I came for Lily, I stayed for the truth of other people.

  21. jugglingfreak

    I'm assuming this tweet is a vague at meimei and sharla?



    Yes.  She is already been sniffing around trying to ass-kiss Memei and insert herself in drama that doesn't concern her.  Savior Miranda to the rescue..

  22. potassium

    more unpopular opinions:

    - I find drama yt channels boring

    - I didn't vote for Trump, but I can see why people voted for him

    - I really love hot weather (even though I live near the ocean)

    - Drake shouldn't be considered a rapper or an "artist"

    - mumble rappers are good to listen to when you are working out

    - I actually like reaction channels (but if they aren't genuine, I automatically stop watching all their content)