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  1. vivitan added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I imagine between working long days at a restaurant and taking care of her household and husband, it's tough to find energy and time to make videos, so when she gets around to it, it's easiest to just talk about a topic in front of her wall.
    Not the most entertaining way to YouTuber, but at least she tries...? I will give her that, she hasn't given up lol.
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  2. Siwon added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Literally as soon as we have a discussion on ~Shaylor~ friendship seeming fake because they never hang outside of Youtube she posts this to make a point.
    Hi, Taylor. I'm so flattered senpai has noticed me. 
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  3. Arcadiana added a post in a topic Sarah Ingle - Disney princesses   

    I think she is more into photo shopping, because you could actually see she is taking selfie and like trying to bulge her eye out. If you seen the other pictures, some looks too big and then the next one its like just normal and then next one again enlarges. soooo. but she is pretty and i heard she spent 18,000 for her costume on Elsa. ....
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  4. Labyrinth added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    @uchi "I don't remember ever seeing venus use that word."
    How is this relevant? Just because Margo says something doesn't mean it is fact. I'm just trying to clarify what she is saying vs. what she is not saying.
    "Where is the proof venus herself called herself unplanned?"
    No one is saying this, no idea where you got that. Margo is saying Venus uses the term 'unfall' often to refer to things where it doesn't apply that's all.
    Margo did use the term 'accident' at one point though.
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  5. Arcadiana added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    For me, she seems okay? i guess?? because tbh damn i would die to have a body like hers. She seems sweet and all but like i wished she had started her fame in a way not showing off boobs and butts or whatever you wanna show but nowadays it seems to be so trendy. She seemed to be "sick" all the time. and very anxious as some of you guys said. 
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  6. cottoncandy added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I think the unsafe thing is an over-exaggeration... she's not that popular for YouTube to really have 'dangers', the other bigger YouTubers all go outside no problem.. Rachel also said in her latest video that she never gets recognised really.  There's not many Japanese people that watch the channel. I mean, maybe she just doesn't have money to go places... Her husband probably makes average wages, and she works at a restaurant for probably 900yen/hour, and it doesn't seem like she works much(if at all lol). And they live in Tokyo so... rent is through the roof.
    It wouldn't be because of Kat & Co. either, it's not like they're gonna physically assault her haha. It'll be online based, if anything at all even happens. 
    I dunno. Just my opinions.
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  7. NL123 added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    I'm from the same small town as her, all the girls in my high school love her and follow her online, including myself. Her posts are more about artistic semi-nudes rather than just showing off her body, if you actually look through them.
     She's not a virgin anymore as far as I know, but shes more into the fantasy of sex/masturbaing than the actual act of sleeping with someone according to her old tumblr asks.
    The sleeping guy in the snapchat with her was the singer for Hedley I'm pretty sure. Her snap story blew up afterwards before she deleted it. I guess a lot of his fans were giving her shit even though he's a huge man whore? 
     She's actually gorgeous irl and doesn't photoshop, or at least doesn't altar her body much at all she actually looks like that, she's just good at angles and has big natural tits. She turns heads a lot and gets talked about a lot because she is well known for her tumblr and IG so I don't thing she goes out much.
    I met her once and she was really sweet and a bit withdrawn, but with all the downers she used to do she seems like she's a very anxious person. She does seem to do a bit if charity work too so that's pretty cool.
    And her parents know, a long time ago she posted something about beind pissed at someone from her who told her parents about what she posts online. Her tumblr was down for a while but is back up now.
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  8. Blackerthanblack added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    it's quite strange. .. if you cover half of her face in this pic she looks like two different people depending on the side you cover. Her left side looks more like the side she always shows online (not same... just more like) while her right side, to me, looks like a different person.
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  9. miruku added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    I think she mentioned on facebook once in a comment, when she was doing damage control during the time there were tons of hate blogs and hate accounts of her and she was trying to make herself look like an ~angel~ to cover up her dirty tracks, she said she only edited her skin.
    "i dont lie to my followers"
    "without it i look the same"
    right... well we all know her lies; so many its hard to keep track.
    she didn't come out about editing her photos like that until she was exposed by thousands of truth and hate blogs and threads. i agree...... why edit if you claim to look the same? she only keeps it down low or until someone asks. how come her "proof video" was OVERLY exposed to lighting and she kept a still face other than winking?
    Overexposed lighting = to blur/wash out features such as the nose to make it appear smaller or....... not there at all. To make her skin appear lighter when we all know she is much tanner than she makes her photos to be and to wash out blemishes, dark circles etcetera.
    Serious lack of facial movement = often means trying to maintain a specific face shape, so she probably posed her face in a way to make it look as close to her photos as possible. 
    All of this is quite obvious and basic techniques used by catfishers. Berrys old webcam photos that she took with her bf and I think her bff were all angled in a way. They were overly exposed to by the computer screens and she always had half of her hair covering the side of her face to make her face appear thinner and smaller. She still looked different in those photos compared to her photoshopped pics. Not sure where this "same" is coming from, kek.
    Berry is also known to edit her GIFs. 
    I don't mind photoshoppers as long as they are honest and not total dicks. I get that we're not always satisfied with our features but lying is a no. I can't stand people like berry who deliberately lie about photoshop, and MANY other things; her fake house and how richu she is for example rofl. It's just a bad trait and its icky to me. 
    Bringing these pictures back cus..... lol

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  10. DoctorX added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    It's funny because he preached about how he wanted to be accurate with his cosplays.

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  11. redbowkiki added a post in a topic Kalel   

    What does her bf do? I tried watching one of her videos and holy crap her voice is just so annoying it's about to make my ears bleed. 
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  12. Akira added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    Looks like she listened to my advice and started to show more teeth and for the first time, talked in front of the camera. She's clearly wearing braces. 

    Promoting weight loss when you've always been skinny. But I guess she's only doing it for the money.

    She looks more like her tumblr days here:
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  13. Wadanohara added a post in a topic natashazagadka/Natalia Tatarova/Eva   

    I agree. From what I heard from others, she used to be more down to earth, but from what I see now, she's quite self obsessed and out of touch with the real world. Everything she does with that NSFW account seems to become a big drama for her.
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  14. strawberrysoda added a post in a topic Social Repose aka Richie   

    Well considering the fact that white people slaughtered and raped native americans i think the fact that hes white telling native americans that theyre wrong about his headdress and then burning it makes it worse than if he was any other race
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  15. Wadanohara added a post in a topic Social Repose aka Richie   

    I think if he were black, asian or just any race that isn't Native American he could probably do the same, it's not necessarily related to him being white. Just saying.
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  16. strawberrysoda added a post in a topic jiaoxrei aka. tsutsucat   

     does he know shes a total fucking weeboo

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  17. strawberrysoda added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Exactly. Like, I see the costume but thats just it- I don't see the character, I see Andre in a costume. I'd upvote your comment but i cant rn lol 
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  18. Wadanohara added a post in a topic Sarah Ingle - Disney princesses   

    Honestly, she's creeping me out. She looks like she has a massively long neck in the first picture.

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  19. ChokedOnFruits added a post in a topic Kalel   

    Does mooching off her bf count as a job? Because she has that.

    Actually every famous youtuber gf kind of fit that. Damn.
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  20. ChokedOnFruits added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Agreed with the dog part. Honestly if they're puppies, THEY WILL SHIT AND PISS ACCIDENTALLY. So saying she's shit with her dogs is like sayin "oh fuck my kid shit himself i didn't train him well" when the kid is 30 days old. Be real pls.

    I remember that vlog tbh. She said she was happy and she wished for a girl (earlier) if I remember correct. But that was before he was born I believe. But eh, having a kid is hard and they get sick a lot. If he has my kind of immune system then she gun get buuseey.  But yeah I remember it like that and not "ew boy baby".
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  21. Yeji added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    I don't remember ever seeing venus use that word. The only time I've seen the word unplanned was by margo. And there is multiple screenshots and proof. Where is the proof venus herself called herself unplanned? 
    Margaret said some nasty shit to venus on her birthday  and there is proof of that
    Again you're just looking at Margarets statements and ignoring the fact there is proof of what she said but no proof of the things margaret is claiming that venus has said and done
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  22. annkyouko added a post in a topic Kalel   

    Does she have another job besides making these videos? I wonder how she maintains that kind of lifestyle she has.
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  23. Wadanohara added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Reading that chart honestly makes me want to relate to the MSPaint Link, and avoid being Well Drawn Link at all costs. 
    Goddamn it, why Link?! Go ahead and spoil more things I love, YandereShit, it really gets me going.
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  24. ChokedOnFruits added a post in a topic Bbyg6rl   

    Funny. The color doesn't even look like cristal. Laughing my fucking ass off.
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  25. Wadanohara added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    I agree. You know someone either isn't very good at cosplay, still learning, or is losing their touch when ALL you can see is the person, not the character. 
    One way to do it is the "same eye makeup for every single character" method. He used to be good because he would mix it up and make himself look significantly different each cosplay, but now it's the same face all the time. It makes me a bit upset because I really enjoyed his cosplays.
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