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  1. Leaan added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    Tbh, before she moved to Korea she doesn't seem like a kboo at first. I just feel like she likes the light makeup style and slowly gravitates to K-beauty side of YT bc she gains subscribers, views and praises. But now that I look at her channel again, it just screams kboo to me lmao. She's living Katie's dream life lolll
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  2. Remtr added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    I think the video is real, and I think so bc she doesn't look so pretty sometimes. If she had edited the video she would make sure to look good all the time, and she doesn't
    Don't you think see looks kinda different here..?  I couldn't recognize her at first sight
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  3. zenblush added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    i was raised in a mixed household (mexican, white and asian) that doesn’t mean i’m going to be more attracted to them?? there’s hundreds of ethnicities it’s impossible to be just attracted to one?? and why would you care about their ethnicity if you LOVE them?? jesus jasmine is so ridiculous , just say you just want to fetishized them jasmine and go 🙄🙄
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  4. Rosami added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Yeah I wouldn't either. Video's can also have skin softening and blemish perfection filters to make people look better.
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  5. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol enemies? don't see how enigmahood is competition when his channel size was so much smaller compared to hers(also did different content to her back then so they aren't even in the same genre.) even back when she first copystriked him. Also yeah in 2016 they started enforcing the whole "wah person said bad thing about me im offended so il take it down" motto more but before then? not really as easy back then.(Clickbaiting and misleading titles is also meant to be against youtubes rules but they have never enforced that rule pretty much so the rules on YT are so vague/inconsistent its pointless using that excuse.) Also same with herotic he was much smaller than her and was in a different genre to her so how is he competition lol. If she went after azzyland now that would make more sense i mean its still sad and pathetic to do so but either way would make more sense. Btw you compare sss to a corporate business? well safe to say they only do what they do for money only so yeah so much for sssniperwolf doing YT to entertain her fans and less for the money lol. Probably gonna tell me "corporate business care about their customers too" yeah because not doing so loses them money and makes them look bad they don't care for them as people. Why its laughable you buy into her OTT pandering to her fanbase lol and even say stupid things like she does infrequent streams for her fanbase when its clearly not lol. Oh and this "she can't be tolerant to her enemies"(which is quite sad all you have to do is make one video saying shes lying about not being married to be an enemy of hers.) lol then fire back at them with a video of your own or a response on social media you don't have to stay quiet about it, i mean if your response is crap you will look stupid but sss usually makes a stupid response aswell as take the video down. Also she quietly takes down peoples videos most of the time remember seeing a comment once of her denying it when all these videos came out from people like truth revealed, ms blitz etc were calling her out on her fake cod gameplays at the time saying something like "shes got no time for that" and this was after she admitted to taking down enigmahood lol. Oh also this "they're damaging her" point like i said most of these channels especially enigmahood are way smaller than her how is this going to damage her income? Infact no negative videos on her have damaged her income at all closest that came to even happening was with censor but clearly that didn't work either. Only thing its damaging is her ego.
    Oh and trying to imply that people only had a problem with petty copystrikes because of pewdiepie talking about it? Nope was wildly frowned upon even in 2016 by everyone when herotic made his video on her. Hell about as ridiculous of a claim as you trying to say sssniperwolf invented putting your face in thumbnails of reaction videos lol. I think i remember that camgirl in 2016 sss got into some drama with tried to get her video taken down because sss was talking badly about her and i remember sss bitching about her doing it making her out to be crazy so she clearly doesn't mind doing it to others but when it happens to her then its a problem. Taking down videos for stupid/petty reasons or for stating the truth is petty and pathetic to do so and always has been. I mean i know you probably don't know since you follow youtubers like sexysexysniper so you think being petty bitches about negative videos made on you is the norm on YT lol. Sss knew what she was doing was stupid and petty but she did it anyway because of her fragile ego and to avoid the truth about her getting out. Only seemed to have stopped doing it in 2018 onwards because of the biggest flack she ever got on her time on YT from faze censor when she tried basically the same tactic but instead of trying to take down the video herself make an empty lawsuit threat to get him to do it himself. Only people who have defended taking down a video for petty reasons are usually the fanboys/girls of the person trying to get the video taken down aka you lol. Everyone else never thought that was ok to do at all at any point in time and its only "natural behavior" if you are a weak willed bitch with a fragile ego otherwise not really.
    With alissa sss did deny it at first before the apology but once people weren't buying it and once censors videos started to give her more flack she then caved in and admitted it. I mean once again the whole admitting she had another channel in a YT comment then back to lying acting like she never had a channel before her current one is proof enough she constantly flip flops and changes her stories on things.
    Btw so much for not talking to me anymore eh? Not surprised you couldn't stick to that one. Im only still here because surprisingly i haven't been banned yet. Can't say your doing it its because im saying awful things about her infact i was kinda defending her with my comment if you see who i was responding too lol.
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  6. rieaku added a post in a topic Taylor and Elbow-san’s "relationship"   

    This is another theory of mine and I really hope she won't do this (but I wouldn't put it pass her) that if she does get pregnant and miscarries that she's going to exploid it. I personally do think that miscarrying is quite common and it should be openly talked about but I don't think Taylor should be the person to talk about it. 
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  7. whattodream added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Just finished watching @mayzo’s video and it irks me when she brings up the apology video only to do the same thing again.
    I’m surprised she got that hairstyle, she always wants to be special and unique. If that hairstyle is still popular in Japan she just became another copy. I think someone mentioned she might end up copying Mikan, I do believe that. 
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  8. Lopunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    There are people in her comments begging her not to lewd Neeko though.

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  9. MiaDia added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Not sure how old this photo is,  but it looks more natural than the rest. I gotta say, she is very pretty, compare to her friends I say her looks stands out the most to me. (No offense to the other girls) 
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  10. gwiyomi added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    told ya guys she has been gaining weight since moving to Korea. I truly hope Denmark doesn't allow her to stay there for too long. Not because of her gaining weight but because she doesn't deserve to be in Korea. 

    Also who said she was a makeup artists, that's such a blow to the stomach for makeup artists who are ACTUAL ones and who are actually good. Not to mention wtf is a "western" makeup? because west means also Europe and in Europe you don't see girls wearing heavy stuff like that (not that Sissel did any type of western makeup, more like stripper makeup). I would say this is IG makeup rather than anything else. I'm just kind of tired of Koreans and other Asians thinking west/foreigner only consists of US. 
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  11. Summer Rain added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Honestly I think the brows you gave her are way too thick. She should stop doing them straight, but her original eyebrow thickness suits her imo.
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  12. clogs added a post in a topic Korean Beauty Youtubers   

    For anyone interested in the Korean perspective:https://m.pann.nate.com/talk/343176729
    This post on Pann was trending a while ago. You can see the Lamuqe thumbnail here (IMO Pony just looks drunk in her thumbnail, but the Lamuqe thumbnail actually looks pretty iffy to me). The author talks about how there were comments wanting feedback and stating that the thumbnails are offensive, but Darcei completely dismissed the concerns, simply replying that it’s “just a thumbnail of Lamuqe applying primer.” 
    The author also states that it was hypocritical for Darcei to so quickly chastise 3CE for their foundation ad, while being so blasé about concerns from Korean commenters on the racist implications of the thumbnails. I think this post pretty accurately expresses Korean sentiment. (A lot of the comments are racist and super gross though. Not cool.)
    It’s not really a matter of Pony’s crazy stans or her looking bad in the tutorial. A lot of Koreans were genuinely offended by the thumbnails, whether non-Koreans think it’s reaching/over exaggeration or not. Does it justify their degatory racist comments towards Darcei though? Hell no! I also don’t think Jella should have copystriked Darcei either.
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  13. DumpsterFire added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    no wk, but he said “I’ll call you later maybe”
    im down to roast these mfs when it’s due, but some of you are stretching.
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  14. Guts added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I still don’t understand why Kenna thinks she looks good. 
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  15. mayzo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    after looking at the silhouette photo i just keep thinking about how, if her hair was less dry and her bangs longer, a short bob could actually look really cute with her actual face shape. 
    for real though...bangs that short are SO hard to pull off...they look so strange irl 😬

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  16. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    good lord...that ass shoop looks terrible and she definitely went overboard with the smoothing tool. The pic is so blurry that it hurts my eyes to look at it 
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  17. *sips tea* added a post in a topic Korean Beauty Youtubers   

    well I mean they first asked her respectfully (I’m assuming) but when she decided to ignore them, that’s when everything went down. The copyright strike was petty, yeah, but shouldn’t she change the thumbnail in order to avoid that sort of situation again?
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  18. NotSoSpecialSnowflake added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    OMG button-nosed Japanese Fairy Kenna looks nothing like her Greek-nosed average American sister Sierra!!! Why do people dare say they look alike!!!

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  19. boopboop added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    she straight up changes her skull shape at this point, tf. in her own edit, her features are more squishe d and rounded and, of course, baby-like. two different noses, once again. she looks like she could be her own little sister lol
    (on a second look, even her ear seems edited? like it's tilted backwards and highlighted at the tip to look more... idk, elf-like?)

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  20. suga added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    wow she looks way better with those brows
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  21. Shad0wRa1n added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    It's not the first time. He literally called her when she was in canada and called her baby on stream
    This one is the only one i can think of right now but surely i heard 2 or 3 times on stream.
    But denying this much is disgusting in my opinion.
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  22. Monocakes added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    She needs immediate hair care ASAP her hair looks really bad and it’s in bad shape too
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  23. nopethanks added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    She did herself a massive disservice butchering her bangs like that. God it’s so bad, it gives her head and face the weirdest egg shape
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  24. CareyAisha added a post in a topic Onision   

    Nice. Now for all his other channels to go. 
    I believe at this point Sarah doesn't fully grasp what is going on and the grooming. It common for those in toxic relationships or toxic environments to see it as normal or think others are over reacting and defend their abusers. Specially since she wasn't in a great environment to begin with. She might figure it out later on in her life just how terrible it really was for her. 
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  25. CareyAisha added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    This is way better than her pin up and nsfw stuff. I mean I still see issues. But there is a bit of life to it.
    Well for starters it seems to be an original as far as I know. She doesn't have to stick to a fandom or do what is popular. Just draw whatever she wanted,provided it was a portrait.  
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