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  1. Benny Bunny added a post in a topic b4by.jpg / xoseraphina / kittyphina   

    @AppleCrumble Thanks and sorry I'm always sassy lolol 
    @SlyGuy Well before it was harder to find nudes on there as their special hashtags do get ban from instagram and they keep making more hashtags but lately they have been tagging their pics with #selfie etc and its more public now. And theres always those pics that say "Like this pic for a dick in your DM" Anyway ~the more you know~ (not part of that community btw i just happened to stubble across it and keep tabs coz im a perv lmaoooooo)
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  2. ilovebruises added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    i havent watched her that long but in her some pre surgery photos she looks bigger..., but honestly she's nototious for using the liquify tool when it comes to shots when her body is shown.., just goes to show how insecure she is...
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  3. All Over The World added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I can't give any reputation   

    People fear alienating others. They create lies and excuses, then hate the other more for "forcing" them to do that. It's silly.
    She asked everyone to up vote her art. It sent the webtoon into the stratosphere in the beginning. Then it sank back down.  If you look at the comic "At Sixes and Sevens" you'll see 25,000 subscribers and 1 million views.  The comic averages 2,000 favs.  

    TNT has 10.8 K subs listed now and 700 K views.  Now she averages 880.  

    This was several months ago, but her comic beat out Sixes and Sevens that had stayed at no. 1 for several months and had a larger following. Her numbers cratered rapidly after her push with her videos. That isn't normal. It's probably why Webtoon hasn't chosen her comic. They want an upward curve, not a bell-shaped one.

    Sixes and Sevens has climbing numbers (healthy).

    I wonder why TNT took down her Etsy.

    I didn't get the joke in her introvert comic. It was short and thrown-together. Someone asks if she "had work" and she answers, "I just feel tired".  She lies to them.  

    As is her style, the other is made to look bad for asking a normal question like "Do you have work?"

    They are made into the bad guy for "forcing" her to lie because they could not read TNT's mind.  
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  4. orange added a post in a topic Anzujaamu   

    I don't think they look alike at all... they have a completely different style and "vibe" if you know what I mean !    I really doubt that one copy the other ...    
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  5. Qualle added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Misa really would have a cute face if she didn't smile so forcedly constantly and knowing her ugly character it just makes her look less cute to me as well
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  6. rieaku added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    The divorce-idea actually makes a lot of sense! This is how I would imagine a bitter housewife whose husband was a multi-millionaire to act in court. (OT: it reminds me of Johnny Depp's situation... I'm not taking sides in that case but it just reminds me of it..)
    Please Venus, take that mf ass to court and get things over with! 3000 dollars a month of alimony.. Margo, you are a grown-ass woman with "degrees" to share! Put them to use!
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  7. boopa added a post in a topic Anzujaamu   

    And how is she relevant to Anzu's topic?
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  8. mayumi added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Actually Here is the real face of Kotori Misa

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  9. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Oh my goodness, just love how her fingers curve and melt into her face. . . Master piece ... 
    where were these photos found ? 
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  10. PrinceznaZNemanic added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    She acts like she is 12 again. These are not the informations you freely spread over the internet, Margaret. True or not, doesn't matter.
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  11. PrinceznaZNemanic added a post in a topic General Johanna Herrstedt thread   

    What what? I want to know more! I have seen some guy on her instagram account but I try to avoid using snapchat.
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  12. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic b4by.jpg / xoseraphina / kittyphina   

    Don't be sassy ! It was a simple statement that I could see it and at first glance it looked see through .... It wasn't used as a part of a argument ~
    The picture is tagged with the company which is " OmightyShop " on IG 
    Hope that helps  
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  13. Kazuaki added a post in a topic College advice?   

    Maybe college is very different for me, since I don't live in America? However, I know keeping things organised helps, and always revising basics when you have time helps keeping a great score. For a lot of students, this is just another year of middle school, in the beginning. Simply because they aren't used to college yet, but that will come!
    I'm in college right now; due to personal problems I never go out partying or drink alcohol... Still, I do not feel as if I am 'not living', so to speak.... Before college, I always liked playing video games and I still do that, and it's enough to keep me happy.
    If you pack your bag, I always find it handy to bring highlighters in different colours, a tiny mirror, a little box with painkillers, tissues and bandaids! There's always a student who has a headache or a cut, and it doesn't take up a lot of space in a bag. (Perhaps this is different for me, because I am a teacher also? It will always gain you sympathy from other students, though.)
    Books are expensive, but I have a list of online free books in PDF format, if you're interested!
    Taking all into account, I'm sure you'll do fine- Remember, you share interests with most of these people, so friendships won't be hard to build.~
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  14. SlyGuy added a post in a topic b4by.jpg / xoseraphina / kittyphina   

    Omg I thought instagram is more like a facebook you know social site and stuff not like tumble or something where you are bombarded with dic pics all the time. Damn! My little sister is actually addicted to insta (and yeah got self esteem issues because of those fucken snowflakes) x___x But anyway I think b4by got the point and she's making herself a kill more adult looking. I found this picture and notice that on old shoop (Kota clone phase) she has quite normal anatomy, then BANG! her head is as big as her shoulders, then enormous head is still hella big but kinda smaller then before. Anywho for those who still doubt in the fact she's messing with her anatomy in PhotoShop: Compare the length of her head to the width of her shoulders on those photos. You can not magically make your head grow over the years you know? And if you compare her head to body proportions with any kid and then any adult you will see that on her old shoops she was sure Kota clone and stuff but her proportions were more or less correct for a human. Now she makes herself look like sexy kiddo, yep. Also face proportions in new photos are those of a kid. And again! We (or at least me) are not slutshaming!!! But purposely making yourself look like a kid is messed up. Kinks are fine. Photoshoping yourself into kid while you're an adult and then fetishizing kids look...WELL... Not so much. Dunno maybe I have too much of a "big brother attitude" but damn. I see those confused young girls trying to look like that photoshoed crap, I see adult gross dudes hitting on them and drooling when they see them and man. This is so fucked up. Girls that are sad because they will never look like this (hell nobody can look like this) and gross geezers thinking that little girls dream of having a man like them. Argh ok I'm done sorry for the spam, goodnight T__T

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  15. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    " She was just a victim " ...... Lol what ? So because Venus is a victim you increase your assaults and attacks on her ? What the fuck is wrong with this woman's logic ! 
    Its still possible she went threw court, but court wont be in session for a while so she returned to Japan to harass her daughter and make her already nightmare of a life even worse. I said it in the Margo thread, but I think Margo's going to rack up her credit cards and demand Venus to pay half ( or all ) of the debts. I wouldn't put it past Margo to attempt to treat this situation like a divorce " whats your is mine, shared everything ". Which would actually explain when she feels threatened by Manaki. 
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  16. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    I guess it is too early to tell then. Afterall it is quite easy to pretend to be somewhere else...

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  17. Benny Bunny added a post in a topic b4by.jpg / xoseraphina / kittyphina   

    Oh woooOOOooooOoW are you really going to nitpick that far to complain about the raised lining of her bra COVERED by a damn shirt. lmao 
    I mean some of yall make some good points but then ruin it by saying stupid shit like this.
    Also I read somewhere on here some person said that instagram was not a place for these kinds of kinks or whatever, but instagram has been a real sexual platform for a long time, you can watch porn clips on there and theres an endless amount of dick and vag pics.
    I can understand where Sarah is coming from though, she's at the age where she wants to be sexy but likes cute fashion and its conflicting. None of her photos really screamed ddlg kink to me, i have friends who are into that kink and the way they act, dress and pose is different. Her editing has changed a lot too, she actually looks a lot older now compared to before. But the fact her username says 'baby' doesn't really help her case lol 
    Isnt it funny though that young adults are acting "childish" while actual twelvies are trying to look grown nowadays. Everyones gonna be classified as a pedo at this rate lololol
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  18. Stargazer added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Her comment on the icecream picture just makes me cringe somehow. I just find it so silly with her suggestive dirtiness.

    The picture with the airplane might be old but I still wouldn't be surprised if she travels actually.
    Remember when she went to Canada and she uploaded the picture of the Japanese airport, the Japanese Aquarium and that old Japanese house?
    People thought she is trolling and not really traveling, meanwhile she went to Canada. Maybe she does is on her way to the US?
    Or she has been in Korea the whole time and has been uploading old pictures. Someone was suggesting that too.

    Either way there is no way for us to know right now.
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  19. RosieRose added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    i agree with @Life In Japan  about this besides that i am just lurking around her history to see for how long she has been acting like this " me comic artist me hard worker " .

    seems like they will be no longer relying on Etsy was it because they dont want people to know that they sold their comic for 25 $ for a comic with their autograph in it ? compared to the amazon price which was 11 dollars or something .
    i was trying to compare her Tapastic and her webtoon ( since she made another comic of why she such an introvert )
    and i noticed a lot of people liked her webtoon back in the 2015 where she used to make a long comic story compared to the 2016 making a really short one but she had a lot of views ofc  compared to tapastic , she create webtoon on July/jun 2015 but tapastic on Dec 2015 but had like 500 K less views than the webtoon it self so i am not sure if it was because of the contest or not ,
    but ever since she started to just not to invest to try to find more interesting stories the people stopped  sending " hearts " in her webtoon not sure if it was because of the contest she started to really think and invest on it and just when it got over she just became more lazy ? .
    i was just reading this : 
    seriously was is it too hard to explain to simple guy " no i am meeting my parents in ghana for vacation trip " 
    and the last part especially { " i am a "third cultured kid " which means i spent development teenage year in a country neither of my parents were raised in , i went to high school oh three different continents and college on two , sometimes i feel like sharing my life story when people ask ....but other time time i just want to play on my phone and pretend to be " normal " " (sorry not sorry ) }
    i dont mind the fact that its tiring to keep on explaining yourself with all the mixed culture back and fourth despite in this situation particularly it wasnt it because she could have just said a simple answer , but to me it just looks like another thing she is trying to avoid to interact with people.
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  20. Stargazer added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    100% agreed. Maybe if Venus would have opened a back-up channel after she moved out and before the main channel got deleted it would have helped her a little but I just don't see Margo giving up so easily.

    She would also try to at least flag the new channel, coming up with new lies or something like that. I'm also not sure if she really wouldn't try a copyright claim again. Even if she would risk a strike herself. If she just gets mad enough (and she would) she will stop caring more and more.
    She already hurt herself with her own actions and doesn't seem to care.

    Manaki could have actually gone to the police, as people can say no to being filmed in public.
    Filming him when coming home, the area he lives and his car could be seen as violation of his privacy.
    Margo could argue that she filmed for protective reasons (which you are allowed to do) but the situation doesn't show any necessity for it (since Manaki doesn't seem agressive and the camera-shake seems fake).
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  21. Yoonieshii added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    OH man, I've been reading this for a while and HAD to make an account to say: 
    1. I don't understand how she can wear circle lenses for that long??? she's like 30+ and she's probs been wearing them for the last 10 years. I've worn circle lenses for +-5 years and i can tell you that I suffer from very very dry eyes now. She's gonna go blind. 
    2. DAT HAIR. Again, I was blonde-ish for 3 years and my god, my hair was terrible. I'm sooo glad I stopped being stupid and have my lush black hair back. FYI my hair started to thin out and by the end of 3 years, I had about 50% less hair than before. Its FINALLY healing. Her hair is already so thin and brittle (you can see how little hair she has....)
    3. I'm seriously wondering how she stays so "thin" - she had that whole diet thing going on and was "bigger" but now all she does is travel and EAT. EAT EAT. So... why doesn't the weight pile on? We don't really see her exercising either- maybe she spends like 50% of her time vlogging and the rest running???
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  22. AppleCrumble added a post in a topic b4by.jpg / xoseraphina / kittyphina   

    I'm torn on the subject of sexualization of topic ... 
    Honestly I was only pointing out inconsistencies in her saying she's discontinuing something and then does it anyways, and also the fact that she's buying mad amounts of followers ... 

    "Monthly average " = 17k ... For someone that does nothing and maybe post 1 picture every 3-5 days without tags or anything is pretty fucking crazy. 
    Other then that she's pretty tame and very friendly .. 
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  23. Spoopy added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Even if she did whoop away the pimple. The pimple was already there two weeks ago. So to me the picture is older. Unless it's one stubborn ass pimple if it's still there, wouldn't surprise me though, it's on the face of one stubborn ass woman.
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  24. SlyGuy added a post in a topic b4by.jpg / xoseraphina / kittyphina   

    I get your point. But the problem lies not in that they like certain type o fashion. The problem is they are adults who purposely make themselves look like a kids. They act sexual because they now ot will help them gain followers. There are not real people we are talking about. These are just avatars photoshopped images created by snowflakes hungy of fame. But! It affects real girls you know. When sexualization of cute fashion becomes a norm real girls can not enjoy it anymore. They are bothered by nasty horny geezers (just look at taylors/b4by.jpg/kotakoti/nekonyapii/whatever comments) there's ton of them. What they are doing is juz fetishization of certain clothing and fetishization of youth. And I hate that. The same goes with fetishization of school uniforms. I hate it.
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  25. Sagiri added a post in a topic The_Uke_Princess / Harlee   

    But back on the topic of this girl...imo she seems just like any other ordinary fresh weeb cosplayer who likes the YAOIZ. Eventually I hope she'll grow outta this phase
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