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  1. mispeled added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

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  2. Siwon added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    Venus and Margo look so nice in the first photo! With no photoshop, there's no denying they're mother and daughter, they look very alike. 
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  3. SaltyKitty added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    Kinda OT, but dug up a few old photo's of Venus before she started with all of that "living doll" bullsh!t  She actually looked kinda cute, and Margo didn't look that bad either  

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  4. Kawaii Potato added a post in a topic Copycatting?   

    It's not about blogging about the same which I would understand. It's about trying to steal my freaking personality. She even copied some of my expressions which btw are from internal jokes my bff and I make and she has nothing to do with. And if you don't believe me about the followers thing, you can go ask her personally on her ask. Just ask her how many followers she had on the other ask. If it wasn't 4k, it was 3k, 2k, or something close to that, she said it several times on her old ask, you can search for it too. Even if she had only 1k, that's already enough to send her "fans" my way to bully me.
    Nope. I wouldn't care less about what she does with her life as long as she didn't copy me, but she does. That is the only thing that bothers me. And she still does nowadays, the screencaps are proof of that.
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  5. Siwon added a post in a topic ACNE Help & Questions   

    This is a huge one, too. When I'm in dry California, my acne is worse. When I'm in more humid Asia, I notice my face stays very clear of whiteheads!
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  6. Dyabolical added a post in a topic League of Legends   

    I bought two, Leona for me and Zed for my bf.
    They're definitely pricey but since there was so much hype and anticipation swirled around it, I'm not surprised. They're the first skins I've bought myself so I'm just super happy hahaha.
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  7. Dyabolical added a post in a topic ACNE Help & Questions   

    @Siwon: Thanks so much for the article! I wondered if the breakout was because of environmental things, too. Like, being in a new state with different air/temperature/water, or maybe my pillow was doing me dirty. Now that I think about it, it very well might be the pillow I slept on over the summer because when I rested my chin on it, my jaw became really itchy and I had to scratch it. I honestly think that's what it could be ; A;
    As for back acne, this is what my dermatologist told me:
    Hopefully that helps you out!
    @digital horror: Yeah, it'd be a good idea to keep the swelling down. These smaller ones actually don't even look like whiteheads, so I wouldn't even bother popping them.
    @Ronie.97: I've had birth control (patch, not the pill), and it did seem to help my acne a lot. I've been off it for about 6 months, and my breakouts started happening again in May, so it makes me think that my acne is directly related to my hormones for sure (for some, it's more about products/environment, etc). I'm trying to get back on it in December, so for right now I'm trying to figure something out. 
    Um, I do stress, and I did happen to stress around the time this jaw acne popped up, so I guess that could be it, too? Idk, everyone has stress so that's hard to just forget about.
    I have been to a dermatologist, but it's not very fun having to use so many medications, plus a pill. But I think if my birth control doesn't clear it up, I might just have to go again.
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  8. AnzuTakamaki added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    Did anyone go to the Fort Lauderdale showing of the Love Live movie? She was there lol.
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  9. AnzuTakamaki added a post in a topic Eikkibunny / srcircusdoll   

    The funniest thing is that she says she bought it for a lot but she didn't buy it. CosplayHouse sent it to her so she could review their shop. If you go to their website, you can get it for $250 so so.
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  10. lolamola added a post in a topic Nicole Arbour   

    The sad thing is that I've seen videos of people agreeing with her. Even if you think that people shoul follow a healthy lifestyle (wich is none of your business anyway) she says everything in such an offensive way that you have to be a total moron for defending her.
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  11. Ralts added a post in a topic J rock/metal   

    heres sone other bands I think have special sounding vocals! Some disbanded sadly
    Oz:  https://youtu.be/l8hTphqbu0E
    ClearVeil: https://youtu.be/M0vf85ZnYG8
    DELUHI: https://youtu.be/2t0wvvqVjqw
    Vistlip: https://youtu.be/RDGjUIF-kFE
    (previous vocalist) Lolita23q: https://youtu.be/O9OVMokEDjE
    Also, I know dir en grey is very heavy but Kyo does an excellent job in this unplugged song, just the lyrics themself are so beautiful
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  12. lolamola added a post in a topic Eikkibunny / srcircusdoll   

    I don't understand why she writes that she loves her Evangelion cosplay so much that she will only sell it if someone pays her a lot. I mean, you can pay a lot anywhere and get it new, so, why buy it? And why does she sell it if she loves it so much?
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  13. nyan added a post in a topic Taylor R - Model work   

    Oh, she looks so pretty in the Naturelles photos! I wish she'd just go with that look!  Her hair looks amazing too!
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  14. SaltyKitty added a post in a topic J rock/metal   

    He definitely got a very special voice  Blu Billion's vocalist also  The first time I listened to him sing, I thought it was some kind of remix since his voice was so high  
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  15. Ralts added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    Yeah she could do her daughter more good by answering things instead of being rude like a child. This whole place is basically only full of assumptions when questions aren't answered, if someone answers truthfully we move on.
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  16. lolamola added a post in a topic AnnaCake   

    That's what I was about to say! I go to an art school and anybody with a little bit of talent can make cooler things that that in 3 seconds. I don't believe the tablet drawing belongs to her.
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  17. xBratPrincex added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread   

    I don't know about anyone else, but i'm getting pretty tired of Margo storming in and taking over the thread. It's not like she addresses any issues or answers anyone's questions, she just drones on and on using bullshit metaphors that don't even make any sense. I wish to god she would answer a straight question with a straight answer and perhaps then none of us would have to make up 'assumptions and lies' about her and Venus.
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  18. Ralts added a post in a topic J rock/metal   

    yeah I know all of those bands!  They're all nice even though I'm mostly into the more heavier stuff, but Girugamesh is amazing. Seen them live twice I wish I could see them again they're so good. Dog in the pwo vocalist has a special voice I really like it. Idk why it reminds me of xtripx even tho musical style is different.
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  19. Pyuu added a post in a topic J rock/metal   

    Thank you very much for the suggestions, I'll look them up! <3
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  20. SaltyKitty added a post in a topic J rock/metal   

    Mostly listen to Girugamesh, Kiryu, Dog in the pwo, Blu billion, Bug-Lug and Royz  But that's pretty much it  
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  21. platypus added a post in a topic AnnaCake   

    ah okey, got confused for a second haha  sorry! 
    Yep, probably fake. I know people who draw well, I follow many on Facebook and draw Manga/Anime for a couple years myself. And if she had decent skills, even a 5min sketch would look good. Or atleast better then that. Looks like she's a beginner and that's nothing wrong about it, the picture is fine. But she shouldn't claim other art for hers, that's super rude and disrespectful towards the original artist. 
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  22. Ralts added a post in a topic J rock/metal   

    Ohh MUCC is very good live, I saw them in 2009. My suggestions would be then GIRUGAMESH,  dueljewel, born, lynch. , the gazette especially older if you're not into heavy.
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  23. Kuroneko added a post in a topic AnnaCake   

    I didn't know that, I thought she might have posted more drawings. The sketches look like as if they were done in 5 seconds.. if even. she really has not talent just like momo + a slutty and self centered personality, sums up almost all teens these days.. it makes me feel ashamed of my generation.
    Edit: checked her other drawings, they seem to be supposed to be detailed. 
    They look like they're drawn by a 5 yo, but the way she does draw matches with the taplet drawing (eyes, mouth, messy proportions..) it's just filled out with color. Seriously, really look at it, it's a simple and very basic drawing. You could do that in a few minutes no talent needed. 
    And yes, you can't compare it with making 3D nails.
    Her edtiting is worse than momos thought. I don't undrestand these girls psing their selfies to hell and back while posting unedited videos and making streams..
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  24. Pyuu added a post in a topic J rock/metal   

    Yep, but not Dir en Grey or Gazette though. :C
    I mostly listen to:
    Abingdon Boys School
    Aqua Timez
    L'arc en Ciel
    X Japan
    The Rootless
    Nico Touches the Walls
    They are all really popular and I'm searching for some heavier bands atm, but Dir en Grey is a bit... Too much for me haha.
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  25. lisa added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Her face needs surgical update again. 
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